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Sun-Pluto Aspects: The Force of Nature

Having the Sun sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Pluto makes you a real force of nature. But, in what way, depends on your personal development and potential. You could become an utterly destructive and even terrifying force of nature – a devouring wildfire (Fire Sun), a ruinous earthquake (Earth Sun), a deadly tornado (Air Sun), or a fearsome hurricane (Water Sun) – or you could be the kind of force that positively represents tremendous personal power and determination. With Sun-Pluto aspects, the power of Pluto is directed toward the sense of self (Sun sign). More than any other Pluto aspect, your mission is to deal with what personal power truly means, where it really comes from, and what you’re supposed to do with it. 
A lot of Sun-Pluto people can be strictly self-controlled, knowing just how overpowering their self-expression can be. But, this allows all of that force to build and build on the inside, releasing itself eventually. Therefore, you can veer between being too secretive and controlled to too overwhelming. Overwhelming people is a common theme for Sun-Pluto natives, from childhood onward. Since Pluto significantly amplifies and intensifies your Sun sign’s energy and personal traits, you were often shamed during childhood for being “too much”: too talkative, too intense, too perceptive, too energetic, whatever else. It might have been to the degree that you were – usually innocently – very difficult for your authority figures to control, leading them to take harsh or drastic measures. The fact that you were probably maligned and even bullied by your peers for being so high-intensity and different leads to a feeling of being deeply rejected and misunderstood that causes you to conceal your true self (Sun) so obsessively.

This placement can have the “everyone hates me” syndrome, which may lead you to be pathologically leery of people or pathologically concerned with their approval, especially when younger. You possibly even veered back and forth between both extremes. There can also be a real paranoia and defensiveness about people “controlling” you as you’re already all too used to feeling this way. Thus, the classic control-freak is born, which is also due to the fact that your personality can be so especially dominant. The true motives of people become a strong preoccupation with you, but it’s often a result of you projecting all of that internal dark stuff that you can’t handle on to them: your own rage, obsessions, torments, and power-cravings. Bringing all of this into awareness and learning complete self-acceptance is the only way for you to truly transform.

The major lesson for Sun-Pluto is to fully embrace their Sun sign personality, as well as the extra intensity that Pluto gives it, and not hide it away inside of themselves. This is what allows all of that darkness to be transformed and used for good. Your power is internal, not external. It can never be taken away from you. Knowing that allows you to let go of the need to control everything and everyone around you, particularly what people think of you. Feeling too afraid of being rejected, ostracized, or misunderstood can lead to profound feelings of vulnerability, which you might overcompensate for by controlling and dominating and manipulating. But, if you can really let go, you’ll learn to accept your vulnerability by openly exposing your real self and knowing that no one can ever make or break your sense of self unless you let them, giving you a detachment from fears of rejection.  

Whether you’re on the low or high octave of the Sun-Pluto expression, you are going to have a very forceful and powerful presence. People just can’t help but respond to you. Sun-Pluto individuals have an ability to enter a room and utterly take over it with their sheer force of personality. Often times, it’s in a more subtle manner. You have incredible magnetism and personal charisma, which you can use to your fullest advantage in becoming an exceptional leader. You can really inspire others to find their inner strength and their true self. You’ve spent so much of your life feeling ashamed or disempowered that you have a radar for what’s really troubling people and how to guide them back toward their light. You’re an example of courageously authentic living.

Once you’ve empowered yourself, you’re seen as a very strong personality, probably even quite the bad-ass to many. And you don’t have to go around fighting people or even making a lot of noise to do this. It’s in that ferocious strength of character that you’re capable of exuding: never tolerating falsity, pretense, mistreatment, or pressures to conform as well as knowing exactly who you are and not being afraid of it. Being a Sun-Pluto person means that you have the potential to be extremely individualistic, never compromising yourself or your values, even when it’s not popular or gains you criticism. It takes a lot for people to scare or intimidate you, if they ever do. But, you often find yourself doing the scaring and the unnerving, even if you don’t mean to.

Being at a strong level of self-acceptance eliminates a lot of the repression you once struggled with, even if you’re still well-controlled. You’ll express yourself with incredible passion and conviction, making a believer out of anyone who you come across. This is when you become a true force of nature, Sun-Pluto. You’ll be fully and thoroughly alive, exuding an awesome life force that makes every day exciting and impassioned and always pursuing the fulfillment of your deepest desires. Don’t get stuck in all of the dark drama. There’s much more to life than that. Instead, focusing on living with whole-hearted commitment and with as little fear as possible.

However, being a Sun-Pluto individual means that you don’t flinch where the darkness is concerned, whether within or without. In spite of how extremely charismatic you can be, when you’re in a good enough place, you don’t see much wrong with your less pleasant qualities. You won’t always put them out there but you’ll find ways to deal with them and outlets to express them in, adding spice and complexity to your personality. People aren’t meant to always be nice, after all, and you can be an example of how liberating some good, old-fashioned brutal honesty can be. The things people are often too scared to admit about themselves are not so hard for you to admit.

Since Pluto is about the primal forces of the darker side, these need to be integrated in your identity in some manner. It doesn’t mean that you need to engage in destructive activities, but that you still need to honor these aspects of yourself and teach others how to honor them as well. Pluto also pertains to a certain raw sexual magnetism that Sun-Pluto people usually emanate in waves. It’s just a very major part of who you are (Sun) at the end of the day and an ease with all your sexual desires brings enormous growth. You will strive to transcend the sex-negative attitudes that our society still so wrongly promotes , eliminating a lot of the taboo that surrounds various forms of sexuality and showing it to be something totally empowering and healthy.

When the darkest hours come your way, you’ll have an innate ability to deal with them. Having this placement means that you’ve already gone through some especially intense fires at certain times in your life and just accept these things as parts of life. Your fierce survival instinct is deeply connected to your powerful vitality, which can seem almost superhuman in its strength. You can keep regenerating and regenerating yourself, after every loss, betrayal, tragedy, or humiliation. No one embodies the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” creed better than yourself, Sun-Pluto. “I’m still alive,” you believe, even while there’s nothing but wreckage around you. And no matter how tough it gets, as long as you’re still breathing, you’ll usually find a way to keep on going.

Sun conjunct Pluto: Having the conjunction is the purest personification of Sun-Pluto energy and dynamics that there is. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, to the naked eye, you’re more than familiar with the Underworld. However, you’re also going to be the type who lives to tell the tale and who can teach those around you how to survive and strengthen themselves as well. The personal magnetism here is very overwhelming, often in a positive sense. However, people can find themselves almost helpless in your presence. And you might use this to your advantage all too often, especially when the person in question is “weaker”. Learn how to pursue and gather power for the greater good, not just the good of your ego. Then, you’ll be at your most gloriously effective.

Sun square or opposite Pluto: The square and the opposition are the forms of Sun-Pluto energy that are most likely to rub people the wrong way, possibly unintentionally. If you’re not self-aware and positive enough, you might turn many off by being way too aggressive, too extreme, too anxious to be in control. There can be a ‘me against the world’ mentality here that needs to be let go of, in order for you to be at your best. If not, you’ll torture yourself with your frustrations and self-defeatist patterns. When you do let go of this attitude, you can achieve tremendous things and, believe it or not, be incredibly magnetic. Even more highly charged than the conjunction, due to the inner struggles you’ve conquered, you show a fierce, admirable intent to claim full agency over your life.

Sun sextile or trine Pluto: With the sextile or trine, you don’t have to struggle too much with the idea that you’re powerful or how to properly wield that power out in the world. That comes rather seamlessly to you. However, you might sometimes find yourself overestimating your strength and underestimating the challenges before you. Even strong people like you can lose the battle, after all. Yet, you can easily focus your attention on the war itself and brush such defeats off more quickly than the others in this group. Don’t be disappointed, though, when I say that you’re the Sun-Pluto person least likely to be intimidating. This is a good thing. Your magnetism can reel them in without scaring them off. You know just which buttons to push to make your followers positively respond. 

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Moon-Pluto Aspects: The Deep Well

With the Moon conjunct, opposite, square, sextile, or trine Pluto, you are a deep well. The Moon is the planet of emotional responses and needs, so the intense power of Pluto connected to it means that you don’t have a faint heart. Instead, all of the emotional energy of your Moon sign is strengthened and amplified, resulting in a highly emotional nature, even if your Moon sign is in Air or Earth. Now, being so emotionally intense can allow you to live a deeply fulfilled life of boundless inner riches. But, it could also be the source of an almost endless cycle of inner turmoil. For you, Moon-Pluto, the task is learning to deal with the very power of your emotions, as well as their source.

Like the Sun-Pluto individual, childhood can be a time where you learn the very painful lesson that intensity is not always so welcome in our society, leading you to later on to go to obsessive lengths to keep that very strong emotional life under wraps. Having Moon-Pluto means that you probably learned this lesson in the home, where you felt like one or both of your parents just wasn’t equipped to deal with your really powerful needs and feelings. As a child, a sense of your reactions being “wrong” somehow might have been subconsciously planted in your brain, forcing you to stuff them down more and more as the years went on. Because you felt so strongly about everything, your bond with your nurturing figure was very deeply rooted. As powerful of a connection as this might have been, there might have also been a pattern of the nurturing parent using various forms of manipulation to keep you in line or ensure the exact emotional responses that they wanted from you.

The unconscious quality of the Moon can make this aspect a particular blind spot. Unlike Sun-Pluto, conscious awareness of your emotional intensity usually takes a lot of personal growth and introspection to develop. It just seems like there’s this really overwhelming force that governs your life, yet you don’t know where it’s coming from exactly. Moon-Pluto people can suffer from excruciating fears because of this, which is why you might become so controlling and obsessive-compulsive in your habits. There’s a constant anxiety about the rug being pulled from underneath you, in this lower octave. You can also become too accustomed to subtly manipulating others to your advantage or to foster a feeling of emotional safety, repeating the pattern that your nurturing figure set for you.

Becoming aware of and accepting just how emotionally intense you are will result in a total transformation. Moon-Pluto people often feel “crazy” or like “freaks” for feeling as strongly as they do, resulting them in expressing their emotions in a very calm, controlled way that gives no hint to what’s really going on inside. That is, until you eventually explode/implode. All of this intensity gets you very much in touch with the darker spectrum of human emotion. This doesn’t make you psychotic. Knowing what incredibly deep pain, anger, fear, joy, and sadness feels like is what eventually allows you to be the highly evolved person that you have the potential to be.

For Sun-Pluto, the source of Plutonian strength is the sense of self and the vitality. For Moon-Pluto, the source of Plutonian strength is the emotional life. That’s right. Your emotions are your strength. That’s something every Moon-Pluto person should carve in stone somewhere to remember. You have to be really strong and powerful to be able to withstand the really strong and powerful emotions that you do on a regular basis, internally. This is what allows you to withstand them externally, rarely even flinching when faced with an explosion or a meltdown from someone else. This is never “scary” to you. It’s just real. This ability to handle the most intense forms of emotional honesty is a real source of power for you and what can give you a transformative effect on those around you.

People are always very magnetically drawn to Plutonians, but for different reasons. With Moon-Pluto, you draw people to you, far and wide, because of your innate potential for profound compassion and deeply felt understanding. This is when you’re on the higher octave, but even lower octave Moon-Pluto people display this wonderfully refreshing ability to just “get it.” You exude this and become this very powerful nurturing figure who people can’t help but lean on in difficult times. You’re never going to be one to waver, when times get tough, and know how to ride all those up’s and down’s, while holding firmly on to someone else’s hand. There’s a tremendous healing potential with this placement, in the sense of you using that exceptional radar to pick up on someone’s baggage, their emotional issues, and what’s holding them back and teach them how to release it.

This only comes, however, when you can truly release the qualities of your Moon sign, without shame or fear. More than any other Plutonian, you must come to terms with your vulnerability, surrendering to the true emotional needs of your Moon sign, eliminating any childhood insecurities or complexes surrounding them. Be fluid and allow your emotional energy to totally flow, without interference. Don’t worry about if being “too emotional” makes you weak. Remember, your emotions are your strength. In fact, it’s Pluto’s intense connection to the primal Moon that gives you an incredible survival instinct that you don’t even fully understand, at times. You’re formidably resourceful. They might hurt you, betray you, take everything from you, but you will always survive, with the raw intensity and ferocity of a jungle animal. But, accept the fact that you can be wounded also (in fact, very deeply) and need the time to be able to heal from that.

The fact that you’re a deep well is something that people will be able to pick up on, Moon-Pluto, once you’ve reached self-acceptance. You won’t be afraid to show your soul to someone intimately, including the rawest, ugliest, dirtiest parts. If you have any sort of creative talent, you’re likely to go very far. The number of very talented famous actors with Moon-Pluto aspects is very high, as these are people who know how to dig painfully deep inside of themselves and express emotional truths that others wouldn’t dare to contemplate. This is yet another way that your emotional life can make you a very powerful being. You have an incredible access into all the corners of this inner world, even if you don’t share this with everyone else. After all, you know how much people can handle and when. Still, it’s an inner knowledge that never leaves you, aided by the uncanny intuition that you display. The Moon is intuitive and Pluto is scarily perceptive. Blend them together and, well, let’s just say you should always trust your intuition. Just rid yourself of excess paranoia and insecurity and it’ll rarely ever fail you.

People can be unnerved by you, as it seems like that instinctive radar of yours strips them bare and reveals all their secrets to you. Often times, people compulsively spill to you anyway, without you having to do much of anything. Yet, even when you're really intimate with someone, they still won't completely know you. Moon-Pluto is incredibly complex, so you’re always going to be something of a mystery. Still, learn the importance of real trust, as well as not stirring up emotional intensity just for the sake of it. Since the Moon rules intimacy, you can establish very strongly intimate bonds with those who you deem worthy. It’s a connection that can be wordless, but full of immense passion. Having this passion is of the utmost importance to you and, when you’re a high-octave Moon-Pluto, you’ll seek it in healthy ways. This not only means very deep honesty and making other people feel totally alive, but establishing mind-blowingly intense sexual connections with your partner.

Pluto’s about busting taboos and sexuality is, still, one of them to a certain degree in our society. Having a Moon-Pluto aspect means that deeply fulfilling sex is an undeniable need of yours, as the Moon represents our needs. It’s also a need for you to break through all of the negative attitudes surrounding the act of sex that might have been imparted to you – and, more or less, to us all – via your upbringing and/or society. Once you reprogram yourself to fully enjoy sex, it’s something that’s like breathing to you. You have a very instinctive understanding of sex and how to sexually connect to someone in an intimate setting. This is a really raw energy that attracts many, but you must use this magnetism to engage with others and guide them toward a much more sex-positive way of living.

Moon conjunct Pluto: With the conjunction, the principles of the Moon and Pluto are so innately fused that it’s an inherent part of life for you. The most fearlessly introspective of the Moon-Pluto group, you’re capable of confronting every hidden or not-so-pretty emotion, desire, memory, or complex that drives your behavior. It’s not even a conscious thing, though. You just automatically do it. While this means you probably live with a profound level of self-awareness that most wouldn’t even be able to handle without running away scared, remember that there can be such a thing as too much digging. Just settle for coming back up to the surface on a regular basis and simply gazing up at the clouds instead. It doesn’t make you “shallow”. It’ll just keep you balanced.

Moon square or opposite Pluto: The square and the opposition can make your Moon-Pluto energy harder to handle than the other aspects. Projection, in particular, can be an all-out addiction for you, causing you to label everyone else as having the problem or possibly the world as being unfeeling. It might take some effort for you to really stop and look inside of yourself for the true source of the issue. However, you’re often much more skilled at looking inside others and figuring out their damage and just how to heal it. When you can do this for yourself, then this effort at healing others becomes much more powerful and authentic, because you truly know what it feels like. It takes a lot of effort for you to truly change your inner self, but it’s a thorough transformation once you finally do.

Moon sextile or trine Pluto: The sextile and trine allow your Moon-Pluto energy to flow the easiest. Out of the group, you probably have the least trouble with trying to control others’ emotions or even your own. However, that’s not saying that you don’t know how to manipulate, because you certainly do. But, you only exercise this manipulation when you feel like there’s an absolute need to. Unlike the conjunction, square, or opposition, you can be hit hard by tragedy but you’re not too resentful or scarred about it. You simply chalk it up to the impermanence of life and keep moving resourcefully ahead. But, be careful that you’re not too ruthless in your desire to start a new chapter. It can be all too easy for you to leave the “old” behind, even when it’s another person. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Moon in Cancer 2014: Respecting Emotional Power

This year’s New Cancer Moon occurs on June 27, at 5 degrees Cancer at 4:09 AM Eastern Time. New Moons are an exciting time, indicative of new beginnings and the ability to manifest renewed purpose, motivations, and changes within your life. A New Moon is an intensification of the sign’s energy that it occurs in, as well, creating a super-charge in the general atmosphere of this sign’s principles and themes. This is always significant, but the fact that the New Moon is occurring in Cancer is even more so.

The Cancer New Moon, as well as the Full Moon, always makes a very strong impression. It’s subtle, like Cancer prefers to be, but undeniably impactful nonetheless. Why is this? Well, because Cancer is the sign – and the only sign at that – that is actually ruled by the Moon. It represents all things lunar: the primal, emotional, protective, reflective aspects of our human nature. So, with a Cancer New Moon, expect for there to be a much less “logical” or “practical” vibe swirling through the air.

If your birth chart is low on an influence from Cancer or the other just as highly intuitive Water signs (Scorpio and Pisces), then this can make the Cancer New Moon a bit of a challenge for you. However, if your birth chart is strongly influenced by Cancer, the Moon, or the other Water signs/planets, then this New Moon can be an extremely welcome time of recharge and release. In fact, it should be for all of us; a day where we can truly refill our well and access our inner selves.

We live in a world that so values hustle and bustle. So many people are unwilling to sit still, to reflect, to take the risk of simply going along with the current of life. In a culture that places such emphasis on taking action and claiming agency over your life, the word “passive” has quite a negative connotation. Cancer is called one of the “feminine” planets for this reason. Not because its expression is particular to the female sex, because that’s not true. Feminine, in this sense, just means the yin side of life that reacts and reflects instead of acting and accomplishing.

For both sexes in our society, this has, often unfairly, come to be looked down upon as some sort of character defect. Men – so traditionally seen as the dominant forces in our world – have been long conditioned to repress or project this feminine energy. There are lots of evolved men in our world now who don’t see things this way and own their feminine sides without fear. But, old habits die hard and too many men are still overly concerned with being “man enough.”

With women, it’s taken on a different tone. The feminist waves of thinking in the past several decades have derided such yin-driven images of womanhood. Every time you hear women either praising or criticizing images of females in the media, it’s always about the woman being hailed as an empowering force or rejected for being too passive and too controlled by the events and people around her. And while this is a valid criticism (as women, of course, do have yang-fueled “masculine” energies as well), this fight for equality can veer the image of the feminine into another one-dimensional representation, devoid of the richness of the yin’s experience.

Basically, our lunar goddess Cancer doesn’t get as much respect as she deserves, not even in comparison to the other Water signs. Though Scorpio and Pisces get their share of negative stereotyping, at least there’s something larger-than-life about these two signs’ profiles. Scorpio is seen as the most powerful of its element: with an irresistible sexual magnetism, gritty intensity and unwavering focus that make it an unstoppable force. And Pisces is the most transcendent of artists, capable of using its limitless imagination and psychic gifts to create breathtaking and inspirational new worlds.

Cancer, meanwhile, is usually portrayed as the dull housewife: stuck at home, doing all the cooking, taking care of the kiddies in its notoriously maternal fashion and probably riding one of the volatile states in its equally infamous series of mood swings. But, this sign is much more than that. During this Cancer New Moon, we’re demanded to get in touch with the depths of our soul that the enigmatic Cancer-ruled planet of the Moon exerts such an immense sway over.

The element of Water represents all that’s emotional or intuitive. In our society, this realm has been so wrongly identified as the least powerful. We’re more comfortable correlating power with putting ourselves out there in the world with confidence (Fire), gaining financial and professional stability (Earth), or trumping those chaotic emotions with pure logic (Air).

But, Water is actually the most powerful element. By power, I don’t mean brute force or obvious strength. I mean, the deeply felt influence that the element has over us (we are primarily made up of Water, are we not?). It’s a power that both men and women can fear. It’s so mysterious, so profound, so intangible to touch and to reason, that it often seems easier to just ignore the power that emotions can have over us. But, to repress this energy is to not make it to go away but reenergize it, which will only allow it to eventually emerge with even more chaos and force.

While Scorpio’s emotional power is over the darker corners of human nature and Pisces’ emotional power focuses on the invisible threads that weave mankind together, Cancer holds an emotional power over the sheer inner workings of the unconscious mind. This is where the childhood memories go, as well as the old wounds and hurts and the dreams, nightmares, insecurities, and emotional needs that unconsciously drive us from day-to-day. Cancer rules our inner child and our inner mother, which can be the literal voice of our mother as well as the sort of nurturing figure we become – male or female – to others.

We all have a Moon sign that represents all of the abovementioned qualities and this is our more Cancerian side at work. If we ignore these needs, these fears, these defenses and wounds that call out for our attention, then Cancer will have her revenge. The lunar goddess is a real force of nature. But, again, she’s quiet and subtle about it. We don’t notice that we’re being driven closer and closer to howling at the Moon – lashing out at others in sudden fits of emotion, shutting down, breaking down – until it suddenly happens and we wonder, “Where did that come from?”

The Cancer New Moon requires you to find out. But, you must take the risk of disconnecting – in any way that you can – from all the distracting worldly noise, as well as the equally distracting voice of the conscious mind that wants to block out anything “too irrational.” Intuition is Cancer’s greatest gift and we must all get in touch with our own to live lives of a deeper, more profound truth. You might not be able to explain why you feel this way or why you have this hunch. But, so what? You don’t need to explain it. You just need to take the risk of following your gut wherever it leads you.

Doing this, we recognize the power that can be found in “passivity.” It’s the same power that allows creative individuals to channel great emotion and imagination into their works of art, while not being able to logically explain where it comes from. It’s the power that acts as a wise, old inner compass, steering us away from troubling or dangerous situations before we even have a chance to think about it. This power also allows us to access our own inner lives, which is probably the richest source of stability that we can achieve as individuals. More than money or success or approval from others, finding inner peace and emotional security is the only way to be truly happy, as well as to know how to make others around you feel genuinely happy and taken care of. This is the power of Cancer and the Moon. Respect it.

Spend your day during this New Moon, then, immersed in quiet reflection. Just try to lie around silently for at least half an hour, truly exploring your inner life and without the worry of “not getting anything done.” Though Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, as well as positioned in Venus, don’t let restlessness get the best of you. It’s also a good time to delve deeper into intimate relationships, whether it’s a close friendship or romantic relationship. Really share your feelings with someone, without the fear of being too vulnerable. If you have children, now’s also a perfect time to deepen your connection with them, to really take the time to listen to and attend to their true needs.

It’s actually an ideal time to deeply get in touch with your Moon sign, as well, whatever it might be. Allow it to eclipse the showiness of your Sun for a while. Just do whatever you can to feed this sign’s needs in a healthy way. Feed yourself. Do some delicious home cooking. Cancer also loves to reminisce about the past, so it can be the perfect chance to delve into that old photo album or call Mom up to have a nice chat about the good old days.

But, let the reminiscing instill feelings of warmth within you. One of Cancer’s flaws is dwelling too much on past hurts and re-opening old wounds. What’s done is done. What happened to you to as a child or even a couple years ago doesn’t have to be carried over into the now. Instead, think of yourself as constantly riding the currents. Instead of living in the past, let yourself drift to the safety and security you can find in the present. The Cancer New Moon is teaching us that it’s okay sometimes to purely react instead of act. But, only react to the present. Because that’s all we have.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Virgo: The Virgin-Whore

Don’t let the title offend you, if you happen to have any major placements – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and/or Rising – in Virgo. I have three planets myself in Virgo (Mercury, Venus, Mars) and can attest to the greatly misunderstood dichotomy of this sign. Virgo is the virgin-whore not in a sexual sense, necessarily, although it can be the case. It’s more so in the manner that this sign can veer back and forth from the famously pristine, organized reserve (virgin) that the sign is famous for to a much looser, messier form of personal expression (whore) that is not often given much press when we read about the sign of Virgo.
Virgo is an Earth sign and, being Mutable, it represents the changeability (Mutable) of the physical and practical (Earth) plane. Like all Mutable signs, there’s a curious duality to Virgo. But, it’s probably the sign in the Mutable family that’s least known for this duality.
You’ve got Gemini, the Twins, which is the most blatantly dualistic in the group, with its ever-changing mind, ideas, and whims. Then, there’s Sagittarius, the half-man, half-horse, representing both a primal, feral life force that yearns for freedom and a higher, more rational aspect that philosophizes everything in its path. And it’s no coincidence that Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in the opposite direction, showing this emotionally charged’s sign innate ability to experience various emotional states at once, usually a mixture of their own and other’s responses.
The fact that Virgo’s mascot seems just like a regular old Maiden belies just how complex this sign actually is. We’ve all heard the stereotypes: obsessively tidy, perfectionistic, analytical, critical, etc. This innate desire for so-called perfect order is due to its Mutable Earth status, as well as it being the opposite sign of free-flowing, day-dreaming Pisces. However, every sign has some of its opposite in them. So, people with a prominent Virgo influence are less organized, in one way or another, than you’d think.
This also points to Virgo’s duality, showing that there must be a lot of chaos going on in there for them to want everything in order. We treat our outside world the way we want to treat our inside world. Virgo-influenced people can have some powerful anxieties, insecurities, and, yes, even really strong emotions. The idea that this is an unemotional sign isn’t true. Not only does Virgo want to make sense out of their feelings, but it can feel just as overwhelmed by them as Pisces. This is when you meet the Virgo who can’t get anything done on that famous to-do list because they’re just too stressed and their nerves are too shot.
Pisces is famously creative, but Virgo can rival this sign in this department. The list of gifted artists strong in Virgo energy is surprisingly lengthy. Well, how else do you think this sign can find a channel for its emotions? Acting and performing seems like a perfectly practical way, in Virgo’s mind, to let all of that out. It’s a channel, an outlet where those chaotic emotions can be contained and expressed and where Virgo can tap into its inner Pisces, finding the innate balance we all need to when our sign’s energy is too polarized on one end of the opposite-sign spectrum. The fact that Virgo has a very strong imagination – which is what helps them come up with resourceful solutions to their problems, as well as fuels that famous potential for hypochondria – only boosts their creative energy.
Now, we’ve reached the other side of Virgo: the whore side. Again, I don’t exactly mean sexually promiscuous, even though Virgo individuals can rival most other signs in this department when they’re particularly “active.” It’s just the very loose, sensual side of Virgo that gets much less attention and notice. And Virgo energy is incredibly sensual, arguably even more than Taurus. The five senses of this sign are exquisitely fine.
This is what can make Virgo people – especially Venus or Mars in Virgo – so very touchy in bed. “Don’t do it that way. That doesn’t feel good. Stop going so fast.” Although it might sound critical, this is really an expression of Virgo’s highly acute sensuality. When something feels off, it’s off. But, when something feels good, it feels really good.
Hence the reason why many Virgo-influenced folks are so highly fond of sex as well as so free of bodily tension. Being Mutable Earth, they really enjoy fine-tuning their systems, as well as other people’s. A Virgo-prominent person in this loose state of expression can actually be very fun, even if they’re not so showy or loud about it. It’s a wonderful thing to see this sign being able to reach this state of freedom, where everything’s flowing and they’re not judging or criticizing, others or themselves.
Also, when Virgo reaches this state, there can sort of be no turning back. This is the Virgo-influenced person who doesn’t care about working out or cleaning up their room on a regular basis. Virgo Sun and Moon tend to be a bit more regimented about these things. But, Virgo Venus and Mars, in particular, can become surprisingly lax and lazy about certain routines. Once they let go of a need to be "perfect", these are things that can easily be thrown out of the window. However, even with a sloppier, looser Virgo individual, there’s still some sense of order somewhere. They might walk out of the house with wrinkled clothes and neglect going to the gym, but there’s an inner checklist going on in their heads at all times regarding something.
However, most Virgo people themselves will attest to this. The Virgo Moon with the clear head and practical life plan can be puzzled to read that they always have to have a clean kitchen when their kitchen is constantly a mess. On the flip side, you can find a Virgo Venus who has every single thing in its place at home, yet their emotional life is a total mess that they struggle to keep together. Either way, this sloppy-in-one-area/organized-in-another-area dichotomy practically defines Virgo.
Another less talked-about duality of Virgo energy is its ability to be both articulate and coarse. Virgo’s often called well-mannered and loving good manners in others. In some ways, this can be true, because Virgo doesn’t like any behavior they deem unnecessary, which can include rudeness. But, Libra is, in the end, the sign that’s significantly more refined and well-mannered because Libra cares a great deal about social approval and being thought well of. Virgo just cares about intelligence and correctness, which is often more defined by their own standards than others.' Therefore, they can forgo traditional "manners" when they feel its not a big deal.
Virgo is refined just in its ability to carry on an intelligent conversation and clearly articulate itself. But, paradoxically, this can be an utterly foul-mouthed sign, especially if they’re going on one of their critical rants or are just in a more jocular mood. Venus in Virgo, in particular, is a placement that often displays this dual nature. They can give a well-read criticism on Tolstoy and Jung, then drop one f-bomb after the next and tell some of the most vulgar jokes you’ve ever heard. It can surprise people to hear such talk coming out of the mouth of someone who looks like a refined angel.
So, don’t underestimate Virgo. This Maiden’s got more tricks up her sleeve than you expect.