Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mercury in Aries

Comprehension Style: shoot first, ask questions later

Favorite Conversations: monologues, impassioned rants, arguments (both friendly and heated)

Having Mercury in Aries means that your brain is on fire. It can be a signifier of a sharp intelligence, as you have an instinctive ability to get right to the heart of the information in a way that not many people can. You’re extremely quick mentally, but this might also lead you to become impatient or to feel like you have all the answers. Often times, you might be too quick for your own good, jumping to your own conclusions without the facts that, sometimes, prove those conclusions to be wrong. However, being “wrong” isn’t something that crosses your mind too often. Not to say that you’re arrogant, necessarily. But, Aries Mercury would much rather just follow their own ideas and thoughts, speaking whatever’s on their mind and letting the chips fall wherever they may.

People don’t usually have to guess what you’re thinking because you’ll tell them. Mercury in Aries has a very direct manner of communication that can be startling to some who prefer the more soft-sell approach. You speak with great passion, force, and liveliness, even when you’re talking about your trip to the grocery store. Because your thought patterns are so impassioned, you can easily get wrapped up in what you’re saying, interrupting or even bulldozing people in your conversations, often without realizing it. You don’t mind turning up the temperature whenever you speak and the other person needs to be able to stand the heat. It’s usually quite harmless on your part, anyway. Aries Mercury gives you a bawdy, brassy sense of humor. With your straight-shooting bluntness, your hilarity stems from the nerve it takes to say half the things that come out of your mouth. 
Famous Mercury in Aries Minds: Albert Einstein, Quentin Tarantino, Rosario Dawson, Diana Ross, William Shakespeare

Mercury in Taurus

Comprehension Style: one step at a time

Favorite Conversations: everyday events, recurring talks, affectionate and soothing conversations

With Mercury in Taurus, your brain operates in a way that is slow and steady. It’s not to say that you’re mentally slow, necessarily, though many with this placement can give off that impression. It’s just that you take more than enough time to completely process every bit of information that comes your way. Taurus Mercury has a very practical manner of thought, always seeking the most reasonable conclusion. Once you finally reach this conclusion, then that’s it. It’s set in stone and no one can really change your mind. Why? Because, after your ideas have gone through all the levels of consideration in your head, you’re too convinced that it’s the right idea to change your mind. The thing is, though, that your thoughts and ideas are often extremely sensible and well thought out.

But, this is also the source of your extremely stubborn manner of communicating with others. No one’s ever going to make you budge. Many Taurus Mercury people don’t like any sorts of debates whatsoever. There’s no such thing as a debate for you. Your mind is already made up, which might leave the people around you feeling both breathless and hopeless in their attempts to change your mind. This position doesn’t make you an aggressive communicator, unless other birth chart factors interfere. You’re low-key in your speaking style and want to keep things nice and easy. Conversation should be soothing and relaxing for you. Mercury in Taurus can gain a lot of satisfaction from hearing the same stories repeatedly. It might bore others but it’s comforting to you. You have a great sense of humor that’s earthy and laidback. You simply love the pleasure of laughing and making others laugh. 
Famous Mercury in Taurus Minds: Penelope Cruz, Daniel Day Lewis, Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, George Clooney 

Mercury in Gemini

Comprehension Style: multiple tracks running at once

Favorite Conversations: chit-chat, random topics, intellectual subject matter

Mercury in Gemini is an exceptionally well-placed position for Mercury. Your brain is highly active and a seemingly infinite container of information. This information, though, is often of the most random sort. A lot of people with this placement are like Jeopardy contestants, spitting out obscure facts about everything from ancient history to science to pop culture to politics. Any available knowledge will be readily consumed by you. Your brain seems to be able to be in three different places at once, making you that person who can juggle a whirlwind of tasks without blinking an eye. Sometimes, this can compromise your level of mental focus and commitment, though. Gemini Mercury gets too easily bored when something or someone stops being so stimulating and fascinating.

Still, this is what allows you to be a very fascinating conversationalist. There are often two types of Mercury Gemini people: the extremely intellectual ones who impress others with their well-read, articulate natures and the extremely wired ones who are just as highly intelligent as the first but more geared toward more frivolous conversation. Of course, since this sign is so dualistic, many people with position can be both types. A talk with you can veer from sociology and classic literature to the scandalous adventures of your next-door neighbor. Yes, you can be a real gossip, but it all stems from your insatiable curiosity. At least, that’s the excuse we’ll let you use. Gemini Mercury individuals usually have extremely sharp, clever wits. Your intelligent knack for word-play and irony as well as your quick observation of everything around you can make you one of the funniest people around.
Famous Mercury in Gemini Minds: Meryl Streep, Prince, Tupac Shakur, Cate Blanchett, Paul McCartney

Mercury in Cancer

Comprehension Style: using the heart, not the head

Favorite Conversations: talks about the past, intimate heart-to-hearts, venting of feelings

Mercury in Cancer people aren’t really driven by the more intellectual parts of their brains, unless there is a strong Air influence. Even then, you operate on instinct a lot more than you realize that you do. There are certain things that you just understand, without the need for any sort of logical reasoning. In fact, you might often not be able to verbalize the conclusions you come to that well, which can leave you feeling misunderstood and cause you to not openly share your thoughts. But, your comprehension style comes directly from the gut. Mercury in Cancer’s thoughts run very deeply and are often dwelled on. But, they can easily change from moment to moment, as well. It all depends on how you’re feeling, as your moods greatly define how you process information.

Needless to say, this can all make you very biased emotionally in your communication style, even if you don’t realize it. You can take things in conversations too personally, as what people say to you can often feel like an attack on your own beliefs and way of thinking. You’re protective of your true thoughts and might not share them easily. However, having Mercury in Cancer means you’re highly intuitive regarding what’s on other people’s minds. You can read what people need in your conversations with them and give that to them, subtly tailoring your speaking style to these needs. With the trusted people in your life, you’re someone to really confide in and you seek out someone who can really vent to, as well. Cancer Mercury’s sense of humor can be subtle, but you’re funny to those who “get” you, often your family or close friends. Humor becomes a way of deeply connecting with people to you. 
Famous Mercury in Cancer Minds: Alanis Morrissette, Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Neil Patrick Harris, Nicole Kidman 

Mercury in Leo

Comprehension Style: what does this have to do with me?

Favorite Conversations: dramatic stories, tales about your life, entertaining talks

Mercury in Leo gives you a comprehension style that is highly personalized. It’s always easier for you to understand something when you can put it into the context of your own life, of something that happened to you, or of what it would be like if it happened to you. This can make you appear to be self-centered to others, some of whom might find it endearing and others who might find it maddening. But, it’s simply that you understand the world from the perspective of self and don’t see things any differently. You have a great deal of self-confidence in your ideas, often because you just want the opportunity to express them and turn them into something creative. There’s a strength of will and mind here that strives to fully embody the philosophy that you create your own reality.

Even though this is admirable, problems can arise when you feel as if you create the lives’ of others, as well. Having a Leo Mercury can make you a particularly bossy or domineering individual in your communication style. You have a mental perspective of being the center and the leader. Yet, it sometimes doesn’t cross you that you can only lead when it’s asked for or required. Still, you make a very exciting person to talk to, as you can be overflowing with enthusiasm and positive energy. You’re a compelling storyteller, even though you naturally tend to exaggerate and dramatize, and love to engage in fun, lively conversations with others. However, it must be fun and lively. You can’t help but feel a bit of disdain for the dull, lifeless folks of the world. Mercury in Leo can display a rather silly, playful, childlike sense of humor that can dispel any of the seriousness and drabness in the air around you. 
Famous Mercury in Leo Minds: Bill Clinton, Courtney Love, Robin Williams, Charlize Theron, Daniel Radcliffe

Mercury in Virgo

Comprehension Style: putting all the pieces together

Favorite Conversations: areas of expertise, tackling an issue, learning something useful

Mercury in Virgo is usually highly intelligent. In fact, lots of people with this placement qualify as intellectually gifted on some level. You have a pure ability to just put everything together. It’s not only due to your combination of sharp intellect and earthy common sense, but an almost preternatural knack for spotting little details most people miss. Your findings seem simple to you, but your clarity often amazes others. This hawk-eyed ability to hone in on every little thing can make you very critical of everything and everyone, including yourself. But, when properly channeled, it’s a real gift. Your brain works like a fast-running computer, discovering, storing, and organizing endless data in order to be used for later. Needless to say, Virgo Mercury has formidable brainpower.

Because of this, people who aren’t as sharp or as articulate can feel slightly “less than” when speaking to you. This is never your intention and would make you laugh, as you too often underestimate your smarts. Sometimes, you can be a regular smart-ass, rarely hesitating to correct someone or dish out some sharp-tongued sarcasm. You aren’t trying to be mean or harsh, usually. Mercury in Virgo just can’t ignore the holes in people’s speech, including their own. You can be really talkative once you get going, but you’ll never be full of hot air. You always know or want to know what you’re talking about. Thus, people often feel like they’ve just learned something new when speaking to you. Virgo Mercury people are extremely funny, but in a very wry or sardonic way. You’re incredibly quick-witted and adept with words, making you sound like a professional joke writer at times. 
Famous Mercury in Virgo Minds: Steve Carrell, Madonna, Alfred Hitchcock, Jennifer Lawrence, Ray Charles

Mercury in Libra

Comprehension Style: weighing all the options

Favorite Conversations: intellectual debates, harmonious discussions, one-on-one brainstorming

Having Mercury in Libra gives you a thinking style that is very balanced and measured. Ideas, solutions, and judgments don’t come to you in an impulsive, rapid-fire manner. Instead, you’ll like to weigh out every pro and con that you can before making a final statement, if you ever do. Indecisiveness can be a cardinal sin for many people with this position, as you might be afraid of really owning your thoughts or taking the risk of going out on a limb mentally. Libra Mercury individuals usually benefit from having someone else that they can use as an intellectual sound-board. Having your ideas and thoughts validated, reflected, or assessed by another person often helps you feel more confident in fully communicating them.

This placement makes you extremely aware of just how your communications are going to be received. Some people with their Mercury in Libra might become the proverbial sugar-coaters because of this, extra-careful and cautious about potentially offending. Even if you’re more outspoken and to-the-point, there’s still an inherent sense of politeness and consideration for other people that you adhere to. You don’t want to be rude and will be repelled by those who express themselves in this way. Libra Mercury can charm the pants off people with their words. You truly love establishing a mental connection with other people and can become quite dependent on this kind of intellectual rapport. You have a sense of humor that is indicative of your interpersonal awareness, as you usually know just what’s going to be funny to the particular crowd that you’re trying to win over. 


Famous Mercury in Libra Minds: Anthony Kiedis, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Friedrich Nietzche, Gwyneth Paltrow 

Mercury in Scorpio

Comprehension Style: getting to the bottom of things

Favorite Conversations: taboo or intense topics, learning people’s secrets, passionate exchanges

Mercury in Scorpio has a brain that’s highly charged, but more so in an intuitive and intense way than an intellectual way. However, you might be adept at dealing with more cerebral subject matter, as well, as your obsessive focus and razor-sharp analytical skills can allow you to truly ascertain, retain, and recall whatever information you need to. But, that is, if you want to. You can be quite all-or-nothing in your thinking style, either giving something your absolute attention or not caring for it at all. When it comes to the subject of human nature, you’re especially skilled. You have a powerful instinctive radar that allows you to gauge just what’s happening below the surface with others. Your mind is like that of a driven detective, which makes you more than a little paranoid about people’s motives at times.

You’re probably not going to be one who openly reveals their motives and secrets, either. People won’t often know what you’re thinking, Scorpio Mercury. Even if it seems like you are revealing your true thoughts, you still won’t be totally revealing yourself. This need to maintain a certain amount of mystery in your communications with other people can become pathological, leading many people to forebodingly wonder just what’s going on inside that head of yours. They can also be freaked out at your apparent obsession to figure out exactly what’s going on in theirs. Remember that revelation has to be a two-way street, at times, or else you’ll inspire as much distrust as you feel. A mental comfort with life’s darker side gives Mercury in Scorpio a wicked sense of humor. You find the funny in what no one else will say, making your wit very provocative, brutally honest, or just naughty and mischievous.

Famous Mercury in Scorpio Minds: Sylvia Plath, Martin Scorsese, Seth MacFarlane, Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway 

Mercury in Sagittarius

Comprehension Style: finding a higher sense of truth

Favorite Conversations: metaphysical or philosophical topics, tales of great adventures, jokes and humor

Being a Mercury in Sagittarius person means that you have the mental perspective of an eager student, whether you’re still actually enrolled in school or not. You will readily absorb all of the knowledge around you, but you do so with the intent of really growing and evolving as a person. The knowledge that you take in needs to be something that you feel can advance you spiritually. Sagittarius Mercury can be sort of bored with the more coldly intellectual sides of the learning process. But, once you feel like you’re learning something that you truly expand you, you’ll be fired up with enthusiasm. That being said, sometimes you might be too idealistic regarding what you learn. You believe in your ideas and thoughts so fervently that you can take it very personally when they’re questioned.

You don’t spend too much time questioning what you believe, as well as what you say, which is why you can be so unfiltered in your communication style. For a Mercury in Sagittarius, if you think it, then it’s something that just needs to be said. Other birth chart influences can modify this, but you’re not going to enjoy holding back your thoughts and opinions for too long. However, as much as this might step on other people’s toes, just as many people can find this utter candor very refreshing. The manner in which you interact with others can make you seem like a free-spirited sage, always dispensing the kernels of knowledge you’ve learned on your life’s journey. You seek to enlighten those around you, as well as to be enlightened. Sagittarius Mercury people have a sense of humor that’s very big. You can be clownish, unashamed to get silly as well as laugh as freely and as loudly as you desire. 
Famous Mercury in Sagittarius Minds: Jimi Hendrix, Ted Turner, Steven Spielberg, Bettle Midler, Ben Stiller

Mercury in Capricorn

Comprehension Style: letting it all happen in due time

Favorite Conversations: future plans and goals, giving or receiving good advice, ways to elevate one’s self

With Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, there’s no sense of wasted time when it comes to your comprehension style. You see the task of “getting it” as a goal to not be rushed or taken lightly. This is what makes you very serious in your approach to whatever information you’re faced with. Your mental outlook is mature and dedicated. You’ll seek to come to conclusions, opinions, and ideas that are well-informed and constructive. The rational outweighs the irrational in your thought patterns, which doesn’t make you wildly intelligent, necessarily, but makes you highly effective. However, with Capricorn Mercury people, there can be too much emphasis on being effective, which can crush a certain amount of confidence in yourself as well as your ability to act on your ideas freely and fluidly.

When you’re younger, people might get the idea that they’re speaking to someone much older. Capricorn Mercury communicates in a way that can be impressively mature. But, sometimes, you might take yourself too seriously whenever you’re speaking to other people, leading to a certain rigidity and a closed-off quality in your conversations. You might become intolerant of any subject matter you see as frivolous or unnecessary. If you can learn to loosen up, you can make excellent company. Having Mercury in Capricorn means that a great deal of your conversations will be geared toward whatever’s going to help you move up, not just professionally but also personally and maybe even spiritually. You always know you have a ways to go. And, believe it or not, your sense of humor can be excellent. Maybe a bit dry for some, but it’s sophisticated and tuned into the weightier sides of life.
Famous Mercury in Capricorn Minds: Elvis Presley, Aaliyah, Brad Pitt, Ellen Degeneres, Kid Rock

Mercury in Aquarius

Comprehension Style: from the outside looking in

Favorite Conversations: bizarre or offbeat subjects, societal/technological advances, the human condition

Mercury in Aquarius gives you a mind that is very advanced, to the degree of true brilliance. It’s sort of lofty to call this a “genius” position, but it gives you the potential to be intellectually gifted, to some degree. You’ve got some accelerated, electrified brainwaves going on in there, which can manifest in ways that are very offbeat or just plain odd. The truth is that you just see the world much differently than most of us, which results in lots of sudden intellectual insights and ideas. Aquarius Mercury has the mental perspective of being on the outside looking in. There’s a desire here to advance the world around you with your insights, yet you can also be surprisingly stubborn for such an open-minded person. You’ll go as far as to rebel when your unique mind isn’t valued or tolerated.

You often communicate with people in ways that are eccentric or quirky. It might just be because you have your own idiosyncratic ways of speaking and verbalizing things. But, if you take it to extremes, people might see you as some sort of weird crank. Not that you’ll care all that much, though. In fact, as interested in other people as Aquarius Mercury is, there’s a curious detachment in the manner in which you communicate. Often times, it seems like you could be talking to anyone, maybe even yourself. You can be like that eccentric scientist or artist, wrapped up in his own brilliance, talking to himself. Yet, you are still deeply fascinated in other people, as well as the world around you. Anything that keeps you engaged with the world’s currents. With Mercury in Aquarius, it goes without saying that your sense of humor can be, well, different. But, being so left-center is often what makes you so funny.
Famous Mercury in Aquarius Minds: Christian Bale, Oprah Winfrey, Drew Barrymore, Bill Maher, Norman Mailer

Mercury in Pisces

Comprehension Style: soaking it up like a sponge

Favorite Conversations: the occult or spirituality, empathizing with others, dreams and fantasies

Mercury in Pisces people can have a difficult time experiencing true mental clarity. Often times, if you have this position, it’ll seem like such a thing doesn’t really exist. Your brain operates like a sponge, which can obviously be great for absorbing certain information. But, you might not know how to control and limit just how much you absorb and when. This isn’t just pertaining to intellectual data, but the thoughts and feelings of people around you. Pisces Mercury is flooded with all of this information, but this can be your greatest gift if you learn how to ground and channel it. You have an ability to dissolve all the little rational limitations that most other people’s brains operate by and access a level of comprehension and understanding that is truly transcendent.

The downside of this can be the fact that you don’t often know what you’re thinking, as the line between what someone else’s thoughts and yours can be nonexistent at times, Pisces Mercury. Even if you can recognize these boundaries more clearly, you find yourself easily shifting your ideas and thoughts to blend in with someone else’s. You can cast a real spell in your communications, only to leave people terribly disillusioned when they realize how they’ve been manipulated. Being so tapped into others’ feelings, as well as so keen on illusion, can make it all too easy for you to do this. However, the plus side is that Mercury in Pisces can make you an excellent shoulder to cry on for other people. Your sense of humor might be very subtle or even, at times, secret or hidden. It emerges in very imaginative ways, maybe as if you’re playing some character or lost in some dream world of yours. 
Famous Mercury in Pisces Minds: Johnny Cash, Chaka Khan, Elton John, Heath Ledger, Norah Jones

Jennifer Lawrence - Astrological Profile

Jennifer Lawrence was recently ranked as the most powerful actress in Hollywood by Forbes Magazine. Quite an accomplishment for a young woman from Kentucky who’s only been in the public consciousness for a good handful of years now, ever since her breakthrough performance in 2010’s “Winter’s Bone.” Now she’s an Oscar-winner (Best Actress for 2012’s “Silver Linings Playbook”) as well as the youngest three-time nominee to date (she received a Best Actress nomination for “Winter’s Bone” and a Best Supporting Actress nod for 2013’s “American Hustle”).

She’s also the star of the mega-successful “The Hunger Games” franchise, leading the second installment in the series, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, to become the highest-grossing film of 2013. And, of course, she’s just as well-known for that ultra-funny, feisty charm of hers, winning over the public in droves with her personality as much as her acting skills. Jennifer’s awesome talent, appeal, and attractiveness have captivated the world. But, what is the astrological driving force behind all of that?

She was born Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, the youngest of three children, to Gary and Karen Lawrence in Louisville, Kentucky on August 15, 1990 at 8:17 PM. This makes her a Leo Sun with the Moon in Gemini and Aquarius Rising. Having her Sun (sense of self), Moon (emotional nature), and Rising Sign (appearance/persona) all in such socially appealing signs explains why she’s made such a powerful impact on the public.

It’s her Aquarius Ascendant that allows her to set herself apart from the pack of other young Hollywood starlets, even if she doesn’t really try to. Aquarius is free-spirited and detached from the conventional expectations of the people around them. From the beginning, Jennifer has displayed a wild-card ability to veer from the carefully coached script that most actors follow when being interviewed. Throwing bland chit-chat and pretentious talk about acting out the window, Aquarius-style, Jennifer immediately established a persona (Rising Sign) for herself as being an actress who you can truly expect the unexpected from.

Some of her most quotable interview sound-bites consist of stalking Meryl Streep, feeling like an overexcited Chihuahua that has to pee on the Red Carpet, an unabashed passion for food which led her to order McDonald’s at the Academy Awards, a great love of bad reality television, and her horrible dancing abilities, just to name a few. Jennifer cuts right through the glamour and the gloss, projecting a highly accessible personality with her Aquarius Rising’s irreverence and complete lack of airs. This is what makes Aquarius so popular and the I’m-just-like-you attitude of Jennifer’s Ascendant allows her to establish a viscerally relatable connection with her fans.

The Midheaven is in Sagittarius in her chart. As the Midheaven represents our reputation in the world and how we’re widely known, it’s no coincidence that Jennifer’s public image so strongly correlates with the unfiltered, goofy, clumsy traits of Sagittarius. The Midheaven and Ascendant are always going to be in similar signs (either the same Element, same Quality, or compatible Elements), allowing them to work together interchangeably, letting the one-on-one impressions (Ascendant) we make on people collectively form our reputation (Midheaven).

Her free-spirited Aquarius Ascendant is what fuels the irrepressible fire of that Sagittarius Midheaven, ensuring there’s never a dull moment during just about any Jennifer Lawrence public appearance. Count on her to trip (like she did at the Oscars two years in a row), tell some crazy tale, or inevitably put her foot in her mouth. The good fortune of her Midheaven also shone down on her when she just happened to be discovered in New York when she was 14, with no prior acting experience. She fell into acting just as she falls anywhere else and still hasn’t taken any formal training. It’s also notable that her iconic character Katniss from “The Hunger Games” is a fierce young huntress highly skilled in archery. Sagittarius is the archer. Certainly no coincidence.

But, opposing that offbeat Aquarius Rising is her 7th House Leo Sun, opposite her Ascendant. In spite of the fact that she refreshingly lacks that diva attitude, Jennifer’s clearly got some mighty reserves of self-confidence. But, with the Sun being in the 7th House, which rules fair and harmonious relations, Jennifer has a greater ability to keep the arrogance of her Sun sign in check more so than many other Leos. Most Sun in Leo folks, in spite of their cockiness, do have a desire to make people feel good and like they can take on the world. With this placement in the 7th House, that becomes even more pronounced, making Jennifer a real cheerleader who can make anybody feel like a superstar. She still pursues her place in the sun, but just in a much less aggressive and in-your-face manner.

Being a Leo Sun is also what has given her the necessary determination and willpower to make it and keep going in such a tough industry, reinforced by the Sun’s tight square to her Mars (the planet of drive) in Taurus, making her a competitive young woman, even if that’s just directed toward herself. Mars opposite intense Pluto and trine hard-working Saturn only enhances her firm determination and grit. Many have commented on her subtle air of formidable strength and power, which helped her play roles like Katniss and the tough, tenacious Ree from "Winter's Bone." Having Venus in Leo accentuates her charisma and makes her the kind of individual who just can’t help but stand out from a crowd. Sun and Venus in Leo usually gives the individual an abundance of personality and a light that just brilliantly shines through.

Jennifer’s very strong connection to her family can be traced to her Gemini Moon in the 4th House, which symbolizes one’s roots. Having the Moon here increases the sentimentality and emotional depth of the Moon sign, even if it’s in traditionally detached Gemini. This is the sign of the siblings and Jennifer’s rough and tumble yet oddly affectionate relationship with her two older brothers is well-known. Jen’s Gemini Moon is also evident in her ability to talk, talk, talk in interviews, sharing entertaining anecdotes and easily engaging in sharp-witted banter with her interviewers. There’s a highly nervous, wired energy to this placement that’s only amplified by the square to Jennifer’s equally nervous, wired Mercury (the communication planet) in Virgo. It’s a recipe for a real livewire.

The actress has opened up about the intense anxiety that’s plagued her since childhood, which had her placed on medication during her adolescent years. It wasn’t until she started acting that she found an outlet for all of that energy, but it still troubles her at times during the more stressful aspects of her job. She frequently admits to suffering from overactive nerves, especially during public appearances. Because they are taught to be so emotionally aware and available, actors’ Moon signs are usually very apparent, especially in how they go about their work. The nature of Lawrence’s Gemini Moon rises easily to the surface, via the sense of humor she so easily falls back on when feeling nervous as well as the quicksilver manner in which she does her work.

David O. Russell, the director of “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle” who’s come to see Lawrence as his modern-day muse, stated how taken back he was at the lightning-fast immediacy in which Jennifer was able to jump in and out of a scene, accessing a wide range of emotions in the blink of an eye and then going right back to being her normal self, as if it were nothing. But, this is her dualistic Gemini Moon sign at play. Anyone who is well-acquainted with this Moon sign can tell you that it doesn’t take much for them to “become someone else” so fast that it can make your head spin. Jennifer brilliantly channels this changeability into her acting.

It’s only been a few years, but most predict that you can count on Lawrence to be around for quite some time. Not only is she too talented not to be, but she provokes too unique of a response from her public. With Uranus, the chart ruler, dignified in the 11th house (it’s home placement), it seems like fame is going to be an integral part of Lawrence’s life for a very long time to come.