Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 5th House

Those with their Moon in the 5th House are emotionally driven by a need for pure, unadulterated fun. This is a house placement that can liven up even a traditionally reserved Capricorn Moon, giving the person, at the very least, a dry yet outrageous and hilarious sense of humor. There’s an emotional need here to laugh, to play, to enjoy life in the moment. Because of this, 5th House Moons tend to be highly creative, as they know how to access a certain spontaneity and freedom of expression that’s needed in order to perform. And since the Moon is an unconscious planet, when they really get into a groove, then they are far from self-conscious. Even on the everyday stage of life, these are people who behave as real entertainers for those who know them well.

The emotional responses of the person’s Moon sign are made bigger and bolder. Things become more dramatic in this house. As a result, those with this position can sometimes turn into drama queens and kings, if they’re not careful. The neediness of their Moon can be expressed in a way that’s adolescent, making them feel as if the world revolves around whatever they need. To most 5th House Moon people, this is entirely natural and accurate. No one can label them as not knowing what they need, as well as not having the proper assertive skills to get it. People with the Moon in the 5th House are typically proud and confident. Even if they come off as shy, it’s not going to take too long for them to get out on the dance floor of life and do whatever they see fit.

Although they instinctively make good leaders, the Moon is essentially private. So, these people tend to lead in situations that involve their family and closest friends, instead of out in front of the entire world. This is a trait that can cause them to become rather domineering at times, especially if their Moon happens to be in a Fixed sign. But, they have a genuine desire to do and say it all for the other person’s best interest. The big-heartedness of these souls usually shines through. Though usually love kids, it’s not in the manner that a 4th House Moon adores kids. A 5th House Moon is intuitively good with children just because they know how to access that playful, childlike side of themselves so well. They like getting silly with children and love the laughter and joy that they bring into their lives. But, when it comes to their kids, they can never forget who’s the boss, at the end of the day.

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