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Sun in Virgo People: The Servants - Part Two

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With the Sun sign, we find ways in which we can truly shine for the world. In this manner, the Sun in Virgo crowd is often divided up into two kinds of people. The first kind wants to elevate itself to a pedestal of perfection, using all of its formidable work ethic, dedication, and attention to detail in order to do so. The second kind doesn’t really want to shine at all, even when placed in situations in which they are out in the forefront. They are much more comfortable with others being in the spotlight and will demur or disregard themselves with self-deprecation when any sort of attention or praise comes their way. While Leo laps up those compliments, both types of Virgos respond to praise by telling you just how little they agree with you and how much they could better themselves.

Pink: Virgo Sun/Aries Moon
Though they are usually extremely driven and accomplish most of what they set out to, their attitude is not always beneficial for their self-esteem and self-confidence. For a Sun in Virgo person, the most difficult thing is learning how not to identify with their work. The idea that “what you do” and “who you are” are two separate things is something that’s especially hard for a Virgo to internalize. After all, the Sun is our identity and Virgo is the sign of work and service. Therefore, in their minds, they are what they do. In many ways, this isn’t such a bad thing. While unhealthy workaholic and self-critical attitudes should be avoided, it’s this exact attitude that should be used to propel a Virgo Sun into a line of work that is so meaningful that it’s truly their calling.

This can be a difficult attitude to develop for these folks, though, especially if they have no personal planets in Fire or Water. In this case, the bottom line will take precedence over imagination and passion. Virgo is a sign that all too easily gets caught in daily routines, especially if it’s all running smoothly. Yes, that job might be putting food in the fridge and paying the rent, which is certainly important. But, is it making you happy? This is often a hard question for ever-practical Virgo to ask him or herself. However, when they do, they can find the inner motivation to switch gears and dedicate themselves to something that’s truly worthwhile.

When a Virgo Sun is working a job that really makes them happy and fulfilled, then the fullness of their life force kicks in. There’s an inner confidence, joy, and creativity that they are then consumed by. Nothing makes them feel more personally empowered than the process of rolling up their sleeves and getting a job done, particularly when they enjoy the job. When they don’t, they can be outright miserable and nothing’s worse than a miserable Virgo. Because you’ll constantly hear them complaining about how miserable they are, criticizing everything around them. But, when they’re happy, a Virgo’s critical eye is then used constructively to accomplish tasks efficiently.

Since their identity is fueled by an attitude of service, then this is the way that Virgo Sun deals with everything and everyone, even when they’re off the clock. A common complaint about this Sun sign is that they sometimes come off as cold or unfeeling. But, this is just evidence of how people misunderstand the way Virgo functions. They are like the servers at a restaurant, completely willing to make sure your food is okay and get you a refill on your drink, etc. And when you have a problem, all they can do is figure out a way to solve it. If not, then they wouldn’t be doing you any good and wouldn’t able to get anything done. Unlike their opposite sign Pisces, it’s not Virgo’s function to get bogged down in and overwhelmed with other people’s feelings. Instead, they act as the helping hand to pull you out of that emotional swamp, clean you up, and push you forward.

Alexander Skarsgard: Virgo Sun/Leo Moon
Their value of efficiency extends into the bedroom. It’s been said numerous times before that the Virgo’s symbol – the Virgin – was terribly misunderstood by past astrologers. Modern astrology experts now realize the irony of the title. This is not the Virgin who’s sexually inexperienced, but the mythic Virgins of ancient times who remained unmarried and freely served as agents of sexual healing and ecstasy for the men who entered into their temple. Our solar Virgins embody the same sort of dichotomy. They are both highly sexual and highly pure, in some manner or another. Some are reserved in their sexual life, saving their ultra-powerful sensuality for that special person (and then subsequently unleashing on the unsuspecting guy or girl). Others with this Sun sign can be downright promiscuous, living out their sign’s archetype by jumping from bed to bed but remaining possessed by no one. In either case, sex becomes a deeply healing force, getting them further in touch with their bodies.

Virgo is an Earth sign, which symbolizes physicality, meaning that those with this sign really need to feel like their bodies are a smoothly running ship. If not, their sense of self suffers. This is why sex is so important, as it’s a routine bodily release that makes Virgo Sun feel healthy. Sex is really just like going to the bathroom for a Virgo. They enjoy sex but they are very unfazed about it as it’s just another natural physical phenomenon to them. But, because of this, going too long without sex for Virgo is akin to going too long without using the toilet. It just backs up their energy. Eating right and exercise is also vitally important to a Virgo Sun because of their high physical awareness. They won’t really “feel like themselves” if their diet and fitness regimen isn’t on-point. This kind of regularity is the essential, defining factor of a Virgo. If they tend to it, they’ll be able to find themselves.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries: You are all about getting things done and with as little fuss as possible. You’re not one to mince words and people always know that they’re going to get your honest opinion when they ask.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus: You’re the Virgin with the deepest connection to your body and you must properly nurture this mind-body link. Incredibly pragmatic and intelligent, you know how to put your skills to good use.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Gemini: An intense restlessness drives you from day-to-day, making you as curious as you are high-strung. You make an excellent organizer, as working well with your hands is a gift of yours.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer: Though you hide your feelings well, you’re a real caregiver with a deep desire to comfort and heal others. Stress brings out your worst moods so try not to dwell on the worries.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Leo: You expect the world from yourself and then some, but you have the drive to go out and get it. Unasked-for advice is constantly coming out of your mouth but most know that you mean well.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo: Arguably the most well-oiled machine of all the Virgins, you need to remind yourself that you’re a person, too. Realize that even a mediocre effort from you is better than some people’s best work.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra: You’re extremely thoughtful toward people, but easily get disappointed when others aren’t as considerate. Your mind is balanced and objective, always weighing the outcomes before acting.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio: You have the drive of an obsessed detective, leaving no stone unturned when your interest is piqued. Your perceptions are razor-sharp which may lead you to hit where it hurts when provoked.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius: Saying whatever is on your mind comes naturally to you, whether people want to hear it or not. Knowledge is your passion and you use it to constantly expand your view of the world.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn: Unlike many people, you don’t work for personal glory but for a pure dedication to what you do. You’re much more sensitive than people know but hide it for the sake of efficiency.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius: You might have obsessive quirks or habits that are quite eccentric, but there’s a method to the madness. People find you detached but your lack of ego makes you friendly and approachable.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces: Though you consciously know that you need to set limits in helping people, your deep empathy can make it difficult. You find it very easy to serve others and seem to just know what people need.

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