Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Reverse Nodal Return: When Fate Knocks

The North Node Return is a transit that is regularly spoken of. But, what do you do when you’re having your reverse Node Return? This basically means that the transiting North Node is conjunct your natal South Node. For those of you with the North Node in Pisces, you have been going through this transit for the past year, at one point or another, with the transiting Virgo North Node in conjunction to your natal Virgo South Node. This is always an interesting time. I consider the Nodes to be a crucial part of a person’s birth chart; the thing that can really make or break their development throughout life. When the reverse Nodal Return occurs, then you will experience a real breakthrough moment that can allow you to evolve in a significant way. 

The transiting North Node hitting your South Node can even be quite life-changing as it enhances an element of fate in your life. There is a fatal feeling that is attached to the South Node: those patterns and behaviors that we engage in, time and time again, and that can leave us with this cosmic sense of disappointment if we place too much importance on them. But, the North Node is a point of growth and evolving; of being able to reach your true potential. So, when it is in a transiting conjunction to your South Node, there can be an element of very positive fate that enters your life. 

This is also because the South Node represents natural talents and effortless abilities that we possess. Therefore, if the transiting North Node is conjunct the natal South Node, it will bring out the absolute best of your inherent abilities. The first one occurs when we’re around the age of 9 or 10. It’s a time where we can begin to figure out what we’re really good at. For me, when I was going through this transit at that age, I really discovered how highly creative I am. I have the South Node in Leo, so it fits that I was awakened to those creative talents that made me feel so special and allowed me to really express myself. At the same time, this also sets us up to become very preoccupied with what our South Node wants, due to getting that glorious taste of what we can really do. I think this is the transit where those “bad habits” are really implanted deep within us. 

But, the second time this happens, it is around the age of 27 to 28. By this time, we have had a fairly long past that gives us a lot of experience with our South Node and these experiences are mostly counterproductive. So, when the transiting North Node conjuncts the South Node at this age, I think it functions as a release of those bad habits. At least, it can, so long as the person is willing to grow and learn. Something can happen in your life that really gives you what your South Node wants at this time. After all, it is bringing out the best of this side of yourself. However, what’s also happening is that the Universe is telling you, “Alright, you’ve already accomplished this. Are you satisfied yet? Are you ready to really challenge yourself?” This moves you toward your North Node.

Of course, you have to be willing to let go of your comfort zone around this time. By doing so, you can release a lot of your South Node’s bad karma and prepare to truly head in your North Node’s direction. It’s my theory that the late 20’s is the time where a lot of people really become in tune with their North Node and I think this is one of the reasons why. Fate comes knocking at your door. It’s as if you have put so much energy into getting what your South Node is after. It could be freedom (South Node in Sagittarius) or career success (South Node in Capricorn) or acclaim and applause (South Node in Leo). Then, you may finally get it, during this time, and while it may seem pleasant enough, you can be left with a lingering sense of “Is that it?” 

That question prepares you to focus on your North Node and make it a priority because you finally realize what you’ve been missing. You were chasing after that South Node carrot all along and now it’s not quite as delicious as you thought. But, it’s still delicious! The realization can just come now that it’s not enough. Therefore, the North Node can do wonders in terms of refining the qualities of your South Node’s qualities during the reverse Nodal Return. It can really balance you out and the more balanced the expression of your South Node traits are, the more you will be able to express your North Node positively. 

Interestingly enough, the transiting South Node will be conjunct your natal North Node during this transit, as well. Because of this, your Nodes will manifest in the absolute opposite sense. Normally, the issue may be that your South Node is what feels out of reach somehow and the North Node is what keeps demanding to be heard. But, during this time, it can seriously flip. Whatever your South Node wants, it can come into your life almost abundantly. It can get to the point where you are downright sick of it. If the South Node is in Libra, for example, you may ordinarily spend your days really craving the company and/or the validation of others, only to find your relationships lackluster. People keep letting you down. However, during the reverse Nodal Return, it’s as if you connected to people non-stop. You’re showered with love and affection! Everything’s harmonious with the people in your life! You finally end up in a steady relationship or you get a lot closer to a good friend. 

But, strangely, you’re sick of it! It’s too much of a good thing. You don’t know why you are getting more irritated at your partner these days or why you just want to be left alone to do your own devices all the time. It’s because your Aries North Node is crying out for attention. If unbalanced, the South Node represents a lack of fulfillment. And if the transiting South Node is conjunct your North Node, it means that you are suddenly not fulfilled because you would much rather be doing your North Node these days. Yeah, the South Node is nice and everything. But, you really want more! With the North Node in Aries, you would be craving a lot more independence during this time. You will really yearn, more than ever, to do what you want to do and not have to worrying about answering to someone else all the time. 

For those of you who have the North Node in Pisces, this has been a time where it’s been just a little too easy to have all of your ducks lined in a row. With the transiting North Node in Virgo conjunct your South Node, you have been checking off all of your boxes; maybe a bit too much and too compulsively. You might feel like you’ve achieved the perfect little routine you have always wanted. Work’s going great, you’re really pulling off the new diet, your life is operating like total clockwork. And yet… something is really missing. 

All you do is work, work, work. You have no more time to rest or just do nothing. Man, you would really love to just sit around and do nothing all day except watch movies. It would be so great if you took up something like yoga or started being more spiritual. Also, you’re really sick of putting all of this pressure on yourself and others; on having to assess everything, including yourself, up to super-high standards. This is the call of your Pisces North Node. How great would it be to just go with the flow a lot more and not be such a slave to that planner of yours? During this time, you can get a very powerful sense of this, as all of that order and efficiency and perfection just aren’t doing it for you anymore. And you may even realize that it never has in the first place. You just thought it did. 

In a way, I think the reverse Nodal Return is the Universe’s way of saying, “This is what you really want and you need to be okay with that.” You have to stop lying to yourself via the South Node, as it can be a way of deceiving ourselves into going in a certain direction when it’s not good for us. At the same time, we can really find peace with the South Node during the reverse Nodal Return, particularly the one around age 27 – 28, because I think it is the first time in our lives where we truly get the sense that we’ve “been there and done that.” 

Also, this is a transit that occurs right before one’s first Saturn Return. There is a rather interesting correlation between Saturn and the North Node. Both points in the chart represent certain challenges one has to face. They can be hard for you to live out, to varying degrees depending on the person, but you will feel so fulfilled when you do. They both represent maturity and your purpose in life. The North Node is more of a “higher purpose”, something more karmic or even spiritual, while Saturn is the kind of purpose that comes from sustained effort and hard-earned experience. So, it makes sense that these transits of these placements regularly occur one after the other, including the first Saturn Return and the reverse Nodal Return. 

I have noticed that people who are unable to achieve their Saturn sign/house are usually unable to achieve their North Node sign/house. The reverse Nodal Return when you’re 27 or 28 prepares you for your first Saturn Return because it demands that you stretch yourself and challenge yourself. It is a time for you to really mature, which can be said for the Saturn Return, as well. I think that if you are able to heed the call of the reverse Nodal Return, seeing how it’s just a little too easy to indulge in your South Node and that you are ready to move on to something new aka the North Node, then you will be properly buckled up when your Saturn Return soon comes at you. 

This transit occurs at many other phases in your life, as well, including at the age of 45 to 46 and 63 to 64 (which, in this case, is after your second Saturn Return). During any of these times, you may also gain the opportunity to find peace with your past. It is said that the South Node represents your past life. If you don’t believe in past lives, it is just indicative of your past in this life. Either way, certain breakthrough moments can happen where you finally let go of something from the past that was holding you back. So, if you believe in past lives, this would be an excellent time for a past life regression. If not, certain people from your past could come back into your life. Situations can alarmingly repeat. Déjà vu can rear its ugly head, making you feel as if you’ve somehow regressed into the “old you.” But, this needs to happen. Not only can you make peace with people who’ve disappointed you and vice versa but you can learn to both fully love and accept the person you once were while also fully accepting that, in many ways, you have outgrown him or her. 

Another interesting pattern I’ve seen with the South Node is that it can be a great career indicator. Since the South Node shows what you are naturally skilled at, it is quite an effortless thing to make a career out of whatever that is. South Node in Aquarius people can really succeed at something scientific, innovative, or collaborative while South Node in Aries individuals are excellent entrepreneurs and self-employed/freelance types. If it’s not that literal, then you will, at least, be able to use the talents of your South Node very effectively in order to get ahead. Therefore, during the reverse Nodal Return, you can find yourself really making significant strides in whatever that career is. The abundance that comes into your life could be enhanced success, skill, or recognition in terms of what you do. And because it’s best to live out the South Node by not over-focusing on it, you can discipline yourself to channel that energy into work while not making it your absolute life, centering more of your concerns around the North Node. 

This is a transit that will start for me in May, once the North Node moves into Leo, and I’m eager to see what it has in store for me. Also, of course, this has just as much of an effect in terms of what houses the South Node and North Node are in. If you have a 12th House South Node, you might have all the free-flowing bliss, solitude, and empathy for others you can stand during this time, instead seeking to challenge yourself by becoming more efficient, productive, and useful (North Node in the 6th), etc etc. In any case, this is a period where you are being urged to re-balance your life and your priorities, so it’s best to take advantage of it.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Jupiter in the 11th House

The Jupiter in the houses series continues with Jupiter in the 11th House! Any planet that is placed in the 11th, as I have said a few times before, is going to be expressed in an interesting manner. The 11th House is not predictable, conventional, or linear. It’s one of the most misunderstood houses in astrology. I’m not going to sit here and talk to you about “wishes, hopes, and dreams” because I really don’t even get that description, in relation to the 11th. What this house is about is turning things upside down and defying your expectations. So, if you try to express a planet here in a “normal” way, it is going to consistently blow up in your face. Planets in the 11th require a certain detachment, a big-picture perspective, and an embrace of the unexpected.

If Jupiter represents our good fortune in life, then Jupiter in the 11th indicates a person who receives all sorts of unexpected good fortune. More than most, it’s just when you think that you’re not going to get lucky that you end up striking gold. At the same time, whenever you expect to get lucky, it just doesn’t happen. It’s the reason why 11th House Jupiter people can be very nonchalant or even blasé about the possibility of something really good happening to them. Throughout life, they inevitably learn that whenever they have this kind of mindset, it’s the moment when they become the butt of a big cosmic joke. “Things are really going to work out for me this time!” they say to themselves. Then, things strangely don’t work out for them, even if the situation is seemingly a sure thing. Yet, it might seem like others get their lucky breaks with a lot more ease, frequency, or consistency, somehow leaving you to feel left out of the loop.

Since Jupiter represents our beliefs, Jupiter in the 11th can instill this belief that weird stuff happens all the time and you often just don’t know why. Jupiter isn’t “all good”, as I will spend this series pointing out, and with Jupiter being in the 11th, you can experience an excess of very odd or very random experiences. If something is strange and out-of-the-ordinary, it is just bound to happen to you. You’ve come to really believe this, over time, and it’s why you don’t mind regularly turning things upside down in your life. There can be a sort of craziness and defiance about 11th House Jupiter people that threatens to become downright out-of-control. It’s seemingly impossible for you to follow the straight and narrow path because, somehow or someway, you are knocked right off of it. But, you may also go down a path made of non-stop zigzags that make your head spin or others’ heads spin. Jupiter is how we can go overboard and Jupiter in the 11th means that you can go overboard by creating too much chaos in your life.

You might also not have any sense of limitation when it comes to tolerating chaos in your life. The 11th House is such a haphazard place and with Jupiter here, you are all too resilient when it comes to the wackiness and insanity that can come your way. But, this also means that you might put up with too much of it. There is an element of the 11th House that I like to call “letting things happen”. There is no interference or attempts to control. Planets in the 11th are just expressed in a highly observant, nonjudgmental manner, watching all of the madness of life go by. Whatever happens just happens! But, this “shit happens” attitude is also something that can become quite excessive. Maybe you don’t take enough time to straighten up your messes or you possibly become too nonchalant when you could be doing more about it. Your set of beliefs can get to the point where they make you overly detached and this is something you have to watch out for.

On the other hand, you are capable of really benefiting from this detached mentality. The thing about Jupiter is that it’s not pure luck and there is something about you that understands that. You don’t expect to be totally showered in blessings and good fortune all the time, especially since you feel as if other people are more blessed and fortunate than you are. But, if you adopt this attitude, you will attract a lot of positive opportunities. It’s so ironic but life opens up for you when you don’t care that much about life opening up for you. Those with Jupiter in the 11th House have to remain detached from the need for everything to be great and for you to be on top of the world. The less you are concerned with things paying off for you, the more things will pay off for you. 

It will all seem random and out-of-nowhere, as if your good fortune is really just falling out of the sky. We are not in control when we are in 11th House territory. We just have to let things happen very randomly. So, putting in a lot of effort to make sure you are on top of the world is inevitably going to fall flat. In fact, a dose of cynicism or apathy in regards to your own rewards ends up working in your favor. The way I see the 11th is that it rebels against our expectations on a constant basis. So, if you resist the process of believing a full-on believer and remaining kind of skeptical or unaffected, experiences will keep coming your way to show you that, maybe, there is something wonderful out there to believe in. Life will keep proving you wrong, often bringing you positive results at the 11th hour (pun intended).

I’m not saying believe in nothing. I’m just saying that you need to maintain a loose hold on those beliefs. In doing so, you will be able to remain broad-minded about the beliefs of other people. Jupiter in the 11th House individuals eventually figure out how much they benefit from channeling their energy toward the greater good. This is the best route for you because it urges you to forget about self-centered concerns and remain focused on something that will benefit other people. You will be less personally involved in these actions, not worrying so much about how they affect you. This allows you to not be solely preoccupied with what you’re going to get out of the equation, being more concerned with how everyone is going to benefit. Then, in unexpected and out-of-the-blue ways, you will end up benefiting personally.

11th House Jupiter folks will derive a lot of positive energy from anything that is idealistic, empirical, progressive, or alternative. Jupiter could be seen as the “good vibrations” you are capable of bringing into your life. Jupiter in the 11th means that these good vibrations will be manifested and maintained whenever you are doing something that requires objectivity, thinking outside the box, or a feel for the big picture. Politics, activism, science, technology, sociology, and astrology are all fields in which the 11th House Jupiter person can get plenty of positive vibes from. These are all studies and practices that can help people, whether through enhancing their lives, observing them and understanding what makes them tick, or broadening their minds and helping them move forward into the future.

People with this placement are very in tune with the future and are capable of being two steps ahead of everyone else, as a result. Jupiter in the 11th House people can be total trendsetters but also without realizing they’re trendsetters. When you go down a path, you’re not really expecting other people to follow you or emulate you or look up to you. Instead, you are just experimenting with many different ideas, trying to bring your brilliant visions into fruition. You might experience a lot of “flashes” in terms of what’s going to happen next. In fact, since this is Jupiter we’re talking about, this can be downright overwhelming. Again, it’s something that can make you feel out-of-the-loop in terms of how well everyone else is doing. It can seem as if other people are able to voice their ideas without being misunderstood. But, since you are on a wavelength that is going to move people forward and bring about change, you can often feel like an outcast because other people often don’t really “get it” in the moment.

In a lot of ways, Jupiter in the 11th makes you like the person who knows the Emperor has on no clothes. Few people accept that you’re speaking the truth until later on. In this sense, you can gain a very positive sense of somehow being quicker than others. By the time other people catch up to what you were trying to say, you are already on to the next thing. But, you have to believe that this is a beneficial quality of yours and not something that makes you a loony. There is a stroke of brilliance to whatever is in the 11th. And with Jupiter in the 11th, you actually can be exceptionally brilliant. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a high IQ, although that wouldn’t exactly be surprising. It just means that you can possess such an excess of inventive, intellectual energy and it’s a challenge, at times, to know what to do with it all!

You certainly won’t be satisfied cooped up in your science lab, all alone with your “experiments”, even though you will definitely need regular periods of this solitude in order to come up with these unique ideas. Instead, you need to take your brilliance and spread it to all those who are willing to listen and take it in. This is similar yet different to the messiah-like nature of the Jupiter in the 9th person. While they can spread their sheer beliefs near and far, what you are spreading are your visionary ideas, which you will certainly have a lot of conviction in. You must have faith and take solace in sometimes being the odd one out, thinking differently than others, because this is what is going to not only free you but free other people. You have to be willing to be on the cutting-edge, experimenting with various concepts whether they are popular or not. The surprise (a key 11th House word) is that these ideas and visions can not only end up being very popular but very beneficial and useful to other people and their lives.

I use the word “inventive” in a general sense but it is also very possible to find 11th House Jupiter people who hit it big, in some way, by literally inventing something remarkable. Technology is represented by the 11th House and you can really utilize anything technological to your advantage. These are the people who may end up finding excellent online opportunities that can boost their social profile, allow them to brilliantly network, supplement or create their income, etc. You might also put social media or online streaming services to really positive use. If anyone could get their big break by going viral or being seen online, in a completely unplanned or unprecedented way, it’s you, which would only affirm your belief that good things happen when you never expect it.

In any case, Jupiter in the 11th House people often end up using their technological devices a lot. You might always be on your laptop, due to being a blogger or a YouTuber. You could live on Instagram or Twitter, always updating and commenting and updating some more. You might also just forever check your phone, with yet another email to respond to. But, thanks to the recklessness of Jupiter, you can also go through a ton of devices. These are the people who constantly lose or drop their phone, needing to replace it, or somehow go through more laptops in a few years than anyone else. Yet, somehow, the Universe always has your back, giving you the funds or the resources you need to make sure you have the proper device to fuel your highly active online life. 

This recklessness can also manifest on a very social level. The 11th House tells us how we deal with our social network. It’s our friends but not our close, intimate, life-defining friendships. They are the peers, acquaintances, and random buddies that come in and out of our life; those bonds that are formed through mutual friends, shared interests or goals, or a special sense of community, such as hanging out at the same places. With Jupiter in the 11th, you have a ton of these peers and acquaintances. This is due to the fact that when you don’t hold back, you are capable of befriending absolutely anyone. You are lucky in the ability you possess to cut through all cliques and social groups, unpretentiously connecting to the very person in front of you. Jupiter in the 11th House people will also probably be very popular in their social scene for this reason, even though, true to form, you might believe that you have very little luck in the social department.

So many people in your social network will like you because of how honest and unpretentious you seem to be. Since Jupiter symbolizes a lack of limitation, you naturally don’t feel limited by whatever your status or your image is. This can make you lack self-consciousness out in the social scene, not really stopping to think of whether or not someone is judging you. Often times, you really just don’t give a damn, convinced that they’re all going to judge you anyway. In fact, you might feel as if your oddness is so hard to contain that people have already judged you and written you off as the village weirdo. Therefore, you innately feel like you have nothing to lose and no need to really try hard to get people to like you. But, it’s this very attitude that ends up making people like you. The 11th House breaks social rules and with Jupiter here, you can conspicuously and overtly break them, whether you’re wearing jeans to a formal party or not bothering to turn on your filter for the guy you just met or spending a half-hour at the bar educating someone about Moon signs.

In the end, the more willing you are to be different, the more your life will be enhanced. Jupiter in the 11th makes you quite a larger-than-life influence amongst your peers. In group settings, you can have an outsized sort of presence, seeming to loom over everyone else or outdo their efforts. You cannot be contained within the group. Peer pressure isn’t a problem for you (or, at least, it shouldn’t be) because it is really impossible for people to tame you socially or place you on a leash. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, you do your own thing and expect others to mind their business! If they can’t, there are always more people to meet and, hopefully, they won’t try to pressure you to do something you don’t want to do or be someone you don’t want to be.

In fact, you can be truly insatiable when it comes to making new acquaintances and forming new associations. While this can sometimes just mean that you’re highly friendly, other times, it means that you are so detached from your peers that you really don’t care. At an extreme, you may lack any sort of personal investment at all in all of these people, just acting as this free-spirit, bouncing from one person to the next and leaving other people in your dust, never thinking about the consequences or who it could hurt. So, you should watch out for an all-out coldness toward people, in this sense, especially if you act toward someone who you treated as your best buddy the other day like you don’t even know them today. Yes, everyone is interesting and deserving of your time. It is crucial for you to believe that. But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave other people behind, either. In the end, you should use your friendliness to form positive connections everywhere. If you do, you will benefit from being that person who has friends wherever they go or look.