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Sun in Virgo People: The Servants - Part One

Alright, my Leo friends. You’ve had your time in the spotlight. The Sun now moves into Virgo season, transitioning from the pizazz and passion of Sun in Leo to the grounded, unassuming efficiency of the Sun in Virgo. As each sign can be seen as an evolution from the preceding one, this is a time for cleaning up the big, fabulous party that Leo just threw and getting back down to the basics. And for those who are born in between August 23 and September 22, this is a central, life-long motivation. It might not be so fun and glamorous, but someone’s got to do it.

The Sun is the planet that symbolizes our life force, will, and overriding motivations in life. This Sun sign series of mine is a way to get people to understand and appreciate their Sun sign more. In astrological circles, this can often be a challenge for some. It’s all too easy for some to gripe about the less-than-stellar attributes of our Sun sign. Some people more readily claim their Moon sign or their Rising. This is a significant indicator that someone isn’t in a place of self-acceptance, as the Sun sign does, after all, represent your core identity. If you can’t own your Sun sign, then you can’t really be yourself.

Beyonce Knowles: Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon
Sun in Virgo people are often some of the most vocal astrology devotees you’ll come across. This is a highly skeptical sign, yet one that easily comes around when provided with ample evidence of something. Once they get into it, the strong correlation between people’s birth charts and their character is logical enough to make a Virgo come around. More than any other Virgo placement, you’ll find Virgo Sun displaying a certain pride in their sign’s qualities. The Sun has little false modesty and you’ll often hear people openly admitting to their Sun sign traits, sometimes with an air of self-satisfaction or boasting, even if they’re not knowledgeable in astrology. For Virgo, this means a certain boasting about their Virgin nature (meaning the symbol of the sign, of course). But, they can also be excessively self-conscious about the high standards that they always measure themselves up to.

Let’s just do some deconstructing around the sign of Virgo. The one-note stereotypes of every sign surely produce some eye-rolls within those who have that Sun sign, who are influenced by countless other signs and placements within their birth chart. Not all Sun in Virgo people are the obsessive-compulsive perfectionists of lore. Not exactly, anyway. I’ve already written a piece on this blog, Virgo: The Virgin-Whore, that shows the duality and complexity of Virgo placements. But, let’s focus on the Sun placement right now. One cannot necessarily expect for a Sun in Virgo person to be a shy, retiring individual whose life is all about work and perfection. We have to find a shade of grey for all of these Sun signs, instead of making them into one-dimensional cartoon archetypes.

We can see much of the conventional Virgo qualities in both Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowles, who were born under this Sun sign. While Michael was alive, he displayed that famous Virgo perfectionism, pouring every bit of sweat, effort, time, and ingenuity possible into his incredible live performances and his hit albums. Beyonce takes after the man whom she calls one of her biggest inspirations, never content with being anything less than her absolute best. With other Virgo placements, especially the Moon or Venus, this attitude is more inward-turning. But, with the yang-fueled, outward-shining Sun in Virgo, this perfectionism becomes a way of establishing a sense of one’s self. In doing so, Michael and Beyonce became the most indelible, influential pop icons of their generations.

However, though fans might be driven into a frenzy by their fierce, supremely confident stage personas, such behavior was in stark contrast to the shy, quiet personalities they displayed whenever they weren’t performing. Soft-spoken and retiring when not on stage, these two performers symbolize an underappreciated chameleonic ability within Sun in Virgo. They adhere to whatever protocol that they find themselves in, whether that’s on the job or within a group of people. They – like all the Mutable signs – are inherently changeable. If they are a performer who needs to be flashy and expressive on-stage, then they will be. If they need to be practical and efficient, then they will be. It’s all about serving the practical demands of a situation. This is why not all Virgos will be so stereotypically anal-retentive and reserved. They often know such behavior just isn’t really necessary.

When speaking about Sun signs, you often get more examples of those who defy the stereotypes in nuanced ways than those who conform to them. Plenty of Virgos are known for being anything but prim and proper. Consider the brazenly raunchy comedians Louis CK and Dave Chappelle, the highly outspoken pop superstar Pink, the irrepressibly sassy Salma Hayek and the colorful goofball antics of Cameron Diaz. All of them throw those Virgin stereotypes out the window, at least on the surface. Like I said, we usually get a shade of grey with Sun signs. While these famous folks might not play out their Sun in Virgo in stereotypical ways, but they all display the fact that an exacting nature is the core characteristic of just about every person with this Sun sign. This will be expressed in various ways. For the aforementioned folks, it’s through an ability to say exactly what they’re thinking, usually hitting the nail right on the head with their intelligent observations.

Louis CK: Virgo Sun/Capricorn Moon

Virgo is one of the most opinionated and outspoken signs, possibly even rivaling Aries or Sagittarius. The difference is that they usually have a filter. Even if they have personal planets in Aries or Sagittarius, they usually know exactly what they’re saying. This isn’t a sign that just speaks for the sake of speaking. They speak because they have something important to say. Often times, what they’re saying can come off as very critical, possibly to a harsh degree. But, usually, they aren’t trying to be harsh. It’s in the Sun in Virgo person’s nature to simply assess their environment and deliver feedback on how things could be altered or fixed. They see what’s wrong with a situation or a person very easily, just because they are innate fixers. This is the real root of those perfectionist tendencies. It’s not a case of ego, like other people’s perfectionism. Virgo just wants to get things right.

The Sun sign represents the relationship with our paternal parent-figure who played the major part in shaping our identity, in a dominant manner. It’s often the father, for those who grow up with a mom and dad, but can also be the single mom or, with two fathers, the more dominant dad. Sun in Virgo people typically have paternal figures who act as a high yardstick of perfectionism. In some cases, this is because the parent was a real taskmaster, an overt perfectionist who expected nothing less than greatness from their child. If they had three A’s on their report card, the parent singles in on the one B- instead. This behavior can escalate to a stage-parent degree, where they might be rather harsh or micromanaging. However, the paternal figure can also be perfectly kind and reasonable yet someone who the Sun in Virgo child still looks up to as an standard of greatness. They model themselves after this parent, in one way or another, seeing their behavior as a strict code of rules and ethics to live by.

But, the flip side of this paternal figure can be that the Virgo Sun feels like they are always playing supporting to their parent’s lead. This parent is often taking up a lot of space and attention because of their perceived greatness, which can leave their child feeling sort of unnoticed or unappreciated in comparison. It might not be intentional. It might just be because the parent naturally has a large personality or is a huge achiever. Our Sun sign traits often develop as a willful reaction against our paternal figure, who is usually quite different than this sign’s energy. This sense of self emerges as we learn how to interact with and deal with him or her. Thus, Virgo often grows up feeling quite insignificant, in comparison to this parent. But, they also learn ways to make themselves indispensable to them. Virgo Sun tends to be more practical and efficient than this parent and develops a relationship with them that is like a personal assistant, constantly reminding them to get this done and to not forget this.

The effect of this relationship goes two ways. First, Virgo Sun brings this pattern into all of their other relationships. People quickly come to depend on them because they’re used to being depended on. Not in the warm, fuzzy, nurturing ways that Cancers are used to being leaned on. It’s more in the way that everything would fall apart and cease to function without them. Virgo Sun often knows this, but it can lead to an incessant guilt-complex if they feel like they’re not living up to the standards that people expect of them. However, there can also be feelings of insecurity about just being a mere grain in the sand. The haunting belief that they are insignificant plagues Virgos more than most. All of this combines to make Virgo severely self-critical, which is a trait that must be let go of in order to really grow. They must learn to genuinely appreciate their contributions and to ease up on themselves.

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