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Sun in Virgo People: The Servants - Part One

Alright, my Leo friends. You’ve had your time in the spotlight. The Sun now moves into Virgo season, transitioning from the pizazz and passion of Sun in Leo to the grounded, unassuming efficiency of the Sun in Virgo. As each sign can be seen as an evolution from the preceding one, this is a time for cleaning up the big, fabulous party that Leo just threw and getting back down to the basics. And for those who are born in between August 23 and September 22, this is a central, life-long motivation. It might not be so fun and glamorous, but someone’s got to do it.

The Sun is the planet that symbolizes our life force, will, and overriding motivations in life. This Sun sign series of mine is a way to get people to understand and appreciate their Sun sign more. In astrological circles, this can often be a challenge for some. It’s all too easy for some to gripe about the less-than-stellar attributes of our Sun sign. Some people more readily claim their Moon sign or their Rising. This is a significant indicator that someone isn’t in a place of self-acceptance, as the Sun sign does, after all, represent your core identity. If you can’t own your Sun sign, then you can’t really be yourself.

Beyonce Knowles: Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon
Sun in Virgo people are often some of the most vocal astrology devotees you’ll come across. This is a highly skeptical sign, yet one that easily comes around when provided with ample evidence of something. Once they get into it, the strong correlation between people’s birth charts and their character is logical enough to make a Virgo come around. More than any other Virgo placement, you’ll find Virgo Sun displaying a certain pride in their sign’s qualities. The Sun has little false modesty and you’ll often hear people openly admitting to their Sun sign traits, sometimes with an air of self-satisfaction or boasting, even if they’re not knowledgeable in astrology. For Virgo, this means a certain boasting about their Virgin nature (meaning the symbol of the sign, of course). But, they can also be excessively self-conscious about the high standards that they always measure themselves up to.

Let’s just do some deconstructing around the sign of Virgo. The one-note stereotypes of every sign surely produce some eye-rolls within those who have that Sun sign, who are influenced by countless other signs and placements within their birth chart. Not all Sun in Virgo people are the obsessive-compulsive perfectionists of lore. Not exactly, anyway. I’ve already written a piece on this blog, Virgo: The Virgin-Whore, that shows the duality and complexity of Virgo placements. But, let’s focus on the Sun placement right now. One cannot necessarily expect for a Sun in Virgo person to be a shy, retiring individual whose life is all about work and perfection. We have to find a shade of grey for all of these Sun signs, instead of making them into one-dimensional cartoon archetypes.

We can see much of the conventional Virgo qualities in both Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowles, who were born under this Sun sign. While Michael was alive, he displayed that famous Virgo perfectionism, pouring every bit of sweat, effort, time, and ingenuity possible into his incredible live performances and his hit albums. Beyonce takes after the man whom she calls one of her biggest inspirations, never content with being anything less than her absolute best. With other Virgo placements, especially the Moon or Venus, this attitude is more inward-turning. But, with the yang-fueled, outward-shining Sun in Virgo, this perfectionism becomes a way of establishing a sense of one’s self. In doing so, Michael and Beyonce became the most indelible, influential pop icons of their generations.

However, though fans might be driven into a frenzy by their fierce, supremely confident stage personas, such behavior was in stark contrast to the shy, quiet personalities they displayed whenever they weren’t performing. Soft-spoken and retiring when not on stage, these two performers symbolize an underappreciated chameleonic ability within Sun in Virgo. They adhere to whatever protocol that they find themselves in, whether that’s on the job or within a group of people. They – like all the Mutable signs – are inherently changeable. If they are a performer who needs to be flashy and expressive on-stage, then they will be. If they need to be practical and efficient, then they will be. It’s all about serving the practical demands of a situation. This is why not all Virgos will be so stereotypically anal-retentive and reserved. They often know such behavior just isn’t really necessary.

When speaking about Sun signs, you often get more examples of those who defy the stereotypes in nuanced ways than those who conform to them. Plenty of Virgos are known for being anything but prim and proper. Consider the brazenly raunchy comedians Louis CK and Dave Chappelle, the highly outspoken pop superstar Pink, the irrepressibly sassy Salma Hayek and the colorful goofball antics of Cameron Diaz. All of them throw those Virgin stereotypes out the window, at least on the surface. Like I said, we usually get a shade of grey with Sun signs. While these famous folks might not play out their Sun in Virgo in stereotypical ways, but they all display the fact that an exacting nature is the core characteristic of just about every person with this Sun sign. This will be expressed in various ways. For the aforementioned folks, it’s through an ability to say exactly what they’re thinking, usually hitting the nail right on the head with their intelligent observations.

Louis CK: Virgo Sun/Capricorn Moon

Virgo is one of the most opinionated and outspoken signs, possibly even rivaling Aries or Sagittarius. The difference is that they usually have a filter. Even if they have personal planets in Aries or Sagittarius, they usually know exactly what they’re saying. This isn’t a sign that just speaks for the sake of speaking. They speak because they have something important to say. Often times, what they’re saying can come off as very critical, possibly to a harsh degree. But, usually, they aren’t trying to be harsh. It’s in the Sun in Virgo person’s nature to simply assess their environment and deliver feedback on how things could be altered or fixed. They see what’s wrong with a situation or a person very easily, just because they are innate fixers. This is the real root of those perfectionist tendencies. It’s not a case of ego, like other people’s perfectionism. Virgo just wants to get things right.

The Sun sign represents the relationship with our paternal parent-figure who played the major part in shaping our identity, in a dominant manner. It’s often the father, for those who grow up with a mom and dad, but can also be the single mom or, with two fathers, the more dominant dad. Sun in Virgo people typically have paternal figures who act as a high yardstick of perfectionism. In some cases, this is because the parent was a real taskmaster, an overt perfectionist who expected nothing less than greatness from their child. If they had three A’s on their report card, the parent singles in on the one B- instead. This behavior can escalate to a stage-parent degree, where they might be rather harsh or micromanaging. However, the paternal figure can also be perfectly kind and reasonable yet someone who the Sun in Virgo child still looks up to as an standard of greatness. They model themselves after this parent, in one way or another, seeing their behavior as a strict code of rules and ethics to live by.

But, the flip side of this paternal figure can be that the Virgo Sun feels like they are always playing supporting to their parent’s lead. This parent is often taking up a lot of space and attention because of their perceived greatness, which can leave their child feeling sort of unnoticed or unappreciated in comparison. It might not be intentional. It might just be because the parent naturally has a large personality or is a huge achiever. Our Sun sign traits often develop as a willful reaction against our paternal figure, who is usually quite different than this sign’s energy. This sense of self emerges as we learn how to interact with and deal with him or her. Thus, Virgo often grows up feeling quite insignificant, in comparison to this parent. But, they also learn ways to make themselves indispensable to them. Virgo Sun tends to be more practical and efficient than this parent and develops a relationship with them that is like a personal assistant, constantly reminding them to get this done and to not forget this.

The effect of this relationship goes two ways. First, Virgo Sun brings this pattern into all of their other relationships. People quickly come to depend on them because they’re used to being depended on. Not in the warm, fuzzy, nurturing ways that Cancers are used to being leaned on. It’s more in the way that everything would fall apart and cease to function without them. Virgo Sun often knows this, but it can lead to an incessant guilt-complex if they feel like they’re not living up to the standards that people expect of them. However, there can also be feelings of insecurity about just being a mere grain in the sand. The haunting belief that they are insignificant plagues Virgos more than most. All of this combines to make Virgo severely self-critical, which is a trait that must be let go of in order to really grow. They must learn to genuinely appreciate their contributions and to ease up on themselves.

Sun in Virgo People: The Servants - Part Two

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With the Sun sign, we find ways in which we can truly shine for the world. In this manner, the Sun in Virgo crowd is often divided up into two kinds of people. The first kind wants to elevate itself to a pedestal of perfection, using all of its formidable work ethic, dedication, and attention to detail in order to do so. The second kind doesn’t really want to shine at all, even when placed in situations in which they are out in the forefront. They are much more comfortable with others being in the spotlight and will demur or disregard themselves with self-deprecation when any sort of attention or praise comes their way. While Leo laps up those compliments, both types of Virgos respond to praise by telling you just how little they agree with you and how much they could better themselves.

Pink: Virgo Sun/Aries Moon
Though they are usually extremely driven and accomplish most of what they set out to, their attitude is not always beneficial for their self-esteem and self-confidence. For a Sun in Virgo person, the most difficult thing is learning how not to identify with their work. The idea that “what you do” and “who you are” are two separate things is something that’s especially hard for a Virgo to internalize. After all, the Sun is our identity and Virgo is the sign of work and service. Therefore, in their minds, they are what they do. In many ways, this isn’t such a bad thing. While unhealthy workaholic and self-critical attitudes should be avoided, it’s this exact attitude that should be used to propel a Virgo Sun into a line of work that is so meaningful that it’s truly their calling.

This can be a difficult attitude to develop for these folks, though, especially if they have no personal planets in Fire or Water. In this case, the bottom line will take precedence over imagination and passion. Virgo is a sign that all too easily gets caught in daily routines, especially if it’s all running smoothly. Yes, that job might be putting food in the fridge and paying the rent, which is certainly important. But, is it making you happy? This is often a hard question for ever-practical Virgo to ask him or herself. However, when they do, they can find the inner motivation to switch gears and dedicate themselves to something that’s truly worthwhile.

When a Virgo Sun is working a job that really makes them happy and fulfilled, then the fullness of their life force kicks in. There’s an inner confidence, joy, and creativity that they are then consumed by. Nothing makes them feel more personally empowered than the process of rolling up their sleeves and getting a job done, particularly when they enjoy the job. When they don’t, they can be outright miserable and nothing’s worse than a miserable Virgo. Because you’ll constantly hear them complaining about how miserable they are, criticizing everything around them. But, when they’re happy, a Virgo’s critical eye is then used constructively to accomplish tasks efficiently.

Since their identity is fueled by an attitude of service, then this is the way that Virgo Sun deals with everything and everyone, even when they’re off the clock. A common complaint about this Sun sign is that they sometimes come off as cold or unfeeling. But, this is just evidence of how people misunderstand the way Virgo functions. They are like the servers at a restaurant, completely willing to make sure your food is okay and get you a refill on your drink, etc. And when you have a problem, all they can do is figure out a way to solve it. If not, then they wouldn’t be doing you any good and wouldn’t able to get anything done. Unlike their opposite sign Pisces, it’s not Virgo’s function to get bogged down in and overwhelmed with other people’s feelings. Instead, they act as the helping hand to pull you out of that emotional swamp, clean you up, and push you forward.

Alexander Skarsgard: Virgo Sun/Leo Moon
Their value of efficiency extends into the bedroom. It’s been said numerous times before that the Virgo’s symbol – the Virgin – was terribly misunderstood by past astrologers. Modern astrology experts now realize the irony of the title. This is not the Virgin who’s sexually inexperienced, but the mythic Virgins of ancient times who remained unmarried and freely served as agents of sexual healing and ecstasy for the men who entered into their temple. Our solar Virgins embody the same sort of dichotomy. They are both highly sexual and highly pure, in some manner or another. Some are reserved in their sexual life, saving their ultra-powerful sensuality for that special person (and then subsequently unleashing on the unsuspecting guy or girl). Others with this Sun sign can be downright promiscuous, living out their sign’s archetype by jumping from bed to bed but remaining possessed by no one. In either case, sex becomes a deeply healing force, getting them further in touch with their bodies.

Virgo is an Earth sign, which symbolizes physicality, meaning that those with this sign really need to feel like their bodies are a smoothly running ship. If not, their sense of self suffers. This is why sex is so important, as it’s a routine bodily release that makes Virgo Sun feel healthy. Sex is really just like going to the bathroom for a Virgo. They enjoy sex but they are very unfazed about it as it’s just another natural physical phenomenon to them. But, because of this, going too long without sex for Virgo is akin to going too long without using the toilet. It just backs up their energy. Eating right and exercise is also vitally important to a Virgo Sun because of their high physical awareness. They won’t really “feel like themselves” if their diet and fitness regimen isn’t on-point. This kind of regularity is the essential, defining factor of a Virgo. If they tend to it, they’ll be able to find themselves.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries: You are all about getting things done and with as little fuss as possible. You’re not one to mince words and people always know that they’re going to get your honest opinion when they ask.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus: You’re the Virgin with the deepest connection to your body and you must properly nurture this mind-body link. Incredibly pragmatic and intelligent, you know how to put your skills to good use.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Gemini: An intense restlessness drives you from day-to-day, making you as curious as you are high-strung. You make an excellent organizer, as working well with your hands is a gift of yours.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer: Though you hide your feelings well, you’re a real caregiver with a deep desire to comfort and heal others. Stress brings out your worst moods so try not to dwell on the worries.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Leo: You expect the world from yourself and then some, but you have the drive to go out and get it. Unasked-for advice is constantly coming out of your mouth but most know that you mean well.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo: Arguably the most well-oiled machine of all the Virgins, you need to remind yourself that you’re a person, too. Realize that even a mediocre effort from you is better than some people’s best work.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra: You’re extremely thoughtful toward people, but easily get disappointed when others aren’t as considerate. Your mind is balanced and objective, always weighing the outcomes before acting.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio: You have the drive of an obsessed detective, leaving no stone unturned when your interest is piqued. Your perceptions are razor-sharp which may lead you to hit where it hurts when provoked.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius: Saying whatever is on your mind comes naturally to you, whether people want to hear it or not. Knowledge is your passion and you use it to constantly expand your view of the world.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn: Unlike many people, you don’t work for personal glory but for a pure dedication to what you do. You’re much more sensitive than people know but hide it for the sake of efficiency.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius: You might have obsessive quirks or habits that are quite eccentric, but there’s a method to the madness. People find you detached but your lack of ego makes you friendly and approachable.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces: Though you consciously know that you need to set limits in helping people, your deep empathy can make it difficult. You find it very easy to serve others and seem to just know what people need.

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Honoring Your Venus

Venus is probably the hardest planet in our birth chart for us to fully appreciate. In spite of what those age-old astrology stereotypes often tell you, both men and women can struggle with totally owning and properly expressing their Venus sign’s energy, in one way or other. Why is this? Well, Venus is the symbol of our personal attractiveness. Out of all the personal planets, Venus is the one that’s (seemingly) most dependent on the approval of others. Our identities (Sun), our moods (Moon), and our actions (Mars) can be judged but these are facets of ourselves that are more likely to operate outside of the validation of other people. But, being attractive can feel like it’s completely in the hands of someone else. In some ways, it is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

However, it’s this grain of truth that can distort our Venus into an expression of insecurity. We all have major issues around our personal attractiveness that we need to overcome, in some sense. The reason for this is cultural. We are constantly bombarded with images of perfection: not only physically but as far as “the whole package.” We have these ideals of the perfect man or woman shoved in our faces, both overtly and subliminally, through magazines, film, television, advertisements. We distort our Venus when we buy into these superficial images and standards and expect a) ourselves to live up to them and b) others, especially our significant others, to live up to them. This is the shallow end of Venus that will never be truly satisfying.

A planet can express itself in a variety of ways. When our Venus strives desperately for external beauty and validations of its beauty, then this is when we get the negative archetypal behavior of this planet: narcissistic mirror-gazing, obsessions with materialism, gold-digging, seeing a partner as a trophy rather than a real person. All twelve of the Venus signs can display this kind of behavior in their own ways. But, it’s all fundamentally linked to a lack of inner substance and true self-worth. This is what our Venus also stands for: how we value ourselves.

It can be tough to genuinely value yourself in a society that’s constantly telling you what’s attractive. Body image issues are often linked to our Venus and this can be as much of a problem for men as it is for women. Just like women can feel insecure by needing to live up to the standard of impossibly thin supermodels, men can feel insecure by feeling pressured to look like the ultra-buff guys on fitness magazines. It’s all quite ridiculous. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are countless different definitions of what’s sexy, beautiful, or attractive. What turns one person on isn’t necessarily going to turn on the next and that’s okay. Yet, our culture still has issues completely embracing this diversity of images. This is what can make it so difficult to honor our Venus. We often try to fit it into a mold of what we think it should be, instead of letting it just be.

What’s the side effect of such insecurity? Well, Venus might be a peaceful, loving goddess but push her too far and she’ll have her revenge. How does she do this? Through an act of irony that often escapes us. The harder we try to make ourselves attractive to others, the less appealing we actually are. The passive quality of the planet Venus means that we don’t need to try and exert this energy on to the world, even if it’s in a Fire or Air sign. This only causes disaster as this isn’t Venus’ natural function, just like it’s equally disastrous to let our active Mars sign go dormant. Venus only exists to exist, to be appreciated and valued. If you don’t appreciate her beauty, then just look elsewhere. It’s like a painting in a museum. It’s simply exhibited, allowing others to naturally come to it.

However, when we go over-the-top with our Venus, becoming vain, desperate, or aggressive with our expression of this sign, then it has the opposite effect. It simply repels; the flip-side of this planet’s Law of Attraction. It doesn’t matter what the outer package is. In fact, this is the contradictory influence of a dishonored or distorted Venus. Even if the surface is nice and pretty, there’s an ugly old hag lying beneath the surface, just waiting to be unmasked. It’s the classic example of the physically attractive person who’s hollow, shallow, selfish, or even cruel and cold on the inside. Such a revelation will send potential suitors running for the hills.

An unfulfilled Venus doesn’t just negatively affect us. It also negatively affects how we relate to other people, as well. When your Venus is self-confident and sure of its own worth, then you’re charming, relatable, engaging, and relaxed. When it’s the opposite, then that green-eyed monster of jealousy will rear its ugly head. After all, why was that Evil Queen so pissed at Snow White? Because she was so insecure, in spite of her power, that she had to ask, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” When she didn’t receive the answer she was looking for – that she was the fairest – then she took it out on Snow White, who did absolutely nothing wrong to her.

You can see this distorted Venus principle at work in our society when you consider the envy that people attract just by being good-looking, talented, or successful. Soon enough, quite a few “friends” will whisper bitterly behind that person’s back that they’re not so great, after all. Just go on the Internet and look up enough information about some high-profile celebrity. See how many total strangers say awful things about this person, who they’ve never even met and who’s never done anything to them, besides seeming to “have it all.” It’s the ugly part of human nature, as well as an individual sign that someone is not honoring themselves properly. The cliché must be said, as it’s very true: when you feel good enough about yourself, then you don’t need to tear anyone else down.

Essentially, this is what Venus is all about. Though it’s often about how we look good to others, we need to turn that focus inward and make Venus more about how we feel good within our own skins. This can be a difficult lesson to learn. Not only do human beings naturally want approval but we all have a deep-seated need to be attractive and attract a mate that pretty much dominates our entire adult awareness. This is perfectly fine, just as long as we focus on how we’re considering ourselves attractive. When we make it less about looks, body, and clothes and more about our inner sense of ease, pleasure, and self-worth, then we’re establishing a more stable sense of our own attractiveness. It’s a state that no one can really take away from us.

In doing this, you honor your Venus. You must turn inward and enter into her temple, finding ways to please your particular Venus placement. Those with Venus in Virgo, for example, need good health and productivity in order to feel happy and comfortable in their skin. However, the full pursuit of our Venus’ pleasures often means going against cultural expectations and ideas and firmly sticking to our own values. The eat-anything-you-want lifestyle that society often unapologetically promotes is something that Virgo Venus needs to really avoid. These people are very health-conscious and have a certain “glow” about them when their diets are healthy and junk-free. More than most, eating right makes Virgo Venus more beautiful. People with Venus in this sign also often have a nerd-complex to get over. They can be too shy or self-critical about their intelligence to really own it. Though being a bookworm is not often seen as the coolest trait, being so smart is what ultimately makes Virgo Venus so attractive and sexy. Therefore, it’s a trait that must be accepted by themselves and allowed to totally shine through.

This process can be applied to all the signs. Venus in Scorpio has to learn to value their strong sexuality, without being plagued by cultural conditioning that it’s “dirty” or “naughty.” For Gemini Venus, valuing the fact that they’re first-class talkers and jokers, without letting the inhibited sourpusses of the world make them feel like they’re annoying for being so communicative and fun, is their challenge. The same applies for the house position of Venus, as well. With Venus in the 9th, value the joy that adventure and freedom brings your way. In the 12th, value imagination, compassion, and transcendence. We must fully enjoy the pleasure that our Venus sign and house have to bring into our lives. In short, we must be attracted to our Venus before anyone else can. When we really appreciate her, then she’ll bring riches to our lives. 

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Sun in Leo People: The Superstars - Part One

I’m starting a monthly tradition on this blog in which I will write up detailed Sun sign profiles for every sign, during the month that the Sun is in that sign. I’ll have to write up two for August: Leo and Virgo. But, let’s start with the sign that the Sun is in as I write: Leo. It’s particularly close to my heart and I’ll let you guess why. (If you’re stumped, the answer is because I am a Leo Sun)

I believe that it’s fitting for me to start this Sun sign series with Leo, as this is the sign that the Sun rules. I generally hate malefic and benefic labels in astrology because it does nothing but promote prejudice and bias. There is not one placement that’s better than the others. Traditionally, Sun in Leo is seen as the “dignified” placement for the Sun, because it’s in the sign that the planet rules (like all dignified planet placements). Though many people believe that this means that it’s easier for Leo Sun individuals to positively manifest their Sun, I’d have to disagree somewhat. In fact, I think dignified placements are not necessarily easier, but just make the themes and principles of the planet/sign much more of a preoccupation and driving force in a person’s life.

The Sun sign represents our spirit, life force, and overriding will. Being ruled by the sign, Leo possesses these qualities in spades. Those with their Sun in Leo are born from July 23 to August 22. Now, I will just say that Sun sign astrology generally makes me cringe, when not backed up by the importance of birth charts. It’s the kind of one-note drivel that gives astrology a bad rap to some people, making it seem like everyone’s divided into twelve personality archetypes. I do think the importance of the Sun sign, however, should never be overlooked. It’s always an unhealthy thing for people to say “I’m nothing like my Sun sign.” In saying that, you’re basically saying “I’m nothing like myself” and sacrificing all sense of identity. Before we can take care of others (Moon), find inner peace (Venus), or accomplish our goals (Mars), we must be centered in a strong sense of self and identity.

Charlize Theron: Leo Sun/Leo Moon
Since their Sun sign placement’s strength is doubled, this desire to find a sense of identity is heightened within all Sun in Leo people. Some might say it’s excessively heightened. Cue the clichéd descriptions of Leo Sun individuals being insufferably arrogant, self-absorbed, and attention-hungry. Well, it’s never so black and white. I’ve found that most people with this Sun sign placement are endearingly in the middle, to a certain degree.

Two of the biggest divas of our time – Madonna and Jennifer Lopez – have this placement, as did the late Whitney Houston. Their demanding behavior has been well-documented in the press, in a way that often screams Leo, in the not-so-great terms. But, hey, let’s not drag people through the mud. The fact that Madge and J. Lo are divas is something that most people accept and most of their fans love about them. Leo Sun people have a way of still being lovable even when they’re in ego-driven mode, the women especially. Besides, maybe sometimes they’re just not being divas and more so expressing a certain strength that wouldn’t be so talked about if they were men.

However, for every Leo diva, you get other Leo types who express a significantly more humble and down-to-earth persona. Hollywood is full of Leo Suns, but the list of the humble ones is often far lengthier than the diva ones. Daniel Radcliffe, Amy Adams, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, and Viola Davis are amongst the Leo Sun men and women who exemplify a more low-key and/or modest way of claiming their place in the spotlight. All of these actors are incredibly talented, as Leos usually are, especially in the arts, yet all of them are also known as being some of the most accessible, relatable individuals you ever could work with on a film set.

Still, even with the humble types, there is usually a tremendous self-regard that shouldn’t be underestimated. Deep down, just about every Leo thinks well of themselves or feels content with themselves, in some way. If you’ve met one who’s engaging in some pretty vicious self-deprecation, there’s often one of two reasons for this. Either a) the Leo is aware of how insecure some other people are and are consciously or unconsciously putting on an act of being terribly insecure (they are some of the best actors) in order to make others feel less threatened or b) the Leo is readily confessing their insecurities only so you can interject with plenty of praise, therefore transparently fishing for compliments.

Sun in Leo people can definitely make fun of themselves, as most of them don’t take themselves too seriously. And, like I said before, they can definitely be humble. But, there is a fiery core of high self-esteem going on in there. Even though they can convincingly rub elbows with the commoners, they have a secret and undying belief that they are different. If a healthy sense of self-esteem isn’t in there, the Leo will fake it ‘til they make it, resulting in the stereotypical kind of Lion or Lioness whose blatant cockiness and narcissism hides a wealth of insecurity.

Robert DeNiro: Leo Sun/Pisces Moon
What sparks off the journey for Leo? Well, the Sun sign begins forming and expressing itself around the age of seven, which is when our sense of self emerges. Now, many people say that the Sun sign represents the father. This needs to be altered in a couple of ways. First, not everyone grows up with a father. Some are raised with a single mom all their lives and some in a house with two mothers. Since this isn’t the 1950’s, we need to refigure our ideas of family and parenting. I will say that the Sun sign represents the relationship with the paternal parent or guardian. That is, the one who helped, intentionally or not, to shape your identity in more yang-driven ways, whether they are male or female. For many people, it will be the father. But, not for everyone.

Secondly, note the key difference in that I said the Sun sign represents the relationship with the paternal figure. It doesn’t actually represent that adult. It might when we’re still children – on both a literal and emotional level – as we’re too caught up in projecting to really own that Sun sign energy for ourselves. But, it always represents us, as well as how we interacted with our paternal figure, what we wanted from them, and the dynamics that proceeded to define that relationship.

They are often two types of paternal figures for the Sun in Leo person. The first is the parent who’s just not all that impressed, ever. As a child and maybe well into adulthood, the Leo offspring is constantly bending over backwards to impress this parent. If there are hard aspects to the Sun, the adult might be harsh or domineering in this manner. Otherwise, it might just be the case of the adult not being very effusive and expressive, particularly in the way that their Leo Sun daughter or son would like from them. This leads their child to redouble their efforts, creating a pattern that they carry well into adulthood. This is what drives that famous Leo Sun need for attention, as well as their inability, when less evolved, to know when to turn it down a notch. But, it’s often not a case of their paternal figure not caring. It’s just that their way of showing they care isn’t “enough” for their child.

The second type of paternal figure might also be another facet of the first. This parent isn’t exactly a firecracker when it comes to personality. In fact, the Leo Sun might come to consider this parent just plain dull, especially compared to their own personality. This sets up a pattern of the Leo constantly comparing other people to themselves and finding others to just be less exciting, less interesting, or less strong than they are. The paternal figure is often so retiring, soft-spoken or quiet – to the point of seeming meek – that they just let their son or daughter take over the situation, in some way, when they’re around. They just have so much energy and personality. Thus, the Leo gets used to dominating things and bringing life to the party. A natural expectation of others to simply go along with this is also instilled because of this primary relationship.

In their personal development, this presumptuousness and need for people’s approval are the two central things that a Leo Sun male or female needs to get over in order to fully mature and properly express their Sun sign energy. The former trait makes them a pain in the ass, simply imposing themselves upon people, bossing them around, and getting right in their faces, whether they ask for it or not. The latter trait can make them equally over-the-top or difficult to handle, especially if they launch into one of their dramatic fits when they don’t get their perceived due. Once a Leo learns to only take charge when necessary and to look within for to satisfy that insatiable need for approval, then their energy expresses itself with genuine confidence and power.

Sun in Leo People: The Superstars - Part Two

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Seeing that the Sun sign represents personal power, those with their Sun in Leo are in a position to be some of the most powerful individuals around. It’s a form of personal power that is concerned with being a true force and allowing its energy to magnificently shine for the entire world. Is it a wonder, then, why Leo is so synonymous with show business? It’s the outlet that these people need. In fact, a whole-hearted dedication to being a performer or an artist might go a significant way in calming a Leo Sun down. Most Leos whose hobbies or professions place them on a stage tend to be easier to deal with than those who don’t have a regular stage to perform on. It gives them a feeling of personal security, as they have that opportunity to seek that attention and don’t need to try so hard off-stage because they know they have their adoring fans.

Even if they don’t sing, dance, act, or whatever else, Leo Sun people do need some sort of stage to perform on. This is probably the singular, defining trait of all Leos out there. We can be very different from those with our Sun sign in certain ways but there will always be some core motivation that unites every one born within the same astrological month. For Leo Sun men and women, it is a need to shine, to be the superstars that they inherently feel like they were born to be, in some sort of arena. If they don’t have this, then it’s a very sorry sight.

Madonna: Leo Sun/Virgo Moon
Out of all people, Sun in Leo individuals are the ones who can least afford to deny their Sun sign energy. A Leo who hasn’t owned their inner Lion or Lioness and is too shy or timid to express it in a particular arena is definitely not going to be fulfilled in life. It’s like a light is slowly being extinguished within them. If you have your Sun in Leo, you absolutely cannot hide this light under a bushel. You must find a way to let your personality and your talents shine through. In the words of your fellow Leo, Madonna, you’ve got to express yourself! This is your birthright and denying it means denying a huge part of yourself. There are some Leos who might be genuinely shy or reserved, at times. But, they need an area in life where they can be anything but shy and reserved, totally letting loose in their self-expression. If not, then they’ll be seriously unhappy and ill at ease in their own skin.

The truth is, though, that Leos (along with Virgos and Scorpios) are the most likely to identify with their Sun sign profiles. There is a deep sense of pride that they express in having this Sun sign, as they instinctively feel like they’ve been given some unique gift just by being born. Alright, that might sound cocky. But, like I said before, a Leo Sun in a relatively healthy, secure place is going to be self-confident in this way. They feel like they’re special or add something special, at least, to the lives of everyone else around them. They might not say it out loud and might even deny it, due to not wanting anyone to feel less than. But, they believe it.

And they’re usually right. Leo Sun men and women are enormous charmers, using their powerful charisma to win just about anybody over. They don’t it do like Libra Suns do it, by people pleasing or telling others what they want to hear. They charm people just through sheer force of personality. Leos often have the most infectious laugh and the pure joy and fun that their laughter exudes just can’t help but make other people laugh. These men and women, channeling their opposite sign Aquarius at times, can also be rather quirky, to the point where they’re often unintentionally funny. They just do things their own way, which can’t help but entertain many people.

Being almost the human personification of life force, Leo Sun individuals have huge amounts of energy. It’s not just in their colorful personalities, but in their fierce work ethic and determination. Just as stubborn as fellow Fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, Leo is usually the most admirable in their stubbornness. Instead of coming off as too conservative (Taurus), controlling (Scorpio), or detached (Aquarius), Leo’s stubbornness often just seems like the actions of someone who is a total leader, never a follower. In an evolved, mature place, Leo knows exactly who he or she is and is unwilling to allow anyone to influence them or change them. They are true individualists.

Barack Obama: Leo Sun/Gemini Moon
Is it any wonder that they can achieve such great popularity, then, and gain so many devoted fans? It’s almost as if the rest of the world has no other choice. Leo is never going to follow, so you might as well follow them. They are usually warm, open and affectionate in their ways yet often play favorites in their friendships. Aquarius might disagree, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just as they believe that they are special, they typically single out certain people who they feel are special and shine their most intense spotlight on them. Say what you want about Leo Suns, but they often give what they expect to get. They are quick to lavish praise and affection on other people but it’s almost always genuine. After all, compliments are too precious to Leo to be given out insincerely.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries: Too hot for some to handle! You’ve got a lot of energy and you’re the Lion or the Lioness who needs an outlet for all of that smoldering fire the most or else you’ll burn others as well as yourself.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus: A true material girl or boy, you have absolutely no problem being spoiled and living the good life. You can be incredibly lazy, but know how to work your tail off for those riches when you need to.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini: Is there ever such a thing as a dull moment around you? You know how to turn the most boring room into a party and you have a sense of humor that just doesn’t quit.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer: You are all about living from the heart and not from the head. Sure, you might take way too much personally, but you are deeply caring and have a very protective, parent-like way with everyone.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo: Don’t tell the others, but you’re probably the most majestic, regal Lion/Lioness in the bunch. But, such awesome dignity only comes when you learn the value of true, inner confidence.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Virgo: Many of your loved ones, especially your partner, turn to you to fix things, organize things, and make sure everyone’s stuff is together. You might complain, but you also secretly love it.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra: You’ve got buckets of class and style, always capable of making an indelible impression on others. A hopeless romantic, the ideal of love is a huge driving force in your life that’ll never die.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Scorpio: Your charisma sometimes startles even you, as you have a way of virtually mesmerizing your followers. Wield this power in a positive sense and you’ll be a formidable leader.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Sagittarius: It would take a whole lot to get you down, as you’re too focused on the joys of living to the fullest. But, this puts Lady Luck on your side so often that it can inspire a bit of jealousy.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Capricorn: The top of the ladder, in your mind, is your birthright and you will create the image and life necessary to get there. You relish being the boss, but also enjoy being a role model to look up to.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius: You’re convinced that you’re different from everyone else and have no problem with letting that freak flag fly. You can be overly willful, but most admire the chutzpah you show in just being yourself.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Pisces: Generous to a fault, you readily give the shirt off of your back to those who need it. You’re genuinely good-hearted yet probably don’t let people forget your various act of charity, either.