Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mars in Cancer

Primary Motivation: to give and receive emotional security

How Things Get Done: through intuition and subtlety

Temper Tantrum Style: crying infant

Emotions have great sway over how a Mars in Cancer man or woman approaches their goals. It all really depends on how they are feeling in the moment. This is what causes them to work in starts and stops, moving toward their goal and then just as suddenly retreating from it. People with this placement have a powerful desire to feel emotionally safe. Things have to feel secure for them before they go out there and accomplish their goals. In many ways, they need the emotional support of someone else. However, they may also feel much more comfortable supporting someone else in their goals than pursuing their own. Once they establish a comfort zone to work in or from, their level of intuition can be their greatest strength in their path to success.

It can be difficult, sometimes, for Cancer Mars individuals to get things done, as their output is so affected by their moods. There is an irrationality to how to go about things that they might not even understand. When they gain more self-awareness, working off of this instinct can allow them to achieve things that others might not have even thought of. In any case, this isn’t going to be an aggressive sort of person. They are typically soft and receptive, always wanting someone to care for. As sexual partners, they can be exceptionally attentive to the other person’s needs and establish an atmosphere of emotional connection in bed. Anger is hard for them to show, usually because they hate upsetting other people. They are more defensive than anything and indulge in a lot of sulking, crying, guilt-tripping or other passive-aggressive behaviors to draw attention to their hurt feelings.

Famous Females: Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz
Famous Males: Michael Phelps, Aaron Paul, Ryan Reynolds

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