Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mercury in Capricorn

Comprehension Style: letting it all happen in due time

Favorite Conversations: future plans and goals, giving or receiving good advice, ways to elevate one’s self

With Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, there’s no sense of wasted time when it comes to your comprehension style. You see the task of “getting it” as a goal to not be rushed or taken lightly. This is what makes you very serious in your approach to whatever information you’re faced with. Your mental outlook is mature and dedicated. You’ll seek to come to conclusions, opinions, and ideas that are well-informed and constructive. The rational outweighs the irrational in your thought patterns, which doesn’t make you wildly intelligent, necessarily, but makes you highly effective. However, with Capricorn Mercury people, there can be too much emphasis on being effective, which can crush a certain amount of confidence in yourself as well as your ability to act on your ideas freely and fluidly.

When you’re younger, people might get the idea that they’re speaking to someone much older. Capricorn Mercury communicates in a way that can be impressively mature. But, sometimes, you might take yourself too seriously whenever you’re speaking to other people, leading to a certain rigidity and a closed-off quality in your conversations. You might become intolerant of any subject matter you see as frivolous or unnecessary. If you can learn to loosen up, you can make excellent company. Having Mercury in Capricorn means that a great deal of your conversations will be geared toward whatever’s going to help you move up, not just professionally but also personally and maybe even spiritually. You always know you have a ways to go. And, believe it or not, your sense of humor can be excellent. Maybe a bit dry for some, but it’s sophisticated and tuned into the weightier sides of life.
Famous Mercury in Capricorn Minds: Elvis Presley, Aaliyah, Brad Pitt, Ellen Degeneres, Kid Rock

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