Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mars in Aries

Primary Motivation: to be a winner

How Things Get Done: through aggressiveness and assertiveness

Temper Tantrum Style: spoiled brat

Whenever a Mars in Aries male or female has a goal, they need to conquer it. Failing to do so would only make them feel like a loser and that’s the last thing they want. This position gives a person a deep desire to be number one in any endeavor they undertake. Once they shoot off in the direction of the prize they’re pursuing, there’s little to nothing you can do to stop them. Don’t get in their way, either, as they won’t hesitate to push you right to the side. There’s usually no harm intended behind their actions, however. Aries Mars is ferociously competitive, but in a good-natured way. There is a love of risky, challenging situations with this placement and they will need some sort of outlet that allows them to throw themselves into challenges and test and build their inner strength.

Aries Mars women and men are all about getting things done, with no dilly-dallying or evasiveness. They easily feel frustrated when they have to work or live alongside passive people. Utter straightforwardness and a need for pure action is what keeps them motivated and allows them to accomplish their goals. A certain impatience characterizes these people and this easily translates into the bedroom. Both sexes are of the “wham, bam” variety, primarily seeking their own satisfaction and in the fastest, easiest way possible. However, they also have plenty of passion within them to please their partners. In any situation, this is a person who always seeks to get what they want. When feeling frustrated, their temper instantly rises to the surface. They can get totally swept up in the moment and it’s like a bomb just went off. But, once they get it off their chests, they can just as easily move on.

Famous Females: Angelina Jolie, Claire Daines, Lauryn Hill
Famous Males: Andre 3000, Clint Eastwood, Allen Iverson

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