Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mars in Scorpio

Primary Motivation: to discover and own one’s power

How Things Get Done: through commitment and intensity

Temper Tantrum Style: aim for the jugular

Men and women with a Scorpio Mars often feel overwhelmed by their incredible desire to achieve. They are extremely passionate and boundlessly determined when it comes to their goals. Once they decide they want something, they can be totally obsessive and relentless in the pursuit of it. This can be their best and worst trait. It obviously allows these people to achieve a lot, but it can inevitably take a serious toll on their health, as well. It’s hard for them to know when to stop. Mars in Scorpio wants to achieve to experience a real sense of their power. They are usually very powerful, but might make the mistake of believing this power is external. When they do, they can become ruthless and fanatical in their pursuit of it, truly selling their soul. But, when they realize real power comes from within, they are incredibly deep and authentic, pouring their very heart and soul into their work.

All or nothing is typically Mars in Scorpio females and males’ style, so they get things done by focusing every ounce of their attention on to the task. Most of these people are quite formidable and there’s a dark side to them that shouldn’t be underestimated. They accomplish things by any means necessary, so they’re not above cutthroat or calculating behavior, when it suits their purposes. They don’t fear their dark side, actually believing it makes them more effective in the end. Exploring their darkness is usually part and parcel of their sex life, where they seek the most intense union possible with someone else. Scorpio Mars has no fear here and craves the most exciting kinks and wildest passions. They tend to keep their incredible passions well controlled, even if they’re angered. Their rage is often quiet but destructive, as they exact revenge on the offender or hit them at their weak points. They can seethe and smolder until they finally lose it and, once they do, their temper can be totally catastrophic. 

Famous Males: Bruce Lee, Jude Law, Benicio del Toro
Famous Females: Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston

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