Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mars in Capricorn

Primary Motivation: to realize one’s ambitions

How Things Get Done: through hard work and realism

Temper Tantrum Style: parental lecture

Mars in Capricorn men and women possess tremendous ambition. They often set higher goals than most people would even dream of, yet there is an absolute practicality to how these individuals pursue what they want. It’s all about sacrifice, patience, discipline, and good old-fashioned hard work. This isn’t someone who wants to cut corners in any way when they are chasing their goals. In the end, they want to feel like they have completely earned whatever it is that they achieve. Their ambition might easily become all-consuming, however, and not leave them much time for anything else. It’s all too common for them to turn into total workaholics, as well as indulge in some particularly cold, calculating behavior in order to climb up the next rung of whatever ladder they’re climbing.

Not to say that all those with this position will do so, however. Most of the time, their drive manifests as having both feet on the ground and being able to work their absolute tails off. Capricorn Mars females and males can easily work circles around others and sometimes find themselves pulling others’ weight in the workplace. But, it’s here that they can succeed as managers and organizers, as they have an innate authority that instills discipline and realism in others. Curiously enough, this sense of authority and drive also translates into the bedroom. Not only will Mars in Capricorn easily take on the role of the boss, but they can labor in bed just as tirelessly as they do on the job. Since they’re so in control, they don’t often fly off the handle. When their temper does surface, it’s often a disapproving rage, like the kind your parents would display when you messed up for the umpteenth time as a kid. 

Famous Males: Brad Pitt, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson
Famous Females: Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Christina Aguilera

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