Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Venus in Virgo

Turn-Ons: humility, intelligence, efficiency

Turn-Offs: arrogance, ignorance, inability to get one's act together

Sexiest trait: a purity that's practically perfect

Men and women who have Venus in Virgo have really discerning taste in style. They know exactly what clothes they like and what they don't like. Anything too gaudy, flashy, or tacky will be shot down quickly by them and with evident distaste. Virgo Venus typically doesn't like a lot of jewelry or accessories either, especially the kind that draws too much attention. They pare their outfits down to the essentials, only wearing what's necessary. Most of them dress with impeccable neatness, with clothes that are always ironed and stain-free. Even the more relaxed ones who try to look a bit sloppy or careless will still look perfect in their imperfection, while someone else would look like a hot mess in the same outfit.

Virgo Venus men and women can come off as the perfect guy or girl to many. They have a way of being so well-rounded that they seem like they possess everything you'd want. They are typically smart, witty, helpful, humble, low-key, and have a deep-seated "au naturel" sensuality that's often hidden behind a certain reserve. Venus in Virgo folks are modest, though, and remain aware of their flaws. They also might spend too much time sizing up potential mates to see if they measure up, in one way or another. They can judge too hard or pull back when others fall short of their standards. But, they are just as intent on improving themselves. In the end, they want someone with the same desire to work on themselves and, as a result, work on the relationship.

Famous Males: Robert Redford, Sean Penn, Robert DeNiro
Famous Females: Kate Winslet, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron


  1. I have this placement and I don't like it :/
    I mean I don't think there are bad placements but this placement it's just makes you to be a perfectionost critical who are not happy with people or themselves :/

    1. You don't have to settle for being that way. The beauty of this placement is the ability to work on yourself. So, you can definitely change those traits.

      I have this Venus, too, and I've learned how to constructively criticize more and more and not have ridiculously high standards.

  2. Hey sometimes I go back on your articles to refresh it or just to see it with my new perspective because not everyone get everything on the first time, But I have a question though I have 8th house virgo venus, so doesn't that purity sense contradict itself with the 8th house venus scorpio like energy? My natak chart is filled with alot contrast placements and it just furstrates me :(

    1. I have that same combination. Don't worry. Contradictions are great! They're part of what I love about astrology. I actually think Virgo in the 8th is not a contradiction, though. I think it's a sign that does quite well in the 8th House.

      When I say "purity", just think of it as being in the exact state it's supposed to be in. That's my idea of perfection: being exactly how you're made to be. I think Venus in Virgo people can tap into that. Whatever house the Virgo Venus is in, that energy gets expressed with as pure, in the sense of being clear, unadulterated, and exact.

      So, Virgo Venus in the 8th would be pure passion, depth, mystery, and sexual energy. Those traits are in a very specific state of being and expression, as you can work so hard on yourself and get them to be just to your liking and just to what's true to your nature. Hope that helps.

  3. No, my 8th house cusp is Leo it just I have intercepted signs (Aries/Libra) and the houses have 2 signs in them and yea I am sure you know more on and about that than I do haha it's all confusing me I wish I knew more in order to just sum it all up in a way that makes sense, and idk the contrasts just add to the all confusion, but though thanks for the answer it did really cheer me up and made me look at it positively.
    And I guess about the contradictions I would just have to choose the one works for me best? Or try to blend them in together in the best way it works together :)