Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Artistic Talent and the Moon

"Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh

It’s commonly said that the majority of a person’s artistic talent comes from the subconscious mind. Therefore, if you are an artist of any kind – actor, writer, musician, visual artist, etc. – then it’s imperative for you to be deeply in touch with this part of yourself to be at your best artistically. Luckily, if you’re into astrology, then this is easy. You can just look to your Moon sign for that, as this planet represents the unconscious part of ourselves that holds all the richest resources to our creativity: imagination, dreams, memories, emotion. This is also why so many successful performers have their Moon in a very prominent position, like in one of their chart’s angles/angular houses.

Venus has quite a bit to do with your style as an artist and how you enjoy your creativity. However, if you want to truly access your deepest talent as an artist, tap into your particular lunar energy. Your instinct is your talent and the Moon shows how to instinctively navigate your way through your art, keep things flowing, and express your inner depth.

Moon in Aries

Many Aries Moon artists are self-taught or tend to rebel against any sort of formal training. In any case, you’re at your best as an artist when you operate on pure instinct. You’re not driven by the intellectual side of the process and all of that probably really bores or frustrates you. Instead, your process is probably very impulsive, as you throw yourself in there and let the chips fall where they may. Your artistic power is in your willingness to fail and the ballsiness to simply put yourself out on the line and do spectacular things. Because therein lies your talent. There’s an emotional rawness and explosiveness to your creative work. You will operate best when you can spill your guts emotionally and leave it all on the table.

Moon in Taurus

As a Taurus Moon artist, you have a deep connection to reality. You’re probably not too fanciful or dreamy in your artistic life, instead focusing more so on the way things are in real life. Because of this, you have the ability to strongly touch just about everyone in your audience, as they can see the simplicities of themselves reflected in your creative work. Even if your work is a bit more out there, it’ll still be firmly grounded in some sort of real experience or emotion. You have a very powerful connection to your five senses. Sense memory isn’t a process you have to learn. It’s something you naturally do. The body and the emotions are inherently connected. Therefore, when you let go, you have the ability to channel some very strong feelings.

Moon in Gemini

The boundless variety and breadth of human nature is what the Gemini Moon artist specializes in. You’re a natural-born mimic, with an ability to pick up on many different nuances about people and express that in your artistic work. If you’re an actor, your range of characterization is probably very wide. You’d be also the type of performer who can access several different emotions within a single moment, wowing your audience with your changeability. There’s a lightness of touch and being to your approach and process. You don’t take it or yourself too seriously and like the process to be a fun experience. Having this position can also make you a fantastic writer, as you know how to spin an interesting story, as well as one of the wittiest comedians on the block.

Moon in Cancer

This is one of the most naturally artistic lunar positions. Having a Cancer Moon probably makes being an artist an essential thing for you, as you greatly need creativity as an outlet for your very deep and strong emotions. Stepping out of that shell might be difficult, but you can be a powerful artistic force once you get over your shyness or reticence to reveal yourself. There’s something almost primal in your authentic artistic expressions. It comes purely from the soul, probably with little to no intellectualization. You might not even understand your process all that well, but can tap into it very intuitively. There’s an ability here to really move people and inspire a deep amount of sympathy and identification in your audience. They will cry, laugh, and rage right along with you.

Moon in Leo

Creativity is something that’s in the veins of the Leo Moon artist. You already have a deep-seated need to express yourself, so being an artist is probably something you take to like a fish to water. The source of your talent is that flair for drama that you have. In your creative life, it makes you compelling and magnetic to your audience, with an ability to really capture people’s attention and make everything you do exciting. It’s difficult for you to not take a very personal approach to your artistic endeavors, but this is also what ends up making your work so authentic. There’s a real joy in the process for you. When you’re really in the zone, you can feel like a big kid, just playing make believe all day long. This love and passion for what you do really shine through your work, at your best.

Moon in Virgo

Most Virgo Moon artists have a dedication and a lack of vanity about them that makes their work compelling. If you’re writing or portraying a character, you don’t want them idealized. You want them imperfect and want to show all of their flaws: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This, you feel, is where their humanity and complexity lies. You can be very rigorous and analytical as an artist, wanting to get every detail right. But, this is usually the source of your talent, as you know how to nail all those little nuances and specifics. Creativity is a real outlet to escape yourself and express your feelings, which you don’t often do in your actual life. However, you also know how to keep things grounded. You don’t veer too far into dramatics and will always play things at just the right level.

Moon in Libra

The Libra Moon artist is attracted to expressions of beauty and good form. Many people with this position are particularly gifted at painting, photography, or anything else that involves creating a wonderful picture. If you create or become a character, you’ll always be very balanced in your characterizations, showing the redeeming qualities of your character in equal juxtaposition to the not-so-great qualities. In this sense, people will constantly be falling under the spell of your creations, whatever they may be. You know how to reflect something recognizable and attractive back to your audience. It’s also fairly easy for you to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You always consider life from the other angle, easily able to discern how it would feel if you were in the opposite position.

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Moon artists can be some of the most gifted creators around. The task here is to let go and learn how to own your vulnerability and let others glimpse your inner feelings. Once you can achieve this, you make an incredibly powerful artist. There’s a deeply intuitive understanding inside of you of human nature, as you’re a natural-born psychologist. You just instinctively know what makes people tick and are tapped into inner mysteries that seem beyond some people’s comprehension. At its best, your artistry has an especially intense and gritty quality. You can channel some startlingly powerful emotions. Even when you do lighter work, there’s still something particularly affecting about it. You’re uncannily in tune with all of the innate highs and lows of the human experience.

Moon in Sagittarius

Being a Sagittarius Moon artist means that you are completely open to any and every experience. You’ll want to express and experience the lives of people from all walks of life. This keeps you interested and fascinated. There’s a certain freedom to your process, at its best. You don’t think that much about it and this is what really drives your creative expressions. You have a certain lack of a filter emotionally, as you always say exactly what you’re feeling and thinking, and this leads to an astonishing amount of honesty in your art. There’s no pretense and no punch pulling. You can especially excel at comedic work, as you have such a great sense of humor, and you are also quite a cultural sponge, takings bits and pieces of different cultures and manifesting that in your work.

Moon in Capricorn

As a Capricorn Moon artist, you can really use your creative life to express and own the feelings that you’re probably so wary to express in your actual life. Here, that coolly capable or unruffled mask can drop and you can tap into that reservoir of feeling. The work that you’re inherently good at might be particularly bleak or dark, as you’re artistically skilled at exploring human struggle and hardship. You know what the short end of the stick feels like and can very easily enter into those experiences. However, on the flip side, you can also show a brilliant gift for comedy. The greatest humor comes from situations that are difficult, embarrassing or unfortunately ironic for the person on the receiving end. You have an instinctive awareness of this and can be very funny as a result.

Moon in Aquarius

The idiosyncrasies of the human condition is endlessly fascinating to the Aquarius Moon artist. When you’re in the performing arts, you have a remarkable ability to not judge the character. In fact, you like portraying the misfits, the oddballs, the people that others might not look at twice or be able to understand. You have the intuitive knack for understanding these sort of people and making them very likable and appealing. Though you might be sort of emotionally detached in your own life, your art is where you can really get into those emotions. It’s probably a lot easier for you to do so in your work, as you don’t see them as yours but belonging to the person you’re creating. You’re merely expressing something deeply truthful about humanity, with all of its neuroses and quirks intact.

Moon in Pisces

The term Pisces Moon artist can be sort of redundant, as the overwhelming majority of people with this lunar position are highly creative in some manner or another. The deepest instinctual sources of your talent are your boundless imagination and just as boundless empathy. It’s already so easy for you to identify with and relate to the experiences and feelings of another individual in your own life. In your artistic life, it’s something you don’t even have to think about. You can just do it. As an actor, you’re especially chameleonic and can express some really deep emotions. When your work is really inspired, it can be powerfully evocative and downright haunting. You seem to channel creations from another realm. Yet, even you don’t exactly know how you do it and you like it that way.


  1. What about those fascinating sun/moon combo descriptions I once could find on this site?? Where are they??! :) I miss them :/ email me: bogger92@Interia.pl

  2. Hi, legendarnyziomal. Sorry for the late comment. I did a total revamp of this blog so I've actually lost track of those descriptions at the moment. But, keep posted and keep following the blog for more posts. I've actually been thinking about writing a new set of Sun-Moon descrptions and I'll let you know if and when I do.

  3. I have moon (cancer), sun (leo),mercury (leo), venus (cancer) and asteroid apollo (cancer) all conjunct in the 4th house. All opposite neptune and uranus both conjunct Capricorn. They all trine jupiter (Sagittarius) and pluto (scorpio) conjunct in 8th house. Mars ascendant ruler in libra in 6th house. Mars sextile sun,moon,mercury,jupiter,uranus,neptune,pluto and opposite saturn. Venus square ascendant,neptune square ascendant,uranus square ascendant,ceres bi quintile ascendant exact, pluto bi quintile ascendant exact, ceres trine midheaven, juno trine ascendant, jupiter sesqui quadrate ascendant, pallas trine ascendant. Can you tell me if I was meant to be an artist/entertainer?