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Sun in Leo People: The Superstars - Part One

I’m starting a monthly tradition on this blog in which I will write up detailed Sun sign profiles for every sign, during the month that the Sun is in that sign. I’ll have to write up two for August: Leo and Virgo. But, let’s start with the sign that the Sun is in as I write: Leo. It’s particularly close to my heart and I’ll let you guess why. (If you’re stumped, the answer is because I am a Leo Sun)

I believe that it’s fitting for me to start this Sun sign series with Leo, as this is the sign that the Sun rules. I generally hate malefic and benefic labels in astrology because it does nothing but promote prejudice and bias. There is not one placement that’s better than the others. Traditionally, Sun in Leo is seen as the “dignified” placement for the Sun, because it’s in the sign that the planet rules (like all dignified planet placements). Though many people believe that this means that it’s easier for Leo Sun individuals to positively manifest their Sun, I’d have to disagree somewhat. In fact, I think dignified placements are not necessarily easier, but just make the themes and principles of the planet/sign much more of a preoccupation and driving force in a person’s life.

The Sun sign represents our spirit, life force, and overriding will. Being ruled by the sign, Leo possesses these qualities in spades. Those with their Sun in Leo are born from July 23 to August 22. Now, I will just say that Sun sign astrology generally makes me cringe, when not backed up by the importance of birth charts. It’s the kind of one-note drivel that gives astrology a bad rap to some people, making it seem like everyone’s divided into twelve personality archetypes. I do think the importance of the Sun sign, however, should never be overlooked. It’s always an unhealthy thing for people to say “I’m nothing like my Sun sign.” In saying that, you’re basically saying “I’m nothing like myself” and sacrificing all sense of identity. Before we can take care of others (Moon), find inner peace (Venus), or accomplish our goals (Mars), we must be centered in a strong sense of self and identity.

Charlize Theron: Leo Sun/Leo Moon
Since their Sun sign placement’s strength is doubled, this desire to find a sense of identity is heightened within all Sun in Leo people. Some might say it’s excessively heightened. Cue the clichéd descriptions of Leo Sun individuals being insufferably arrogant, self-absorbed, and attention-hungry. Well, it’s never so black and white. I’ve found that most people with this Sun sign placement are endearingly in the middle, to a certain degree.

Two of the biggest divas of our time – Madonna and Jennifer Lopez – have this placement, as did the late Whitney Houston. Their demanding behavior has been well-documented in the press, in a way that often screams Leo, in the not-so-great terms. But, hey, let’s not drag people through the mud. The fact that Madge and J. Lo are divas is something that most people accept and most of their fans love about them. Leo Sun people have a way of still being lovable even when they’re in ego-driven mode, the women especially. Besides, maybe sometimes they’re just not being divas and more so expressing a certain strength that wouldn’t be so talked about if they were men.

However, for every Leo diva, you get other Leo types who express a significantly more humble and down-to-earth persona. Hollywood is full of Leo Suns, but the list of the humble ones is often far lengthier than the diva ones. Daniel Radcliffe, Amy Adams, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, and Viola Davis are amongst the Leo Sun men and women who exemplify a more low-key and/or modest way of claiming their place in the spotlight. All of these actors are incredibly talented, as Leos usually are, especially in the arts, yet all of them are also known as being some of the most accessible, relatable individuals you ever could work with on a film set.

Still, even with the humble types, there is usually a tremendous self-regard that shouldn’t be underestimated. Deep down, just about every Leo thinks well of themselves or feels content with themselves, in some way. If you’ve met one who’s engaging in some pretty vicious self-deprecation, there’s often one of two reasons for this. Either a) the Leo is aware of how insecure some other people are and are consciously or unconsciously putting on an act of being terribly insecure (they are some of the best actors) in order to make others feel less threatened or b) the Leo is readily confessing their insecurities only so you can interject with plenty of praise, therefore transparently fishing for compliments.

Sun in Leo people can definitely make fun of themselves, as most of them don’t take themselves too seriously. And, like I said before, they can definitely be humble. But, there is a fiery core of high self-esteem going on in there. Even though they can convincingly rub elbows with the commoners, they have a secret and undying belief that they are different. If a healthy sense of self-esteem isn’t in there, the Leo will fake it ‘til they make it, resulting in the stereotypical kind of Lion or Lioness whose blatant cockiness and narcissism hides a wealth of insecurity.

Robert DeNiro: Leo Sun/Pisces Moon
What sparks off the journey for Leo? Well, the Sun sign begins forming and expressing itself around the age of seven, which is when our sense of self emerges. Now, many people say that the Sun sign represents the father. This needs to be altered in a couple of ways. First, not everyone grows up with a father. Some are raised with a single mom all their lives and some in a house with two mothers. Since this isn’t the 1950’s, we need to refigure our ideas of family and parenting. I will say that the Sun sign represents the relationship with the paternal parent or guardian. That is, the one who helped, intentionally or not, to shape your identity in more yang-driven ways, whether they are male or female. For many people, it will be the father. But, not for everyone.

Secondly, note the key difference in that I said the Sun sign represents the relationship with the paternal figure. It doesn’t actually represent that adult. It might when we’re still children – on both a literal and emotional level – as we’re too caught up in projecting to really own that Sun sign energy for ourselves. But, it always represents us, as well as how we interacted with our paternal figure, what we wanted from them, and the dynamics that proceeded to define that relationship.

They are often two types of paternal figures for the Sun in Leo person. The first is the parent who’s just not all that impressed, ever. As a child and maybe well into adulthood, the Leo offspring is constantly bending over backwards to impress this parent. If there are hard aspects to the Sun, the adult might be harsh or domineering in this manner. Otherwise, it might just be the case of the adult not being very effusive and expressive, particularly in the way that their Leo Sun daughter or son would like from them. This leads their child to redouble their efforts, creating a pattern that they carry well into adulthood. This is what drives that famous Leo Sun need for attention, as well as their inability, when less evolved, to know when to turn it down a notch. But, it’s often not a case of their paternal figure not caring. It’s just that their way of showing they care isn’t “enough” for their child.

The second type of paternal figure might also be another facet of the first. This parent isn’t exactly a firecracker when it comes to personality. In fact, the Leo Sun might come to consider this parent just plain dull, especially compared to their own personality. This sets up a pattern of the Leo constantly comparing other people to themselves and finding others to just be less exciting, less interesting, or less strong than they are. The paternal figure is often so retiring, soft-spoken or quiet – to the point of seeming meek – that they just let their son or daughter take over the situation, in some way, when they’re around. They just have so much energy and personality. Thus, the Leo gets used to dominating things and bringing life to the party. A natural expectation of others to simply go along with this is also instilled because of this primary relationship.

In their personal development, this presumptuousness and need for people’s approval are the two central things that a Leo Sun male or female needs to get over in order to fully mature and properly express their Sun sign energy. The former trait makes them a pain in the ass, simply imposing themselves upon people, bossing them around, and getting right in their faces, whether they ask for it or not. The latter trait can make them equally over-the-top or difficult to handle, especially if they launch into one of their dramatic fits when they don’t get their perceived due. Once a Leo learns to only take charge when necessary and to look within for to satisfy that insatiable need for approval, then their energy expresses itself with genuine confidence and power.

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