Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mars in Pisces

Primary Motivation: to get lost in another world

How Things Get Done: through imagination and transcendence

Temper Tantrum Style: nobody cares

Pisces Mars women and men can be quite lost when it comes to their goals. Unless they have some major Fixed sign placements to keep them on a steady path, people with this position often don’t exactly know where they are going. Their goals are fanciful and colorful, but often feel elusive to them. It’s easy for them to dream up all the things they want to accomplish. Sometimes, it’s all too easy as transforming these dreams into a reality is particularly difficult for them. However, once they find their way, there are few people with the capability to dream bigger. Mars in Pisces’ aspirations and motivations are not limited by small-mindedness or practicalities. When they are most motivated, they feel as if anything is impossible and there are no limitations.

Feeling overwhelmed is common to Pisces Mars when too much is on their plate. Getting things done, therefore, can be a challenge, especially when it concerns the dull and the mundane. This is why Mars in Pisces males and females are at their most effective when they can apply their imagination to a task. They might not even glance at that boring to-do list, but they can spend several hours immersed in that creative story they’re writing or character they’re performing. Although they may be inactive in day-to-day areas, they are formidable in creative ones. These people want to transcend, which is why they can so easily get lost in sexual activity. Sex might even become an outright addiction. But, they are caring, compassionate sexual partners with an ability to intuit the other’s needs. Their temper doesn’t flare often and tends to be transmuted into self-pity or guilt trips. But, being so impressionable, they can easily get very openly angry around people who are in an angry mood. 

Famous Males: Heath Ledger, Denzel Washington, Christoph Waltz
Famous Females: Elizabeth Taylor, Juliette Binoche, Tina Turner


  1. Hi, may I ask if there's true about the planets in the 29° of a sign, and if so, what would happen to this Mars in Pisces?