Monday, December 5, 2016

Jupiter in the 5th House

It seems like most people who have commented are into the idea of a Jupiter through the houses series. So, let’s get started on it! Don’t worry, though. It won’t take me a year and a day to finish this series. I promise! I will be doing these a lot more promptly; at least once or twice a week. That way, you won’t have to wait for forever to hear about your Jupiter placement. We’ll start the series off with the Jupiter house placement that I have recently discovered, thanks to rectifying my chart, is my own! Having Jupiter in the 5th House just makes way more sense than having it in the 6th. Jupiter is the planet that represents what you believe in and the 5th House is all about creative energy. So, with Jupiter in the 5th, you have (or are meant to have) a lot of faith in your creative abilities and skills, which can manifest in so many ways!

When we talk about “creativity”, people tend to think of that in terms of artistic talent. While Jupiter in the 5th House people are often gifted with these talents, they are not limited to them. Artistic skill is the specific use of creativity, which permeates anything and everything. Being creative is basically being able to make something out of nothing. So, it can touch just about anything in your life. When you’re creative, you do something with a special flair. You inject life into what you’re touching, making it entertaining, dramatic, exciting, or colorful. Jupiter in the 5th House people are blessed with this kind of Midas touch that can turn anything into gold. It’s not necessarily cockiness, although a cocksure attitude can occur because of that which can have some messy results (more on that later). It’s more so just about having this strong vision and letting it dominate whatever you do, in a way that results in your own distinctive style, flair, or approach.

One thing I would like to dispel throughout this Jupiter series is the idea that Jupiter is just about “luck.” That’s an overly simplistic concept and something that doesn’t get us much of anywhere because we can think that we’re supposed to be striking proverbial gold all the time in our Jupiter house. It doesn’t mean that. Jupiter is more about an excess of something. We believe or come to believe so much in our Jupiter that we get a lot of whatever it represents, thanks to all of that conviction or enthusiasm. And this means that we are able to benefit from Jupiter quite often because of that excessiveness. It also means that Jupiter can be the ways in which we make a real mess of things, especially if our beliefs blind us or cause moments of naivete or foolishness.

The 5th House is the heart and how we act from it; it’s a place of lively passion and spirit. It’s why it’s so associated with romance and love. With Jupiter in the 5th, it means that you can very easily be a fool in love. In matters of the heart, you do downright silly things for someone who you have feelings for. Sure, we all do. But, those of us with Jupiter in the 5th can believe so much in romance, in passion, in putting our heart out there on the line, that we can get hurt more often than others. This can also happen because we believed so much in the love affair that was brewing or that could possibly brew between us and this person that we didn’t stop to be more sensible about it. 5th House Jupiter people take a lot of gambles in their dating lives and can regularly end up in a lot of disastrous or just plain disappointing romantic situations because of this.

Well into adulthood, there is something about the Jupiter in the 5th House person that is like a crazed teenager in romantic situations. It’s like that side of us never dies. We still have outrageous crushes where we pine over that special someone and obsess over how hot he or she is and start mentally dating them before we actually date them. I think that this is what makes us so inclined to take a risk on someone we are attracted to. We can be so caught in up the drama of our attraction to them that we don’t slow down and figure out what’s actually going on. And if there actually is drama? Watch out! This is the other side of the passion of the 5th House and it can turn your teenage dream into an adolescent nightmare, which, as an adult, isn’t always so mature.

The drama will manifest differently, depending on the Jupiter sign. If the 5th House Jupiter is in Virgo, the object of your affection is such an idiot to not feel the way you do and you have a long list of how things could change and why! If you have Jupiter in the 5th in Aries, you may be exploding all over the place when things don’t go your way romantically and get really aggressive about it happening. With my Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th, I’ll just be holed up in my room, with all of my feelings, possibly with a journal or writing some poetry, when romantic drama happens. In any case, your inner adolescent can come out in an embarrassing way that just makes it all worse. The upside of the 5th House Jupiter is that we see matters of the heart as growing experiences, so we can bounce back and move forward readily and with an equally open heart.

We benefit a lot from believing in keeping our heart open and being eager to give love. Many people describe the 5th House as the “love you give” (while the 11th is the “love you receive”). So, with Jupiter in the 5th, you really have so much love to give someone else! This is something that can potentially be overbearing or overwhelming if you try to force this love onto someone else. The downside of Jupiter is that we can be so eager to get lucky in this area of life that we overdo it. Jupiter in the 5th House people can all too easily not have much chill in the romance department. You might not only try to make someone you love you somehow but you can be guilty of forcing someone into your ideal picture of a date or a lover. On a date, you might become a bit controlling in terms of steering the conversation or the events toward the direction you want. The 5th House is also about sex, in a general and often casual way, and with Jupiter here, you might be seeking an ultra-passionate bout of sex that never really happens in reality, leaving you disappointed.

This all stems from your enormous creative energy, which goes back to my earlier point. Jupiter in the 5th House individuals have such a skill for creating situations or injecting such fascinating life into them that they feel like they always need to be doing that. So, you will constantly be trying to turn situations into what you envision them to be. The 5th House is the inner command you can call on to make something happen. Therefore, with this placement, you always feel like, “Things should be going the way that I want them to go.” You often are very good at this, which is the tricky thing. You can excel so much as a leader or entertainer or lover that you think that things should always go according to your will. Yet, life isn’t going to happen that way. So, this can set you up for foolishly believing that things will work out in your favor when the situation actually just explodes in your face, especially if you force it.

However, the way to overcome the downside of your Jupiter is to just rein in it some. You should freely express this planet’s energy while still giving it some limitations. It can help if there is a square or opposition to Jupiter. I have three oppositions to my Jupiter and the most symbolic is an exact opposition from Uranus in the 11th. I distinctly remember the exact day of my second Jupiter Return because I got myself into a really sticky situation because I was too overconfident and took a risk, in an attempt to get my way, that ended pretty disastrously. Uranus being in the 11th is a very “anything-goes” energy and the opposition has always demanded that I balance out my strength of will with the awareness that life is totally random and surprising and can always throw you a weird curveball when you least expect it (which is a fine balance also represented by my Nodes).

But, let’s get into more of the wonderful things about this placement. Like I said, Jupiter in the 5th House does give you a tremendous heart. Anyone who is lucky enough to be loved by you will be showered with a ton of affection. Also, maintaining an open heart will bring you so many positive opportunities, particularly in romance. 5th House Jupiter people can be highly attractive as they invest a lot of energy in moving beyond their particular disappointments in love. Most with this placement are not the kind of person to be held back by a bad string of lovers or dates. Even if you do go through a spell of this attitude, it will be temporary and won’t last long. Jupiter’s expansiveness will make you realize that there are too many people out there to give your heart to for you to be bogged down by the fact that the last person was a nutcase or a jerk. The sign Jupiter is in will show just why exactly you’re willing to keep your heart open, whether it’s because of a belief in self-improvement (Virgo), bravery (Aries), pleasure (Taurus) or vulnerability (Cancer).

Since Jupiter can give you a lot of whatever it represents, Jupiter in the 5th can also mean going out on an endless string of dates. It can get to the point of you becoming a real serial dater. But, I can personally attest that this is often accidental. You are just so intent on “moving forward” in love that when one lover drops out of the picture, it’s like you magically attract another one your way. You can just fall right into these kinds of situations. As long as we keep the door open to our Jupiter’s possibilities, things work out. So, as long as you remain open to dating, you will rarely be short of dates. Yet, you can go through long periods of just remaining in the casual dating phase, which is what the 5th House represents, without committing to an actual relationship.

This is not always intentional, either. It’s just that many of these brief love affairs, passionate flings, or string of dates just don’t really reach the commitment phase. They are fun while they last but they don’t last very long. So, you readily move on, chalking it up as just another experience under your belt. Unsurprisingly, it can take a lot for you to actually commit to someone on a long-term basis. This can be more or less of an issue, depending on the sign that Jupiter is in. But, Jupiter in the 5th House people come to grow and learn throughout their lives that a lot of these romantic situations are fleeting and not something to be taken too seriously. So, it can confuse you when your love interests think a few dates means that you’re all of a sudden “together”. If taken too far, though, it can cause you to be a downright player, bouncing from lover to lover just because. 

As I said before, Jupiter in the 5th also shows that you are very creatively talented. Sometimes, this can mean being amazingly handy around the house, being able to put things together exceptionally well, having strong leadership skills that allow you to take command of various projects, activities, or ventures. You might be the go-to dinner party host amongst your friends, for example. However, this creative skill can also mean being a wonderful actor, singer, writer, visual artist, etc. 5th House Jupiter people who are into art are really, really into it. Being into the arts has been an absolute constant throughout my life. It’s something that I’ve always just had a grasp on. Thanks to the total ease of Jupiter, someone with this placement can have an arsenal of artistic talent that is downright effortless, just as long as they really believe in their skills and abilities.

Creative skills and projects of all kinds will bring you many positive opportunities. Jupiter in the 5th gives you a larger-than-life “star quality” that will allow you to assume whatever stage you need to in order to express your creativity and wow people. Your talents may actually be more noteworthy than you realize. It is important for you to not hold back in this regard, even if you end up outshining someone else in the process. Since the 5th House rules self-expression in childhood, as well, children with Jupiter in the 5th tend to be obviously gifted and talented in some area of life, especially the arts. Without even trying, you could outshine or outdo many of the kids around you, particularly when you were in your element. But, sometimes, you did try to do so. These children can potentially be “show-offs” but this is usually when they’re being ignored or their talents aren’t being validated. You basically may have needed a lot of validation or recognition as a child.

This little show-off is still within you, as the 5th House represents our inner child. So, there is still this part of you that threatens to jump out from behind the curtains and say, “Here I am!” Of course, don’t be obnoxious about this. Yet, being such a performer is something that you really benefit from. Few people gain such a high from entertaining as you do. It helps if you actually have some outlet that allows you to literally entertain people. You’ll be really good at it and it can help you chill out in other areas of your life. Since the 5th House represents a kind of personal charisma or distinctiveness, you will need to really believe that you’re special and that you’re a star. But, you have to do so without going overboard about it because, then, that’s just arrogant.

Yet, you won’t have to do much in order to convince others of your star power because something about you just shines. In childhood, you might have gotten the “golden boy” or the “princess” label, seeming to be the “chosen one” amongst other children. You might have also been a lot for the adults around you to handle, in some capacity or another. Jupiter in the 5th House kids have so much energy and such an excessive need for self-expression that they can downright exhaust teachers or parents if all that energy doesn’t have a place to go. I went through a phase in my childhood where I definitely did. When I discovered and focused on my creative talents and interests, I calmed down a lot. The 5th House is the level of self-awareness that is willful and conscious, compared to the impulsive, behavioral self-awareness of the 1st House. So, with Jupiter in the 5th, even as a child, you possessed such a strong, vital self-awareness that made you often feel hell-bent on expressing yourself. It’s why you were so creative and needed such outlets. If not, you would totally explode!

If and when you actually have children of your own, you may find yourself getting some payback, in that regard. Jupiter in the 5th House people can end up having children who are an absolute handful. A person’s child will reflect their 5th House in some way. So, your child will probably have a strong Jupiter or Sagittarius influence, making him or her a very candid, uncensored, irrepressible sort of child. But, this reflects and speaks to your inner child because you might have spent a portion of your childhood being told to be quiet, contain yourself, or reel it in. This will compel you to urge your kids to really just express themselves and be themselves! Your ultra-honest little boy or girl will appeal to the ultra-honest little boy or girl within you that you remain very in touch with.

Also, you can display a strong belief in really connecting with your children and getting on their level. 5th House Jupiter people are usually downright amazing with kids and seem to speak their very language. You may seem to understand children in a way that many adults do not. Kids can be really magnetized toward you. Even before becoming a parent, you may be the total favorite aunt, uncle, cousin, or family friend to the children in your life, mostly because you’re so warm and fun with them. However, you do know when to set the playfulness aside and lay down the law when needed. The fact that you are both a big kid and a boss means that you can develop a very special relationship with your own children, understanding how to have a good time with them and allow them to be free while still remaining in charge.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to Tell Someone's Rising Sign by Appearance

In continuation of my last article, I began to really think about the correlations between the appearance and the Rising sign. As I said before, I feel like it’s pretty ridiculous to try and tell someone’s Ascendant through overly specific facial features. I just don’t think someone’s eyebrows or their chin is that big of a deal when it comes to their Ascendant. But, I do think that the Rising sign has a major influence in terms of certain physical features. They just have to be the features or body parts that are ruled by the Ascendant sign.

Trying to guess someone’s Rising sign by their behavior alone can be tricky, although it does regularly lead you in the right direction. A person’s demeanor is a very important part of the guessing game, as well as the first response they would give if they were asked to define themselves. But, I think you need to look out for certain physical features about the person that “stand out.” We all have those physical attributes that people just seem to pay a lot of attention to. We might get compliments or comments on these traits on a regular basis. Also, these bodily parts will just be very pronounced, in some way or another. We might even love emphasizing them.

So, when it comes to the body, this is the way that you determine the Ascendant, in my opinion. What physical feature does this person have that’s very distinctive? What features do they or others comment on the most? Also, you will notice that there is something about how this person physically functions that is a reflector of their Rising sign. The Ascendant does rule mannerisms and physical responses, so whatever is either particularly attractive or bothersome about how the person carries themselves and how their body functions is a reflection of their Rising sign.

It may seem like a rather random or strange way to look at it. But, when you are figuring out the Ascendant based on a person’s actual physical appearance, this is the way to go. Also, I think it will prevent you from picking up on the aspects to the Ascendant and confusing them for the sign, allowing you to focus more so on the sign itself. However, I do think that how a person behaves and their overall attitude is also a key ingredient in this guessing game. You just need to be able to combine the two.

Aries Rising – the head, hot body temperature, sweatiness/veins/redness
Those with an Aries Ascendant tend to have really noticeable heads. They might be used to being teased for having a “big head”, which can also be the forehead, and they may be self-deprecating about that. But, they love doing anything that will accentuate their head. Aries Rising folks are often huge fans of hats of all kinds and in all seasons and look amazing in them. Aries is also the sign of that physical intensity. They give off a lot of heat. You may notice that they feel hot all the time, even if they claim not to be. Their body temperature may be higher than normal, as if they are close to running a fever. Also, they can sweat very easily and very profusely. They cannot afford to forget to put deodorant on! Aries Rising can also have really prominent veins and, depending on their ethnicity, can get red or flushed very easily (more so when they’re frustrated or angry).

Taurus Rising – the voice, the neck, physical comfort and relaxation
The most distinct thing about a Taurus Ascendant is their voice. It is often rich, throaty, sensual. Sometimes, it is a deep voice, whether male or female, but it can also be very melodic, sweet, and soothing. They seem like they should be narrating an audiobook or documentary. You might also find them speaking a lot in a sing-song type of tone or they may randomly break into song on a regular basis, as they can be natural singers. Their neck also stands out, either for thickness or swan-like thinness. In the cold seasons, they can be huge fans of scarves and may pop their collars without any irony. They could also have a running habit of scratching or rubbing their necks. Overall, they will appear to be totally relaxed all the time, as if they have just had an amazing massage. They show little to no tension in their body language.

Gemini Rising – the hands, use of limbs, noticeable breathing patterns
Gemini Rising people have hands that can get a lot of attention. The hands may be really large or noticeably delicate and small; particularly rough or ultra-smooth. You can sometimes hear them complaining about the size of their hands and fingers, either way. Seeing them open up jars can be especially funny, as they may do it totally effortlessly or with a real struggle. But, their hands always seem to be in use and they can be notorious for talking with their hands. They can also move their limbs around with the carelessness of a teenager. There is often something very loose about their body language and mannerisms. Sometimes, they appear to be like octopuses, with all of their limbs coming out of nowhere. Their reflexes are amazingly quick. Gemini Ascendant can also be “mouth breathers”, at times, intentionally or not. They may exhale a lot and when they feel particularly high-strung or anxious, you might have to remind them to stop and take a breath.

Cancer Rising – the chest, stomach, weight tied with emotional well-being
People with a Cancer Rising have very distinctive chests. Women with this Ascendant tend to have very attention-getting breasts and they can go to the extremes of either taking no offense at all to this attention or being very self-conscious about it. The men tend to have to work out regularly in order to avoid “man-boob” syndrome (sorry, guys). If they do work out, their pecs can be quite legendary. The stomach is also very noticeable, often either for having total washboard abs, which can be downright effortless, or for having some extra “love” in this area. Cancer Ascendant people are also the most likely to be carrying a food baby. If they eat a big meal, they will need to loosen their belts, as it will immediately go right to their stomach. Weight can really fluctuate with this position but in accordance to their emotional well-being. If they feel like life is going great, they can let themselves go and put on some extra pounds. If there are serious issues they aren’t dealing with, then it can manifest as weight loss. The opposite could be true, as well.

Leo Rising – the hair, the back, physical vitality and “glow”
Hair, hair, and more hair. Leo Rising is really famous for their mane. This can manifest in so many ways, whether it’s dyeing their hair on a constant basis or cutting it all off or growing it to a very regal and attention-getting length. For a lot of them, it can seem like no matter what haircut they have, they look fabulous. But, there are select ones who are very known for having downright awful hair, particularly the older men trying to regain their illustrious mane in really desperate or obvious ways. You can catch them playing with their hair a lot and it can be sort of a tic. This placement also can give a person a very lovely back or they may constantly complain of back pains. They either totally slouch or sit up straight with amazing posture. Yet, both will be a display of self-assurance, either the very relaxed or very dignified kind. Leo Rising folks will also usually have this glow about them. They appear to be so alive, vibrant, confident, and happy within their bodies.

Virgo Rising – the hands, dietary/physical health demands, good hygiene
You will also find Virgo Rising people with distinctive hands but they can be even more critical of them than the Gemini Rising folks. Although they can also talk a lot with their hands, they can do things to kind of “put them away” like setting them in their laps or even sitting on their hands. Yet, these hands will never remain idle, either. Those with a Virgo Ascendant, male or female, will often seem to have perfect hands: well-moisturized, well-manicured, clipped; never, ever dirty. They could actually have a real aversion to long or dirty fingernails. Also, you will notice how much they are what they eat. So, they will seem to have specific dietary requirements or preferences. Ordering dinner with them can be an ordeal. Something about their physicality is so clean and healthy. They often smell great in a totally organic, natural way, without any cologne or perfume.

Libra Rising – the skin, the voice, physical grace/sense of balance
Those with a Libra Ascendant have skin that stands out in a lovely way. Many of these people have exceptionally clear, beautiful skin and rarely have to worry about a breakout. When they do break out, though, it can be very noticeable. People sometimes can’t help but to zero in on this person’s pimple as it seems like a surprising flaw, like finding a blemish on the Mona Lisa. So, Libra Rising people can put a lot of effort into their skincare. Also, like Taurus Rising, they usually have beautiful and melodious voices. But, instead of being really rich and sensual, it is more so like everything they say sounds agreeable and nice. Their tone of voice is very light, easy, and gentle. They will appear to be very physically balanced. It’s as if they are always walking with an invisible book on top of their heads and such graceful, elegant body language may earn them a lot of compliments.

Scorpio Rising – the crotch, bathroom functions, sweatiness and hairiness
Let’s not beat around the bush (no pun intended): the most famed bodily area of the Scorpio Rising is below the belt. But, of course, this is usually a big secret. The men love wearing pants that either accentuate or enhance their bulge. Both sexes can enjoy going commando or have a thing for special underwear, which they may not even divulge. However, those who know them a little, ahem, better can be quite eager to let you know just what the situation is down there. Scorpio Rising people may also seem to go to the bathroom a lot. They can actually struggle with a weak bladder or problems like IBS. Sometimes, they just like going to the bathroom, even if they don’t have to use the toilet, just for the sake of privacy or secrecy. Also, similar to Aries Rising, these folks may sweat profusely and need more deodorant than most. They are often notoriously hairy. The men can be quite bear-ish, in this sense, and either proud of all of that body hair or self-deprecating about it. The women can be quite at ease with their less-than-feminine hair growth.

Sagittarius Rising – the butt, the hips, physical expansion and growth
I don’t mean to objectify Sagittarius Rising people when I say that their butts are usually amazing. In a lot of cases, their backside is going to be the feature that gets the most attention, whether they are male or female. They might be really proud of their butt and rock the pants to show for it. At the same time, there are some who are the opposite and may be very conscious that they don’t have much of a butt. Still, they will have a way of loving their behind for just what it is. The hips are also standout features for Sagittarius Rising folks. It can make the women seem very “womanly” but it can also give the men a feminine kind of edge to their look. Physically, these people can seem overwhelming. Giant growth spurts are common in adolescence, in one way or another. Yet, it can still seem as if they are having these huge growth spurts. Any part of their body can swell up overnight and putting on weight is not a problem for them. This can be great for building muscle but not so great when everyone notices that you’ve gained the other kind of weight.

Capricorn Rising – the teeth, the joints, physical ailments/difficulties
A person with Capricorn Rising is going to get plenty of compliments on their teeth. It might seem like the most sparkling, perfectly white smile. But, these people can also work a lot on their teeth, flossing and brushing like mad, because they are often not as satisfied with their smile as others. If they don’t practice great dental hygiene, they can pay for it more than others, with various fillings and cavities. Capricorn Rising people can also have really remarkable joints. Some of these people are double-jointed. They may also have a habit of constantly cracking their knuckles. But, they can also struggle with very creaky and fragile joints, even when in their twenties. They can be 26 with the body of a 66 year old. So, you might hear a lot of complaints from the Capricorn Rising about various physical problems or ailments. It’s like they have to start off life as an old man or woman and then as they actually get older in age, they are much physically healthier and stronger.

Aquarius Rising – the legs/calves, odd nervous tics, cool physicality
The legs are usually the best feature of an Aquarius Ascendant. They can be very well-developed, particularly the calves, in a way that is effortless. They also tend to have no problems walking distances and can prefer walking several blocks over taking a car, especially since this is the less than conventional route anyway. Their legs are also often more muscular than the rest of the body, which can be quite lanky and unusually long-limbed. Many Aquarius Rising people are known for being very tall and can appear to be much taller than they actually are, even when they are on the shorter side, as if they are almost freakishly developed. These people have quirky and random nervous tics, prone to making strange noises or movements out of the blue. Muscle spasms and involuntary, uncontrollable movements are also common. They run cold physically, as well, so they can get cold more easily than most, feel cold in warm temperatures, or have inexplicably cold hands and limbs.

Pisces Rising – the feet, sleepiness or lack thereof, vulnerable constitution
You can really tell a Pisces Rising by their feet. These people can have some of the best feet around, even winning the approval of someone who is usually grossed out by others’ feet. The feet are can be either really delicate or noticeably large. They might also have what you could call very pretty feet but even the ones with rougher looking feet manage to pull it off. A lot of Pisces Ascendants also really love their open-toed shoes and flip-flops, feeling most comfortable with their toes out. They frequently appear to be sluggish, restful or tired and could even yawn a lot. Sometimes, though, they have physical signs of sleep deprivation, like dark circles under their eyes, and they’re not even tired. But, it always seems like they either could use a good nap or that they just woke up from one. They are prone to getting sick very easily and regularly. Many of them also suffer from distinct allergies and have quite a few dramatic incidents in life because of said allergies.