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Venus in the Signs

What makes you attractive and sexy? Look to your Venus sign for an answer to that question. The energy of this sign is your sex appeal, as well as what makes you initially attractive to new friends and acquaintances. Venus is the planet of relating, like the Moon. But, the Moon runs deeper, dealing with long-term relationships and friendships. People are, in the beginning, attracted to your Venus sign. When they get closer and scratch the surface, knowing you on a deeper level, this is when your Moon emerges. Those with the Moon and Venus in very different signs will often hear from their partners or friends that the person they met is not the same as the person they're now living with.

Both planets are "feminine" in nature. But, this only means that they are receptive and NOT that these traits are exclusive to or more prominent in women. Traditional astrologers love to push forward these gender stereotypes and, in some cases, it can be true. But, this is only because of society's gender rules. Because of these standards, some men can feel uncomfortable owning their Venus and project it onto women, while many women feel the pressure to be the 'Venus' in the relationship.

But, such narrow ideas have to stop, if we ever expect our society to grow and men and women to learn to really relate to each other. Everyone has "feminine" (receptive) and "masculine" (active) traits and men - even when they're projecting their Venus on to women - are still very much expressing their Venus (even if they're not conscious of it or deny it). Everyone - both male and female - also seeks out someone who embodies the traits of their Venus sign, as this is the energy they find most attractive.

Venus also represents your fashion sense and personal style, which is something that both men and women take the time to cultivate and develop nowadays. Your Venus can tell you what this style is and how you can emphasize it best. Everyone of both sexes wants to look good and be attractive. Own your Venus sign and you'll be on your way to feeling more confident and whole within your own skin. 

Venus in Aries

Turn-Ons: self-assurance, aggression, assertiveness

Turn-Offs: passivity, lack of honesty, too much calm

Sexiest traits: fearlessness

Many Venus in Aries people have a flashy, brassy sense of style, but there are some who are more low-key and less obvious. Still, there will be an utter simplicity and straightforward approach to fashion with either type. They give little to no forethought to their clothes, simply picking out things from their closet very impulsively and throwing an outfit together. There's a lack of fear with this placement and they could care less about whether or not their sense of style gains them approval. But, in fact, it's their daring fashion sense that often makes them trendsetters, as they take risks sartorially that most wouldn't attempt. It's that self-assurance of theirs that allows them to pull it all off.

People are attracted to the daring and simplicity of Venus in Aries. There's something fresh-faced and childlike at heart with them. For this reason, they can be self-involved lovers or friends, at times. But, there's a real honesty and authenticity to them and they're most drawn to those traits in others. They also need plenty of passion, especially in their romances. Anything less than red-hot does not appeal. Aries Venus loves to excite and will spice up someone's life upon entering it. But, the other person must be able to keep up. This is an easily bored placement and the slow lane is left for others. In fact, many see the single life as preferable and have no qualms about being alone.

Famous Males: George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Bob Marley
Famous Females: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Taylor

Venus in Taurus

Turn-Ons: groundedness, security, laidback vibe

Turn-Offs: unreliablity, need for drama, impracticality

Sexiest trait: comfort in their skin

Women and men with their Venus in Taurus can be as materialistic as they are unpretentious. Most likely, their style will be anything but loud and flashy. They don't make a stir with their appearance. They won't care much for labels, either. But, the quality of the material matters enormously. They love silks and fine linens and just about anything else that feels really good on their bodies. There is a definite earthiness to their sense of style. Taurus Venus can actually collect clothes in a way and will rarely throw out these prized possessions. In fact, they can easily own clothes for several years and not want to do away with them, when most people would've given them up to Goodwill ages ago.

Taurus Venus males and females' earthy, sensual quality is what makes them so attractive. They can be very sexy, but in a way that's really quiet and relaxed. Those with this position seek out people who have an equally chill aura, as they don't do drama or chaos. Practical, grounded people are their biggest turn-on. Venus in Taurus is often warm and approachable, but also rather lazy socially and romantically. They stick with the same group of friends for years and years and it takes a lot for them to move on from a relationship. Dating is not frivolous to them and it's clear, from the get-go, that they seek stability.

Famous Males: Marlon Brando, Kanye West, James Franco
Famous Females: Jessica Alba, Princess Diana, Amber Heard

Venus in Gemini

Turn-Ons: great conversation, variety, humor

Turn-Offs: inflexibility, over-seriousness, lack of communication

Sexiest trait: lively wit

People with a Gemini Venus are usually very restless in their fashion sense and tastes. They want to dabble in a little bit of everything and can take forever if they're at a mall because they want to try everything on. They change their look on an almost constant basis. This often depends on the current fad of the moment and/or whatever mood they're in once they open their closets. These men and women can also be quite imitative in their style. If they see a great haircut or a nice shirt, they'll go out and get that exact one. But, it's all in good fun. Gemini Venus sees fashion as an opportunity to try on lots of different roles and they never take any of them too seriously.

Most of them are blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and enviable social skills that make them very popular. They seem to get along with almost everyone and their only type is "interesting." Much like Venus in Aries, if you bore a Venus in Gemini from the outset, they won't be sticking around. Their restlessness and changeability can be a sore spot with partners or friends, getting them labeled flighty or unpredictable. You might not be able to pin them down for long but they're a total breath of fun, fresh air when you do.

Famous Males: Tom Hanks, Trent Reznor, Bob Dylan
Famous Females: Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Tina Fey

Venus in Cancer

Turn-Ons: vulnerability, nurturing vibe, family-oriented nature

Turn-Offs: insensitivity, self-centeredness, lack of emotion

Sexiest trait: care for others

Cancer Venus' style is all about being comfortable. They will stick very close to what works for them and you can pretty much count on them to dress the same exact way for years. Similar to Taurus Venus, parting with old clothes, even if they've got holes or stains, can be very difficult for them. Venus in Cancer men and women definitely feel the happiest in the clothes they wear around the house: old t-shirts, sweatpants, pajamas. Even if they get dressed up to the nines for work, it will be like total night and day once they come home and can be themselves. People they work with won't believe how slobbish they can be at home.

There is either an open sensitivity or an aloof guardedness to Cancer Venus people. Sometimes, they switch back and forth between both. They can confuse people, especially potential partners, with their hot-and-cold moods and mixed signals. Many Venus in Cancer people can be shy with new folks and need plenty of time to feel comfortable around them. But, they make amazingly caring lovers and friends when they finally open up. What they are most attracted to are those that make them feel deeply safe. People likewise are attracted to their own air of emotional security.

Famous Males: Ben Affleck, Barack Obama, Clint Eastwood
Famous Females: Natalie Portman, Anna Paquin, Angelina Jolie

Venus in Leo

Turn-Ons: flattery, passion, enthusiasm

Turn-Offs: dullness, insecurity, inability to hold one's own

Sexiest trait: self-confidence

Standing out from the crowd matters enormously to Venus in Leo people and their personal style will emphasize this. They will do just a flourish of something extra special to their hair or their clothes to express their individuality. In fact, their hair can be a particular point of pride and focus. They may become both flattered and annoyed when their fashion choices are copied by others. Leo Venus doesn't want to look like everyone else but will still totally enjoy being seen as a trendsetter and influence. They have tons of self-assurance at their disposal, even though they tend to need a lot of feedback on how they look, and can rock anything and made it look attractive and bold.

This fabulous aura most Venus in Leo people love to cultivate gets them a lot of attention. If they go overboard, they can turn some off by being loud, spotlight-thirsty divas (yes, the men with this placement, too). But, positively, they will be seen as fun-loving, warm-hearted people; the real life of the party. Leo Venus loves the high of a new relationship, when they can really inject passion and joy into someone's life and vice versa. Yet, they can also become hooked on drama. These folks need someone equally spirited and confident to reel them in.

Famous Males: T.I., Tobey Maguire, Tom Cruise
Famous Females: Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Salma Hayek 

Venus in Virgo

Turn-Ons: humility, intelligence, efficiency

Turn-Offs: arrogance, ignorance, inability to get one's act together

Sexiest trait: a purity that's practically perfect

Men and women who have Venus in Virgo have really discerning taste in style. They know exactly what clothes they like and what they don't like. Anything too gaudy, flashy, or tacky will be shot down quickly by them and with evident distaste. Virgo Venus typically doesn't like a lot of jewelry or accessories either, especially the kind that draws too much attention. They pare their outfits down to the essentials, only wearing what's necessary. Most of them dress with impeccable neatness, with clothes that are always ironed and stain-free. Even the more relaxed ones who try to look a bit sloppy or careless will still look perfect in their imperfection, while someone else would look like a hot mess in the same outfit.

Virgo Venus men and women can come off as the perfect guy or girl to many. They have a way of being so well-rounded that they seem like they possess everything you'd want. They are typically smart, witty, helpful, humble, low-key, and have a deep-seated "au naturel" sensuality that's often hidden behind a certain reserve. Venus in Virgo folks are modest, though, and remain aware of their flaws. They also might spend too much time sizing up potential mates to see if they measure up, in one way or another. They can judge too hard or pull back when others fall short of their standards. But, they are just as intent on improving themselves. In the end, they want someone with the same desire to work on themselves and, as a result, work on the relationship.

Famous Males: Robert Redford, Sean Penn, Robert DeNiro
Famous Females: Kate Winslet, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron

Venus in Libra

Turn-Ons: good manners, thoughtfulness, harmonious nature

Turn-Offs: rudeness, selfishness, lack of refinement

Sexiest traits: gracefulness

Few people have the uncanny sense of style that Libra Venus people have. Most of them are extremely fashion-conscious, always wanting to feel like they're on the runway even if they're just in their living room. Although they are often every bit as vain as Leo Venus, they are certainly not as egotistical. They, in fact, want to constantly be on display for other people. These folks really love to please others, especially with their style and beauty. It's much easier for them to take fashion tips than most. It's actually difficult for them to not be dependent on others' opinions when it comes to style and they always want the approval of others in this regard.

Unfortunately, great style and looks might be all some in see Venus in Libra males and females. They can be highly attractive to others, but whether ot not there's actual substance behind that is often questionable. Still, their charm is usually enormous and they find themselves to be highly popular. Romance is at the top of their list, but they seek a partner who they can really connect with intellectually. They truly value peace and harmony, so they won't stay long with partners or friends who rock the boat too often.

Famous Females: Beyonce Knowles, Emma Stone, Jenny McCarthy
Famous Males: Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Lance Armstrong

Venus in Scorpio

Turn-Ons: mystery, intrigue, emotional depth

Turn-Offs: indiscretion, lack of passion, weakness of character

Sexiest trait: hidden intensity

The personal style of a Scorpio Venus female or male will be extreme, in some way. They may be either totally obsessed with their style or not invest any energy at all in their dress code. But, there's usually little in-between. Sometimes, though, they can swing from totally caring to totally not caring about their clothes on a regular basis. Still, even the ones who obsess over their appearance are doing so to express themselves in a very deep way. They love to dramatically transform their look, often with radical new haircuts or a completely different wardrobe. It's typical of them to toss almost everything out in their closet and start all over. Most Scorpio Venus people have a real sexual allure about them that effects whatever they wear. They can make even a simple t-shirt and jeans look seriously hot and sexy.

This magnetism isn't lost on most people. Venus in Scorpio men and women are typically very sexually attractive. They have a tendency to keep a lot of their would-be lovers at arm's length initially, which tends to only make them want them more. Scorpio Venus can be guilty of being too hard to get at times, as well as employing other devious ploys to control or manipulate. But, their passion is what keeps people inevitably hooked and things can get very, very hot and heavy in the bedroom with them. Those with this position needs things really intense and intimate, even in their friendships. They regularly test others to see who can handle the heat. Those who don't run from the intensity, as well as pose something of a mystery to unravel for them, will win them over.

Famous Females: Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Ava Gardner
Famous Males: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Ralph Fiennes

Venus in Sagittarius

Turn-Ons: freedom, knowledgeable nature, honesty

Turn-Offs: heaviness, jealousy, pretense

Sexiest trait: adventurousness

People with their Venus in Sagittarius have a truly carefree style. These adventure-loving people fully enjoy being on the go and they often only look for clothes that serve this purpose: sweatshirts, jeans, plain t-shirts, etc. They don't like feeling trapped or encumbered by their clothes and fashion can actually matter very little to them. But, another type is the kind who wears absolutely whatever they want, without thinking about what the possible response from others may be. Many Sagittarius Venus men and women are also obsessed with other cultures, especially (if they're American) Asian, African or Middle Eastern cultures. Wearing anything exotic or foreign really appeals to them.

Sagittarius Venus people usually give off a very fun, goofy vibe. They are often downright clowns and this wild, effortless sense of humor is what most find so appealing about them. They really like to spread themselves around socially. But, while they may make tons of friends and have exciting  romantic escapades, real commitment can be very difficult for most of them (unless they have Scorpio planets). Running when things get deep or heavy is often their solution. What they will find most attractive is a lighthearted soul who can accompany them on their travels without weighing them down.

Famous Females: Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Turner
Famous Males: Jay-Z, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jimi Hendrix

Venus in Capricorn

Turn-Ons: ambition, dedication, traditional values

Turn-Offs: slackers, flakes, childishness

Sexiest trait: maturity

There's a 'fine wine' quality to Venus in Capricorn people, as their style tends to only get better and better with age. They can be really sophisticated and professional men and women. Even in very casual wear, they carry themselves in a way that is elegant and urbane. They emphasize quality and care a lot about the impression their fashion sense makes. Venus in Capricorn can be very old-fashioned style-wise, unconcerned with fads and always going for the traditional option instead. They always seem to follow a strict dress code, whatever it may be, and rarely stray from this set of rules.

Being as put-together as they are does gain people's notice, but a lot of Capricorn Venus men and women have a reserved manner that inspires distance in others. Socially, they may be calculating to an extreme. Friends often help bolster or reflect their status. Romantic partners, in particular, are required to be useful. However, they usually see no harm in aligning themselves with people in this way. It's only reasonable, they feel, that someone should be bringing valuable assets to the table. In the end, Capricorn Venus has a great deal of substance. They instantly establish relationships with others with great dedication and commitment.

Famous Females: Bjork, Scarlet Johansson, Julianne Moore
Famous Males: Justin Timberlake, James Dean, Paul Newman

Venus in Aquarius

Turn-Ons: inventiveness, originality, independence

Turn-Offs: clinginess, prejudice, unfriendliness

Sexiest trait: free-spirit

Those with their Venus in the sign of Aquarius tend to have a delightfully quirky and offbeat personal style. Conventions don't matter to them where fashion is concerned. They wear whatever they like and however they like, throwing current trends and popular opinions out the window. Though some men and women with this placement might cultivate a truly strange look, just as many look "normal" enough. But, even they display a detached attitude toward others' opinions on how they look.

People will get the vibe of a unique individualist when they come across an Aquarius Venus. Some might seem plain weird or out there, but even this will be a draw to many. These people can be immensely popular and tend to make friends wherever they go. But, they will also establish a definite sense of space from the jump. This is essentially a loner who fully values their independence. Therefore, the surefire way to attract an Aquarius Venus woman or man is to give them more than enough freedom, as well as be highly original and fascinating.

Famous Females: Oprah Winfrey, Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel
Famous Males: Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino

Venus in Pisces

Turn-Ons: imagination, creativity, sympathy

Turn-Offs: cruelty, the mundane, narrow-mindedness

Sexiest trait: the soul of an artist

Venus in Pisces is a true chameleon when it comes to their fashion. They don't really have a specific sense of style of their own. They're more like blank canvases that can have any look slapped on to them and it'll fit like a glove. In fact, a new haircut or way of dressing can actually make them look so different that they come off like another person. There are virtually no boundaries as far as what they'll wear. They love transcending limitations and readily rock something "out of character." To Venus in Pisces men and women, this is the whole purpose of fashion.

Those with this placement can be seen a wide variety of ways. All different sorts of people will find them attractive, as Pisces Venus knows how to mold him or herself to appeal to just about anyone. Their attractiveness, therefore, can be boundless. But, this may also be the source of deceit and disillusion in their relationships, if they're not self-aware enough. They have lots of compassion for others but need to learn to not be too indulgent or passive with friends or partners. Although they usually don't have a clear-cut type, sympathetic and creative souls are most attractive to them.

Famous Females: Kerry Washington, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Obama
Famous Males: Hugh Hefner, Benicio del Toro, Heath Ledger

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New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse 2014: Nice and Easy

This year's New Moon in Taurus will be an especially powerful one. It will occur on April 29, 2014 at 3:18 AM, ET, at 8 degrees Taurus. Mercury, the planet of communication, will also be in Taurus. This New Moon will simultaneously provide us with a Solar Eclipse. You will surely want to take advantage of this very potent astrological atmosphere.

But, how so? Well, the New Moon occurs when both the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign. The clear, rational function of the Sun totally aligns with the Moon's mysterious and intuitive energy. This makes it particularly easy, even effortless, for things to get done and flow in the right direction.

With the Taurus New Moon, we need to focus on the interests and concerns that fall under the sign's domain. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, making it the most firmly grounded sign in astrology. As it prioritizes financial resources and material possessions above most other concerns, it's gained a reputation for producing terribly greedy materialists. However, this isn't always the case. Those with a prominent Taurus influence just cannot live without practical security and comfort. It's the air they breathe. But, this might just mean never having to worry about being unable to pay their bills or having enough food in the fridge. Sounds entirely reasonable and not so "materialistic", doesn't it?

Whether you have your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Taurus or not, this New Moon should be used to solidify and augment our resources. For Taurus-influenced folks, this natural inclination will only be heightened. For the rest of us, it's something we should intentionally direct ourselves toward. This will be an ideal time to pursue or check on financial investment, assess your bank accounts, catch up on any overdue bills, and fill the pantry will all your favorite foods from the grocery store.

New Moons represent beginnings & that aspect is intensified by the Solar Eclipse. Significant changes and new events are bound to happen under a Solar Eclipse. But, Taurus - ever intent on maintaining solid ground - is anything but a fan of sudden changes. It would be best, therefore, to exact changes that aren't too dramatic or extreme. See it as a chance to ground yourself by making positive lifestyle changes, like curbing your spending habits, for example. Also, once the checkbook is balanced out, set aside some money to go out and update your wardrobe at the mall. Taurus' love of clothes should not be underestimated and buying some new ensembles or even nice jewelry would be a simple way to say 'in with the new.'

Taurus is also an extremely tactile sign and has an unpretentious yet powerful creative sreak. Take some classes in Taurus' favorite arts and crafts: pottery, painting, drawing. Develop (or unearth) your cooking skills at home. Spring is in the air and Taurus is inherently associated with gardening, so plant some flowers out in the yard.

This sign's energy is also deeply sensual, which can be great news if you're in a relationship. Immerse yourself in a hearty lovemaking session with your partner. And don't forget the romantic music and candlelights. Even if you're single, take the chance to tap into your sensual side. Taurus just isn't all about material security, after all, which is a common misconception. It's also about the inner security of self-worth and feeling thoroughly at ease in your skin. If you've got some hang-ups or negative attitudes toward your body, sexuality, or sense of self, now's the time to change them.

The potential drama that any other Solar Eclipse might pose is tempered not only by it being in Taurus, but by Venus (the planet of relating and harmony which rules Taurus) placed in pacified, compassionate Pisces and Mars (the action planet) positioned in Libra, the other Venus-ruled sign in astrology. Taurus' sister sign is equally harmonious and cautious, so Mars in Libra means that the mode of activity in the general air will be more thought out and less aggressive. A lot might get done, but things will be easy like Sunday morning. Just like Taurus wants it.