Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 4th House

Though home and family are very important to most, 4th House Moon individuals treat this area of life with an attitude of profound reverence. They truly dedicate themselves to their home and family life, even if their Moon sign is in a more freedom-loving sign like Aquarius. Whatever their idea of a warm, loving brood is, then they will invest a large amount of their emotional energy into it. For those with their Moon in the 4th House, you can’t get along with them unless you get along with their family. Their loyalty to their clan runs very deep and it would take some very dramatic circumstances for these people to not be close with them. Their maternal figure is typically held in high regard and they cherish an unbreakable sense of closeness with her or him.

The problem is, though, that it can be difficult for 4th House Moon people to leave the nest. This doesn’t just mean moving out or away from home, though many with this position often live with their parents well into adulthood or never want to leave their hometown, even if it would benefit them. It means breaking the particular habits of their Moon sign, which are reinforced by their family. For a Libra Moon, it would mean learning that they don’t always have to keep the peace. They cling to these habits for dear life, as it’s a deeply internal source of security. Moon in the 4th House can struggle with constant insecurities. Their emotional responses are always fluctuating. In essence, they are moody creatures, displaying the changeability of their particular Moon sign to the hilt.

But, the intuitive nature is also heightened with this position. Moon in the 4th House folks use this intuition in order to help to provide other people with what they need emotionally. They are very nurturing as well as extremely sentimental, cherishing an atmosphere of closeness and warmth with those in their lives. It takes a great deal to really infiltrate their inner sanctum. But, once you do, you are usually guaranteed a lifetime pass. 4th House Moons often don’t fully come into their own until they become parents. Up to that point, they might not be able to properly channel their Moon sign’s energy, instead just expressing it through irrational or insecure behavior. But, having children is something that grounds them. They usually feel unfulfilled until they have someone to really take care of. A child is the most appropriate target for this need but, even then, they need to watch their boundaries. 

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  1. Mistakenly deleted :P. Well, I have a Scorpio moon in 4th house and sagg Pluto in 4th too. What does it mean?