Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moon in the 9th House

People with the Moon in the 9th House have an emotional need for adventure and discovery. There’s a feeling with this placement that life is an endless journey and they won’t be fulfilled unless they keep moving, keep conquering, and keep learning. The idea of a comfort zone becomes dramatically minimized in this House. So, the Moon may be in a conservative sign like Taurus, but the person will take their Taurus Moon needs and traits out on the road instead of remaining stuck at home all day. The plus side of this quality is that it makes living a constantly exciting experience for a 9th House Moon. The down side is that it can create an attitude of insatiable restlessness, making them always wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.

Having this position makes a person deeply philosophical. Religion or spirituality are often vitally important to those with their Moon in the 9th House and they will adhere to their faith with the devotion that their Moon sign is capable of. Whatever their faith may be, it’s this particular faith that makes life meaningful and worthwhile. It’s also something that keeps them buoyant and forward-moving, most of the time. The emotional responses of their Moon are modified to fit within this philosophical framework. Even the more intense Moon signs will find themselves quickly burning through their deep feelings and going on to the next thing. These individuals can easily get frustrated with others who can’t do the same, eventually giving up on trying to cheer them up and moving on.

There can be an attitude of self-righteousness with 9th House Moon people that needs to be watched. They often mean well, but can be so intent on evangelizing their particular belief system that they turn other people off. But, their sense of strong morals makes them very honest, almost thoroughly so. Therefore, Moon in the 9th House individuals have difficulty with hiding or sugarcoating their true emotions. Even if they try, their lying will be very transparent. These people feel what they feel and they make no bones about it. But, most people appreciate the fact that they are so emotionally straightforward and will not engage in any sort of games in their relationships. In fact, some might find them a bit too frank with their feelings, to the point of rudeness, but this is not their intent. Being upfront is essentially an emotional need of theirs and helps them to feel light and free.


  1. In the equal house system I have the moon in 9th house but in the placidius house system it's in the 8th house. I relate more to the 8th house moon since my emotions are in no way straightforward, i love mind games and love knowing secrets yet don't feel the need to divulge them.

  2. I also have an 8th house moon (Taurus) in placidus and in equal it'sin the 9th house. I relate to both but really more to the 9th. I love to study, I am a very honest person (I'm a Virgo so..)

  3. It is the same for me (Placidus
    System = 8th House Moon | Equal House System = 9th House Moon).

    I can relate to both house placements. But my heart definitely lies in the 9th (when I think of my past, up until now, then hell yes, I'm very 9th House-ish in my ways, albeit in a non-traditional manner (I have Uranus in the opposite house to thank for that).

    I believe the 8th House influences are felt in my case due to having Plutonian aspects to Jupiter & the Moon (which adds a layer of depth and intensity to both planets and their placements).

    To put it shortly: I find myself dragged into the 8th house even though I ought to be investing my time and energy in things that relate to the 9th house!

    That is when I'm at my best and happiest.

    Still... 9th house is where my heart truly lies! ♥

    I just had this big "aha!"-moment.

    Thanks for sharing!