Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mercury in Gemini

Comprehension Style: multiple tracks running at once

Favorite Conversations: chit-chat, random topics, intellectual subject matter

Mercury in Gemini is an exceptionally well-placed position for Mercury. Your brain is highly active and a seemingly infinite container of information. This information, though, is often of the most random sort. A lot of people with this placement are like Jeopardy contestants, spitting out obscure facts about everything from ancient history to science to pop culture to politics. Any available knowledge will be readily consumed by you. Your brain seems to be able to be in three different places at once, making you that person who can juggle a whirlwind of tasks without blinking an eye. Sometimes, this can compromise your level of mental focus and commitment, though. Gemini Mercury gets too easily bored when something or someone stops being so stimulating and fascinating.

Still, this is what allows you to be a very fascinating conversationalist. There are often two types of Mercury Gemini people: the extremely intellectual ones who impress others with their well-read, articulate natures and the extremely wired ones who are just as highly intelligent as the first but more geared toward more frivolous conversation. Of course, since this sign is so dualistic, many people with position can be both types. A talk with you can veer from sociology and classic literature to the scandalous adventures of your next-door neighbor. Yes, you can be a real gossip, but it all stems from your insatiable curiosity. At least, that’s the excuse we’ll let you use. Gemini Mercury individuals usually have extremely sharp, clever wits. Your intelligent knack for word-play and irony as well as your quick observation of everything around you can make you one of the funniest people around.
Famous Mercury in Gemini Minds: Meryl Streep, Prince, Tupac Shakur, Cate Blanchett, Paul McCartney

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