Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mars in Libra

Primary Motivation: to establish harmony

How Things Get Done: through cooperation and reason

Temper Tantrum Style: kills with kindness

Libra Mars men and women can sometimes struggle with motivation. Similar to Mars in Taurus, they are such lovers of harmony and ease that it might be difficult for them to be more aggressive about their goals (this, however, may be offset significantly by other factors in the chart). It’s usually easier for these people to think about their goals and come up with things they could possibly achieve instead of doing the actual legwork. This is why they usually need a considerable push from the outside. Without someone in their corner, backing them up and steering them in the right direction, Mars in Libra can become indecisive and ineffectual about their goals. They have an abundance of mental energy at their disposal. When they use this intellect to achieve instead of to endlessly weigh the options about their goals, they can accomplish quite a lot.

Working in pairs or groups is usually when Mars in Libra females and males are at their most effective. It’s much better getting things done with others than doing them alone, they believe. They’re often so great at getting others to cooperate that they can easily manipulate someone else into picking up their slack, in one way or another. The people skills of those with this position can allow them to accomplish a great deal, especially as they have a way of ensuring that everyone on the team gets along. They rarely feel competitive with others. This desire to please other people finds its way into the bedroom, although Libra Mars will stress an equal give-and-take. They are more interested in the meeting of the minds with their sexual partners than anything else. Anyone who is rude or inconsiderate will rub them wrong. Yet, their anger is rarely explosive and more of a polite contempt than anything. 

Famous Males: Alexander Skarsgard, Bill Clinton, Frank Ocean
Famous Females: Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson, Kirsten Dunst

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