Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mercury in Sagittarius

Comprehension Style: finding a higher sense of truth

Favorite Conversations: metaphysical or philosophical topics, tales of great adventures, jokes and humor

Being a Mercury in Sagittarius person means that you have the mental perspective of an eager student, whether you’re still actually enrolled in school or not. You will readily absorb all of the knowledge around you, but you do so with the intent of really growing and evolving as a person. The knowledge that you take in needs to be something that you feel can advance you spiritually. Sagittarius Mercury can be sort of bored with the more coldly intellectual sides of the learning process. But, once you feel like you’re learning something that you truly expand you, you’ll be fired up with enthusiasm. That being said, sometimes you might be too idealistic regarding what you learn. You believe in your ideas and thoughts so fervently that you can take it very personally when they’re questioned.

You don’t spend too much time questioning what you believe, as well as what you say, which is why you can be so unfiltered in your communication style. For a Mercury in Sagittarius, if you think it, then it’s something that just needs to be said. Other birth chart influences can modify this, but you’re not going to enjoy holding back your thoughts and opinions for too long. However, as much as this might step on other people’s toes, just as many people can find this utter candor very refreshing. The manner in which you interact with others can make you seem like a free-spirited sage, always dispensing the kernels of knowledge you’ve learned on your life’s journey. You seek to enlighten those around you, as well as to be enlightened. Sagittarius Mercury people have a sense of humor that’s very big. You can be clownish, unashamed to get silly as well as laugh as freely and as loudly as you desire. 
Famous Mercury in Sagittarius Minds: Jimi Hendrix, Ted Turner, Steven Spielberg, Bettle Midler, Ben Stiller

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