Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mercury in Aries

Comprehension Style: shoot first, ask questions later

Favorite Conversations: monologues, impassioned rants, arguments (both friendly and heated)

Having Mercury in Aries means that your brain is on fire. It can be a signifier of a sharp intelligence, as you have an instinctive ability to get right to the heart of the information in a way that not many people can. You’re extremely quick mentally, but this might also lead you to become impatient or to feel like you have all the answers. Often times, you might be too quick for your own good, jumping to your own conclusions without the facts that, sometimes, prove those conclusions to be wrong. However, being “wrong” isn’t something that crosses your mind too often. Not to say that you’re arrogant, necessarily. But, Aries Mercury would much rather just follow their own ideas and thoughts, speaking whatever’s on their mind and letting the chips fall wherever they may.

People don’t usually have to guess what you’re thinking because you’ll tell them. Mercury in Aries has a very direct manner of communication that can be startling to some who prefer the more soft-sell approach. You speak with great passion, force, and liveliness, even when you’re talking about your trip to the grocery store. Because your thought patterns are so impassioned, you can easily get wrapped up in what you’re saying, interrupting or even bulldozing people in your conversations, often without realizing it. You don’t mind turning up the temperature whenever you speak and the other person needs to be able to stand the heat. It’s usually quite harmless on your part, anyway. Aries Mercury gives you a bawdy, brassy sense of humor. With your straight-shooting bluntness, your hilarity stems from the nerve it takes to say half the things that come out of your mouth. 
Famous Mercury in Aries Minds: Albert Einstein, Quentin Tarantino, Rosario Dawson, Diana Ross, William Shakespeare

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  1. Wayman,

    Is the above explanation of Mercury in Aries the same as one with Mercury rx in Aries?