Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Venus in the Signs

What makes you attractive and sexy? Look to your Venus sign for an answer to that question. The energy of this sign is your sex appeal, as well as what makes you initially attractive to new friends and acquaintances. Venus is the planet of relating, like the Moon. But, the Moon runs deeper, dealing with long-term relationships and friendships. People are, in the beginning, attracted to your Venus sign. When they get closer and scratch the surface, knowing you on a deeper level, this is when your Moon emerges. Those with the Moon and Venus in very different signs will often hear from their partners or friends that the person they met is not the same as the person they're now living with.

Both planets are "feminine" in nature. But, this only means that they are receptive and NOT that these traits are exclusive to or more prominent in women. Traditional astrologers love to push forward these gender stereotypes and, in some cases, it can be true. But, this is only because of society's gender rules. Because of these standards, some men can feel uncomfortable owning their Venus and project it onto women, while many women feel the pressure to be the 'Venus' in the relationship.

But, such narrow ideas have to stop, if we ever expect our society to grow and men and women to learn to really relate to each other. Everyone has "feminine" (receptive) and "masculine" (active) traits and men - even when they're projecting their Venus on to women - are still very much expressing their Venus (even if they're not conscious of it or deny it). Everyone - both male and female - also seeks out someone who embodies the traits of their Venus sign, as this is the energy they find most attractive.

Venus also represents your fashion sense and personal style, which is something that both men and women take the time to cultivate and develop nowadays. Your Venus can tell you what this style is and how you can emphasize it best. Everyone of both sexes wants to look good and be attractive. Own your Venus sign and you'll be on your way to feeling more confident and whole within your own skin. 

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