Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mercury in Virgo

Comprehension Style: putting all the pieces together

Favorite Conversations: areas of expertise, tackling an issue, learning something useful

Mercury in Virgo is usually highly intelligent. In fact, lots of people with this placement qualify as intellectually gifted on some level. You have a pure ability to just put everything together. It’s not only due to your combination of sharp intellect and earthy common sense, but an almost preternatural knack for spotting little details most people miss. Your findings seem simple to you, but your clarity often amazes others. This hawk-eyed ability to hone in on every little thing can make you very critical of everything and everyone, including yourself. But, when properly channeled, it’s a real gift. Your brain works like a fast-running computer, discovering, storing, and organizing endless data in order to be used for later. Needless to say, Virgo Mercury has formidable brainpower.

Because of this, people who aren’t as sharp or as articulate can feel slightly “less than” when speaking to you. This is never your intention and would make you laugh, as you too often underestimate your smarts. Sometimes, you can be a regular smart-ass, rarely hesitating to correct someone or dish out some sharp-tongued sarcasm. You aren’t trying to be mean or harsh, usually. Mercury in Virgo just can’t ignore the holes in people’s speech, including their own. You can be really talkative once you get going, but you’ll never be full of hot air. You always know or want to know what you’re talking about. Thus, people often feel like they’ve just learned something new when speaking to you. Virgo Mercury people are extremely funny, but in a very wry or sardonic way. You’re incredibly quick-witted and adept with words, making you sound like a professional joke writer at times. 
Famous Mercury in Virgo Minds: Steve Carrell, Madonna, Alfred Hitchcock, Jennifer Lawrence, Ray Charles

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