Sunday, September 28, 2014

Moon-Mercury Aspects: The Gift of Gab

If you have your Moon sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Mercury, then you were born with the gift of gab. Mercury rules communication and the Moon functions instinctively. This means that you have a very natural ability to verbalize things and communicate with others. But, it isn’t just an ability. It’s a need that runs deeply for you. The essential emotional motivation for someone with Moon in aspect to Mercury is to communicate (Mercury) what they’re inwardly experiencing (Moon). So, you have to be in touch with what you’re feeling in the moment for the words to be able to flow out. You won’t be able to function properly without giving voice to your feelings, as well as without being able to have a voice that’s fully heard and understood.

The Moon sign rules the relationship we have with our nurturing parent. For many people, it’s the mother but it can also be a father figure who plays a more nurturing role. In any case, having a Moon-Mercury aspect meant that the nurturing figure was probably someone who valued communication and instilled in you, in some way or another, this need to “talk it out.” The positive type of Moon-Mercury nurturing figure is one who was always open to listening to what you were feeling and thinking. This is a parent who encouraged you to “use your words” from a very early age, which influenced you from your terrible two’s all the way to the turbulent adolescent years. You were taught to verbalize what you feel and to have easy-flowing, one-on-one discussions about those feelings with your nurturing parent. This might have led to some great talks between the two of you and you could’ve felt like you could come to this parental figure about absolutely anything.

The less positive Moon-Mercury nurturing figure is one who made you feel constantly misunderstood. It might have seemed like, no matter what you did, you couldn't really get them to listen to your feelings and properly hear you out. It might have been because they were the more rational types who didn't really value emotion. Because of this, that need to talk about how you feel went deeply inward. Instead of talking about it to others, you began obsessively having an inner monologue about your feelings and possibly putting it all down in a journal (a favorite outlet of people with these aspects). This is often the flip side of Moon-Mercury; someone who's afraid to talk about their true feelings because they feel they'll be dismissed or misunderstood as a result.

Whether you had the open-minded, understanding nurturing parent or the coolly logical, dismissive one, you are driven by a deep need to make rational sense out of your feelings. If the Moon sign is in an intense sign like Scorpio or Capricorn, it being in aspect to Mercury can add some much needed levity and humor to the processing of your emotions. Because of your upbringing, you have a habit of explaining your feelings and can usually see them with clarity. The ones with the hard aspects, like the square or the opposition, might have a harder time doing this, however, and can veer from being really logical and reasonable to letting their emotions take over, not finding any sort of a balance. This is the key goal for Moon-Mercury people: to integrate both the logical and the emotional parts of the mind. Both planets represent processing and the receiving of information. For the Moon, it’s intuitive and subconscious. For Mercury, it’s rational and conscious. Having these planets in aspect means that you have the opportunity to blend both halves of your brain, becoming a highly fascinating individual as a result.

People with these aspects definitely need to talk. There are some quiet ones who have these placements but they are often times repressing their emotional need to communicate. This usually is a result of not wanting to discuss feelings. But, even the more talkative ones can have a knack of sidestepping certain emotional issues. As a Moon-Mercury people, you feel emotionally fulfilled by just letting all out of those thoughts and feelings out, via communication. You’re not going to be satisfied and emotionally secure until you can feel open enough to do this. However, when you do, there’s really no stopping that endless stream of words. It can all come spilling out and when you’re in a particularly emotional state, you give true definition to the phrase “word vomit.” You definitely need someone on the receiving end who’s going to remain open to listening and who’s going to allow you to fully vent everything that’s bouncing around in that head of yours.

The great thing about Moon-Mercury individuals is that they are typically innately wonderful listeners. It’s just instinctive for you to understand the natural give-and-take of conversation. In fact, you can be especially upset by people who don’t seem to get this balance. Water and Earth Moons with Mercury aspects are more patient in conversation and less apt to interrupt than the Fire and Air Moons with these placements, who tend to get so excited and enthusiastic that they can’t help but interrupt, at times. But, even they show the ability to completely take in what someone else is saying to them. You are totally receptive, seeming to understand everything the person is saying on a level that’s both gut-felt and logical. You’re very naturally observant, as well, picking up on all of the little nuances and details of an individual. Because of this, people with Moon-Mercury aspects excel at responding to people according to their specific temperament. You’re highly adaptable in conversations and social situations, capable of going with the flow of how someone communicates and thinks.

Because of this, you probably make an excellent person to talk to. The Moon represents how we take care of and comfort others. So, with your Moon sign in aspect to Mercury, you do this by establishing a very open line of communication with others and letting them know that they can always talk to you. People probably feel very at ease talking to you about their problems, especially if you have the Moon in a Water sign, because you’re so open and nonjudgmental. However, you aren’t exactly the type of person who just allows people to wallow in their feelings, either. Your immediate reaction, when confronted with problems, is to find a rational solution to it. Many people will appreciate this, as you have the power to bring clarity and reason to their emotional situation. Having a Moon-Mercury aspect, however, means that you need to be careful to not over-analyze feelings, either, or use logic as a pre-emptive strike against feeling, especially with the square and opposition (and sometimes, the conjunction). Strike that fine balance between thinking and feeling.

This aspect can be a great gift, as it can give you a wonderfully level quality. When you work with it properly, you have the ability to be neither too emotional nor too rational. You can be fully in touch with and honest about what you feel without being overwhelmed, giving yourself a healthy distance from those feelings, as well. The gift of a Moon-Mercury aspect also lies in the innate intelligence it can bring a person. These aspects unite the left-brain and right-brain functions, sometimes dissolving the line between them altogether. You should always go with your gut instinct, which will prevent you from over-thinking things, as you may be prone to do. When Moon-Mercury fully trusts the intuition, it heightens their brainpower. Your thinking is guided by your emotional hunches and intuition. There are times when you can come to conclusions that seem totally obvious and common-sense to you but others will find themselves taken back by your thinking abilities. You can uniquely respond to situations, due to this ability to really think with your gut, so to speak, and it can lead to a sort of brilliance in whatever it is that you do.

Moon-Mercury aspects usually signify great emotional intelligence. You’re very aware of little cues and signals regarding others’ feelings, even through something as small as their mannerisms or subtle facial expressions. You can clearly perceive all of that, to a degree that might prove to be overwhelming, at times. You might also have a high degree of book-smarts, as well. People with these placements definitely need to engage their brains, at all times. So, reading is usually a deep love for Moon-Mercury people, as words and stories really feed your soul. You might have a compulsive desire for consuming information, to the point of never getting off of the Internet. You can truly get lost in the endless consumption of information and have an intuitive knack for taking a lot of that in at once. Those with Moon in aspect to Mercury usually have an exceptional talent for learning new things very easily and quickly. You might pick up on languages and accents with stunning ease, as well as display an instant ability to “just get” certain subjects. In school, you definitely had one subject that you effortlessly excelled in. Many with these aspects aced English class but just as many were brilliant in Math or Sciences. In any case, the subject definitely had to resonate with you in a powerful way. You had to truly be interested in it to succeed at it.

Because your mental and verbal capacities are so quick, you are usually a delight in conversation. People with these aspects have a very instinctive flair with words. You’re a natural at telling hilarious, interesting stories and your wit operates at a lightning-fast pace. Being humorous comes effortlessly to you, to the point where you might not even mean for some of the things you say to be that funny. That instinct for observation and clever wordplay usually results in a laugh from your audience. The other person, though, definitely needs to be able to keep up with you, in this regard. Moon-Mercury people feel emotionally unsatisfied with someone who they find mentally dull or lacking in humor. You like for conversations to be lively and funny, which is how most people who really know you would describe you. Some people with these aspects can rely a bit too much on their humor, though, especially when things get uncomfortable or awkward. That can be your knee-jerk response: going for a joke to lighten the mood.

But, it can also all depend on your mood, as well. The Moon and Mercury are both very quick, changeable planets. Uniting them results in a person whose emotional states change very rapidly. Though you’re naturally very sociable, when you’re in a mood, that switch might turn right off and surprise others who are used to your breezy, lighthearted self. There is always a certain duality to Mercury, so the shadow side of your Moon sign can become quite pronounced in these moments. You might do and say things just to stir things up or cause mischief. You can also find yourself feeling two distinctly different ways about a situation at once. Everyone has this potential, of course, but you’re more aware of it than most due to having a Moon-Mercury aspect. But, you can also move on from your moods very rapidly. People with these aspects have the innate potential to not take their feelings too seriously, using the logical component to balance them out and turn their attention to something else.

As your thoughts are so swayed by your moods, impulses, and feelings, it should come to no surprise that you’re a bit of a whirlwind to those close to you. Moon-Mercury people can be quite unpredictable, especially since you follow your ever-changing state of mind without forethought. There’s potential for very strong writing and acting abilities with these aspects, as these activities can fulfill your need to fully communicate, in fluid and mercurial ways. You definitely need some sort of outlet, as all of that inner processing can turn into over-processing and lead to excessive nervous energy. Your mind and/or your body can’t be still for too long, so you must find ways to satisfy this inner motivation. You can be very restless in temperament as well as particularly resistant to really clingy and/or possessive behavior. You don’t appreciate feeling too emotionally tied down, though you can certainly commit when given the proper room to breathe and feel like a free bird. Since you’re so avoidant of boredom, people are rarely, if ever, bored around you. People who really know you experience you as naturally fascinating and a breath of fresh air, endlessly curious about the world around you (and the people, making you a bit of a gossip or busybody, at times), always ready with something interesting to say.

Moon conjunct Mercury: The conjunction makes you possibly the biggest over-thinker of the group but also the most clear-headed one, as well. It’s so natural for you to apply analysis to your emotional state that you don’t realize when you’re over-doing it, at times. But, you’re also probably wonderfully intelligent and articulate, in an intuitive kind of way. Yet, you can startle people with your duality. They might be taken back when this perfectly reasonable individual turns into a complete bundle of nerves and anxiety. You’re full of surprises, after all.

Moon square or opposite Mercury: The square or opposition can give you an endless supply of nervous tension because you always are struggling to find a balance between thinking and feeling. More than the other aspects, you have to find a happy medium, becoming neither overly rational or overly emotional. When you do, then the tension of these aspects usually acts as incredible fuel, making you a highly charged learner and communicator. Your brain operates in amazingly acute ways, leading you to an observational clarity that even you’re taken back by, at times.

Moon sextile or trine Mercury: With the sextile or trine, you’re typically not overwhelmed by either your logical mind or your gut feelings. The two fluidly and easily work in tandem, most of the time. You have a knack for communicating that both fascinates people mentally and appeals to their heart, at the same time. The thing to watch for, though, is allowing yourself to get too taken away with your restless stream-of-consciousness. You get swept up in your thoughts effortlessly, which might compromise your focus or centeredness, at times. 


  1. This is a crazy nervous opposition...especially with Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo. And that air/fire elements make me not a very good listener like you said :( I try but my nervous energy just jumps out of me and can't handle when people talk too slow or with too many details. Finding someone to have a GOOD conversation with is difficult. I also have Uranus trine my Moon and sextile my Mercury.

    1. Well keep working on it! The great thing about astrology is that it makes us self aware. If you work on this aspect, you can actually become an incredibly good listener.

    2. I hold you Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo and raise you a Mars in Gemini sextile Mercury. All in major aspect to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, too, so yes, most conversations seem to me rather dull and it's hard for me to follow when someone speaks too slowly.
      I found that physical activity helps, at least in my case. Running helps me to get rid of all that nervous energy. Being extremely tired helps, too.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have a moon sqaure mercury and it's difficult for me to express my feelings. Mostly of the fear of being misunderstood because of this

  3. One of my good friends has a Moon-Mercury sextile. Her Moon is in Cancer and her Mercury is in Virgo. She totally acts like a Gemini Moon, I guess not just because of her Moon-Mercury aspect (Mercury is the ruler of Gemini) but also because her Moon is in the 3rd house (the house of Gemini). 😊

  4. Oh wow. I also have a moon (Aries) square mercury (Capricorn) and it's so hard. Most of my planets square especially the sun square moon too and I have a sun in Aquarius. I constantly feel out of place and I have a habit of keeping my feelings a secret, unless overwhelmed, because of the fear of hurting the other, being viewed as someone stupid or not above my feelings or not being able to think rationally. I invalidate my feelings and the only way for me to validate them is for me to talk to someone about the situation, what I'm feeling, the events that already happened so that I'll be able to think clearly and make the next move. It doesn't help that my mercury is in the 12th house too.

  5. Loved the analysis, right on the dot. Moon in Aries/ opposition Mercury in Libra....hard to fine the middle ground between the two sometimes. I find I have no patience with slow talking/moving people (perhaps because of Ascendant in Gemini). I do pick up on others emotions, gestures, face expression and i'm good at imitating others. I was always good at languages. Books are my escape, when I'm reading I feel my mind and heart opening at the same time (strange feeling). I'm not a funny person per se and I sometimes say things that I don't mean to be funny, but people find my remarks very funny.
    Definitely and enlightening article!

  6. How about 2 water signs!? Cancer in moon \ mercury in Scorpio. Let me tell you it's not fun lol one day I'm all laughing while next you know I'm mad. Can you please tell me more about having two water signs trine and thank you for this article. It's beautifully written!

  7. Well I hope it's not impossible to overcome I have moon in Leo in the 1st house square mercury in Taurus in the 10th so does that make it more apparent to others ???

  8. Wayman, you're amazing. Thanks. Always enjoy reading your knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Best wishes.

  9. The emotionally aware part is so frustratingly true, I've got an aquarius moon trine scorpio merc and sometimes I just expect everyone else around me to pick up on other's emotional cues but they don't and so when bad conversations occur I notice that I'm always having to steer the conversation elsewhere