Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 6th House

The day-to-day grind is what matters the most to a 6th House Moon individual. This means all of those practicalities like work, bills, chores, and finances. In this House, a fiery and wildly spontaneous Aries or Leo Moon gets tamed and brought down-to-earth. It’s not to say that they can’t be fun. But, they’ll have their fun while washing the dishes or running their errands for the day. For those with this placement, emotional security and satisfaction is gained from taking care of all of the little things in life. The emotional reactions of the person’s Moon sign are simplified and channeled into something productive. They are very emotionally aware yet they will use these emotions as fuel to tackle problems or to get things done. 6th House Moons don’t wallow. They get on with it.

Since they are such problem solvers, those with their Moon in the 6th House are driven to solve the problems of those around them. This is how they take care of others and show their affection. How they solve their loved ones’ problems depends on their respective Moon sign. A Scorpio Moon, for example, placed in this house will find solutions by digging deep beneath the surface of the situation to figure out the root of the problem, then coming up with a plan for to how to conquer the problem. It can be difficult, though, for a person with this placement to be faced with something that they can’t fix. In fact, they might find themselves compulsively fixing, especially when it comes to other people. Their knee-jerk reaction is to look for the trouble spots in others.

But, they are also this way with themselves. These people push themselves hard in their work and in their areas of self-improvement. They devote a lot of their emotional energy into things like their job, their health and exercise routines, and the condition of their home because it just makes them feel good. But, Moon in the 6th House people need to be wary of becoming too neurotically dependent on these things, as well. They can become too fixated on an idea of “perfection” which can prevent them from relaxing and bring out their Moon’s anxiety. It’s important for them to learn how to let go and let things be. There is a strongly domestic side to 6th House Moons because they are so big on routine and on maintaining a certain status quo in their lives. They can be deeply dedicated to their home life. In a way, this simple little lifestyle is all they need to be happy. Some might call it dull. They call it bliss. 

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