Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mars in Leo

Primary Motivation: to stand out as unique

How Things Get Done: through self-confidence and personality

Temper Tantrum Style: displeased monarch

Being considered special matters a lot to Mars in Leo males and females. Therefore, they are driven to pursue their goals with the intent of standing out as someone important: powerful, talented, brilliant, etc. There’s a lot of determination to this placement, which stems more so from their fierce pride than anything else. Unable to tolerate major damage to their image, Leo Mars will not stand for failure. It’s simply not an option for them. There can be a lot of egotism and even narcissism to these individuals, but they are just as driven to make others around them feel special. They are usually the ones who know how to boost other people’s confidence or allow them to see life from a more fun and positive outlook, ensuring that people enjoy being around them, most of the time.

Leo Mars women and men have a lot of self-assurance in their ability to get things done. This is a take-charge sort of individual, who isn’t just going to sit on the sidelines and let things happen. It’s this leadership quality that often makes them both bossy and charismatic. In regards to the latter trait, although they can work hard, Leo Mars is not above using their formidable charms to get what they want and succeed in life. They expect the best, which is why they can demand the royal treatment in bed. The other person must be fun, generous, and be willing to stroke their ego. Offending their pride is a major button pusher for those with this placement. They can be both fiery and dignified in their displays of temper, like an angry king or queen demanding “off with their head!” 

Famous Females: Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton, Cher
Famous Males: Derek Jeter, Conan O'Brien, Anthony Kiedis

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