Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 12th House

Having the Moon in the 12th House can often make a person wholly unaware of their Moon sign. The Moon is already unconscious enough in its operation but becomes even more deeply so when placed in this house, which deals with the collective unconscious. In essence, it can cause the person to all too easily project their Moon sign’s energy, feeling victimized or plagued by it being “out there” in the world. A Virgo Moon placed here might complain about everyone being way too critical of them, when they don’t realize that they’re the ones being extremely critical. The 12th House Moon can be in deep denial about their Moon and it’s imperative for them to take the conscious, self-aware steps to own this energy and use it constructively.

This position is a highly empathic one that easily feels what people are feeling and picks up on emotional impressions within their environment, in the manner in which their Moon sign intuits things. Because of this, it’s very common for them to feel overwhelmed, especially by the needs of others. Those with the Moon in the 12th House are instinctively drawn to helping and healing people. But, they must gain balance and grounding by helping and healing themselves first. A retreat into solitude is usually the necessary solution to their feelings of being swamped and overloaded. Even the more outgoing Moon signs will be more inwardly drawn when placed here. The key is for the 12th House Moon to seek solitude in order to gain peace and not to isolate themselves.

A sense of boundlessness defines the energy of the Moon sign in this house. They possess enormous amounts of imagination and their dreams are usually very vivid and deep. 12th House Moon individuals gain the most comfort in the worlds in which they can escape from the real world in, whether it’s their nightly dreams, their artistic lives, or an absorbing spiritual practice. It’s in these realms that they find the transcendence that they’re looking for. But, it’s important for them to learn how to return to the real world, as well. Many people with the Moon in the 12th House can check out during tough times, leading others to wonder sometimes if there’s anybody home. Though they are usually very empathetic, they are equally elusive to those around them. There’s a mysterious feeling that surrounds them, making even those who are close to them sometimes wonder if they really know them. 


  1. The moon here being in conjunction with the ascendant makes any difference or what you described is applied the same way? Moon and ascendant in aquarius.

    1. Your 12th House Moon being conjunct the Ascendant puts all of this energy out there but in a way that's mysterious, subtle, and hard to pin down.

  2. Hello. Thanks for the post. My Sun, Moon and Mercury i in 12th house in the sign Taurus.. To be honest, I don't acknowledge how I can detect my subconscious moon. here: "The 12th House Moon can be in deep denial about their Moon". I have no idea how I deny my Moon. Please teach or guide me how I can learn my moon and be conscious about it. What You mean by writing feeling overwhelmed? Yes very tue about isolation, solitude and desire to help others. I feel strange in public. But mostly I feel unloved. I feel people don't notice me and give my true value. I don't know how to be extrovert or very outgoing while I feel uncomfortable when I am doing so. But I want others to notice me and my talants. Please guide me. Thanks :)