Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mercury in Taurus

Comprehension Style: one step at a time

Favorite Conversations: everyday events, recurring talks, affectionate and soothing conversations

With Mercury in Taurus, your brain operates in a way that is slow and steady. It’s not to say that you’re mentally slow, necessarily, though many with this placement can give off that impression. It’s just that you take more than enough time to completely process every bit of information that comes your way. Taurus Mercury has a very practical manner of thought, always seeking the most reasonable conclusion. Once you finally reach this conclusion, then that’s it. It’s set in stone and no one can really change your mind. Why? Because, after your ideas have gone through all the levels of consideration in your head, you’re too convinced that it’s the right idea to change your mind. The thing is, though, that your thoughts and ideas are often extremely sensible and well thought out.

But, this is also the source of your extremely stubborn manner of communicating with others. No one’s ever going to make you budge. Many Taurus Mercury people don’t like any sorts of debates whatsoever. There’s no such thing as a debate for you. Your mind is already made up, which might leave the people around you feeling both breathless and hopeless in their attempts to change your mind. This position doesn’t make you an aggressive communicator, unless other birth chart factors interfere. You’re low-key in your speaking style and want to keep things nice and easy. Conversation should be soothing and relaxing for you. Mercury in Taurus can gain a lot of satisfaction from hearing the same stories repeatedly. It might bore others but it’s comforting to you. You have a great sense of humor that’s earthy and laidback. You simply love the pleasure of laughing and making others laugh. 
Famous Mercury in Taurus Minds: Penelope Cruz, Daniel Day Lewis, Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, George Clooney 

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