Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Artistic Talent and the Moon

"Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh

It’s commonly said that the majority of a person’s artistic talent comes from the subconscious mind. Therefore, if you are an artist of any kind – actor, writer, musician, visual artist, etc. – then it’s imperative for you to be deeply in touch with this part of yourself to be at your best artistically. Luckily, if you’re into astrology, then this is easy. You can just look to your Moon sign for that, as this planet represents the unconscious part of ourselves that holds all the richest resources to our creativity: imagination, dreams, memories, emotion. This is also why so many successful performers have their Moon in a very prominent position, like in one of their chart’s angles/angular houses.

Venus has quite a bit to do with your style as an artist and how you enjoy your creativity. However, if you want to truly access your deepest talent as an artist, tap into your particular lunar energy. Your instinct is your talent and the Moon shows how to instinctively navigate your way through your art, keep things flowing, and express your inner depth.

Moon in Aries

Many Aries Moon artists are self-taught or tend to rebel against any sort of formal training. In any case, you’re at your best as an artist when you operate on pure instinct. You’re not driven by the intellectual side of the process and all of that probably really bores or frustrates you. Instead, your process is probably very impulsive, as you throw yourself in there and let the chips fall where they may. Your artistic power is in your willingness to fail and the ballsiness to simply put yourself out on the line and do spectacular things. Because therein lies your talent. There’s an emotional rawness and explosiveness to your creative work. You will operate best when you can spill your guts emotionally and leave it all on the table.

Moon in Taurus

As a Taurus Moon artist, you have a deep connection to reality. You’re probably not too fanciful or dreamy in your artistic life, instead focusing more so on the way things are in real life. Because of this, you have the ability to strongly touch just about everyone in your audience, as they can see the simplicities of themselves reflected in your creative work. Even if your work is a bit more out there, it’ll still be firmly grounded in some sort of real experience or emotion. You have a very powerful connection to your five senses. Sense memory isn’t a process you have to learn. It’s something you naturally do. The body and the emotions are inherently connected. Therefore, when you let go, you have the ability to channel some very strong feelings.

Moon in Gemini

The boundless variety and breadth of human nature is what the Gemini Moon artist specializes in. You’re a natural-born mimic, with an ability to pick up on many different nuances about people and express that in your artistic work. If you’re an actor, your range of characterization is probably very wide. You’d be also the type of performer who can access several different emotions within a single moment, wowing your audience with your changeability. There’s a lightness of touch and being to your approach and process. You don’t take it or yourself too seriously and like the process to be a fun experience. Having this position can also make you a fantastic writer, as you know how to spin an interesting story, as well as one of the wittiest comedians on the block.

Moon in Cancer

This is one of the most naturally artistic lunar positions. Having a Cancer Moon probably makes being an artist an essential thing for you, as you greatly need creativity as an outlet for your very deep and strong emotions. Stepping out of that shell might be difficult, but you can be a powerful artistic force once you get over your shyness or reticence to reveal yourself. There’s something almost primal in your authentic artistic expressions. It comes purely from the soul, probably with little to no intellectualization. You might not even understand your process all that well, but can tap into it very intuitively. There’s an ability here to really move people and inspire a deep amount of sympathy and identification in your audience. They will cry, laugh, and rage right along with you.

Moon in Leo

Creativity is something that’s in the veins of the Leo Moon artist. You already have a deep-seated need to express yourself, so being an artist is probably something you take to like a fish to water. The source of your talent is that flair for drama that you have. In your creative life, it makes you compelling and magnetic to your audience, with an ability to really capture people’s attention and make everything you do exciting. It’s difficult for you to not take a very personal approach to your artistic endeavors, but this is also what ends up making your work so authentic. There’s a real joy in the process for you. When you’re really in the zone, you can feel like a big kid, just playing make believe all day long. This love and passion for what you do really shine through your work, at your best.

Moon in Virgo

Most Virgo Moon artists have a dedication and a lack of vanity about them that makes their work compelling. If you’re writing or portraying a character, you don’t want them idealized. You want them imperfect and want to show all of their flaws: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This, you feel, is where their humanity and complexity lies. You can be very rigorous and analytical as an artist, wanting to get every detail right. But, this is usually the source of your talent, as you know how to nail all those little nuances and specifics. Creativity is a real outlet to escape yourself and express your feelings, which you don’t often do in your actual life. However, you also know how to keep things grounded. You don’t veer too far into dramatics and will always play things at just the right level.

Moon in Libra

The Libra Moon artist is attracted to expressions of beauty and good form. Many people with this position are particularly gifted at painting, photography, or anything else that involves creating a wonderful picture. If you create or become a character, you’ll always be very balanced in your characterizations, showing the redeeming qualities of your character in equal juxtaposition to the not-so-great qualities. In this sense, people will constantly be falling under the spell of your creations, whatever they may be. You know how to reflect something recognizable and attractive back to your audience. It’s also fairly easy for you to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You always consider life from the other angle, easily able to discern how it would feel if you were in the opposite position.

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Moon artists can be some of the most gifted creators around. The task here is to let go and learn how to own your vulnerability and let others glimpse your inner feelings. Once you can achieve this, you make an incredibly powerful artist. There’s a deeply intuitive understanding inside of you of human nature, as you’re a natural-born psychologist. You just instinctively know what makes people tick and are tapped into inner mysteries that seem beyond some people’s comprehension. At its best, your artistry has an especially intense and gritty quality. You can channel some startlingly powerful emotions. Even when you do lighter work, there’s still something particularly affecting about it. You’re uncannily in tune with all of the innate highs and lows of the human experience.

Moon in Sagittarius

Being a Sagittarius Moon artist means that you are completely open to any and every experience. You’ll want to express and experience the lives of people from all walks of life. This keeps you interested and fascinated. There’s a certain freedom to your process, at its best. You don’t think that much about it and this is what really drives your creative expressions. You have a certain lack of a filter emotionally, as you always say exactly what you’re feeling and thinking, and this leads to an astonishing amount of honesty in your art. There’s no pretense and no punch pulling. You can especially excel at comedic work, as you have such a great sense of humor, and you are also quite a cultural sponge, takings bits and pieces of different cultures and manifesting that in your work.

Moon in Capricorn

As a Capricorn Moon artist, you can really use your creative life to express and own the feelings that you’re probably so wary to express in your actual life. Here, that coolly capable or unruffled mask can drop and you can tap into that reservoir of feeling. The work that you’re inherently good at might be particularly bleak or dark, as you’re artistically skilled at exploring human struggle and hardship. You know what the short end of the stick feels like and can very easily enter into those experiences. However, on the flip side, you can also show a brilliant gift for comedy. The greatest humor comes from situations that are difficult, embarrassing or unfortunately ironic for the person on the receiving end. You have an instinctive awareness of this and can be very funny as a result.

Moon in Aquarius

The idiosyncrasies of the human condition is endlessly fascinating to the Aquarius Moon artist. When you’re in the performing arts, you have a remarkable ability to not judge the character. In fact, you like portraying the misfits, the oddballs, the people that others might not look at twice or be able to understand. You have the intuitive knack for understanding these sort of people and making them very likable and appealing. Though you might be sort of emotionally detached in your own life, your art is where you can really get into those emotions. It’s probably a lot easier for you to do so in your work, as you don’t see them as yours but belonging to the person you’re creating. You’re merely expressing something deeply truthful about humanity, with all of its neuroses and quirks intact.

Moon in Pisces

The term Pisces Moon artist can be sort of redundant, as the overwhelming majority of people with this lunar position are highly creative in some manner or another. The deepest instinctual sources of your talent are your boundless imagination and just as boundless empathy. It’s already so easy for you to identify with and relate to the experiences and feelings of another individual in your own life. In your artistic life, it’s something you don’t even have to think about. You can just do it. As an actor, you’re especially chameleonic and can express some really deep emotions. When your work is really inspired, it can be powerfully evocative and downright haunting. You seem to channel creations from another realm. Yet, even you don’t exactly know how you do it and you like it that way.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kate Winslet - Astrological Profile

She may have just gotten her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March of this year, but Kate Winslet has established herself as a gifted film icon for the past 20 years, ever since her film debut in Peter Jackson’s “Heavenly Creatures” in 1994. Winslet is one of the most acclaimed actresses in the business. She is the youngest six-time Oscar-nominee to date, receiving nominations for “Sense and Sensibility”, “Titanic”, “Iris”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and "Little Children" and winning Best Actress for her performance in the 2008 film “The Reader.” What is it in her astrological birth chart that contributes to her phenomenal talent and success?

She was born Kate Elizabeth Winslet, the second of four children to Sally and Roger Winslet, on October 5, 1975. The place of her birth is Reading, Berkshire, England and the time of her birth was 7:15 AM. Her three major astrological placements – the Sun (sense of self), the Moon (emotional nature), and Ascendant (appearance and persona) – are all in the sign of Libra. Kate, therefore, has the very rare distinction of being a “triple”: someone who’s “big three” are all in the same sign.

Libra is a romantic, harmonious sign, symbolizing cooperation, politeness, and equal partnerships. It’s easy to see how being a triple Libra has influenced her career. Not only has it made her an exceptionally easy person for her co-stars and collaborators to get along with and like, but her Libra nature has shown up in her choice of projects. Kate is famous for doing period pieces, often given the nicknames “Corset Kate” or “Classic Kate” because of this. Such films that she has done include “Hamlet”, “Jude”, “Sense and Sensibility”, “Quills”, and “Enigma”, just to name a few. Though this is often a common trait of English actresses, like Judi Dench or Emma Thompson, it’s easy to see why Kate’s triple Libra status makes transporting herself to a world where grace, manners, aestheticism, and courtship (which all fall under this sign’s domain) reigned supreme so seamless and natural.

Her Libra nature is also visible in her personal life, as well. Kate has been married three times, divorcing her first husband Jim Threapleton (with whom she had a daughter Mia with) in 2001 and second husband Sam Mendes, the Oscar-winning director of “American Beauty” and “Skyfall”, in 2010 (who is the father of her son Joe). In 2012, she married Ned Rocknroll and gave birth to a son named Bear by him in 2013. Her love life drew some unfair criticism from some corners as of recently. But, given her overwhelming amount of Libra energy, Kate really can’t help herself. She’s a hopeless romantic and isn’t going to stay alone for long.

However, in her birth chart, we find another very strong yet altogether different influence: that of the planet Pluto. Kate’s Pluto in Libra is in conjunction to her Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign. These aspects make her a Plutonian character and this potent planet of intensity, rebirth, power, and transformation couldn’t be any more different than sweet, easy, peaceful Libra-ruling Venus.

In this sense, the expression of Kate’s Libra energy gets redirected and transformed in many subtle ways. Though she’s kind, fair, and romantic, she’s also a truly tough lady when she needs to be. Pluto eliminates the wavering, indecisive quality that Libra is so famous for, giving Kate a ferocious amount of grit and determination. Her Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra expresses itself by charming the hell out of everyone, while using its magnetism, powers of persuasion and intense focus to always get what it wants. Kate’s the proverbial iron fist behind the velvet glove, whose famously aggressive bids for her roles in “Sense and Sensibility” and “Titanic” are what eventually led to her superstar success.

The Moon – ruling the nurturing skills as well as the emotional nature – being conjunct Pluto makes her a fiercely devoted mother with a very deep connection to her three kids. In fact, she’s always prioritized her children first, often turning down projects just to spend more quality time with them. The Moon-Pluto conjunction is also what makes her such a mesmerizing and powerful actress, giving her an emotional intensity and ability to dive into the inner depths that a regular old Libra Moon usually doesn’t have.

Her projects often involve some sort of romance, but usually have a particularly Plutonian twist to them. In “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, her character erases her boyfriend from her memories, reflecting Pluto’s theme of often ruthless elimination. “Titanic” probably rivals “Romeo and Juliet” as the ultimate tragic romance, complete with Plutonian themes of death and destruction. And “Little Children”, “The Reader”, and “Labor Day” are all tales of forbidden love affairs, requiring a secrecy, sexual awakening and exploration of taboos that befits Pluto. 

What’s also notable is the famously close friendship she has with Leonardo DiCaprio, who, of course, starred as her lover in both “Titanic” and “Revolutionary Road.” DiCaprio is a Scorpio Sun, but also has a Libra Moon and Ascendant conjunct Pluto like Kate. Intense bonds usually form with people who have many similar astrological aspects and/or placements as we do. It’s, therefore, no wonder that the two are still so close after almost 20 years as well as why they displayed such powerful chemistry and connection in both of their films together.

Venus is her chart ruler, giving her enormous appeal and attractiveness. Kate’s always been more respected for her talent than her beauty or sex appeal, however, in spite of the fact that she’s appeared nude in several of her film projects from the beginning. Kate’s Venus is in Virgo. This doesn’t suggest the stereotypical spinster, but rather someone who has a totally natural connection to their sensuality and their body. While some actresses worry about nudity being exploitative, Kate’s Virgo Venus makes appearing in the buff seem completely organic and classy, which allows her to maintain her critical and peer respect. The Moon is her Midheaven (public image and reputation) ruler. Thanks to it being in ever-charming Libra, as well as thanks to her undeniable gifts, Kate’s sure to stick around for many more years to come.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio 2014: Inner and Outer Riches

This year’s Full Moon in Scorpio will occur on May 14, 2014 at 4:16 PM, ET. The Sun will be at 24 degrees Taurus while the Moon will be at 24 degrees Scorpio. This lunar planet will also be conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, adding an emotional (Moon) weight and seriousness (Saturn) to the themes at hand.

The reason why legend has it that Full Moons make everyone act crazy and feel out of whack is because the Sun and the Moon are always in opposing signs on a Full Moon. This makes it quite easy to feel unbalanced and the task on these days is to find the shade of grey between these opposing signs’ polarities. Opposite signs, after all, have quite a few common traits and are usually just two different sides of the same coin.

On this Full Moon, we’ll be dealing with the Taurus-Scorpio polarity. I also like to call it the “polarity of resources.” Taurus and Scorpio are both Fixed signs: strong-willed, determined, loyal to their values and loved ones. They both direct this focused Fixed sign energy toward the task of solidifying their resources. But, it’s in their different priorities and values that we see how the strength of one makes up for the weakness of another.

Taurus, being an Earth sign, is concerned with physical resources. This can simply mean money, which is so often associated with this sign. But, it’s not necessarily out of greed or materialism, though those with major planets in Taurus can definitely display these traits. It can be out of the understandable desire for financial security in an unstable world. Scorpio, however, is a Water sign and, at the end of the day, could care less about money. I find this sign’s association with money and financial careers to be rather off-base. Since Scorpio is such a do-or-die survivor and so good at control, those with personal planets here can be very good with money. But, it’s merely a means to a much bigger end. Scorpio’s resources are emotional and internal: its deeply felt emotions, uncanny hunches and insights, steely strength of will, and ability to focus unwaveringly on whatever they deem important.

Scorpio is all about passion and this Full Moon can be about rediscovering yours. It’s a sad reality that so many people sacrifice their life’s true desire when they enter the job market, all too concerned with money and their narrow ideas of building a comfortable life. This is the downside of Taurus and people who have a strong influence from this sign may especially be bogged down by patterns that make them cling obsessively to security, whether it’s a job that no longer makes them happy or a relationship that’s run its course.

If this rings too clear and loud of a bell, use this Full Moon in Scorpio to reinvigorate your life with new purpose and motivation. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and those who are strong in Scorpio energy often make sweeping life changes that would give Taurus a heart attack. Yet, Scorpio is all about digging deep, below the surface of appearances. It uses its emotional resources to find out what’s really going on, what it really feels, needs, and desires. Scorpio, at its best, is willing to sacrifice or risk conventional, Taurus-like ideas of security, because they have so much faith in their inner resources and place so much importance on the inner passions that they are obsessively driven to fulfill. In this sense, Scorpio knows how to access the most valuable kind of riches: the ones that come from the soul and can never be taken away.

The Scorpio Full Moon requires you to take a more brutally honest, fearless stock of your life and assess what needs to go. What’s dead or has lost its purpose? Can it be revived or changed? If not, be willing to transform it and, as a result, you’ll inevitably be transformed as well. Take some time on this day to do some serious introspection. Don’t be afraid to reach into yourself. Do some intense journaling or write some self-revealing poetry. The hidden corners of the psyche can be frightening or startling to most. But, not Scorpio. It knows that once this darkness is faced, it becomes a source of amazing inner strength and wisdom.

However, Scorpio could also learn a thing or two from Taurus. Scorpio-influenced people can thrive so much on intensity and the frequent turbulence of their inner depths that they forget or don’t learn how to truly ground and calm themselves. Taurus, on the other hand, is all about sweet pleasure. The less stereotypical people of this sign know how to immerse themselves in the tangibles of the present moment, pleasing their five senses with great food, sex, art, music, clothes, etc.

If you are one of those Scorpio types who just doesn’t know how to “chill out”, or even if you don’t have this sign’s influence but are still a drama junkie, then the Full Moon can also be used to find some balance and peace. Just take some time to listen to your favorite relaxing tunes, meditate, or maybe enjoy your favorite meal in a nice, quiet atmosphere. Soak in the present moment and learn to appreciate how valuable peace and equilibrium actually is. Without it, our intensity simply drives us over the edge, instead of empowering and fulfilling us.

Taurus and Scorpio also have the distinction of being the sexiest signs, thanks to Taurus’ deeply sensual experience of life and Scorpio’s need for incredible, consuming passion. Both are sultry and smoldering, in their own ways, and this Scorpio Full Moon can be used to explore into your own sexuality and gain more acceptance of it. For too long, we’ve been told that sex is forbidden or shameful or “dirty” and it’s something that pervades so many aspects of our culture. Yet, sexuality is innately tied up with power, something Scorpio understands, and to deny it is to disempower yourself. So, dive deep (Scorpio) into this side of yourself and find the simple pleasures (Taurus) in it.

Mercury will be in Gemini on this day, which should make the general mode of communication in the air buzzier, chattier, and more restless. This may go against the grain of Scorpio’s innately private nature, but it can also help us to work out these issues we’re grappling with in the company of a trusted person. However you go about this day, take advantage of the energy in the air. Full Moons can be dramatic times, but this Scorpio Full Moon promises drama of the best kind: the start of a wonderful new chapter in your personal development.

Mars in the Signs

What’s your energy level, your driving motivation, that push that gets you out the door? Look to the Mars sign in your birth chart. This planet placement has a huge influence on our drive and how we go about accomplishing our goals and why. Mars determines just what we’re chasing after in life and the manner in which we get it. This is why Mars is associated with a person’s sex drive and the way they “get some.” But, sex is just a fraction of the equation. Mars is about desire, in all its forms.

Mars also influences the way we respond when we don’t get what we want. Whenever our goals or desires are thwarted or denied, anger and frustration are typical human responses. But, Mars doesn’t exactly rule our anger. The Moon – which governs our emotions – is more so where our anger comes from. Mars, however, determines our temper; in other words, how we express our anger and frustration. Some people fly off the handle easily, while others take a while to get their blood rising. This is due to the Mars sign.

As I said before in the Venus sign article, astrologers all too readily associate gender labels on the planets. Yes, Mars is “masculine”, but this doesn’t mean a man’s Mars sign is going to be more prominent than a woman’s. In this sense, masculine only means active and assertive; traits that both sexes can display. We all have desires and motivations, whether we’re male or female. And if you want to succeed in the world, embodying the best aspects of your Mars sign is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Mars in Aries

Primary Motivation: to be a winner

How Things Get Done: through aggressiveness and assertiveness

Temper Tantrum Style: spoiled brat

Whenever a Mars in Aries male or female has a goal, they need to conquer it. Failing to do so would only make them feel like a loser and that’s the last thing they want. This position gives a person a deep desire to be number one in any endeavor they undertake. Once they shoot off in the direction of the prize they’re pursuing, there’s little to nothing you can do to stop them. Don’t get in their way, either, as they won’t hesitate to push you right to the side. There’s usually no harm intended behind their actions, however. Aries Mars is ferociously competitive, but in a good-natured way. There is a love of risky, challenging situations with this placement and they will need some sort of outlet that allows them to throw themselves into challenges and test and build their inner strength.

Aries Mars women and men are all about getting things done, with no dilly-dallying or evasiveness. They easily feel frustrated when they have to work or live alongside passive people. Utter straightforwardness and a need for pure action is what keeps them motivated and allows them to accomplish their goals. A certain impatience characterizes these people and this easily translates into the bedroom. Both sexes are of the “wham, bam” variety, primarily seeking their own satisfaction and in the fastest, easiest way possible. However, they also have plenty of passion within them to please their partners. In any situation, this is a person who always seeks to get what they want. When feeling frustrated, their temper instantly rises to the surface. They can get totally swept up in the moment and it’s like a bomb just went off. But, once they get it off their chests, they can just as easily move on.

Famous Females: Angelina Jolie, Claire Daines, Lauryn Hill
Famous Males: Andre 3000, Clint Eastwood, Allen Iverson

Mars in Taurus

Primary Motivation: to achieve stability

How Things Get Done: through patience and determination

Temper Tantrum Style: raging bull

Those with a Taurus Mars are relentless when it comes to their goals, but in a quiet and sure-footed manner. They don’t make a lot of noise about their achievements or accomplishments, even though they manage to get just about anything they’re after. Whenever a goal is made, it’s stuck to by these men and women. This is because they have a strong desire for stability in their lives. Wanting to feel like their feet are on solid ground allows them to be very firm and practical when it comes to their plans and goals. They are very good at handling all the pragmatic aspects of their lives: building assets, spending wisely, saving for a rainy day. Mars in Taurus can be extremely hard working and has a stubborn will that should not be underestimated as they will never budge in their pursuits.

There is also, though, a downright self-indulgent and lazy side to Taurus Mars males and females. It can be a wonder that this couch potato can turn into such a steamroller when they want to. Like the tortoise in that famous story, they have the gift of the long breath and can easily outdo their competitors simply by taking their time and conserving their energy. Since they’re deeply sensual, they prefer to take their sweet time in the bedroom, too. These folks want to savor every single moment of the experience. It’s typically rare to see them get mad, but the best way to push their buttons is to pressure them and try to push them off course. Usually, they see big displays of temper as a waste of energy. But, if pushed too far, watch out. They’re just as bad as a bull in a china shop. 

Famous Females: Janet Jackson, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley
Famous Males: Mick Jagger, Chuck Norris, Stephen Colbert

Mars in Gemini

Primary Motivation: to learn and communicate

How Things Get Done: through multitasking and cleverness

Temper Tantrum Style: verbal diarrhea

Gemini Mars can easily get restless when they are pursuing their goals. Unless there are Earth or Fixed sign placements to ground and focus them, it’s all too easy for them to switch course. They figuratively get bored chasing the same carrot on a stick for too long and pursue the next exciting thing that comes along. Motivation is more of a mental thing for Mars in Gemini men and women than anything else. They want their accomplishments to stimulate them intellectually, to make them feel like they’re learning and that their brainpower is growing. This is what makes most of them so scattered in nature, as they can easily become interested in just about anything. Of course, it has to keep them interested. When they are, their high energy and intelligence serves them very well.

Gemini Mars females and males have a real knack for multitasking. In fact, they practically invented this fine art. It’s effortless for them to get two, three, or even more things done at the same time. This can make them peerless in fast-paced workplaces. While their competitors might become overwhelmed or frustrated in chaotic situations with constant demands, Mars in Gemini truly thrives in these settings. As long as they’re not bored, basically, they’re motivated. This is just as true sexually, as the last thing they want to do is the same positions over and over again. This means, though, that there’s rarely a dull moment in the sack with them and they are full of surprises. But, because they’re so mercurial, it may be hard to predict what might set them off. Few are better at telling people off than Gemini Mars, as they will get every last agitated thought out in an unstoppable angry monologue.

Famous Females: Natalie Portman, Uma Thurman, Coco Chanel
Famous Males: Al Pacino, Damon Wayans, Daniel Day Lewis

Mars in Cancer

Primary Motivation: to give and receive emotional security

How Things Get Done: through intuition and subtlety

Temper Tantrum Style: crying infant

Emotions have great sway over how a Mars in Cancer man or woman approaches their goals. It all really depends on how they are feeling in the moment. This is what causes them to work in starts and stops, moving toward their goal and then just as suddenly retreating from it. People with this placement have a powerful desire to feel emotionally safe. Things have to feel secure for them before they go out there and accomplish their goals. In many ways, they need the emotional support of someone else. However, they may also feel much more comfortable supporting someone else in their goals than pursuing their own. Once they establish a comfort zone to work in or from, their level of intuition can be their greatest strength in their path to success.

It can be difficult, sometimes, for Cancer Mars individuals to get things done, as their output is so affected by their moods. There is an irrationality to how to go about things that they might not even understand. When they gain more self-awareness, working off of this instinct can allow them to achieve things that others might not have even thought of. In any case, this isn’t going to be an aggressive sort of person. They are typically soft and receptive, always wanting someone to care for. As sexual partners, they can be exceptionally attentive to the other person’s needs and establish an atmosphere of emotional connection in bed. Anger is hard for them to show, usually because they hate upsetting other people. They are more defensive than anything and indulge in a lot of sulking, crying, guilt-tripping or other passive-aggressive behaviors to draw attention to their hurt feelings.

Famous Females: Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz
Famous Males: Michael Phelps, Aaron Paul, Ryan Reynolds

Mars in Leo

Primary Motivation: to stand out as unique

How Things Get Done: through self-confidence and personality

Temper Tantrum Style: displeased monarch

Being considered special matters a lot to Mars in Leo males and females. Therefore, they are driven to pursue their goals with the intent of standing out as someone important: powerful, talented, brilliant, etc. There’s a lot of determination to this placement, which stems more so from their fierce pride than anything else. Unable to tolerate major damage to their image, Leo Mars will not stand for failure. It’s simply not an option for them. There can be a lot of egotism and even narcissism to these individuals, but they are just as driven to make others around them feel special. They are usually the ones who know how to boost other people’s confidence or allow them to see life from a more fun and positive outlook, ensuring that people enjoy being around them, most of the time.

Leo Mars women and men have a lot of self-assurance in their ability to get things done. This is a take-charge sort of individual, who isn’t just going to sit on the sidelines and let things happen. It’s this leadership quality that often makes them both bossy and charismatic. In regards to the latter trait, although they can work hard, Leo Mars is not above using their formidable charms to get what they want and succeed in life. They expect the best, which is why they can demand the royal treatment in bed. The other person must be fun, generous, and be willing to stroke their ego. Offending their pride is a major button pusher for those with this placement. They can be both fiery and dignified in their displays of temper, like an angry king or queen demanding “off with their head!” 

Famous Females: Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton, Cher
Famous Males: Derek Jeter, Conan O'Brien, Anthony Kiedis

Mars in Virgo

Primary Motivation: to improve oneself

How Things Get Done: through productivity and order

Temper Tantrum Style: rip ‘em to shreds

People with a Virgo Mars are highly motivated by a desire for self-improvement. Their goals are planned and structured in a manner to better themselves and their lives. They are tireless in the pursuit of these goals, due to their tremendous work ethic and dedication. The sheer act of working is truly what motivates them, to the point where they may become workaholics who are unable to stop. Also, since they’re so focused on the lofty goals they want to achieve, Mars in Virgo men and women can be too critical of their current station in life. This inspires a certain restlessness in them, as they are constantly driven to get better and better. Their desire to improve can be counterproductive, however, when it becomes harsh and self-critical and this is something that they struggle to overcome.

No one knows how to tackle a task like Virgo Mars does, as they will sweat endlessly over whatever they deem important until it’s accomplished. Once they get going, they are incredibly productive. Their uncanny knack for organization only boosts their efficiency. In fact, although usually humble and modest, these people are so skillful and effective on the job that they unintentionally find themselves outshining most of their co-workers. Being so thorough and dedicated means that they usually know exactly how to please their sexual partners. Sex becomes a service they’re very willing to perform, even if they do get a bit critical or fussy at times. Anger for Mars in Virgo often surfaces as a snappy irritability, whenever someone or something annoys them. When they really flare up, they can be brutally critical, tearing the other person apart by accurately and articulately pointing out their flaws. 

Famous Females: Alicia Keys, Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears
Famous Males: Matt Damon, Will Smith, Johnny Depp


Mars in Libra

Primary Motivation: to establish harmony

How Things Get Done: through cooperation and reason

Temper Tantrum Style: kills with kindness

Libra Mars men and women can sometimes struggle with motivation. Similar to Mars in Taurus, they are such lovers of harmony and ease that it might be difficult for them to be more aggressive about their goals (this, however, may be offset significantly by other factors in the chart). It’s usually easier for these people to think about their goals and come up with things they could possibly achieve instead of doing the actual legwork. This is why they usually need a considerable push from the outside. Without someone in their corner, backing them up and steering them in the right direction, Mars in Libra can become indecisive and ineffectual about their goals. They have an abundance of mental energy at their disposal. When they use this intellect to achieve instead of to endlessly weigh the options about their goals, they can accomplish quite a lot.

Working in pairs or groups is usually when Mars in Libra females and males are at their most effective. It’s much better getting things done with others than doing them alone, they believe. They’re often so great at getting others to cooperate that they can easily manipulate someone else into picking up their slack, in one way or another. The people skills of those with this position can allow them to accomplish a great deal, especially as they have a way of ensuring that everyone on the team gets along. They rarely feel competitive with others. This desire to please other people finds its way into the bedroom, although Libra Mars will stress an equal give-and-take. They are more interested in the meeting of the minds with their sexual partners than anything else. Anyone who is rude or inconsiderate will rub them wrong. Yet, their anger is rarely explosive and more of a polite contempt than anything. 

Famous Males: Alexander Skarsgard, Bill Clinton, Frank Ocean
Famous Females: Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson, Kirsten Dunst

Mars in Scorpio

Primary Motivation: to discover and own one’s power

How Things Get Done: through commitment and intensity

Temper Tantrum Style: aim for the jugular

Men and women with a Scorpio Mars often feel overwhelmed by their incredible desire to achieve. They are extremely passionate and boundlessly determined when it comes to their goals. Once they decide they want something, they can be totally obsessive and relentless in the pursuit of it. This can be their best and worst trait. It obviously allows these people to achieve a lot, but it can inevitably take a serious toll on their health, as well. It’s hard for them to know when to stop. Mars in Scorpio wants to achieve to experience a real sense of their power. They are usually very powerful, but might make the mistake of believing this power is external. When they do, they can become ruthless and fanatical in their pursuit of it, truly selling their soul. But, when they realize real power comes from within, they are incredibly deep and authentic, pouring their very heart and soul into their work.

All or nothing is typically Mars in Scorpio females and males’ style, so they get things done by focusing every ounce of their attention on to the task. Most of these people are quite formidable and there’s a dark side to them that shouldn’t be underestimated. They accomplish things by any means necessary, so they’re not above cutthroat or calculating behavior, when it suits their purposes. They don’t fear their dark side, actually believing it makes them more effective in the end. Exploring their darkness is usually part and parcel of their sex life, where they seek the most intense union possible with someone else. Scorpio Mars has no fear here and craves the most exciting kinks and wildest passions. They tend to keep their incredible passions well controlled, even if they’re angered. Their rage is often quiet but destructive, as they exact revenge on the offender or hit them at their weak points. They can seethe and smolder until they finally lose it and, once they do, their temper can be totally catastrophic. 

Famous Males: Bruce Lee, Jude Law, Benicio del Toro
Famous Females: Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston

Mars in Sagittarius

Primary Motivation: to explore the outer world

How Things Get Done: through optimism and forward-thinking

Temper Tantrum Style: tells it like it is

Someone with Mars in Sagittarius is a man or woman who is driven by a need to explore all that’s around them. They don’t create and pursue goals in the typical sense that most people do. It’s not about ambition, prestige, or recognition to them. Sagittarius Mars just wants the experience of chasing after something and growing through the process of it. For them, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. It’s this same motivation, however, that can make them a bit impractical or irresponsible at times. They aren’t above changing paths if they feel like they’re not getting anything out of their current one, believing the grass is greener on the other side. But, there can be disappointment when they realize it isn’t. Still, they dare to take these sorts of risks when others certainly wouldn’t.

Sagittarius Mars women and men are very positive and philosophical when they are tackling a task. They have very little patience with those who wallow in negativity, as they just don’t see the point. Even when a job they’re doing or goal they’re chasing doesn’t exactly work out, they are extremely resilient, always adapting or bouncing back with the belief that everything they do is a lesson. But, their restlessness can just make it hard for them to truly commit to these tasks and see them to completion. The same is true regarding their sex life, as they often give literal definition to the term wanderlust. They can be insatiable, in terms of sheer experience, and will try just about anything once. Mars in Sagittarius prefers straight-up honesty and will be easily set off by any falsity in others. When angry, they have no filter at all, which means they frequently put their foot in their mouths after arguments.

Famous Males: Jon Hamm, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling
Famous Females: Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Janis Joplin

Mars in Capricorn

Primary Motivation: to realize one’s ambitions

How Things Get Done: through hard work and realism

Temper Tantrum Style: parental lecture

Mars in Capricorn men and women possess tremendous ambition. They often set higher goals than most people would even dream of, yet there is an absolute practicality to how these individuals pursue what they want. It’s all about sacrifice, patience, discipline, and good old-fashioned hard work. This isn’t someone who wants to cut corners in any way when they are chasing their goals. In the end, they want to feel like they have completely earned whatever it is that they achieve. Their ambition might easily become all-consuming, however, and not leave them much time for anything else. It’s all too common for them to turn into total workaholics, as well as indulge in some particularly cold, calculating behavior in order to climb up the next rung of whatever ladder they’re climbing.

Not to say that all those with this position will do so, however. Most of the time, their drive manifests as having both feet on the ground and being able to work their absolute tails off. Capricorn Mars females and males can easily work circles around others and sometimes find themselves pulling others’ weight in the workplace. But, it’s here that they can succeed as managers and organizers, as they have an innate authority that instills discipline and realism in others. Curiously enough, this sense of authority and drive also translates into the bedroom. Not only will Mars in Capricorn easily take on the role of the boss, but they can labor in bed just as tirelessly as they do on the job. Since they’re so in control, they don’t often fly off the handle. When their temper does surface, it’s often a disapproving rage, like the kind your parents would display when you messed up for the umpteenth time as a kid. 

Famous Males: Brad Pitt, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson
Famous Females: Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Christina Aguilera

Mars in Aquarius

Primary Motivation: to create and further advancements

How Things Get Done: through logic and independent thought

Temper Tantrum Style: strange episode

Having Mars in Aquarius gives a person a strong intellectual drive. But, unlike the other Air Mars signs, this isn’t a drive to simply consume information nor to connect with another individual via the intellect, like Gemini and Libra Mars respectively. Aquarius Mars men and women are motivated to experiment and hypothesize and use their goals as a means to do so. This indicates that they will be pursuing achievements and accomplishments that are often not the norm. They will dare to go out on a limb in whatever their undertaking may be, which means that they can achieve things that most people never even thought of. However, they may sometimes find themselves shunning the beaten path for the mere sake of it, which may end up being a hindrance to their progress and success.

Mars in Aquarius females and males are going to get things done with that ever-active intellect of theirs. They use their ability to make unusual connections in order to accomplish tasks. This leads to a way of doing things in their everyday life or in the workplace which can leave others scratching their heads. But, there is a method to this madness and Aquarius Mars must be given the freedom and independence to fully follow it. This detachment from the normal way of doing things can make their sex lives quite interesting. Though they will love to experiment and try new things, they can be closed-off from their sexual partners on a certain level. Even though they don’t let their emotions run freely, people with this placement can have quite the outburst when they’re angry. Their tempers are sudden and abrupt and can drive them to behave in a downright bizarre fashion. 

Famous Males: Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Drake
Famous Females: Adele, Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart

Mars in Pisces

Primary Motivation: to get lost in another world

How Things Get Done: through imagination and transcendence

Temper Tantrum Style: nobody cares

Pisces Mars women and men can be quite lost when it comes to their goals. Unless they have some major Fixed sign placements to keep them on a steady path, people with this position often don’t exactly know where they are going. Their goals are fanciful and colorful, but often feel elusive to them. It’s easy for them to dream up all the things they want to accomplish. Sometimes, it’s all too easy as transforming these dreams into a reality is particularly difficult for them. However, once they find their way, there are few people with the capability to dream bigger. Mars in Pisces’ aspirations and motivations are not limited by small-mindedness or practicalities. When they are most motivated, they feel as if anything is impossible and there are no limitations.

Feeling overwhelmed is common to Pisces Mars when too much is on their plate. Getting things done, therefore, can be a challenge, especially when it concerns the dull and the mundane. This is why Mars in Pisces males and females are at their most effective when they can apply their imagination to a task. They might not even glance at that boring to-do list, but they can spend several hours immersed in that creative story they’re writing or character they’re performing. Although they may be inactive in day-to-day areas, they are formidable in creative ones. These people want to transcend, which is why they can so easily get lost in sexual activity. Sex might even become an outright addiction. But, they are caring, compassionate sexual partners with an ability to intuit the other’s needs. Their temper doesn’t flare often and tends to be transmuted into self-pity or guilt trips. But, being so impressionable, they can easily get very openly angry around people who are in an angry mood. 

Famous Males: Heath Ledger, Denzel Washington, Christoph Waltz
Famous Females: Elizabeth Taylor, Juliette Binoche, Tina Turner