Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 2nd House

2nd House Moon people are interested in a life of comfort and ease. This house placement can even stabilize and mellow a high-strung Gemini Moon. It’s all about finding a soothing sense of peace with this position. Whatever makes the person’s Moon sign feel relaxed is something that they will immerse themselves in, to the point of indulgence. For Moon in Gemini, it can mean reading, surfing the web, or talking on the phone. These little satisfying activities will be like a comfort food that the person cannot get enough of. It can, therefore, be quite easy for those with their Moon in the 2nd House to get stuck in a rut, as they are too busy focusing on what has always pleased them to give anything else a chance. They are true creatures of habit.

But, this position also solidifies the energy of the Moon sign, placing it on terra firma. The emotional reactions of the Moon sign become measured and modified, with the individual capable of knowing when it’s sensible to respond and when it’s not. This allows them to channel a lot of that emotional energy into more practical, constructive pursuits. The 2nd House Moon is always working to build a solid, secure lifestyle for itself. It’s all about feeling and being safe for these individuals. Most of them will fully appreciate the security that money has to bring into their lives. They enjoy the process of making money and will always be able to find resourceful ways to make sure that their income remains predictable and steady. This, in the end, is what helps them sleep at night.

However, this is not to say that they are all about money and material possessions. Moon in the 2nd House people gain a deep sense of emotional satisfaction from completely engaging with the physical world. They need to find ways, in accordance with their respective Moon sign, to keep their sensual experience of their environment rich and alive. Because of this, a strong love of sex as well as great food and fine art of all forms typically defines this placement. Most of them find it easy to just feel very good in their own skin and have a strong sense of self-worth. If they don’t, well, they’re not using this placement wisely, then. 2nd House Moon stands firm in his or her Moon sign’s values. For a Sagittarius Moon, for example, it would mean an unshakable adherence to honesty and freedom. People often respect how firm their value system is, even if it makes them look quite stubborn, at times. 

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