Monday, September 22, 2014

The Coming of Age of the Pluto in Scorpio Generation

Someone should make a t-shirt that says “I survived Saturn in Scorpio” and sell it. I’m sure it’d be a hit amongst the astrology devotees, especially those who happen to have major Scorpio placements. If so, you know better than anyone than a Saturn transit can definitely be a tough time, especially when Saturn is placed in this tough sign. Most people between the ages of 18 and 29 have felt some sort of massive shift occur within their world since the latter months of 2012, for better or worse. That’s because these folks are of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (a time period I also happen to be born within, which was roughly 1984 to 1995).

When transiting Saturn conjuncts Pluto, expect a transformation (Pluto) of responsibilities (Saturn) to occur. In many ways, this makes sense. This generation is rising, coming up the ranks into adulthood, ready to either usurp or coincide with the Pluto in Libra folks who are now running the show. When transiting Saturn conjuncts a generation’s Pluto while most of them are still in their twenties, this means that it’s a time of consolidation for these people. The changes they’ve been experiencing have been preparation, in one way or another, for the time when they take the reins of society. In short, as difficult as it might have been for these folks, this transit has been empowering them to take charge of their lives and destinies, in ways that are external (standing on your own two feet or coming into your own career-wise) and/or ways that are more internal (taking ownership of thoughts, behavior patterns, responses, etc.). With Saturn in Scorpio, the latter is often more likely.

But, what will the world be like when the Pluto in Scorpio people finally take over?

Now, I’m not one to believe that Pluto influences your individual personality. That is, unless Pluto happens to be in major aspect (conjunct, opposite, square, sextile, trine) to your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Rising or Midheaven. But, we’ll get to that later. Unless that’s the case, then your Pluto placement simply represents your generation and how you behave collectively with them. If you gathered several people from the same Pluto period and placed them in the same room together, a strong yet subliminal “atmosphere” gets established. It doesn’t mean that they’ll all act the same. But, there’s a strangely tangible connection between them all. Is it a wonder why we sometimes clash with those of a different generation? This age/time gap is represented by Pluto’s placement.

For those within Pluto in Scorpio, that collective thread is intense. People within this generation feel strongly connected and bonded to each other, in ways that can not only be passionate but obsessive. Think of the age that this generation has grown up in. Before their time, people only connected via the telephone or in person. Social media like Facebook and Twitter has changed that, becoming a truly obsessive, all-consuming addiction for the users in this generation, allowing them to connect at all times. It has also allowed this group to find out all sorts of personal information about someone else, without them even knowing. However, though the users on these sites might seem like they’re giving away a ton of information, they’re actually controlling it and only giving away what they decide to. Is this all Scorpio or what? Let’s not neglect the fact that snooping around on someone else’s Facebook is actually referred to as “stalking.” The Pluto in Scorpio generation was on the cutting edge of social media because of this, dating all the way back to Myspace, while the older folks merely followed in their lead. 

This acute knowledge of all of their peers gives the Pluto in Scorpio crowd a very intimate way of interacting with each other that fits Scorpio’s x-ray vision. They’re used to knowing a lot about someone, sometimes before even meeting them. On the flip side, they’re also used to feeling very exposed. This generation was the first to have to adjust to the idea of “social media exposure” while entering the job market. Now, just the wrong share on Twitter or the wrong picture on Facebook can ruin a big chance for you professionally. Thus, a generational motivation of controlling what people know about you dominates. The private profile was invented for a reason.

In fact, one can argue that being the first generation of the mass-Internet age influences them on just about every level. It also extends to the highly sexualized attitudes of this clan. Pluto in Scorpio folks were the first to go through puberty and adolescence when Internet porn really exploded. They were then free to explore their sexuality without anyone knowing, unlike those previous generations who had to publicly purchase their videos and magazines. They are used to sex being immediately accessible, even when it involves no one else. Being so collectively obsessive, Pluto in Scorpio is naturally obsessed with sex on a level that might be unprecedented.

This is a generation that has been dramatically exposed to just about everything, in ways that took away a certain innocence even when they were still kids. While they were born and Pluto was actually in Scorpio, society started to come to terms with the fact that you can’t sweep things so neatly under the rug anymore. Hence, sex, violence, traumas, abuses, and secrets were all shoved in our faces on our televisions, in our films and newspapers. There was no more hiding. The result is that this is a generation that has a shock-proof attitude to the uglier sides of the world. After all, while they were growing up, the Columbine shootings happened, 9/11 happened, the Iraq War, more school shootings, the shady Bush years, etc. Nothing really surprises them. Not to say that they’re not horrified when national tragedies or scandals happen. It’s just that they have more of an acceptance that this is the way the world is, instead of showing a fearful resistance to it like the other generations.

Inevitably, this is the mindset that will influence how the Pluto in Scorpio generation claims their collective power, once they all start entering their thirties. This is a generation that has seen it all. But, it’s also one that collectively has an awareness of how things can and need to change. They’ve spent their formative years in a relentlessly changing society, where technological innovations, in particular, are never the same as they were a year ago or even several months ago. Expect this generation to enter into their work fields and virtually destroy anything that no longer serves a purpose. Scorpio, after all, is the destroyer. But, often, it’s positive destruction. It’s only our resistance to the destruction that brings us pain (which is something I’m sure the Saturn in Scorpio transit has fully taught this group). Thereby, many of them will help to serve as transformers in their respective fields, annihilating the old ways of doing things and showing the world the value of allowing these things to be reborn.

This will especially be the case for Plutonians of this generation who, like I said, have their Pluto in Scorpio in major aspect to any of their personal planets or the Ascendant or Midheaven. This makes Pluto an inherent part of your temperament. Plutonians usually evolve into symbols of their generation, especially when Pluto is conjunct one of the inner planets. All of the aforementioned themes are things that most Pluto in Scorpio people grapple with and display on a collective level. However, a Plutonian of this generation is going to feel all of these things on a very personal level, as well. You strongly express the inner workings of your generation, which is why you can have such an extraordinary influence over people your age. You bring all of the motivations and yearnings that they are connected to via the collective unconscious right to the surface, particularly since we are dealing with Pluto in Scorpio. This is why non-Plutonians can find themselves so helplessly and immediately drawn to Plutonian people their age. They bring the darkness deep within them out to the light.

All Pluto-types are going to be highly magnetic, intense, powerful people who cut right through the pretense and aim for the truth. But, that goes double for Pluto types of this generation. These individuals have a truly tremendous and formidable power that they are now, while they come into their own, trying to figure out what to do with. Pursuing power in ego-driven ways will only lead to their downfall. If they can channel that power into a cause, a principle, or an outlet that they deem worthy, without getting their ego involved, they will become truly unstoppable leaders, exercising an especially potent influence on those their age. They will spearhead outright revolutions, bringing old, oppressive structures tumbling down and ushering society into a totally new age.


  1. Agree, that they could be a leaders...

    About "pursuing power in ego-driven ways will only lead to their downfall". First they will have to make the revolution within themselves, within own "psyche". They will have to track, to hunt, to transform all Plutonian human distorsions like domination, jealousy, envy, resentment, competition, anger, rage, indulgement. This generation has the ability to be the healers of themselves. " Healer heals himself". That is the revolution of the human spirit they can lead humanity to..., if they succeed in this tremendous task and will not just try to perfectly fit in....because it is also one of the major traps,- just to fit in.
    With their ability to penetrate the reality some might just take their place under the sun to perfectly survive.
    So i am not sharing your enthusiasm yet...Quite an assembly requierd.

    1. Good points! I definitely agree. I think the Plutonians of a generation are the ones who really help bring the Pluto spirit out in their peers. They're the revolutionaries of their peer group. And the Pluto in Scorpio people with a strong Pluto influence will definitely need to get our issues with power, control, unbridled passion, etc. together before we can do any leading. And that's a very internal process, as you said (and as I know, as I'm a Pluto-heavy person of this generation).

      I can see many of us being radical, in some way or another. I already see that pattern now in many peers of mine and the passion of our beliefs and of our integrity. We're all still very young and the majority of us haven't even been through our Saturn Return yet, which I think will definitely mark the start of the baton being passed to us in society. So, we still have to see.

    2. Thank you for your reply Wayman,

      You have a great blog. I am looking forward to your new articles and insights in astrology.

    3. Well said., I do think this dialog is somehow the way led by the Christ Consciousnesses two millennial ago. Perhaps the age of Pieces the singular god was embodied in truth by one man. His was the way, thex example... but only for him and him alone, simply that it was a process of self healing and integration that could be done by an individual.

      In the age of Aquarius everyone is a God unto themselves. Love and acceptance of our unique selves through the lens of daemon, only possible by understanding and empathizing in relation to others. Ultimately healing and strengthening each of us to step into our own Crucifixion at the hands of societies entanglement.

      As each of us heals our own unique aspects, it is made available as a healing of the whole collective morphic field Each aspect and degree has just such an integration to make I think with love in our hearts

  2. I was born Oct 31, of 98 and growing up in an ever slowly crumbling environment had never really bothered me but to my parents they always a bit on edge. I've always had a sense of responsibility to show, help, or bring others to see the light. I am bothered that some people go about their lives and not wonder to much about the future, I understand it's not ideal to dwell on the negative forces in life and try not to bother others about it. I often talk to my peers and friends about the current state of the world and what they think the possible future for the US is , they always say civil war due to rights and amendments being taking away but then I say global revolution to reestablish human rights and morals, and they just givery me blank stares. As far as I know, none of my friends are a Scorpio and maybe that's why they don't feel as I due about the sense of change all around the world and our cultures as a wholeor maybe I'm just being niave. I can vaguely see a large dark cloud of destruction and change but although that scares me, I'm even more fearful of what the world will look like after the transformation and how we will carry ourselves as humans and treat each other and how our values will align in the new world. I hate that I sound like a bit of a conspiratist, but the sense of rising into action has of late become increasingly more prominent in how I view myself, my actions, and others decisions. I wish someone close to me felt as I do, to have a somewhat common mind to weather the storm with. In the coming years I hope we'll all do what we have to in the most truethful way possible. To survive and bring humanity to its glory and not a glorified horror story that we have become accustomed too.

    1. Hi Infinite Void

      You are not conpiratist. You are concerned like not many. That's why you feel along. I shurely do understand you very well.

      There is a great book written by great man and great woman Jim Self and Roxane Burnett " What do you mean the third dimention is going away?". This man ia a awakened being in a very real understanding of being awakened, not phylosofical. He also has site He also has "planetary update" on youtube every 1st day of evry month.

      I am not advertising to you. He says a lot of people which have chosen for conscious tranformation are all alone end even lonely, loosing friends and family. I am telling you about him, because i believe i know how you feel. If i would not find his teachings, i would go nuts from viewing world and people around. He teaches energetical applications and tools, which we humanity have lost, forgotten and eventually lost ourselves. May be you will like it and it will of use to you too.

      Hold on, be strong :)

  3. Thank you for this post; it was really enlightening. I have often felt bad that most of my 20s were spent healing the massive traumas of my youth...always felt like they robbed me of my innocence and ability to succeed. Being 30, I am now starting to see the great strength that my trials have bestowed upon me. People often look to me to lead them in a crisis. I feel I have massive power that I don't know what to do with, as you said in the post. Knowing that this is a normal course of events for a Plutonian of my generation makes me feel so much more whole. I have a very deep, intense feeling in me...a sense that I really could do anything if I put my mind to it, and that I have something to say, and that I want to MOVE people and show them what is real. But there is a great fear at the very same time; a fear that if I were to rise to my greatest power and purpose that I would be so utterly alone; that I would outcast myself- like Balta Yoshi said above about trying to fit in being one of the biggest traps- well, it is very hard.

    As I slowly cast away the unfortunate weights placed upon me I feel there is something very big on the horizon. Wish me luck!

    (Sun Libra 29 conjunct Pluto Scorpio 01 conjunct Mercury Scorpio 06 in 12th house...Saturn in Scorpio 16 12th housw widely conjunct AC Scorpio 22). Call me Pluto :)

    1. You're definitely strongly Pluto! I've found that the more you use your power to serve or help or awaken others, the less and less scary it is because it's actually being used for good. Helping or touching people shouldn't be scary, so if you focus on that, instead of the results of having to reveal yourself or put yourself out there, it gets a lot better.

  4. Scorpio ascendant and Pluto in H12 in Scorpio. My moon, sun, mercury, and Venus. I've seen, heard, felt it all. I have never had a childhood in the sense that it was innocent. My life from early on involved growing up in violence, then I was victimized, and now I'm turning 30, I can say I've gone and seen much transformation of my self, of others in my life and collectively. I grew up knowing what abuse of power is. I see that at the gov level as well. The abuse of power, the misuse of information (propaganda), awareness of the underground abuse of power of human trafficking, torture, bombing other nations, etc. Politics is a big thing for be, not always, growing up though but has been. My wake up call was 9/11. I feel I was born to expose the scandal of gov misuse of power and information via social networks. And I see that this generation is the group doing the deep research and exposing darkness at the collective level in order to transform society and humankind. To me, being that we're in the age of information, ignorance is not (just) bliss. Ignorance is a choice. Did I describe pluto in H12? My sun, mercury, and Venus squares pluto from 3rd house Aquarius. My 10th house Virgo moon trines pluto. I just wanna end this by saying. ....politicians are bullshitters for corporations lol. Rant over. Thanks for such an uber awesome blog.

  5. Pluto in Scorpio is a generation that has seen too much or more than their fair share.

  6. This is a great take on Pluto in Scorpio. We seem a bit unevolved as of now, but we're still young. The oldest of us just turned 30. Hopefully in 10 years after the last of the Scorpio Plutos have finished their Saturn Return , our generation will have been through a phoenix cycle. We were a generation that was born to die, then rise again from the ashes. I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in Scorpio and never thought of myself as a potential leader among my peers. It makes sense since our whole generation is infused with a special dose of Plutonian energy. I'll keep that in mind... PS I'm really looking forward to the coming of age of the Neptune in Pisces generation. How sensitive, compassionate, creative and lovable will these kids be who are born over the next 10 years? I also have Venus in the 12th trine Neptune so I can't wait to watch these guys grow up!

  7. I feel like our generation doesn't get enough credit lol. We've had some serious challenges in our lives. Nothing was ever stable, nothing was ever able to be kept in the shadows. When you are constantly exposed from such a young age you really either have to rise to integrity or stoop to attempting to cheat the system (which any evolved plutonian means just attracting more bs). You can't fake a Pluto in Scorpio's specific brand of charismatic truth. It's magnetic and resonant because it's real. My generation is quite disgusted with politics but still extremely invested in the foundation of it all. It isn't because we get off on the power, it's because we can't stand the fallacy of it. We demand the truth and we'll destroy the whole system to do it if we have to. Which I'm certainly not opposed to. Pluto is in my first house, I live for transformation :P

  8. Hello, great reading thanks for sharing. I was wondering how can a Pluto in Scorpio like myself be influenced when its placed in the 8th House?
    I can tell by far.. a few moments when I needed someone to help me with things really important to me involving lawyer, documents, etc were Scorpios. I can't explain how.. It seemed they just saw right through and came out with the solution with the right thing long before it happened.

  9. I have pluto in my 7th house. Square my Sun and Opposite my Taurus Ascendant and Mercury Square pluto any Insight?

  10. I am from the Pluto in Scorpio generation but I am also Pluto dominant with heavy 8th house energy in my birth chart. Pluto would play a significant part in my personality then, right?