Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moon Signs

In astrology, our Moon sign dictates the way in which our feelings manifest, as well as how we handle and express them. When discussing the differences between the Sun sign, for example, and the Moon, we're talking about the self versus the emotions. Therefore, a person with a Leo Sun will have a dramatic, expressive, colorful sense of self while a person with a Leo Moon will have a dramatic, expressive, colorful emotional nature. The differences can be quite subtle but there is usually a marked difference between these two luminaries.

The Moon is who we are at our most instinctive. This is our "flow", the way we naturally operate without much thought or deliberation. When we're stuck in situations in the world that oppose the nature of our Moon sign, our flow is blocked and we become unhappy and unfulfilled. That energy then becomes destructive or negative. So, look to your Moon sign as the best way to tap into your own flow and operate most happily. It also represents what makes you most comfortable and what can subsequently provoke feelings of unease or insecurity within you.

Our intimate relationships are heavily influenced by our Moon, as this sign symbolizes the manner in which we emotionally connect with others. It's also how we take care of others. This is going to manifest differently for all of the signs. Some will be more sympathetic, others more practical. Some people's Moon signs will allow them to be very emotionally effusive, while other's Moons can cause them to be more restrained when being intimate.

Although it's said (and is true) that women express their Moon sign strongly when they become mothers, I believe that men also express their Moon sign quite prominently when they become fathers (even though their nurturing style is often a bit different). The Moon sign is the kind of parent that we'll end up becoming, male or female, as the caregiving methods of our Moon placement instantly kick in once we have another life to take care of. We embody the energy of our Moon sign in our parenting style in a way that's quite instinctive. No one teaches you how to be a parent, after all. You just learn as you go. So look to the Moon sign to see the natural parenting skills you possess, as well as trouble areas you might need to work on or watch out for.

Moon in Aries

When a person has their Moon in Aries, their feelings have a certain explosive quality. Emotions cannot be kept in for long, as they are bound to simply burst right out of them, much sooner than later. These people don't like suppressing any sort of feelings, often not either dwelling on or caring much how their emotional expressions will be received. It's all put right out there, on the surface. But, emotions will also be moved on from quickly. Aries Moon burns through their feelings and have such abruptly changing moods at times that they often come off as testy or temperamental.

Action is their most natural, instinctive way of operating through life. Aries Moon males and females aren't going to just sit around and wait for things to happen. In fact, waiting is something that can definitely trip them up and tie them up in knots, resulting in one of those legendary temper tantrums. Waiting feels as if it's interrupting their very flow, as it slows them down and makes things come to a halt. Any sort of strenuous, sweat-inducing activity, like exercise or sports or dance, will be second nature to them, as it keeps them moving and allows them to burn off excess amounts of energy.

They are most comfortable when they are left to operate as independently as possible. Again, being slowed down is anathema to them and the interference of others can be seen as an unwelcome interruption. Any sort of competitive atmosphere is another comfort zone for Aries Moon, as they fully relish the feeling of coming out on top and being the best. Competition invigorates them, instead of intimidating or offending like it can with some of the other Moons. They are at ease with the good fight, but it might be difficult for them to realize just when the fight should end.

Since they are so self-reliant, they often expect the same from others. This is why caregiving doesn't come too naturally or effortlessly to most Moon in Aries people. They've got their own problems to deal with and don't need to be weighed down by the concerns of others. This may make them come off as selfish, but it's not to suggest that they don't care about others. Their way of caring is just not coddling. Aries Moon will give a loved one a good, hearty kick on the rear end, encouraging them to get back out there and fight whenever they're faced with obstacles.

Parenting isn't usually high on the list for these men and women, for the abovementioned reasons. If they do become parents, they will certainly instill independence and self-sufficiency in their children. They might be a little too rough or tough with them, at times, coming off a bit like a drill sergeant in their demands. And they can easily lose their patience with tearfests and whining. Yet, they encourage their kids to be the best that they can be. Their children's ambitions will be promoted, to the point where these parents might make no mountain seem too high. At their best, they can make their kids feel like they can conquer the world.

Famous Moon in Aries Souls: Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Marlon Brando, Angelina Jolie, Tupac Shakur, Daniel Craig, Pink, Anderson Cooper 

Moon in Taurus

Taurus Moon males and females have a level-headed approach to handling their emotions. These people can experience strong feelings, yet they instinctively know how to get themselves back to a place of calm and centeredness. Emotionally charged situations are handled with a great amount of common sense, as well. Moon in Taurus people usually don't see the reason to make a huge fuss out of most things. However, there is a breaking point, even for them. And when they reach this point, all of that earthy calm flies out the window and their emotions can quickly wreak havoc.

However, it is most natural for them to operate in a steady, stable manner. And because stability matters so much to them, Taurus Moon is going to flow through life in a way that maintains that. Nice and easy. Slow and steady wins the race and so on. Therefore, any sort of unneeded chaos or unwanted pressure from others disrupts that inner harmony and makes them feel very off. This is why people with this position must be allowed to operate at their own pace. They cannot be pushed or prodded, because then their inherent stubbornness will kick in and refuse to budge.

It might sound redundant but the most traditional forms of comfort makes them most comfortable. In other words, money and material possessions. This is not to imply that Taurus Moon is particularly materialistic, although many can be. But, being so practical in nature, they will only feel at ease when they are surrounded by these creature comforts and know the necessities will be taken care of. Although they can work up a storm, when they need to, they are often all too willing to indulge themselves, lazily partaking in life's many sensual pleasures such as food, clothes, or sex.

These are typically the kinds of people that you can rely on. Moon in Taurus women and men have a great deal of substance and will readily be there for other people when they need them. Since they are normally such steady souls, they will faithfully stick by their loved ones' side. And their patience gives them the ability to be the calm in the midst of other people's storms. They have an uncanny ability to soothe other people emotionally and help them feel even-keeled, again. Mix in their ever-practical advice and you have a person who is often a true rock for those closest to them.

Like everything else, Taurus Moon will approach parenting with an attitude of the utmost stability. They will be excellent providers for their children, always making sure they have a roof over their heads and food on the table. Their example usually serves their offspring well, as they teach them to grow up to be successful, stable adults. These parents can be both sweet and firm. At times, their kids might be downright spoiled. But, when they say 'no', they mean it. No more discussions. In fact, they might be too rigid when it comes to their rules, leaving their children almost desperate to rebel. However, since they are so reasonable, there's almost always good reason for said rules.

Famous Moon in Taurus Souls: Meryl Streep, Daniel Day-Lewis, Frida Kahlo, Quentin Tarantino, Kobe Bryant, Robert Downey Jr., Katharine Hepburn, Christina Aguilera

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini's emotions have a quicksilver nature to them. They are ever-changing, taking them through a wide range of emotional responses within a very short period of time. This sort of emotional unpredictability can be startling and confusing, to others as well as to the Gemini Moon. With their active intellects, they are always thinking and always processing things. Thus, they are constantly reasoning out their feelings. But, because they're so open-minded, they are capable of seeing one situation several different ways emotionally, switching from one stance to the next.

However they're feeling at a certain time, people with their Moon in Gemini will be very eager to communicate it. They naturally flow through life via their sense of communication. People who are too taciturn or reserved can easily make them uncomfortable, as they don't know what to do when there's not a steady flow of dialogue between others. Many of them can be extremely talkative, actually, especially when they get going. They like constantly ping-ponging back and forth between various topics, ideas, and activities, in a way that might seem sort of attention-deficit to others.

But, this mode is where they're most comfortable. People with this position need a constant whirlwind of activity and information around them. The Internet Age was made for them, as they are always striving to feed their brains somehow. However, Gemini Moon males and females usually specialize in breadth not depth, taking a lot of things in but rarely sticking too intensely to one thing. Few people can multitask like them, however, and they can be truly in their element at a party. They enjoy spreading themselves around and are insatiably interested in what's going on with everyone.

Humorous and light-hearted, these aren't the kinds of people who like to go too deeply into their feelings or other people's. Therefore, they can be sort of evasive when it comes to caregiving, not wanting someone to suck them too heavily into their problems. However, they do display an avidness toward talking about feelings. Many of them do so constantly and want others to feel like they can come to them about anything. Their quick-wit adds levity to others' issues. Feelings are treated like a breeze in the wind to Gemini Moon women and men and they help others lighten up about things.

Children with a Moon in Gemini parent are bound to have an interesting upbringing. These mothers and fathers can be sort of volatile or erratic sometimes, as their fleeting fancies and lightning-quick moods can regularly turn the house upside down. However, these kids will rarely ever be bored. Gemini Moon parents can provide lots of stimulation and fun for their children. They will be adamant about their schoolwork, seeing their intellectual development as highly important. At times, they may come off as more like an older sibling than a parent, especially since they're so willing to have an open relationship with their kids. But, this attitude is often the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

Famous Moon in Gemini Souls: Bette Davis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence, 50 Cent, Sigmund Freud, Barack Obama, Jennifer Garner

Moon in Cancer

Emotions are a very dominant part of the Cancer Moon individual's life. They are deeply in-touch with whatever they're feeling, at any given time. These feelings are bound to regularly go up and down, as their moodiness is legendary. Whenever these moods take over, it's like an irrational force overwhelms them. Cancer Moon can seem particularly irrational to others, yet this is simply the way they are. Although they are very driven by their emotions, though, they usually go to great lengths to conceal them, only revealing their sensitivities to those closest to them.

Since they are highly intuitive, Cancer Moon females and males will flow through life based on that mysterious inner voice of theirs. They experience powerful gut feelings that are usually quite accurate, especially when it comes to the feelings and needs of other people. This gives them an ability to be able to know exactly how to advance and retreat in a situation, based on another person's response. Yet, when they're not receiving the emotional responses they need from others, they can be bewildered. Since they react far more than they act, much of their behavior is dependent on others' responses.

More than most, familiarity is what's needed for Moon in Cancer men and women to feel most comfortable. They need a well-established home. It doesn't have to be a fancy home, but it does have to be warm, cozy, and familiar. The people around them have to be, as well, which is why they usually place such extreme importance on family. Close friends will eventually be treated like their family, as well. Because they're such sensitive souls, they always want to be sure of the ground they're standing on with another person before they let their guards down.

Caregiving comes so instinctively to the majority of people with this position that they don't even have to think about it. They just do it. In fact, they can find themselves taking care of other people far more than they realize, as that finely tuned intuition makes it second nature for them to recognize and meet others' emotional needs. Cancer Moon will be the shoulder for others to cry on, with an innate ability to understand the feelings of other people. Yet, when it comes to their own needs, they might either ignore them or demand they be met in a way that drains others.

These dynamics can come into play when they become parents. They might not know how to put the kids aside for a moment to take care of themselves. On the other hand, there might be an unconscious pattern of requiring their kids to meet their needs in some way. But, at their most positive, few parents have the level of understanding and caring that Cancer Moon moms and dads do. Home can be a true safe haven for their kids, where they can feel an abundance of safety, nurturing, and emotional warmth. Good home cooking will always be on the stove or in the fridge and their children's emotional expressions will be supported. It's truly alright to cry around these parents.

Famous Moon in Cancer Souls: Kurt Cobain, Sofia Vergara, Heath Ledger, Marion Cotillard, Mary J. Blige, Taylor Swift, Drake, Jimi Hendrix 

Moon in Leo

Leo Moon's feelings are dramatized and often exaggerated. When expressing their emotions, they behave much like an actor on the stage or screen would. Moon in Leo acts like every emotional situation is a drama, in which they are the protagonist, and expect the utmost attention and interest from their audience. Their emotional lives are colorful, to say the least, but you won't find most of these people down in the dumps for very long. Their primary mood is one of optimism and they have a very positive attitude that can easily eliminate their darkest moods.

Self-expression is the way in which a Leo Moon woman or man flows through life. It's their instinct to fully express whatever they're feeling and they can feel deeply unsettled when others block this freedom of expression. When faced with such situations, then their strong pride and will kicks in, as they refuse to be subjugated to the will of another individual. This powerful need for self-expression manifests as a strong creative streak, which is second nature for those with this position. They will gravitate toward any activity, especially any sort of performing, that grants them the spotlight.

It should be said: the center of attention is typically where Moon in Leo will feel most comfortable. This may not be around everyone, though. Just intimate friends and family members. But, they can feed on attention so much that they express an entitled or self-absorbed streak that might turn off those they are so willing to charm. An instinct for leadership is often present and positions of authority will make them feel right at home. This is another way for them to be right at the center of things, but in a manner that promotes the welfare of everyone around them.

People with a Leo Moon are very emotionally warm and accessible. It's not at all difficult for them to connect with others and they tend to be heart-on-their-sleeves type of folks. Even though they can be amazingly generous, they can also be quite high-maintenance. They tend to be overly preoccupied with their emotional needs, as well as constantly expecting others to cater to them. However, they have big hearts and do sincerely care when someone is down. In these moments, they'll do everything that they can to turn someone else's frown upside down.

Children can be a big passion for these men and women. Even before they become mothers or fathers, they have an uncanny ability to relate to children, mainly because they are childlike themselves in spirit. Their kids will have a fun, exciting playmate by their side. Yet, they should always remain respectful of their Leo Moon parent. If not, these parents can turn from big kids to rigid tyrants, in an instant. They want their children to be little princes and princesses, giving them the best of everything. They'll always be encouraged to shine, yet a certain stage-parent streak might have to be watched. It's important for them to remember to see their children as individuals, not as reflections of themselves.

Famous Moon in Leo Souls: Oscar Wilde, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Alexander Skarsgard, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Idris Elba

Moon in Virgo

Feelings are frequently analyzed and classified for Virgo Moon, to the point of sterility. Emotions often feel too raw and irrational for them, so they will do their best to keep them under control and in order. The emphasis here is on being logical and taking care of the matter at hand. Virgo Moon won't let their feelings cloud their judgments and can easily feel inefficient when they do so. They too often feel like there are emotions they "should" and "shouldn't" have which can result in them beating themselves up. But, they also have a knack for truly understanding their feelings, as well.

Routine is the way that a Virgo Moon woman or man flows through life. Those little practicalities that others see as dull and mundane are where these people intuitively operate best. Therefore, they are naturally skilled at handling all of the day to day necessities: the bills, the chores, the errands. It's when their perfect little lives are out of order that Moon in Virgo will feel especially out of whack. They like everything to be known and predictable. When placed in any sort of situation where they don't know what will happen, a certain anxiety and nervous energy kicks in strongly.

People with this position don't like variables and feel most comfortable with these practical securities in life. They are also totally at ease when immersed in a rhythm of productivity. Being on the job, cleaning up around the house, or sweating it out at the gym are all ways that this productivity is engaged and expressed. They just like feeling busy, to the degree that they can become workaholics. Virgo Moon is also comfortable when being of service to others. It's very important that they feel useful and they'll do anything that they can to help the people around them.

Helping their loved ones is usually the strongest way for them to show that they care. They won't often do it based on gushy affections or excess emotion, as they're not fans of either and can be at something of a loss when others act this way toward them. But, Virgo Moon does like to lend people a hand. However, it still won't be done based on too much sentiment. They're all about finding solutions to problems, which can sometimes minimize the importance of raw feeling. Those around them will be encouraged to approach their situation from the most practical angle.

Becoming a mom or dad is something that Moon in Virgo males and females will take seriously. It'll be seen not as something frivolous or even all that fun, but as a real responsibility. These individuals will not slack on their parental duties and can be unforgiving toward themselves if they do. It'll be very important that their kids be well-groomed, well-behaved, and well-educated. They might be a bit too critical of their achievements, at times, even if they are just trying to help and better their children. The importance of consistency and reliability will be instilled, early on. Virgo Moon will raise their kids to be dedicated and hardworking, helping them to become adults who can thrive successfully in the world.

Famous Moon in Virgo Souls: Natalie Portman, Jack Nicholson, Anna Paquin, Charles Bukowksi, Madonna, Michael Fassbender, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marvin Gaye

Moon in Libra

Libra Moon constantly refines and modifies their emotions. It's their instinctive nature to not automatically react, but to weigh their responses to a situation based on how someone else is or might be feeling about it. Then, they will express their feelings in the most balanced manner. They can easily feel selfish, inconsiderate, or rude by expressing raw emotion, especially when their feelings might not be accepted by others. It's important for Moon in Libra to be as agreeable and palatable as possible, even when they might be disagreeing with someone else's views.

This sort of harmony is how those with this position instinctively make their way through life. Any sort of intensity or negativity is bound to throw them way off balance, as it disturbs the peace and cooperation that they need in order to thrive with others. Since getting along with people is so important, a Libra Moon male or female also operates in a way that is very other-based. This is why not having a significant other or someone else by their side to compliment them can be unsettling. They bounce so much off of other people's responses and actions that they can become very dependent.

Because of this, those with this position really thrive in the midst of intellectual discourses and exchanges. This can take the form of casual conversations or it can also be through debates of any sort. Just because they're polite doesn't mean that they can't argue. They can and quite well, yet they'll normally do it in a way that's light and cordial. Being surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere is important, so they are most at ease with a sense of beauty around them. Home decor is of the utmost importance and they have an instinctive understanding of feng shui.

In their own way, Moon in Libra women and men can be quite caring and sympathetic. They don't like to see other people upset and will do whatever they can to calm them down. However, they can be at a loss when things get too messy emotionally. They would rather analyze and rationalize problems away, instead of dealing with the irrationalities. Therefore, slowing backing away is their method when faced with someone too hysterical to listen to reason. Yet, they are concerned with other people's emotional needs and do try their best to please other people.

Parents with a Libra Moon will want to raise thoughtful, polite, and informed children. They will insist on their kids having good manners and playing nicely with others. A lot of time will be spent refining and culturing their offspring, as they'd hate for them to be seen as socially unacceptable in any way. However, single parenting isn't their forte, as they are too easily overwhelmed when a lot is on their plate. More than most people, they need a partner to hand the children off to, when things get too difficult or rough. Still, they will make gentle, considerate, and patient parents, who treat their children with the same consideration and respect as adults.

Famous Moon in Libra Souls: Tina Fey, Claire Danes, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Bradley Cooper, Lupita Nyong'o, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone 

Moon in Scorpio

Emotions are experienced with remarkable power and depth for a Scorpio Moon. Their feelings are intensified and virtually no emotion is left unexplored by them, no matter how dark or unpleasant it may be. Yet, there's also a mysterious element to their emotional lives, which they can keep veiled or obscured. Knowing how intense they are and how much they can overwhelm others, a Scorpio Moon female or male often keeps many of its feelings in reserve, only expressing them in certain situations. This gives them an immense emotional reservoir and an inner world full of secrets.

They are frequently looking for secrets, too. Unable to tolerate superficiality for long, Scorpio Moon naturally flows through life by digging deep below the surface. They do so through serious bouts of introspection, as well as by using their exceptional intuitive nature to perceive the true thoughts and feelings beneath anyone's facade. In fact, they're so perceptive that they can end up hitting too close to the truth for comfort at times, unnerving or intimidating others. Yet, they short-circuit when forced to skid along the surface, resulting in a paranoia about people's true motives.

It's not surprising, then, that they are ironically comfortable in deep, dark emotional places that frighten most other people. A certain power comes from this and power makes them feel at ease. But, it's power over others, through their sharp insights or their sexual magnetism. They must be pursuing this power positively or else a certain destructive, manipulative streak can take hold and cause them to wreak havoc. Power over others must be used to heal and strengthen those they care for. As difficult to know as they might seem, Scorpio Moon men and women truly need intimacy and a definite sense of privacy with loved ones to feel comfortable.

Because they can come off as so strong and can be so good at hiding their vulnerabilities, most people don't realize just how sensitive they are. But, they do care a lot about other people's feelings. Moon in Scorpio frequently plays the role of counselor to their loved ones, especially when they're seriously troubled. With their sharp emotional insight, they nurture people like psychologists, helping them to pinpoint their emotional issues and find ways to heal and empower themselves. They should just make sure the other person can handle the real, raw truth before uttering it.

Like with everything else, they will invest every fibre of their being into parenthood. Raising children often helps them find a deeper level of power from within. If their approach is unbalanced, they can be too controlling or suffocating as parents. Yet, they can also deeply impact their kids in a very positive way. Although their children might get freaked out at their ability to read them like a book, this also establishes a powerful connection between them. Their kids will be taught to honestly face all of their feelings and to develop great emotional strength and resourcefulness in hard times. Also, Scorpio Moon makes a fiercely protective parent. So, heaven help anyone who tries to hurt their child.

Famous Moon in Scorpio Souls: James Dean, Beyonce Knowles, Bjork, Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Bruce Lee, Scarlett Johansson 

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Moon experiences their emotions in a big way. Feelings can flare up quickly and they are likely to be unfiltered in their emotional expressions. It's not in their nature to hold back what they feel and they can't lie about their emotions. However, their philosophical approach toward emotional situations prevent them from wallowing in things. Usually, this results in an optimistic person who believes everything happens for a reason. But, in certain cases, their perspective can be very existential and cynical. Either way, this inner philosophy drives their moods.

Their way of instinctively navigating life is through a spirit of adventure. The Sagittarius Moon female or male likes to be on the go, but not necessarily for the mere sake of it. They like having adventures that are going to fill them up and expand their minds. It's when they feel trapped that their flow gets blocked and a deep-seated restlessness and wanderlust will kick in. You cannot hem these people in. It's very unnatural to them. Honesty is another part of their flow, to the degree that they don't always realize how blunt or tactless they might be, at times, especially when expressing their feelings.

Those with those lunar position are most comfortable when they feel free and unfettered. So much so that taking on some of the dreary responsibilities of day to day life can be downright disheartening for them. There can be a Peter Pan quality here, as if they don't want to completely grow up. Moon in Sagittarius people are also very comfortable in any sort of atmosphere where higher knowledge and learning can be readily absorbed. They can display a particular passion for anything involving education, religion, other cultures, or metaphysics.

Men and women with a Sagittarius Moon don't like emotional heaviness and can skirt their way around situations that are too emotionally charged. They are much more comfortable laughing things off or simply forgetting about it than dwelling on their emotions. But, most of these people have such a relaxed, positive attitude toward life that it can't help but rub off on others. They like for those around them to feel the same way and seek to brighten someone's day whenever they're feeling miserable. They have a knack for showing people the silver lining in just about any cloud.

Children whose mother or father has a Sagittarius Moon will be encouraged to be forward-moving, straightforward individuals. In fact, nothing will rouse these parents' fiery temper quite like any form of lying or deceit. Rules will most likely be loose around the house and they'll want to give their kids plenty of personal freedom. But, this also means that they will have little patience with their children clinging to them. They'll likely push their kids out into the big, wide world, teaching them that it's meant to be explored and not to be afraid of or overprotected from. They might be a bit irresponsible or unpredictable as parents, but they'll provide lots of excitement and positivity around the home.

Famous Moon in Sagittarius Souls: Jennifer Aniston, Zoe Saldana, Michael Jordan, Zachary Quinto, Neil Patrick Harris, Lauryn Hill, Oprah Winfrey, Al Pacino 

Moon in Capricorn

For a person with their Moon in Capricorn, emotion is not something that will be too freely expressed. They do have feelings, of course, although they might give off an impression of being cold. But, they just follow a certain protocol when it comes to expressing their emotions. They strictly believe in there being a time and a place for all of that. Therefore, they don't let those feelings gush out when they will prevent them from being efficient and capable. They also fear that their emotions will make them look bad and earn them judgment or disapproval from others.

Pursuing and collecting achievements is how Capricorn Moon flows through life. In most cases, these will be professional achievements of some kind, as those with this position typically have high ambition. However, the goals they are working toward can also be of a smaller, more personal scale. In any case, they always need to be striving toward something. When they're not, this is when their flow gets blocked and a negative energy emerges. Depression and low self-worth can come easily to them, especially when feeling like they're not applying themselves.

Because of this deep need to achieve and accomplish, Moon in Capricorn women and men usually put a large amount of their energy into their career fields. They tend to make excellent employees, as they are so comfortable with structure and duty. While other people can easily buckle or run off under the weight of a lot of responsibility, these people really feel at ease in positions of responsibility. It's almost as if they need to have a lot on their plates. They are usually great authority figures because of this, although quite stern and hardnosed with others at times.

Most people with a Capricorn Moon are not going to be overly effusive with their loved ones. They can behave with a certain formality in their intimate relationships that might leave more emotionally demonstrative people cold. However, this doesn't mean that they don't care. It's just that their care will be shown through their practical devotion and dutifulness to another person. It's almost as if they see caregiving as another job to be done and they will undertake the process of being by a loved one's side as such, with great commitment and dependability.

As they tend to be so traditional, having children is normally a primary part of Moon in Capricorn man or woman's life plan. They seek to provide their children with a very stable household, but can sometimes expect themselves to be well-oiled machines instead of human beings. Still, they are excellent at taking care of all the practicalities of the household and are very consistent caregivers. Their children might have all their material needs met, but may feel like they are emotionally neglected. This area is not always Capricorn Moon's strength and they can instill too much of a stiff-upper-lip value system. But, they do raise their kids to be efficient and prepare them for responsibility at an early age.

Famous Moon in Capricorn Souls: Brad Pitt, Judi Dench, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, James Gandolfini, Lucille Ball, Amy Winehouse, Billie Holliday 

Moon in Aquarius

An emotionally detached approach defines the inner motivations of an Aquarius Moon individual. There's a definite distance from their feelings, allowing them to be able to approach emotional situations with logic and impersonalism. They don't get swept up in passion and don't appreciate any sort of emotional bias. In any charged situation, they're more concerned with how it effects everyone involved, instead of themselves or just one person. Although interested in the feelings of others, it's in a sort of scientific way that keeps them from getting too heavily involved.

People matter tremendously to Moon in Aquarius women and men and they flow through life in a way that is based on groups and collectives. They find it totally natural to establish various friendships with people from all walks of life. It often seems as if they are making friends wherever they go. Aquarius Moon can feel logjammed, however, when they are forced to spend too much personal time with just one person. It's never just about one person to them. It's about everyone. So, when others get a bit too close for their comfort, a certain emotional aloofness can kick in.

They are capable of having close relationships. But, it's just important that the other person knows how to recognize their personal space. Having this space is how Moon in Aquarius males and females feel most at ease. As sociable and popular as they can be, they do have a lone-wolf sort of spirit. Maintaining this independence is very important. They also need the freedom to simply be, as they do have an eccentric, quirky streak about them. But, others cannot try to tame this side of themselves. It'll make them feel deeply uncomfortable and their willfulness will cause them to fight back.

Aquarius Moon can actually be quite compassionate, but not necessarily in the typical way that we think of compassion. They aren't exactly going to be comfortable with you crying on their shoulder. However, they will always be willing to listen to your emotional problems and will usually do so without judging. In fact, the crazier someone's issues are, the more those with this position are likely to be interested. And they remain quite unfazed. Everyone has quirks and neuroses, they feel, and few people can make someone else feel free enough to let all of that out quite like them.

Having children is usually not a big priority for those with their Moon in Aquarius. In fact, the whole idea of parenthood can be a rather odd, foreign concept, especially as they tend to see it as a real hindrance on their beloved freedom. If they do end up having kids, they will need just as much space from them as they need from others. At times, the children might feel like they're raising themselves. But, this is what makes them unique and often great parents, as they truly give their offspring the freedom to be themselves. The last thing they want to do is to repress their individuality and they'll end up raising strong-minded kids with the ability to think for themselves and then some.

Famous Moon in Aquarius Souls: Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Alba, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Viola Davis, Frank Ocean, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe 

Moon in Pisces

Emotion can be a confusing thing for men and women with their Moon in Pisces. They have an enormous capacity for empathy and compassion, meaning that they truly feel what other people are feeling. While this is a great gift, it also means that it's difficult for them to understand the boundaries between their emotions and others'. When feeling overwhelmed by this flood of feeling, they can seek to transcend it through emotional escapism. There is often a hazy quality to their emotional lives, preventing them from truly being able to see their emotional realities clearly.

Pisces Moon doesn't seem to operate on the same plane as most people, flowing through situations based on an idealized vision of the world and those around them. They have powerful imaginations, which is what makes most of them creatively gifted and talented in some way. Yet, it's when they are forced to confront harsh realities that their wires get tripped up. Those with this position usually loathe adjusting to the real world and may find themselves merely floating through life if they don't find some sort of anchor or stabilizing force.

A lot of time is needed to explore their very deep inner worlds and to be able to channel that into something creatively. This is why Moon in Pisces women and men often feel most comfortable in some form of solitude. Alone time also gives them the much-needed opportunity to shake off all the impressions and feelings that they constantly pick up from the world around them. Blessed with an extraordinary sixth sense, most of these folks are practically psychic. They are very comfortable tapping into their unconscious mind, accessing a level of intuition that most couldn't dream of tapping.

It's this same intuition that allows them to be so immediately responsive to other people's troubles and pains. Moon in Pisces are so quick to rescue and help other people that they don't often realize that they're doing it. They pick up on what's troubling you and often can't help but come to your aid. They are deeply sympathetic to those that they care about. But, this puts them at risk for being taken advantage of by other people, if they don't learn how to set limitations. It can instill great guilt within them to say no to others or to not be able to do anything to heal their pain.

As mothers and fathers, they will typically be deeply caring and empathetic toward their kids. This empathy might prevent them from being as tough as they need to be sometimes, letting their kids walk over them. The slightest sign that they've hurt their child can be devastating to them. However, they must also watch out for a martyring attitude, using an after-all-I've-done-for-you approach to instill guilt or manipulate. Otherwise, they can make great parents, creating a bond with their children that's downright telepathic in nature. Moon in Pisces parents will have an uncanny intuitive skill with their kids from infancy, always knowing exactly why they're hurting and just how to soothe them.

Famous Moon in Pisces Souls: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Evan Rachel Wood, Martin Luther King Jr., Paul Newman, Debbie Harry, Robert Deniro, Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Libra, Scorpio, and Androgyny

Libra and Scorpio are the two most androgynous signs in astrology. When I say androgyny, I mean a blend of masculine and feminine qualities. These qualities are personality traits, instead of physical or biological attributes. After all, many of the ways in which most men and women behave are simply just reflections of the ways we're deeply conditioned to view men and women, to the point where it seems like the actual truth (but, that's just another conversation). People who are Libra or Scorpio prominent (Sun, Moon, Rising, or several planets in Libra or Scorpio) blend both their yin and yang in interestingly nuanced ways. They often stand out in a world where gender is more easily delineated.

Let's take Libra, first. Libra is a masculine sign, as it's ruled by the Air element. Air is one of the two masculine elements in astrology (along with Fire). Air is symbolic of logic, objective thought, and solid reasoning. This sort of rationality is the way in which males are conditioned to behave in our society, valuing reasoning over emotion. This is usually the manner in which Libra-influenced people conduct themselves, believing that it's always better to think things out than get carried away with raw feeling. 

However, Libra is also ruled by Venus, which is one of the feminine planets. Venus stands for beauty, appearance, pleasure, and sensuality; all rather feminine attributes. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, but is an introvert sign, meaning that it's pleasure and sense of harmony is directed inward and toward itself. Libra, being extrovert, directs that pleasure outward. This results in a people-pleasing manner that Libra is notorious for which reflects our society's female values: that everyone should be happy and everything should be pleasant and that the boat should not be rocked. 

Libra's masculine-feminine energy is combined in the manner that they conduct themselves rationally, yet can be indirect and downright passive about their own needs. They are more comfortable focusing on other people's needs and don't like too much aggression. Men strong in Libra energy are usually very gentle, refined, and soft, unlike the traditional male that society idealizes. It's with the males that the androgyny of this sign makes itself most well-known, as they are bound to not exactly fulfill the ultra-aggressive, assertive ideal that men are expected to live up to. 

Libra-influenced women can be quite a different story, though. They can usually come off as perfectly charming and dainty little ladies. With Libra, the more feminine energy is what is most obvious, as Venus rules it, on the surface. Therefore, Libra females tend to fit more easily into society's feminine ideal. However, they will be the types that lead much more with their head than their hearts. They are highly objective women, valuing grace and reason over uncontrolled emotion.  

Now, let's talk about Scorpio, whose androgyny manifests in the complete opposite manner. Scorpio is a feminine sign, one of the three in the Water triplicity. Water, along with Earth, is feminine. The Water element represents depth, intuition, reflection, and emotion. These are all more yin-based values for obvious reasons. The depths that women are more actively encouraged to express and venture down into it are where Scorpio-influenced people, both male and female, feel most at home. 

Yet, Scorpio's traditional planetary rules is Mars. This is a masculine planet. Mars, also the ruler of Aries, symbolizes assertion, aggression, drive, and the courage to face fears and challenges. Aries is an extrovert sign, so all of this strength is directed outward into the world. But, introverted Scorpio directs the power of Mars deep into their soul. This results in the formidable sort of inner strength that people with a prominent Scorpio influences naturally exude. Regardless of gender, they have a male-like quality that says they're not to be messed with. They seem to not be afraid (Mars) of just about any emotional territory (Water), no matter how much it might scare others.

While Libra is feminine on the outside but driven by a masculine energy, Scorpio is the opposite. Mars makes Scorpio-influenced individuals more masculine on the outside, but motivated by feminine concerns. They care a lot about their emotions, yet they will do their best to preserve them. Scorpio is way more sensitive than people know, as the unshakable strength they exude often hides or obscures their depths of feeling. It can be very tough for them to let others see them cry, even if they do quite often. Scorpio females are most apt to defy society's expectations of females. They will be strong, efficient, and resourceful, with an active need to find and own their power in life. As deeply emotional as she is, she will never be a helpless damsel in distress and will actually use those feelings to focus and drive her.

The strength that these women exude can make them intimidating and often easily maligned in our society. Scorpio-influenced men tend to have an easier time of it, as the sign's masculine values of power, strength, and owning one's sexuality are more encouraged in men than women. Still, do not be fooled by this male's tough exterior, as there is going to be a lot going on inside emotionally. The extraordinary instincts of their sign give them the kind of intuitive hunches and insight that are quite feminine in nature. He is soulful and perceptive and this depth only enhances this inner strength and confidence in the end. 

It's easy to see why these signs can be at such loggerheads. As androgynous as they both are, it's in very different ways. Libra's feminine need to please and pacify will ultimately serve their goal, as a masculine sign, to find intellectual understanding and connection with other people. Scorpio's masculine fearlessness and strength is ultimately what allows this feminine sign to access an uncommon level of raw emotional power and intensity, as well as a deep connection with and insight into those around them.