Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Venus in Capricorn

Turn-Ons: ambition, dedication, traditional values

Turn-Offs: slackers, flakes, childishness

Sexiest trait: maturity

There's a 'fine wine' quality to Venus in Capricorn people, as their style tends to only get better and better with age. They can be really sophisticated and professional men and women. Even in very casual wear, they carry themselves in a way that is elegant and urbane. They emphasize quality and care a lot about the impression their fashion sense makes. Venus in Capricorn can be very old-fashioned style-wise, unconcerned with fads and always going for the traditional option instead. They always seem to follow a strict dress code, whatever it may be, and rarely stray from this set of rules.

Being as put-together as they are does gain people's notice, but a lot of Capricorn Venus men and women have a reserved manner that inspires distance in others. Socially, they may be calculating to an extreme. Friends often help bolster or reflect their status. Romantic partners, in particular, are required to be useful. However, they usually see no harm in aligning themselves with people in this way. It's only reasonable, they feel, that someone should be bringing valuable assets to the table. In the end, Capricorn Venus has a great deal of substance. They instantly establish relationships with others with great dedication and commitment.

Famous Females: Bjork, Scarlet Johansson, Julianne Moore
Famous Males: Justin Timberlake, James Dean, Paul Newman


  1. Having Venus conjunct Uranus would change a lot about the fashion style, though, wouldn't it?

    1. Yeah, definitely. You'll relate just as much, if not somewhat more, to Venus in Aquarius' style and taste because of the aspect.

  2. How would you say you can "honor" this Venus? My 15 year old is going through a hard time with body image issues and I'd love to help her out with some advice.