Sunday, September 28, 2014

Moon-Mercury Aspects: The Gift of Gab

If you have your Moon sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Mercury, then you were born with the gift of gab. Mercury rules communication and the Moon functions instinctively. This means that you have a very natural ability to verbalize things and communicate with others. But, it isn’t just an ability. It’s a need that runs deeply for you. The essential emotional motivation for someone with Moon in aspect to Mercury is to communicate (Mercury) what they’re inwardly experiencing (Moon). So, you have to be in touch with what you’re feeling in the moment for the words to be able to flow out. You won’t be able to function properly without giving voice to your feelings, as well as without being able to have a voice that’s fully heard and understood.

The Moon sign rules the relationship we have with our nurturing parent. For many people, it’s the mother but it can also be a father figure who plays a more nurturing role. In any case, having a Moon-Mercury aspect meant that the nurturing figure was probably someone who valued communication and instilled in you, in some way or another, this need to “talk it out.” The positive type of Moon-Mercury nurturing figure is one who was always open to listening to what you were feeling and thinking. This is a parent who encouraged you to “use your words” from a very early age, which influenced you from your terrible two’s all the way to the turbulent adolescent years. You were taught to verbalize what you feel and to have easy-flowing, one-on-one discussions about those feelings with your nurturing parent. This might have led to some great talks between the two of you and you could’ve felt like you could come to this parental figure about absolutely anything.

The less positive Moon-Mercury nurturing figure is one who made you feel constantly misunderstood. It might have seemed like, no matter what you did, you couldn't really get them to listen to your feelings and properly hear you out. It might have been because they were the more rational types who didn't really value emotion. Because of this, that need to talk about how you feel went deeply inward. Instead of talking about it to others, you began obsessively having an inner monologue about your feelings and possibly putting it all down in a journal (a favorite outlet of people with these aspects). This is often the flip side of Moon-Mercury; someone who's afraid to talk about their true feelings because they feel they'll be dismissed or misunderstood as a result.

Whether you had the open-minded, understanding nurturing parent or the coolly logical, dismissive one, you are driven by a deep need to make rational sense out of your feelings. If the Moon sign is in an intense sign like Scorpio or Capricorn, it being in aspect to Mercury can add some much needed levity and humor to the processing of your emotions. Because of your upbringing, you have a habit of explaining your feelings and can usually see them with clarity. The ones with the hard aspects, like the square or the opposition, might have a harder time doing this, however, and can veer from being really logical and reasonable to letting their emotions take over, not finding any sort of a balance. This is the key goal for Moon-Mercury people: to integrate both the logical and the emotional parts of the mind. Both planets represent processing and the receiving of information. For the Moon, it’s intuitive and subconscious. For Mercury, it’s rational and conscious. Having these planets in aspect means that you have the opportunity to blend both halves of your brain, becoming a highly fascinating individual as a result.

People with these aspects definitely need to talk. There are some quiet ones who have these placements but they are often times repressing their emotional need to communicate. This usually is a result of not wanting to discuss feelings. But, even the more talkative ones can have a knack of sidestepping certain emotional issues. As a Moon-Mercury people, you feel emotionally fulfilled by just letting all out of those thoughts and feelings out, via communication. You’re not going to be satisfied and emotionally secure until you can feel open enough to do this. However, when you do, there’s really no stopping that endless stream of words. It can all come spilling out and when you’re in a particularly emotional state, you give true definition to the phrase “word vomit.” You definitely need someone on the receiving end who’s going to remain open to listening and who’s going to allow you to fully vent everything that’s bouncing around in that head of yours.

The great thing about Moon-Mercury individuals is that they are typically innately wonderful listeners. It’s just instinctive for you to understand the natural give-and-take of conversation. In fact, you can be especially upset by people who don’t seem to get this balance. Water and Earth Moons with Mercury aspects are more patient in conversation and less apt to interrupt than the Fire and Air Moons with these placements, who tend to get so excited and enthusiastic that they can’t help but interrupt, at times. But, even they show the ability to completely take in what someone else is saying to them. You are totally receptive, seeming to understand everything the person is saying on a level that’s both gut-felt and logical. You’re very naturally observant, as well, picking up on all of the little nuances and details of an individual. Because of this, people with Moon-Mercury aspects excel at responding to people according to their specific temperament. You’re highly adaptable in conversations and social situations, capable of going with the flow of how someone communicates and thinks.

Because of this, you probably make an excellent person to talk to. The Moon represents how we take care of and comfort others. So, with your Moon sign in aspect to Mercury, you do this by establishing a very open line of communication with others and letting them know that they can always talk to you. People probably feel very at ease talking to you about their problems, especially if you have the Moon in a Water sign, because you’re so open and nonjudgmental. However, you aren’t exactly the type of person who just allows people to wallow in their feelings, either. Your immediate reaction, when confronted with problems, is to find a rational solution to it. Many people will appreciate this, as you have the power to bring clarity and reason to their emotional situation. Having a Moon-Mercury aspect, however, means that you need to be careful to not over-analyze feelings, either, or use logic as a pre-emptive strike against feeling, especially with the square and opposition (and sometimes, the conjunction). Strike that fine balance between thinking and feeling.

This aspect can be a great gift, as it can give you a wonderfully level quality. When you work with it properly, you have the ability to be neither too emotional nor too rational. You can be fully in touch with and honest about what you feel without being overwhelmed, giving yourself a healthy distance from those feelings, as well. The gift of a Moon-Mercury aspect also lies in the innate intelligence it can bring a person. These aspects unite the left-brain and right-brain functions, sometimes dissolving the line between them altogether. You should always go with your gut instinct, which will prevent you from over-thinking things, as you may be prone to do. When Moon-Mercury fully trusts the intuition, it heightens their brainpower. Your thinking is guided by your emotional hunches and intuition. There are times when you can come to conclusions that seem totally obvious and common-sense to you but others will find themselves taken back by your thinking abilities. You can uniquely respond to situations, due to this ability to really think with your gut, so to speak, and it can lead to a sort of brilliance in whatever it is that you do.

Moon-Mercury aspects usually signify great emotional intelligence. You’re very aware of little cues and signals regarding others’ feelings, even through something as small as their mannerisms or subtle facial expressions. You can clearly perceive all of that, to a degree that might prove to be overwhelming, at times. You might also have a high degree of book-smarts, as well. People with these placements definitely need to engage their brains, at all times. So, reading is usually a deep love for Moon-Mercury people, as words and stories really feed your soul. You might have a compulsive desire for consuming information, to the point of never getting off of the Internet. You can truly get lost in the endless consumption of information and have an intuitive knack for taking a lot of that in at once. Those with Moon in aspect to Mercury usually have an exceptional talent for learning new things very easily and quickly. You might pick up on languages and accents with stunning ease, as well as display an instant ability to “just get” certain subjects. In school, you definitely had one subject that you effortlessly excelled in. Many with these aspects aced English class but just as many were brilliant in Math or Sciences. In any case, the subject definitely had to resonate with you in a powerful way. You had to truly be interested in it to succeed at it.

Because your mental and verbal capacities are so quick, you are usually a delight in conversation. People with these aspects have a very instinctive flair with words. You’re a natural at telling hilarious, interesting stories and your wit operates at a lightning-fast pace. Being humorous comes effortlessly to you, to the point where you might not even mean for some of the things you say to be that funny. That instinct for observation and clever wordplay usually results in a laugh from your audience. The other person, though, definitely needs to be able to keep up with you, in this regard. Moon-Mercury people feel emotionally unsatisfied with someone who they find mentally dull or lacking in humor. You like for conversations to be lively and funny, which is how most people who really know you would describe you. Some people with these aspects can rely a bit too much on their humor, though, especially when things get uncomfortable or awkward. That can be your knee-jerk response: going for a joke to lighten the mood.

But, it can also all depend on your mood, as well. The Moon and Mercury are both very quick, changeable planets. Uniting them results in a person whose emotional states change very rapidly. Though you’re naturally very sociable, when you’re in a mood, that switch might turn right off and surprise others who are used to your breezy, lighthearted self. There is always a certain duality to Mercury, so the shadow side of your Moon sign can become quite pronounced in these moments. You might do and say things just to stir things up or cause mischief. You can also find yourself feeling two distinctly different ways about a situation at once. Everyone has this potential, of course, but you’re more aware of it than most due to having a Moon-Mercury aspect. But, you can also move on from your moods very rapidly. People with these aspects have the innate potential to not take their feelings too seriously, using the logical component to balance them out and turn their attention to something else.

As your thoughts are so swayed by your moods, impulses, and feelings, it should come to no surprise that you’re a bit of a whirlwind to those close to you. Moon-Mercury people can be quite unpredictable, especially since you follow your ever-changing state of mind without forethought. There’s potential for very strong writing and acting abilities with these aspects, as these activities can fulfill your need to fully communicate, in fluid and mercurial ways. You definitely need some sort of outlet, as all of that inner processing can turn into over-processing and lead to excessive nervous energy. Your mind and/or your body can’t be still for too long, so you must find ways to satisfy this inner motivation. You can be very restless in temperament as well as particularly resistant to really clingy and/or possessive behavior. You don’t appreciate feeling too emotionally tied down, though you can certainly commit when given the proper room to breathe and feel like a free bird. Since you’re so avoidant of boredom, people are rarely, if ever, bored around you. People who really know you experience you as naturally fascinating and a breath of fresh air, endlessly curious about the world around you (and the people, making you a bit of a gossip or busybody, at times), always ready with something interesting to say.

Moon conjunct Mercury: The conjunction makes you possibly the biggest over-thinker of the group but also the most clear-headed one, as well. It’s so natural for you to apply analysis to your emotional state that you don’t realize when you’re over-doing it, at times. But, you’re also probably wonderfully intelligent and articulate, in an intuitive kind of way. Yet, you can startle people with your duality. They might be taken back when this perfectly reasonable individual turns into a complete bundle of nerves and anxiety. You’re full of surprises, after all.

Moon square or opposite Mercury: The square or opposition can give you an endless supply of nervous tension because you always are struggling to find a balance between thinking and feeling. More than the other aspects, you have to find a happy medium, becoming neither overly rational or overly emotional. When you do, then the tension of these aspects usually acts as incredible fuel, making you a highly charged learner and communicator. Your brain operates in amazingly acute ways, leading you to an observational clarity that even you’re taken back by, at times.

Moon sextile or trine Mercury: With the sextile or trine, you’re typically not overwhelmed by either your logical mind or your gut feelings. The two fluidly and easily work in tandem, most of the time. You have a knack for communicating that both fascinates people mentally and appeals to their heart, at the same time. The thing to watch for, though, is allowing yourself to get too taken away with your restless stream-of-consciousness. You get swept up in your thoughts effortlessly, which might compromise your focus or centeredness, at times. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Coming of Age of the Pluto in Scorpio Generation

Someone should make a t-shirt that says “I survived Saturn in Scorpio” and sell it. I’m sure it’d be a hit amongst the astrology devotees, especially those who happen to have major Scorpio placements. If so, you know better than anyone than a Saturn transit can definitely be a tough time, especially when Saturn is placed in this tough sign. Most people between the ages of 18 and 29 have felt some sort of massive shift occur within their world since the latter months of 2012, for better or worse. That’s because these folks are of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (a time period I also happen to be born within, which was roughly 1984 to 1995).

When transiting Saturn conjuncts Pluto, expect a transformation (Pluto) of responsibilities (Saturn) to occur. In many ways, this makes sense. This generation is rising, coming up the ranks into adulthood, ready to either usurp or coincide with the Pluto in Libra folks who are now running the show. When transiting Saturn conjuncts a generation’s Pluto while most of them are still in their twenties, this means that it’s a time of consolidation for these people. The changes they’ve been experiencing have been preparation, in one way or another, for the time when they take the reins of society. In short, as difficult as it might have been for these folks, this transit has been empowering them to take charge of their lives and destinies, in ways that are external (standing on your own two feet or coming into your own career-wise) and/or ways that are more internal (taking ownership of thoughts, behavior patterns, responses, etc.). With Saturn in Scorpio, the latter is often more likely.

But, what will the world be like when the Pluto in Scorpio people finally take over?

Now, I’m not one to believe that Pluto influences your individual personality. That is, unless Pluto happens to be in major aspect (conjunct, opposite, square, sextile, trine) to your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Rising or Midheaven. But, we’ll get to that later. Unless that’s the case, then your Pluto placement simply represents your generation and how you behave collectively with them. If you gathered several people from the same Pluto period and placed them in the same room together, a strong yet subliminal “atmosphere” gets established. It doesn’t mean that they’ll all act the same. But, there’s a strangely tangible connection between them all. Is it a wonder why we sometimes clash with those of a different generation? This age/time gap is represented by Pluto’s placement.

For those within Pluto in Scorpio, that collective thread is intense. People within this generation feel strongly connected and bonded to each other, in ways that can not only be passionate but obsessive. Think of the age that this generation has grown up in. Before their time, people only connected via the telephone or in person. Social media like Facebook and Twitter has changed that, becoming a truly obsessive, all-consuming addiction for the users in this generation, allowing them to connect at all times. It has also allowed this group to find out all sorts of personal information about someone else, without them even knowing. However, though the users on these sites might seem like they’re giving away a ton of information, they’re actually controlling it and only giving away what they decide to. Is this all Scorpio or what? Let’s not neglect the fact that snooping around on someone else’s Facebook is actually referred to as “stalking.” The Pluto in Scorpio generation was on the cutting edge of social media because of this, dating all the way back to Myspace, while the older folks merely followed in their lead. 

This acute knowledge of all of their peers gives the Pluto in Scorpio crowd a very intimate way of interacting with each other that fits Scorpio’s x-ray vision. They’re used to knowing a lot about someone, sometimes before even meeting them. On the flip side, they’re also used to feeling very exposed. This generation was the first to have to adjust to the idea of “social media exposure” while entering the job market. Now, just the wrong share on Twitter or the wrong picture on Facebook can ruin a big chance for you professionally. Thus, a generational motivation of controlling what people know about you dominates. The private profile was invented for a reason.

In fact, one can argue that being the first generation of the mass-Internet age influences them on just about every level. It also extends to the highly sexualized attitudes of this clan. Pluto in Scorpio folks were the first to go through puberty and adolescence when Internet porn really exploded. They were then free to explore their sexuality without anyone knowing, unlike those previous generations who had to publicly purchase their videos and magazines. They are used to sex being immediately accessible, even when it involves no one else. Being so collectively obsessive, Pluto in Scorpio is naturally obsessed with sex on a level that might be unprecedented.

This is a generation that has been dramatically exposed to just about everything, in ways that took away a certain innocence even when they were still kids. While they were born and Pluto was actually in Scorpio, society started to come to terms with the fact that you can’t sweep things so neatly under the rug anymore. Hence, sex, violence, traumas, abuses, and secrets were all shoved in our faces on our televisions, in our films and newspapers. There was no more hiding. The result is that this is a generation that has a shock-proof attitude to the uglier sides of the world. After all, while they were growing up, the Columbine shootings happened, 9/11 happened, the Iraq War, more school shootings, the shady Bush years, etc. Nothing really surprises them. Not to say that they’re not horrified when national tragedies or scandals happen. It’s just that they have more of an acceptance that this is the way the world is, instead of showing a fearful resistance to it like the other generations.

Inevitably, this is the mindset that will influence how the Pluto in Scorpio generation claims their collective power, once they all start entering their thirties. This is a generation that has seen it all. But, it’s also one that collectively has an awareness of how things can and need to change. They’ve spent their formative years in a relentlessly changing society, where technological innovations, in particular, are never the same as they were a year ago or even several months ago. Expect this generation to enter into their work fields and virtually destroy anything that no longer serves a purpose. Scorpio, after all, is the destroyer. But, often, it’s positive destruction. It’s only our resistance to the destruction that brings us pain (which is something I’m sure the Saturn in Scorpio transit has fully taught this group). Thereby, many of them will help to serve as transformers in their respective fields, annihilating the old ways of doing things and showing the world the value of allowing these things to be reborn.

This will especially be the case for Plutonians of this generation who, like I said, have their Pluto in Scorpio in major aspect to any of their personal planets or the Ascendant or Midheaven. This makes Pluto an inherent part of your temperament. Plutonians usually evolve into symbols of their generation, especially when Pluto is conjunct one of the inner planets. All of the aforementioned themes are things that most Pluto in Scorpio people grapple with and display on a collective level. However, a Plutonian of this generation is going to feel all of these things on a very personal level, as well. You strongly express the inner workings of your generation, which is why you can have such an extraordinary influence over people your age. You bring all of the motivations and yearnings that they are connected to via the collective unconscious right to the surface, particularly since we are dealing with Pluto in Scorpio. This is why non-Plutonians can find themselves so helplessly and immediately drawn to Plutonian people their age. They bring the darkness deep within them out to the light.

All Pluto-types are going to be highly magnetic, intense, powerful people who cut right through the pretense and aim for the truth. But, that goes double for Pluto types of this generation. These individuals have a truly tremendous and formidable power that they are now, while they come into their own, trying to figure out what to do with. Pursuing power in ego-driven ways will only lead to their downfall. If they can channel that power into a cause, a principle, or an outlet that they deem worthy, without getting their ego involved, they will become truly unstoppable leaders, exercising an especially potent influence on those their age. They will spearhead outright revolutions, bringing old, oppressive structures tumbling down and ushering society into a totally new age.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hiding Out in the 12th House

The 12th House in our birth chart is often described in terms that are especially gloomy and fatalistic. It’s been called the house of isolation, karmic debt, confinement, self-undoing, and delusion. Too bad that astrologers sometimes fail to mention that the 12th House also represents spiritual transcendence, artistic gifts, divine inspiration, compassion, and a sense of oneness with humanity. It’s also too bad that those old doom-and-gloom interpretations make most people not want to touch their 12th House with a ten foot pole. Most people are scared of their 12th House or just deeply misunderstand it. The irony is that, for a large part of our lives, this is the essential yet unfortunate role we assign to this house: to be denied, misunderstood, or dissociated from.

Our 1st House is called, by some astrologers, as the house of self. This is not so accurate, in my book, as I don’t believe that the 1st House and the Ascendant exactly represent our sense of self, as this is the Sun sign’s domain. The 1st House represents the persona that we learned to create while growing up. It was this persona that got us the approval that we needed from our early environment, even though it wasn’t necessarily us. It becomes such a go-to manner of behaving and presenting ourselves that we wear it like a second skin. It’s like an actor taking on a role yet getting so lost in it that he identifies with it as if it were him. And like good actors, we toss aside anything that gets in the way of us being convincing in this role that we’ve created.

This is where the 12th House comes in. There are 12 houses in astrology, so this is obviously the last one. It’s a container for everything that has come before it. The 12th House actually precedes the 1st, which starts the wheel all over again. The 1st is supremely conscious and intentional, while the 12th is very unconscious. Therefore, this is where all the “stuff” goes that gets in the way of the 1st House role that we play. Everyone has a sign on the 12th House Cusp (it’s usually the sign that precedes your Ascendant sign) and many people have one or more planets in this house as well. These represent the traits that go against the Rising Sign character and that your “director” (typically one or both of the parents) implicitly or explicitly told you to discard.

As children, the approval of our authorities means everything to us. So, discard these traits we do. But, any metaphysician or psychologist worth their salt will tell you that repressed or disowned energies never disappear. They are merely re-energized and projected out into the world. This is what happens to our 12th House sign and/or planets. We disassociate from them and begin seeing them out in the world, instead of in ourselves. It’s not exactly the way in which we project our Descendant and 7th House Cusp sign, which are both opposite the Ascendant. This becomes a clear dynamic that we work through in our relationship to achieve harmony. The 12th House operates differently. On the lower octave, it can make us victims of the traits that put so much energy into disowning.

The Leo Rising individual, for example, might feel as if they’re constantly coming up against the needy, moody negative habits of others, in a way that’s reminiscent of their 12th House Cancer cusp. But, they can actually be the ones who are the constant drain on others, if unevolved, with an endless demand for attention and reassurance that’s not unlike Cancer’s potential for self-absorbed neediness. Someone with Mars in the 12th House might perpetually feel threatened by others’ temper or aggressiveness. But, they can unconsciously express their own anger in toxically passive-aggressive ways that make others feel uneasy and drive them away. Then, they feel like “everyone’s mad at them” for some unknown reason.

When we keep meeting these mysterious obstacles, when we keep finding ourselves at the mercy of some seemingly cruel fate, maybe we need to look inward for the true source of the problem. I think the 12th House is considered the house of isolation because such solitary introspection is necessary to really access the true meaning of our 12th House. The sign and planets here are hiding out and it’s our job to bring them out of the dark and into the light. We must free these traits from their imprisonment and integrate them into our conscious awareness of ourselves. If not, then we’ll receive our karma for unjustly locking them away. If the 12th House represents self-undoing, then this is exactly how. We victimize ourselves through this house. But, we can free ourselves with this house, as well, finding a transcendence that we never knew before.

What I find interesting, in this case, is when a person has a 12th House planet that is conjunct the Ascendant. The expression of this planet will be quite different than a regular 1st House rising planet. A 12th House rising planet becomes a quality that everyone can see except for you, more so than other planets in this house. If you have 12th House Neptune conjunct the Ascendant, you don’t realize how ethereal and compassionate you come off to everyone else. If the 12th House Sun is on the Ascendant, you’re unaware of the fact that you show off a lot. In fact, you might be quite offended when people point out the less-favorable sides of your 12th House rising planet (or, maybe more accurately, the sides that you just don’t like personally). This isn’t how you consciously present yourself and it, therefore, becomes a real blind spot in your mannerisms.

It's important to embrace this planet but also know that it's not exactly made for manifestation in "this world." 12th House planets, whether they're on the Ascendant or not, are otherworldly and mysterious in their expression. So, this is a subliminal energy that you're going to give off. I don't believe that 12th House planets conjunct Ascendant become 1st House planets. That's a little too simple. A planet is in the house it's in. And you'll have a way of projecting this planet's energy strongly toward your environment, once you're conscious of, while still keeping it very elusive and unable to be pinned down by others. It gives you the chance to transcend your environment, carrying yourself and behaving as if you're on another plane altogether. Without embracing the 12th House rising planet, the Ascendant persona merely feels confining, like a prison. Owning this planet in your behavior allows you to reach new heights.

Others with 12th House planets that are not conjunct the Ascendant will engage in this transformational process more privately. But, the process is still the same. Accessing this energy allows you to transcend. It’s a special place that you can retreat into and explore magical wonders that you never even contemplated before. If all of that sounds too trippy for you, then it’s just a sign that you’ve been too conditioned by your ever-practical world to devalue 12th House concerns. But, some of the greatest gifts lie here: the wildly creative visions of an artist, the profound compassion of a healer, the psychic dreams of a clairvoyant. Things that cannot be easily explained or rationalized reside in this house and you must be fully open to this intuitive realm to benefit from it.

Everyone has an ability to access these things. But, if you have a highly emphasized 12th House – with two or more planets, as well as the chart ruler or Midheaven ruler in this house – then these phenomena become a very powerful part of your life. People with a strong 12th House are usually very artistic, in some way, and have a deep-seated yearning to reach higher heights than everyday realities allow them to. They also tend to have extremely vivid and predictive dreams, especially if the Moon is in aspect to a planet here and/or placed in this house, to the point where they feel very disturbed, puzzled, or bemused on a regular basis when they wake up in the morning. They are tapped into something unfathomable and need to learn to channel this gift into services that can heal and uplift the world. An overwhelming sense of how we’re all connected as living beings usually drives them.

But, even those with a heavy 12th House can’t totally comprehend or explain their connection to this inner realm. In the end, I don’t think that we’re supposed to understand the 12th House all that well. At least not in that highly logical, cut-and-dry way in which our society expects us to understands things. The best way that we can approach the 12th House is to be completely open to it. The rest will all make sense eventually.

Moon in the 1st House

People with their Moon in the 1st House take the traits of their Moon sign and immediately project them for everyone in their environment to see. There is a certain aggressiveness and assertiveness to the energy of the person’s Moon sign when placed in this house, especially if conjunct the Ascendant. It doesn’t necessarily make them rough, rude people. It just means that they’re prone to putting their emotions right in people’s faces, often times without even realizing it. The 1st House is also physical, representing our body and our mannerisms. Therefore, since the Moon is an unconscious planet, 1st House Moon people are the types whose reactions show all over their faces, often without them realizing it. Every little emotional nuance and shift makes itself known.

People with this placement often project an intense desire to be needed and to take care of others. For a Virgo Moon in this house, for example, they will be the tireless fixers who are constantly cleaning up people’s messes. They identify very strongly with the caregiver role, which is why they often display a co-dependent habit of making people need them, sometimes to a manipulative degree. But, those with the Moon in the 1st House are not calculated in their actions, as they approach their environment in a manner that’s purely instinctual. This can make them quite irrational in their behavior. The particular neuroses and insecurities of their Moon sign can make themselves known in a big way, like overt displays of paranoia for a Scorpio Moon.

Their persona can be very vulnerable, in an appealing way, and emotionally open, especially if their particular feelers are telling them that you’re worth trusting. 1st House Moon people regard new situations and individuals in a totally intuitive way. If their sensor gives them a bad reaction or tells them something is off, when they meet you, then they can shut off and turn cold. Their persona is always shifting and changing, like the Moon itself. Even if they are emotionally available to you, they will still maintain a distinctly mysterious quality. They come off to people as too complex to sum up with a single, straightforward label. The actual appearance of those with the Moon in the 1st House is also ever-changing, with them constantly taking on different looks in accordance with their varying moods. But, there is a predictable quality to this, as well. Like the Moon, people anticipate their changes. 

Moon in the 2nd House

2nd House Moon people are interested in a life of comfort and ease. This house placement can even stabilize and mellow a high-strung Gemini Moon. It’s all about finding a soothing sense of peace with this position. Whatever makes the person’s Moon sign feel relaxed is something that they will immerse themselves in, to the point of indulgence. For Moon in Gemini, it can mean reading, surfing the web, or talking on the phone. These little satisfying activities will be like a comfort food that the person cannot get enough of. It can, therefore, be quite easy for those with their Moon in the 2nd House to get stuck in a rut, as they are too busy focusing on what has always pleased them to give anything else a chance. They are true creatures of habit.

But, this position also solidifies the energy of the Moon sign, placing it on terra firma. The emotional reactions of the Moon sign become measured and modified, with the individual capable of knowing when it’s sensible to respond and when it’s not. This allows them to channel a lot of that emotional energy into more practical, constructive pursuits. The 2nd House Moon is always working to build a solid, secure lifestyle for itself. It’s all about feeling and being safe for these individuals. Most of them will fully appreciate the security that money has to bring into their lives. They enjoy the process of making money and will always be able to find resourceful ways to make sure that their income remains predictable and steady. This, in the end, is what helps them sleep at night.

However, this is not to say that they are all about money and material possessions. Moon in the 2nd House people gain a deep sense of emotional satisfaction from completely engaging with the physical world. They need to find ways, in accordance with their respective Moon sign, to keep their sensual experience of their environment rich and alive. Because of this, a strong love of sex as well as great food and fine art of all forms typically defines this placement. Most of them find it easy to just feel very good in their own skin and have a strong sense of self-worth. If they don’t, well, they’re not using this placement wisely, then. 2nd House Moon stands firm in his or her Moon sign’s values. For a Sagittarius Moon, for example, it would mean an unshakable adherence to honesty and freedom. People often respect how firm their value system is, even if it makes them look quite stubborn, at times. 

Moon in the 3rd House

With the Moon in the 3rd House, the world is full of information just waiting to be assimilated. The more mental rather than the emotional side of the Moon sign is emphasized here. So, even if the person has a highly emotional Cancer Moon, the intuitive nature is used in order to comprehend and retain data in the environment. In fact, 3rd House Moon people often have an uncanny intuition when it comes to learning and observing, but in a more relational way than in a formal classroom setting. Many of them make wonderful mimics, for example, and often excel at accents and languages. These people have an instinctive understanding of the expectations of their social environment, which they can pick up on and conform to without even really thinking about it.

The trouble, though, is that sometimes they take in way too much. It’s not in the empathic way of a 12th House Moon. It’s in the way that their minds are constantly going and going. It’s second nature for them to just consume endless bits and pieces of information. This keeps them thinking, which often gets them worrying. The nervous reactions of their Moon sign are amplified because of this placement. Those with their Moon in the 3rd House have a difficult time just telling their brain to shut up, at times. The danger of over-thinking is something that they often need help realizing. However, the plus side of this placement is that they can usually react in a nanosecond to people’s problems. Their hot-wired brains allow them to respond instantly to people and often with great clarity.

People with a 3rd House Moon often come off as emotionally open because most of them are so eager to share whatever they’re feeling. Maybe too eager for some, especially if all this talking about their feelings starts to come off as counterproductive, after a certain point. But, this is essentially what they need. They need to really vent their feelings. Moon in the 3rd House is the one who will readily call their friends to share their troubles. Even if their Moon is in a more reticent or reserved sign, they will still avidly seek out that small handful to talk to. Relationships that are devoid of this kind of communication will be deeply unfulfilling for them. These people also enjoy communication that revolves around the day-to-day stuff. In short, they just need great conversation. The humor of their Moon sign is highly active and you’ll need to be able to keep up with these witty souls to be able to last.

Moon in the 4th House

Though home and family are very important to most, 4th House Moon individuals treat this area of life with an attitude of profound reverence. They truly dedicate themselves to their home and family life, even if their Moon sign is in a more freedom-loving sign like Aquarius. Whatever their idea of a warm, loving brood is, then they will invest a large amount of their emotional energy into it. For those with their Moon in the 4th House, you can’t get along with them unless you get along with their family. Their loyalty to their clan runs very deep and it would take some very dramatic circumstances for these people to not be close with them. Their maternal figure is typically held in high regard and they cherish an unbreakable sense of closeness with her or him.

The problem is, though, that it can be difficult for 4th House Moon people to leave the nest. This doesn’t just mean moving out or away from home, though many with this position often live with their parents well into adulthood or never want to leave their hometown, even if it would benefit them. It means breaking the particular habits of their Moon sign, which are reinforced by their family. For a Libra Moon, it would mean learning that they don’t always have to keep the peace. They cling to these habits for dear life, as it’s a deeply internal source of security. Moon in the 4th House can struggle with constant insecurities. Their emotional responses are always fluctuating. In essence, they are moody creatures, displaying the changeability of their particular Moon sign to the hilt.

But, the intuitive nature is also heightened with this position. Moon in the 4th House folks use this intuition in order to help to provide other people with what they need emotionally. They are very nurturing as well as extremely sentimental, cherishing an atmosphere of closeness and warmth with those in their lives. It takes a great deal to really infiltrate their inner sanctum. But, once you do, you are usually guaranteed a lifetime pass. 4th House Moons often don’t fully come into their own until they become parents. Up to that point, they might not be able to properly channel their Moon sign’s energy, instead just expressing it through irrational or insecure behavior. But, having children is something that grounds them. They usually feel unfulfilled until they have someone to really take care of. A child is the most appropriate target for this need but, even then, they need to watch their boundaries. 

Moon in the 5th House

Those with their Moon in the 5th House are emotionally driven by a need for pure, unadulterated fun. This is a house placement that can liven up even a traditionally reserved Capricorn Moon, giving the person, at the very least, a dry yet outrageous and hilarious sense of humor. There’s an emotional need here to laugh, to play, to enjoy life in the moment. Because of this, 5th House Moons tend to be highly creative, as they know how to access a certain spontaneity and freedom of expression that’s needed in order to perform. And since the Moon is an unconscious planet, when they really get into a groove, then they are far from self-conscious. Even on the everyday stage of life, these are people who behave as real entertainers for those who know them well.

The emotional responses of the person’s Moon sign are made bigger and bolder. Things become more dramatic in this house. As a result, those with this position can sometimes turn into drama queens and kings, if they’re not careful. The neediness of their Moon can be expressed in a way that’s adolescent, making them feel as if the world revolves around whatever they need. To most 5th House Moon people, this is entirely natural and accurate. No one can label them as not knowing what they need, as well as not having the proper assertive skills to get it. People with the Moon in the 5th House are typically proud and confident. Even if they come off as shy, it’s not going to take too long for them to get out on the dance floor of life and do whatever they see fit.

Although they instinctively make good leaders, the Moon is essentially private. So, these people tend to lead in situations that involve their family and closest friends, instead of out in front of the entire world. This is a trait that can cause them to become rather domineering at times, especially if their Moon happens to be in a Fixed sign. But, they have a genuine desire to do and say it all for the other person’s best interest. The big-heartedness of these souls usually shines through. Though usually love kids, it’s not in the manner that a 4th House Moon adores kids. A 5th House Moon is intuitively good with children just because they know how to access that playful, childlike side of themselves so well. They like getting silly with children and love the laughter and joy that they bring into their lives. But, when it comes to their kids, they can never forget who’s the boss, at the end of the day.

Moon in the 6th House

The day-to-day grind is what matters the most to a 6th House Moon individual. This means all of those practicalities like work, bills, chores, and finances. In this House, a fiery and wildly spontaneous Aries or Leo Moon gets tamed and brought down-to-earth. It’s not to say that they can’t be fun. But, they’ll have their fun while washing the dishes or running their errands for the day. For those with this placement, emotional security and satisfaction is gained from taking care of all of the little things in life. The emotional reactions of the person’s Moon sign are simplified and channeled into something productive. They are very emotionally aware yet they will use these emotions as fuel to tackle problems or to get things done. 6th House Moons don’t wallow. They get on with it.

Since they are such problem solvers, those with their Moon in the 6th House are driven to solve the problems of those around them. This is how they take care of others and show their affection. How they solve their loved ones’ problems depends on their respective Moon sign. A Scorpio Moon, for example, placed in this house will find solutions by digging deep beneath the surface of the situation to figure out the root of the problem, then coming up with a plan for to how to conquer the problem. It can be difficult, though, for a person with this placement to be faced with something that they can’t fix. In fact, they might find themselves compulsively fixing, especially when it comes to other people. Their knee-jerk reaction is to look for the trouble spots in others.

But, they are also this way with themselves. These people push themselves hard in their work and in their areas of self-improvement. They devote a lot of their emotional energy into things like their job, their health and exercise routines, and the condition of their home because it just makes them feel good. But, Moon in the 6th House people need to be wary of becoming too neurotically dependent on these things, as well. They can become too fixated on an idea of “perfection” which can prevent them from relaxing and bring out their Moon’s anxiety. It’s important for them to learn how to let go and let things be. There is a strongly domestic side to 6th House Moons because they are so big on routine and on maintaining a certain status quo in their lives. They can be deeply dedicated to their home life. In a way, this simple little lifestyle is all they need to be happy. Some might call it dull. They call it bliss. 

Moon in the 7th House

The necessity of relationships is highly emphasized by the Moon in the 7th House. One reason why is because these people have an emotional need for a sense of peace and understanding in their relationships. Whatever their Moon sign sees as peaceful is something that they will seek to establish in their interactions with other people. If they are a Sagittarius Moon, then the kind of peace that will be sought will be good humor and a mutual sense of adventure and learning. However, a relationship is also needed in order to reflect their emotions back to them. The qualities we often have trouble owning are in this House. A 7th House Moon person, at least when less self-aware, will project their Moon sign on to others, especially their partners, and requires them to act out this energy for them.

Even though their partners might appear to be their opposites, those with their Moon in the 7th House are actually seeking people who are like their true inner selves. Not only do their partners bring out their Moon sign qualities in them, but they can attract friends and associates who embody this energy, as well. Therefore, people with this placement tend to be unhealthily dependent on the emotional reactions of others. They need their reactions to know how to react. However, when a 7th House Moon gains self-awareness and an independent sense of emotional functioning, then they are better able to own and express their Moon sign’s energy, with or without a partner. In doing so, then their relationships become less co-dependent and they are able to be much more of a whole entity. 

Because their Moon sign opposes their 1st House persona, these individuals are capable of achieving a remarkable sense of balance within their temperament, embodying both sides of the coin. As a result, 7th House Moons are often exceptional people persons. They know how to approach situations, especially emotionally charged ones, from dual perspectives. This ability usually makes them wonderful mediators, as long as they don’t get too caught up in the act of balancing things out. It’s important for them to know that it’s necessary to just respond sometimes without worrying about what the appropriate response will be. People with a 7th House Moon have a great instinctive sense of what people will like or not like. They tailor their responses to each individual, which allows them to get along with mostly everyone. And, at the end of the day, this is an emotional need for them. 

Moon in the 8th House

This is a house that’s charged with emotional intensity. Therefore, having the Moon in the 8th House makes the emotional responses of a person’s Moon sign very powerful and passionate, even if the Moon is in a light-hearted Air sign or reasonable Earth sign. This placement takes the feelings of their Moon and turns them up a few notches. But, the sign’s reactions and needs are often hidden or compartmentalized. With a Pisces Moon, for example, their vast imagination and desire for transcendence is something that will be dealt with in an even more internal manner when placed here. 8th House Moons deal with their inner lives in a private, solitary fashion that some might call secrecy. They feel the need to protect themselves as they know how easily their high intensity is misunderstood.

An alluring air of mystery will surround those with this position. It’s as if people can’t blatantly see their Moon sign but they can definitely sense it, smoldering beneath the surface. There is a labyrinth-like quality to those with their Moon in the 8th House, as you can never really figure them out. But, they prefer it this way. Even when they reveal themselves emotionally, they still keep a part of themselves or their lives concealed. Such behavior can easily veer into paranoia, especially when they feel the need to defend or preserve themselves. The survival instinct of an 8th House Moon is overwhelming and a nagging feeling that danger is around the corner can exaggerate the defense mechanisms of their particular Moon sign. They can find themselves looking for trouble when it’s nowhere near.

However, they have remarkable inner strength and resilience. People with an 8th House Moon have an uncanny ability to face the toughest times and only grow wiser and more empowered from it. Struggles only add to their emotional depth, but they must be careful of displaying a masochistic attraction to pain or darkness. With all that they’ve faced, these people make excellent counselors, helping others through their trials and dark hours. They have extraordinary people-reading skills, with an ability to “just know” things about people. This helps forge the profound connection they seek with others. 8th House Moons need intensity and depth in their relationships. Sex isn’t just a way to have fun for them but a soulful way to really know someone else. It should be said that sex really “feeds” these folks. It’s a strong emotional need and it’s best to not keep them starved, in this regard. 

Moon in the 9th House

People with the Moon in the 9th House have an emotional need for adventure and discovery. There’s a feeling with this placement that life is an endless journey and they won’t be fulfilled unless they keep moving, keep conquering, and keep learning. The idea of a comfort zone becomes dramatically minimized in this House. So, the Moon may be in a conservative sign like Taurus, but the person will take their Taurus Moon needs and traits out on the road instead of remaining stuck at home all day. The plus side of this quality is that it makes living a constantly exciting experience for a 9th House Moon. The down side is that it can create an attitude of insatiable restlessness, making them always wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.

Having this position makes a person deeply philosophical. Religion or spirituality are often vitally important to those with their Moon in the 9th House and they will adhere to their faith with the devotion that their Moon sign is capable of. Whatever their faith may be, it’s this particular faith that makes life meaningful and worthwhile. It’s also something that keeps them buoyant and forward-moving, most of the time. The emotional responses of their Moon are modified to fit within this philosophical framework. Even the more intense Moon signs will find themselves quickly burning through their deep feelings and going on to the next thing. These individuals can easily get frustrated with others who can’t do the same, eventually giving up on trying to cheer them up and moving on.

There can be an attitude of self-righteousness with 9th House Moon people that needs to be watched. They often mean well, but can be so intent on evangelizing their particular belief system that they turn other people off. But, their sense of strong morals makes them very honest, almost thoroughly so. Therefore, Moon in the 9th House individuals have difficulty with hiding or sugarcoating their true emotions. Even if they try, their lying will be very transparent. These people feel what they feel and they make no bones about it. But, most people appreciate the fact that they are so emotionally straightforward and will not engage in any sort of games in their relationships. In fact, some might find them a bit too frank with their feelings, to the point of rudeness, but this is not their intent. Being upfront is essentially an emotional need of theirs and helps them to feel light and free.

Moon in the 10th House

The Moon in the 10th House is a curious placement, as the Moon is a private planet and this house is the most public position. Essentially, it means that the person’s Moon sign traits are something that they will become publicly known for, especially if it’s conjunct their Midheaven. Instead of hiding it in the privacy of their home, this energy is in the spotlight for the world to see. Yet, these people display a savvy kind of public-relations instinct. 10th House Moons can be open with their Moon sign energy while instinctively giving their community the best aspects of it. With an Aries Moon, their fearlessness and fiery charm will be broadcast to the world, but they will know better than to let that volatile temper be public knowledge, as well. If not, then they will surely learn.

Therefore, the key lesson of this position is one of responsibility. People with their Moon in the 10th House must express this energy like a mature adult and not an immature child. If not, the particular neediness and insecurities of their Moon sign will not only become a negative part of their reputation but will wreak havoc in their professional and social life. They should focus on what they emotionally give to the world and not what they emotionally receive. In doing so, 10th House Moons will gain control of their Moon sign’s negative emotional reactions, which gives them the freedom to approach the world with more ease and spontaneity. At this point, they will feel very comfortable in the public eye, which can lead to some sort of fame, whether becoming a neighborhood celebrity or an actual one.

These individuals are grounded by achieving emotional fulfillment in their careers. They can be very ambitious but it’s their emotional needs that are driving them more than a desire for glory and achievement. Moon in the 10th House people simply cannot function if their career is not a good match for their emotional nature. It’s advisable for them to choose a professional path that caters to the particular abilities of their Moon sign. Then, they will be able to succeed in their career in a very instinctive manner. Since we’re dealing with the Moon, being a caregiver becomes a professional title that they take on, in the nurturing style of their Moon. Before they have kids, they take care of people in their professional sphere. But, if and when they become parents, something shifts. It’s true for most people but especially them: parenting gives them a fulfillment they never had before in their private life. 

Moon in the 11th House

How well they do or don’t fit in becomes a deeply important running theme for an 11th House Moon person. They display an emotional need to connect to the collective yet most of them are also plagued by a feeling of detachment from any particular group. There’s a sense of being alone, on the outside looking in, that defines their perspective. Because of this, those with their Moon in the 11th House are often detached from social conventions, flouting them with the quirks and unconventional behaviors of their particular Moon sign. If a Leo Moon is placed here, then they will show everyone they are different by being very expressive and colorful, to a rather offbeat degree. There’s a need to challenge the status quo with this placement and push a few buttons that can often get them into trouble.

Indeed, they might find their behavior causing a regular bit of controversy or just puzzled head-shaking from those around them. This is what contributes to the 11th House Moon’s feeling that they are misunderstood and don’t fit in. But, this can also be their greatest source of freedom. The emotional responses of their Moon are highly independent, not requiring much validation or approval from other people. They are capable of fulfilling the needs of their Moon without being self-conscious about what people think about their behavior. Although they express their Moon sign’s energy without judging themselves, their total lack of self-judgment is also what can make them rather distanced from this energy, as well. They don’t like getting bogged down in it.

Moon in the 11th House people exercise the same kind of nonjudgmental attitude toward other people, especially those who become close to them. Well, one should say relatively close. These aren’t the types to really be that close to anyone. But, they have an intuitive knack for making friends, usually because they know how it feels to be alone. If someone seems left out, the 11th House Moon’s instinct is to befriend them and get to know them. In fact, the more on the social fringes a person is, the more they will intrigue these individuals. They can so easily spread themselves around and become chummy with just about anyone, no matter what their race or lifestyle or background may be. Yet, they remain inherently attached to little to no one, which is less true if they’re a Water Moon. They live their private lives like mad scientists, too caught up in their experiments to be bothered. 

Moon in the 12th House

Having the Moon in the 12th House can often make a person wholly unaware of their Moon sign. The Moon is already unconscious enough in its operation but becomes even more deeply so when placed in this house, which deals with the collective unconscious. In essence, it can cause the person to all too easily project their Moon sign’s energy, feeling victimized or plagued by it being “out there” in the world. A Virgo Moon placed here might complain about everyone being way too critical of them, when they don’t realize that they’re the ones being extremely critical. The 12th House Moon can be in deep denial about their Moon and it’s imperative for them to take the conscious, self-aware steps to own this energy and use it constructively.

This position is a highly empathic one that easily feels what people are feeling and picks up on emotional impressions within their environment, in the manner in which their Moon sign intuits things. Because of this, it’s very common for them to feel overwhelmed, especially by the needs of others. Those with the Moon in the 12th House are instinctively drawn to helping and healing people. But, they must gain balance and grounding by helping and healing themselves first. A retreat into solitude is usually the necessary solution to their feelings of being swamped and overloaded. Even the more outgoing Moon signs will be more inwardly drawn when placed here. The key is for the 12th House Moon to seek solitude in order to gain peace and not to isolate themselves.

A sense of boundlessness defines the energy of the Moon sign in this house. They possess enormous amounts of imagination and their dreams are usually very vivid and deep. 12th House Moon individuals gain the most comfort in the worlds in which they can escape from the real world in, whether it’s their nightly dreams, their artistic lives, or an absorbing spiritual practice. It’s in these realms that they find the transcendence that they’re looking for. But, it’s important for them to learn how to return to the real world, as well. Many people with the Moon in the 12th House can check out during tough times, leading others to wonder sometimes if there’s anybody home. Though they are usually very empathetic, they are equally elusive to those around them. There’s a mysterious feeling that surrounds them, making even those who are close to them sometimes wonder if they really know them.