Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sun in Leo People: The Superstars - Part Two

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Seeing that the Sun sign represents personal power, those with their Sun in Leo are in a position to be some of the most powerful individuals around. It’s a form of personal power that is concerned with being a true force and allowing its energy to magnificently shine for the entire world. Is it a wonder, then, why Leo is so synonymous with show business? It’s the outlet that these people need. In fact, a whole-hearted dedication to being a performer or an artist might go a significant way in calming a Leo Sun down. Most Leos whose hobbies or professions place them on a stage tend to be easier to deal with than those who don’t have a regular stage to perform on. It gives them a feeling of personal security, as they have that opportunity to seek that attention and don’t need to try so hard off-stage because they know they have their adoring fans.

Even if they don’t sing, dance, act, or whatever else, Leo Sun people do need some sort of stage to perform on. This is probably the singular, defining trait of all Leos out there. We can be very different from those with our Sun sign in certain ways but there will always be some core motivation that unites every one born within the same astrological month. For Leo Sun men and women, it is a need to shine, to be the superstars that they inherently feel like they were born to be, in some sort of arena. If they don’t have this, then it’s a very sorry sight.

Madonna: Leo Sun/Virgo Moon
Out of all people, Sun in Leo individuals are the ones who can least afford to deny their Sun sign energy. A Leo who hasn’t owned their inner Lion or Lioness and is too shy or timid to express it in a particular arena is definitely not going to be fulfilled in life. It’s like a light is slowly being extinguished within them. If you have your Sun in Leo, you absolutely cannot hide this light under a bushel. You must find a way to let your personality and your talents shine through. In the words of your fellow Leo, Madonna, you’ve got to express yourself! This is your birthright and denying it means denying a huge part of yourself. There are some Leos who might be genuinely shy or reserved, at times. But, they need an area in life where they can be anything but shy and reserved, totally letting loose in their self-expression. If not, then they’ll be seriously unhappy and ill at ease in their own skin.

The truth is, though, that Leos (along with Virgos and Scorpios) are the most likely to identify with their Sun sign profiles. There is a deep sense of pride that they express in having this Sun sign, as they instinctively feel like they’ve been given some unique gift just by being born. Alright, that might sound cocky. But, like I said before, a Leo Sun in a relatively healthy, secure place is going to be self-confident in this way. They feel like they’re special or add something special, at least, to the lives of everyone else around them. They might not say it out loud and might even deny it, due to not wanting anyone to feel less than. But, they believe it.

And they’re usually right. Leo Sun men and women are enormous charmers, using their powerful charisma to win just about anybody over. They don’t it do like Libra Suns do it, by people pleasing or telling others what they want to hear. They charm people just through sheer force of personality. Leos often have the most infectious laugh and the pure joy and fun that their laughter exudes just can’t help but make other people laugh. These men and women, channeling their opposite sign Aquarius at times, can also be rather quirky, to the point where they’re often unintentionally funny. They just do things their own way, which can’t help but entertain many people.

Being almost the human personification of life force, Leo Sun individuals have huge amounts of energy. It’s not just in their colorful personalities, but in their fierce work ethic and determination. Just as stubborn as fellow Fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, Leo is usually the most admirable in their stubbornness. Instead of coming off as too conservative (Taurus), controlling (Scorpio), or detached (Aquarius), Leo’s stubbornness often just seems like the actions of someone who is a total leader, never a follower. In an evolved, mature place, Leo knows exactly who he or she is and is unwilling to allow anyone to influence them or change them. They are true individualists.

Barack Obama: Leo Sun/Gemini Moon
Is it any wonder that they can achieve such great popularity, then, and gain so many devoted fans? It’s almost as if the rest of the world has no other choice. Leo is never going to follow, so you might as well follow them. They are usually warm, open and affectionate in their ways yet often play favorites in their friendships. Aquarius might disagree, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just as they believe that they are special, they typically single out certain people who they feel are special and shine their most intense spotlight on them. Say what you want about Leo Suns, but they often give what they expect to get. They are quick to lavish praise and affection on other people but it’s almost always genuine. After all, compliments are too precious to Leo to be given out insincerely.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries: Too hot for some to handle! You’ve got a lot of energy and you’re the Lion or the Lioness who needs an outlet for all of that smoldering fire the most or else you’ll burn others as well as yourself.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus: A true material girl or boy, you have absolutely no problem being spoiled and living the good life. You can be incredibly lazy, but know how to work your tail off for those riches when you need to.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini: Is there ever such a thing as a dull moment around you? You know how to turn the most boring room into a party and you have a sense of humor that just doesn’t quit.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer: You are all about living from the heart and not from the head. Sure, you might take way too much personally, but you are deeply caring and have a very protective, parent-like way with everyone.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo: Don’t tell the others, but you’re probably the most majestic, regal Lion/Lioness in the bunch. But, such awesome dignity only comes when you learn the value of true, inner confidence.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Virgo: Many of your loved ones, especially your partner, turn to you to fix things, organize things, and make sure everyone’s stuff is together. You might complain, but you also secretly love it.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra: You’ve got buckets of class and style, always capable of making an indelible impression on others. A hopeless romantic, the ideal of love is a huge driving force in your life that’ll never die.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Scorpio: Your charisma sometimes startles even you, as you have a way of virtually mesmerizing your followers. Wield this power in a positive sense and you’ll be a formidable leader.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Sagittarius: It would take a whole lot to get you down, as you’re too focused on the joys of living to the fullest. But, this puts Lady Luck on your side so often that it can inspire a bit of jealousy.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Capricorn: The top of the ladder, in your mind, is your birthright and you will create the image and life necessary to get there. You relish being the boss, but also enjoy being a role model to look up to.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius: You’re convinced that you’re different from everyone else and have no problem with letting that freak flag fly. You can be overly willful, but most admire the chutzpah you show in just being yourself.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Pisces: Generous to a fault, you readily give the shirt off of your back to those who need it. You’re genuinely good-hearted yet probably don’t let people forget your various act of charity, either.

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