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Kate Winslet - Astrological Profile

She may have just gotten her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March of this year, but Kate Winslet has established herself as a gifted film icon for the past 20 years, ever since her film debut in Peter Jackson’s “Heavenly Creatures” in 1994. Winslet is one of the most acclaimed actresses in the business. She is the youngest six-time Oscar-nominee to date, receiving nominations for “Sense and Sensibility”, “Titanic”, “Iris”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and "Little Children" and winning Best Actress for her performance in the 2008 film “The Reader.” What is it in her astrological birth chart that contributes to her phenomenal talent and success?

She was born Kate Elizabeth Winslet, the second of four children to Sally and Roger Winslet, on October 5, 1975. The place of her birth is Reading, Berkshire, England and the time of her birth was 7:15 AM. Her three major astrological placements – the Sun (sense of self), the Moon (emotional nature), and Ascendant (appearance and persona) – are all in the sign of Libra. Kate, therefore, has the very rare distinction of being a “triple”: someone who’s “big three” are all in the same sign.

Libra is a romantic, harmonious sign, symbolizing cooperation, politeness, and equal partnerships. It’s easy to see how being a triple Libra has influenced her career. Not only has it made her an exceptionally easy person for her co-stars and collaborators to get along with and like, but her Libra nature has shown up in her choice of projects. Kate is famous for doing period pieces, often given the nicknames “Corset Kate” or “Classic Kate” because of this. Such films that she has done include “Hamlet”, “Jude”, “Sense and Sensibility”, “Quills”, and “Enigma”, just to name a few. Though this is often a common trait of English actresses, like Judi Dench or Emma Thompson, it’s easy to see why Kate’s triple Libra status makes transporting herself to a world where grace, manners, aestheticism, and courtship (which all fall under this sign’s domain) reigned supreme so seamless and natural.

Her Libra nature is also visible in her personal life, as well. Kate has been married three times, divorcing her first husband Jim Threapleton (with whom she had a daughter Mia with) in 2001 and second husband Sam Mendes, the Oscar-winning director of “American Beauty” and “Skyfall”, in 2010 (who is the father of her son Joe). In 2012, she married Ned Rocknroll and gave birth to a son named Bear by him in 2013. Her love life drew some unfair criticism from some corners as of recently. But, given her overwhelming amount of Libra energy, Kate really can’t help herself. She’s a hopeless romantic and isn’t going to stay alone for long.

However, in her birth chart, we find another very strong yet altogether different influence: that of the planet Pluto. Kate’s Pluto in Libra is in conjunction to her Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign. These aspects make her a Plutonian character and this potent planet of intensity, rebirth, power, and transformation couldn’t be any more different than sweet, easy, peaceful Libra-ruling Venus.

In this sense, the expression of Kate’s Libra energy gets redirected and transformed in many subtle ways. Though she’s kind, fair, and romantic, she’s also a truly tough lady when she needs to be. Pluto eliminates the wavering, indecisive quality that Libra is so famous for, giving Kate a ferocious amount of grit and determination. Her Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra expresses itself by charming the hell out of everyone, while using its magnetism, powers of persuasion and intense focus to always get what it wants. Kate’s the proverbial iron fist behind the velvet glove, whose famously aggressive bids for her roles in “Sense and Sensibility” and “Titanic” are what eventually led to her superstar success.

The Moon – ruling the nurturing skills as well as the emotional nature – being conjunct Pluto makes her a fiercely devoted mother with a very deep connection to her three kids. In fact, she’s always prioritized her children first, often turning down projects just to spend more quality time with them. The Moon-Pluto conjunction is also what makes her such a mesmerizing and powerful actress, giving her an emotional intensity and ability to dive into the inner depths that a regular old Libra Moon usually doesn’t have.

Her projects often involve some sort of romance, but usually have a particularly Plutonian twist to them. In “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, her character erases her boyfriend from her memories, reflecting Pluto’s theme of often ruthless elimination. “Titanic” probably rivals “Romeo and Juliet” as the ultimate tragic romance, complete with Plutonian themes of death and destruction. And “Little Children”, “The Reader”, and “Labor Day” are all tales of forbidden love affairs, requiring a secrecy, sexual awakening and exploration of taboos that befits Pluto. 

What’s also notable is the famously close friendship she has with Leonardo DiCaprio, who, of course, starred as her lover in both “Titanic” and “Revolutionary Road.” DiCaprio is a Scorpio Sun, but also has a Libra Moon and Ascendant conjunct Pluto like Kate. Intense bonds usually form with people who have many similar astrological aspects and/or placements as we do. It’s, therefore, no wonder that the two are still so close after almost 20 years as well as why they displayed such powerful chemistry and connection in both of their films together.

Venus is her chart ruler, giving her enormous appeal and attractiveness. Kate’s always been more respected for her talent than her beauty or sex appeal, however, in spite of the fact that she’s appeared nude in several of her film projects from the beginning. Kate’s Venus is in Virgo. This doesn’t suggest the stereotypical spinster, but rather someone who has a totally natural connection to their sensuality and their body. While some actresses worry about nudity being exploitative, Kate’s Virgo Venus makes appearing in the buff seem completely organic and classy, which allows her to maintain her critical and peer respect. The Moon is her Midheaven (public image and reputation) ruler. Thanks to it being in ever-charming Libra, as well as thanks to her undeniable gifts, Kate’s sure to stick around for many more years to come.

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