Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Venus in Libra

Turn-Ons: good manners, thoughtfulness, harmonious nature

Turn-Offs: rudeness, selfishness, lack of refinement

Sexiest traits: gracefulness

Few people have the uncanny sense of style that Libra Venus people have. Most of them are extremely fashion-conscious, always wanting to feel like they're on the runway even if they're just in their living room. Although they are often every bit as vain as Leo Venus, they are certainly not as egotistical. They, in fact, want to constantly be on display for other people. These folks really love to please others, especially with their style and beauty. It's much easier for them to take fashion tips than most. It's actually difficult for them to not be dependent on others' opinions when it comes to style and they always want the approval of others in this regard.

Unfortunately, great style and looks might be all some in see Venus in Libra males and females. They can be highly attractive to others, but whether ot not there's actual substance behind that is often questionable. Still, their charm is usually enormous and they find themselves to be highly popular. Romance is at the top of their list, but they seek a partner who they can really connect with intellectually. They truly value peace and harmony, so they won't stay long with partners or friends who rock the boat too often.

Famous Females: Beyonce Knowles, Emma Stone, Jenny McCarthy
Famous Males: Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Lance Armstrong

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