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Sun in Scorpio People: The Transformers - Part One

Libra’s time in the spotlight has come to a close and we now move on to a Sun sign that, ironically, often has a difficult time adjusting to the intense exposure of the spotlight. From October 23 to November 21, the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio. Ah, Scorpio. I’m sure the name already conjures up many archetypal images in your mind. Even people who don’t know much about astrology are familiar with the fearsome and eroticized reputation of Scorpio. It’s a sign that never fails to fascinate. On this blog, my most read posts are the ones involving Scorpio placements or planetary aspects with its ruling sign, Pluto.
Drake: Scorpio Sun/Cancer Moon
This Sun sign series of mine is meant to deconstruct the age-old myths and stereotypes of all twelve Sun signs, giving people a more nuanced portrait of each. And I don’t exactly believe in the image of Scorpio Sun people being human weapons of mass destruction. They aren’t these incredibly dark, twisted people that you should be terrified of. In fact, in my experience, I’ve come to realize that Sun in Scorpio folks are actually the lightest Scorpio people you’ll meet, even if they have other Scorpio placements like Venus or Mars. I think that the dark energy of a Moon in Scorpio person is much heavier (unless the Sun is also in Scorpio; then it’ll bring some levity and release). This is because our Moon is a subconscious energy, dealing with those inner depths and emotions and moods that we can’t control. But, the Sun is an expression of pure consciousness and will. It’s how we channel our Light.

So, yes, a Scorpio Sun is really not all that dark. And if you have this placement and you’re reading this, you might feel a slight resentment toward me for giving your major secret away. I think a Scorpio Sun wants you to be scared of them, in a way. The Sun sign is the identity that we carve out for ourselves. So, those with this Sun sign tend to revel in the wicked images that their sign is described in. You might often hear a Scorpio who’s into astrology bragging about being “evil” or a total sex fiend or telling you that they’ll ruin your life if you cross them. Now, I’m not saying that they’re not connected to their dark side. That would be a lie, as that’s what Scorpio is about. But, they’re also not that overwhelmed by it like, again, a Scorpio Moon is, who’s expresses that energy so instinctively. Scorpio Sun can be mean and vengeful but, when evolved, they know how to curb these traits more easily.

They won’t let you know that, though. Many of them will just keep dropping hints at their so-called evil ways so there’s no chance of you messing with them. The truth is that they know how deeply it will hurt if you do. Scorpio is one of the Water signs and intensely sensitive and emotionally charged because of it, especially as it’s represented by the Fixed quality. They feel everything so strongly that, if you hurt them in any way, it’s truly devastating. And a hurt, brokenhearted Scorpio Sun is liable to veer toward their dark side, as they want you to feel the pain that you’ve caused them. So, many of them feel that it’s good to intimidate or scare people off, as a sort of pre-emptive streak. That way, there’s no chance of them being hurt.

It goes without saying that this is a sign that’s very complex. These are people who are very intense. But, what a Scorpio Sun happens to be intense about will define their personal development. They like to delve deeply into things. However, you can sometimes run across the Scorpio individual who’s delved a bit too deeply into something that’s just not good for them or others. Charles Manson is the prime example. He is the definition of a truly terrifying Scorpio, responsible for the thorough brain-washing of his cult followers, who then committed themselves to killing numerous people, including actress Sharon Tate. Manson was deeply devoted to, well, being a psychopath and, even in his interviews while being imprisoned for his crimes, showed an unwavering intensity in his dedication to his beliefs. In his mind, he was a true spiritual disciple who’s mission was to kill these innocent people.

But, let’s be fair. There are psychopaths of every Sun sign and most Scorpio people, even the emotionally unhealthy ones, aren’t going to go as far as the murderous actions of Manson. I can think of way more Scorpio Sun folks who embody their sign’s intensity in really positively powerful ways. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio and how much time and effort he commits to his environmental activism, when not starring in films. Same thing goes for actress Gabrielle Union who was raped when she was a teenager and now devotes an incredible amount of energy into helping rape victims and raising awareness for the cause. And there’s also Matthew McConaughey, who is so passionate about his personal philosophies that he not only started a campaign for it, called Just Keep Living, but fervently uses his interviews and award acceptance speeches to try and enlighten people’s minds.

Emma Stone: Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon
This is the true purpose of Scorpio Sun individuals: to transform. They can destroy or they can create. If they are positively owning their personal power, which is tremendous, then they will use it to facilitate huge change and awareness in their world. Their influence can be quite subtle but it’s also incredible, allowing them to sway people with their thorough conviction and deeply felt passion. It also gives them enormous presence, which is why it’s no wonder why so many highly magnetic screen stars are/were Scorpios, including Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Vivien Leigh, and Richard Burton. There’s an intense energy about them that just sucks people in and makes them perfect for the screen, where they can so say much with so little.

The thing about being a Scorpio, though, is that this power often comes with a cost. It’s a rite of passage for Scorpio Sun individuals to go through an early life that’s beset, in some way or form, with overwhelming challenges and hardships, especially of the emotional kind. The myth surrounding this sign is of Hades, ruler of the Underworld, who abruptly grabs innocent Persephone from her peaceful life, above ground, and drags her down to Hell. There’s a distinct phase in a Scorpio’s life where, male or female, they feel like Persephone. Some incredible force has abducted them and is holding them captive in the Underworld, with horrors they never imagined before.

These experiences can involve death in some way, often the horrible, unexpected death of a family member or close friend. This is an experience that will impact Scorpio much harder than most other signs, as they feel everything so deeply. It can also involve abuse of some kind (physical or emotional or sexual), some sort of dire circumstance where they have to fight for survival, or an addiction that completely consumes them. But, this trip to the Underworld might not even involve such blatant horrors and may be a case of the Scorpio being exposed to the threatening undercurrents of human relationships, such as a parental figure who devours them with subtle manipulation and cold, controlling behaviors.  

Our Sun sign represents our relationship with our paternal figure, meaning the parent who influenced us in active, yang-fueled ways, growing up. For the Scorpio Sun person, this relationship usually involves any of the aforementioned dynamics. It’s typical for people with this Sun sign to have a father or father-figure who passes away when they’re children. But, the father-figure might just be figuratively dead to them, as well, while growing up, meaning that he or she just not in the picture at all. And though many people grow up with this situation, a Scorpio can respond to it with much more powerful feelings of rage and resentment. For many with this Sun sign, there’s an acute sense of abandonment or neglect around the paternal parent that needs to be worked out. These feelings can be the source of some abuse or dishonesty on the parent’s part, as well.

For others, the father-figure can be in the picture and a relatively fine person but a very complicated relationship ensues. The Sun sign isn’t exactly the personality of our paternal figure, but how our personality develops because of our relationship to him or her. For a Scorpio Sun, they charge this relationship with great intensity. The father might be innocently inquisitive of their child, but the Scorpio can take this kind of digging very personally. A hesitant rapport might form, with the child only revealing what they wish for the father-figure to know, often out of fear of being judged or controlled in some way. There can be a deep sense of loyalty to their paternal parent yet also a distinct love-hate feeling. More than most kids, they probably love this parent as much as they want to kill them.

Growing into their Sun sign, for Scorpio, becomes an issue of learning to transcend anything that’s toxic or poisonous in their behavior. All of that resentment, as well as the deep pain that they’re holding on to, needs to be worked through and let go of. At a lower level, the Scorpio Sun is the Scorpion, poisoning other people because they deal with life in such a defensive manner. But, at a higher level, the Scorpio Sun transforms into the Eagle, soaring through the clouds with freedom and power. This is the only sign that has two astrological mascots, which is another reason why they’re the transformer. You have to change yourself before you can change the world and this defines the Scorpio’s outlook and life path more than most. 

Sun in Scorpio People: The Transformers - Part Two

Part One of this Article:

The Sun defines the way in which we live and define ourselves. So, a Scorpio Sun’s life is greatly defined by distinct transformation. It’s very common for them to profess that they were not the same person that they were at another phase in their life. It’s as if they live multiple lives. The end of Persephone’s myth, after she is pulled down into Hell, is one of personal growth and empowerment. She’s goes from an innocent little Maiden to Queen of the Underworld, now capable of withstanding all of the horrors and miseries that she’s experienced there. This is the life path of a Scorpio. They usually live a certain part of their lives like Persephone: pure and na├»ve and unsuspecting. But, by walking through the Underworld, they emerge much wiser and stronger. There’s an intense knowingness to a Scorpio that makes them seem like they understand it all, from the lightest to the darkest.

Ryan Gosling: Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon
Maybe this is why many Scorpio people tend to not come off as so dark because they know that darkness and don’t really want to stay there. The Sun is an action-oriented planet, so Scorpio Sun wants to do something proactive about the darkness. This is what leads them to counseling and empowering others. Persephone becomes a guide for everyone who’s newly initiated into the Underworld and Scorpio lives out this archetype by being able to help people through their darkest hours, knowing that the dawn is right around the corner. Few people will understand your troubles like these folks can, especially with their laser-like intuitive skills. They can read everyone like a book, picking up on people’s true motives and feelings and thoughts, even if the person doesn’t recognize it in themselves.

But, this only comes from having a thorough understanding of their own psychological nooks and crannies. Scorpio Sun might spend a certain part of their lives running from such deep introspection, but they’ll soon regret it. This is their life purpose: to understand their dark material so they can work with it. They don’t really have a choice. Persephone was fated into an agreement where she would spend six months of a year above ground, dwelling in the light, and the other six months back in the Underworld, married to its King, Hades, and dwelling in the darkness. So is the case for Scorpio. They can live in the light but they must never forget their darkness. It’s the fertile soil to their own personal development.

This tends to be one of the most highly creative and artistic signs, because of this inner depth. I’ve found, however, that Scorpio Sun artists like to, appropriately, stay more underground. While a Leo Sun artist is naturally going to gravitate toward the worldwide spotlight, Scorpio is simply happy to be creative in private or on a less global stage. There are many Scorpio folks in Hollywood, sure, but it’s not as overwhelming of a pattern as Leo or Pisces. Just so long as Scorpio has an outlet for those feelings, such as drawing or poetry or acting, then they’re fulfilling themselves. This sign has the power to go to the rawest depths of the human experience. In fact, Scorpio Sun’s creative output can be a bit “scary” to some, like the grotesque images of Picasso’s artwork or the sheer intensity of Sylvia Plath’s poetry, filled with talk of death and violence. But, this is a healthy outlet for these folks and something that can prevent them from really going under in their personal lives.

I say that Scorpio Sun is significantly lighter, but sometimes they just have a way of coming off as so. It’s always hard to tell with a Scorpio, as they’re so good at concealing themselves with layer after layer that even they’re often confused by their personal complexity. There’s really no such thing as an “average” Scorpio, as I’ve noticed that they tend to come off quite differently. The intensity is there and you can feel its focus on you. But, the presentation sometimes dramatically contrasts with that energy. You can wonder why that person who’s seemingly so outgoing and cheerful gives you this unsettling feeling whenever they’re looking you in the eye. The core characteristic of all Scorpios is this aura of mystery. And they don’t have to come off as stereotypically “mysterious” – all quiet and brooding and unwilling to talk about themselves – to be mysterious. It’s just in their complexity. 
Vivien Leigh: Scorpio Sun/Aquarius Moon

Basically, these are folks who know how to leave you wanting more. If you’re well-acquainted with a Scorpio Sun, then stop and think, for a moment. Do you know as much about them as you think you do? The answer might be no. That is, unless they seriously trust you. Scorpios are like Cancers in that they definitely have a trusted “inner circle”. But, while Cancer Sun sees this inner circle as a family, Scorpio Sun sees this inner circle more so as a Mafia mob. There is a ferocious sense of loyalty that’s usually undying (unless you really screw up) and no secrets are shared outside of this trusted circle. The worst thing you can do to a Scorpio is share their secrets, which is why they’re usually cautious about who they tell these secrets to. Most of them hate indiscreet gossipers and if you are one, you probably won’t last long with them at all. 

But, then again, there are certain things that not even their closest friends may know about them. While others might find that odd, most Scorpio Sun folks just don’t see a need to tell everyone everything. They cherish their secrets because, well, the Sun is who you are. So, for a Scorpio, they are their secrets. And if they gave everything away, what would they have left? Sometimes, these secrets are surprising, like the fact that your Scorpio friend once suffered a nervous breakdown or had a drinking problem that they kept well-hidden. Other times, these secrets might be more esoteric in nature, like their private thoughts and yearnings and insights. It would be very difficult to find a Scorpio with no filter. Even the really talkative ones always know what they’re saying and can control it. The thing is that, sometimes, Scorpio is keeping secrets about you from you. They observe so much about people, but they have a wise awareness that they don’t need to share everything they observe. Not everyone can handle that kind of raw, ugly truth and an evolved Scorpio will have learned that, sometimes, they need to just keep their sharp perceptions about others to themselves.

Now, we get to everyone’s favorite part about Scorpio: sexuality. Is this the sexiest sign in astrology? Well, I think that’s inaccurate because there are really sexy people of every Sun sign, of course. And not all Scorpios are human sex-bombs that give you the uncontrollable urge to take off your clothes. But, the ones who are genuinely sexy have an amazing animal magnetism that just exudes from them in waves. It’s all about the relationship that a Scorpio has with their sexuality. There are many with this Sun sign who are more so growing into feeling comfortable with this side of themselves. Many people, of every sign, grow up internalizing a sense of shame about sex, due to our culture’s unfortunate demonization of sexuality. For Scorpio, this sense of shame can run much deeper than average, driving them to either avoid sex altogether or flaunt their sexuality too desperately, due to a lack of real sexual confidence. Truth be told, the Scorpios who are the true beasts in bed don’t have to brag about their prowess or even say a word about it. You just look in their eyes and you know.

Part of Scorpio’s innate connection with sex has to do with its two ruling planets: traditional ruler Mars, the planet of sex drive, and modern ruler Pluto, which rules the exploration and transformation of taboos, which sex has been for too long in society. It’s a highly potent energy that needs to find regular release but it also shouldn’t become too much of an obsession. A Scorpio who is over-sexed or under-sexed is not handling this energy in a balanced way. The truth is that they are so sexual because they’re so intense and passionate, which is an energy that finds a regular outlet through sex. But, it’s also something that can be directed toward other avenues, which can guarantee them success. When it is channeled properly into the bedroom, though, it can be magical. A Scorpio with a proper handle on their sexual energy is capable of blowing your mind and, again, leaving you coming back for more.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aries: You’re a fighter of the first order, who lives life with a keen battle plan and a fierce sense of determination. But, remember that you can’t always get what you want because you can become a bit blood thirsty when you don’t. You need to keep finding appropriate outlets for that aggression and intensity.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus: There’s never any question in your mind, once you’ve set some sort of goal. Your combination of sharp survival instincts and patient strength of will allows you to almost always get it. You can be incredibly possessive with loved ones, but it’s only because you love with such depth and unwavering loyalty.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini: You’re extremely quick and perceptive, with a resourceful way of handling situations. You’re so shrewd and clever that you can be shamelessly manipulative, if not careful. Your sharp wit can give literal definition to “painfully funny”, as you observe everything around you in a satirical, sarcastic manner.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Cancer: Though you’re one of the most tender-hearted of the bunch, you often excel at hiding this side of yourself. That is, until the ferocious guard drops and the tears start falling. Your life is defined by your depth of your feelings, which leads you to care tremendously for others but also be too protective, at times.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Leo: Passion is your middle name and you live to make the most out of every single moment that you have, while you’re still alive. You have an enormous presence that others just can’t help but respond to. A lot of people will fall madly in love with you, but don’t let yourself get too drunk on that power.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo: You’re all about getting to the bottom of things and you’re blessed with incredible powers of analysis and perception. People who underestimate your formidable brain will be in for a rude awakening. You’re an excellent counselor to others, always giving perceptive advice, but be wary of judging too hard, at times.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra: Merging with another individual is extremely important to you, as you live for finding that deep connection with a soul-mate. Just don’t become a true serial dater, sucking the life out of partners and then ruthlessly moving on. But, your charms are exquisite, as you can cast a virtual spell on anyone at will.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio: You might just be the most complex of the group, which is definitely saying something. You’re like a bottomless pit, with so many emotional layers that even you struggle to uncover. If you remain empowered by your depths and don’t get trapped within them, you’re capable of exceptional things.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius: Your honesty can be especially brutal but you see no point in wasting time tiptoeing around subjects. You never hesitate to cut right through the pretense, which is the source of your power as well as your humor. You have an uncanny knack for finding the humor in the worst of situations.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn: Keeping your energies in reserve until they can be used constructively is what you’re all about, which can allow you to achieve a great deal. There’s a deeply melancholy side to you, obsessed with the weight of the world, but that also gives you an air of hard-earned wisdom from an early age.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius: A radical independence of mind characterizes you, as you have no trouble at all standing alone in your beliefs and convictions. Your ideas can be strikingly unconventional or extreme but usually come from a genuine passion for bringing about change. You relish challenging whatever status quo you face.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces: Few people have the ability to not judge people as you do, as you can empathize with and understand even the darkest of souls. You might spend too much of your life trapped under a cloud of suffering of your own making, but this acute awareness of suffering gives you the power of an amazing healer.

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Mars-Pluto Aspects: The Beast Within

Having your Mars sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile or trine your Pluto means that there’s a beast within, just waiting to burst out. However, this tends to be the source of some Mars-Pluto individuals’ personal issues. It’s either the fact that they are too scared of the beast or they are too obsessed with the beast, making them either ineffectual or overbearing in their everyday lives. Mars is the planet of drive. It’s basically how we take action and how we get things done. Pluto is an extreme energy, so a Mars-Pluto person can fall on either radical end of the spectrum, as far as how they tackle things in life. Mars-Pluto people can be either some of the most repressed or the most empowered people around, depending on their self-awareness and their relationship to this inner power.

The bestial quality of Mars-Pluto makes itself known as soon as childhood. Plutonians are highly intense their whole lives, but this quality is what makes them so misunderstood while children. Kids live totally on their impulses, not inhibiting themselves whatsoever. Therefore, a Plutonian child will express this very powerful energy with total freedom and unself-consciousness. The thing is that such energy will often be so overwhelming to their authority figures that it can get them labeled as “too much.” For Sun-Pluto, it’s because of their personality and for Moon-Pluto, their emotional expression. For Mars-Pluto, it’s because of how you make the world your playground. As a kid, you played rough, competing and play-acting and achieving and asserting yourself amongst your classmates with a ferocious vigor that was quite startling. If you were blessed with highly evolved and empowered Plutonian parents, then you were taught to channel this intense energy properly, so you could become a tremendously capable and powerful young adult. If you don’t have the proper role models, however, then there will be a sense of shame that’s conditioned around your ferocious nature, causing this energy to be tied up in the tightest of knots.

This can lead to a truly dangerous behavior pattern of repression that continues well into adulthood. People with Mars-Pluto aspects may be conditioned in youth to keep a very tight lid on those urges and desires, which can include their sexual desires (which Mars governs). Again, one can only hope that you’re born to parents or, at least, have role models in your life who teach you to accept your sexuality and don’t make you feel guilty for it. Because, if not, then you will stuff those carnal yearnings way down deep, out of fear of their “bad” thoughts being glimpsed by anyone. All of this repression, obviously, is not good. Energy can never be properly repressed. When it’s not expressed, it only festers away to rise back up to the surface, ten-fold. Anyone familiar with a perfectly cool, calm, and collected Mars-Pluto person might just say, “Yeah, right”, when told that this person is harboring some extremely intense, even violent, compulsions beneath that controlled surface. In fact, the Mars-Pluto person might even say that themselves. That is, until the volcano erupts and everyone in a five mile radius gets burned.

Having a Mars-Pluto aspect means not repressing or even hiding the beast within. It’s learning how to properly deal with it and work with it. Resistance, in this sense, will get you nowhere. For the most part, these people tend to be divided into two camps. There are the folks who are more like the above paragraph, who seem to never get angry because they’re too busy keeping any hints of rage far from prying eyes. But, a certain amount of rage can be a good thing. It gets us off our asses and drives us to accomplish things. These Mars-Pluto folks, though, can struggle with that because they don’t let this intensely fired-up side of themselves rise to the surface to be expressed. In fact, they might not even be able to forgive themselves on the occasions when they do get angry. This leads to a personality that might seem very passive but is simply a ticking time-bomb.

The other kind of Mars-Pluto individuals, however, are the ones who get off on their rage a bit too much. The repressed type is inclined to simply brood and fester about not getting what they want. But, the more openly assertive types don’t only pursue their desires and act on their anger. They are capable of doing it with viciousness, possibly even ruthlessness. Mars wants what it wants, when it wants it, and Pluto can be an extremist. Put these two planets together and you have a recipe for an individual who’s capable of running folks over in pursuit of their objectives, as well as controlling people as a means to achieve said objectives. It might not occur to them that they’re being cutthroat. But, to some, it might and they might actually get off on it, enjoying the feeling of feeding their dark side. Not allowed to express aggression in a healthy way in youth, now they’re unconsciously getting sweet revenge on the world that kept them down for so long.

Well, alright. I don’t like to dwell on the negative, especially regarding anything that falls under the umbrella of Pluto. There are too many fatalistic astrology books and articles out there for that. Let’s focus on some personal growth which, for Mars-Pluto people, involves falling neither toward the extreme ends of personal repression or cutthroat aggression. Just getting to this point can be difficult, as Pluto can be so extreme. Plutonians are very complex in their responses to things, but can be much too black-or-white when it comes to their approach. So, all Plutonians, in their own way, depending on the other inner planet involved, must learn to accept a lifestyle that’s a bit more in the gray area, for the sake of their personal health. For Mars-Pluto, it’s in regards to how you accomplish and go after things. You must openly pursue your desires without killing or hurting anyone, basically.

When you can learn to do this, that beast within becomes your best friend, instead of your worst enemy. You can be extremely driven and determined, especially when the Fixed signs are involved, with a will made of steel. Once you’ve identified your goals and set your mind to achieving it, then it’s done. Nothing and no one is getting in your way. Again, this is an absolutely admirable quality. There is such thing as healthy ruthlessness, after all, as far as not letting any obstacle, setback, or amount of disapproval from others stand in the way of what you want. But, Mars-Pluto must not succumb to their dark side, in this regard. Be determined, but don’t go to underhanded or destructive means to get what you want. There can be an intense desperation to the way you pursue your goals, as you get so incredibly passionate about them. And that breeds attachment, which makes it deeply painful for you to not achieve what you set out to. A mere setback to others can feel like a cruel, cold stab in the heart to you.

Mars-Pluto people must learn the value of surrender, then. There’s a deep fear of that word in the heart of most Plutonians, as it sounds like giving up. In some way, it is. But, it’s about giving up control and preconceived notions of the world. This is what allows you to find your personal freedom and empowerment. Then, you can accept that you can’t control the world and that there’s even things about yourself you can’t control. This stops you from repressing your desires but also allows you to fully act on them, without obsessing over the outcome. “Losing” can be excruciating to you, especially since you’re so ferociously competitive. But, enduring the loss and realizing it’s survivable allows you to see that the only real loss is not attempting and not giving your 110 percent. 

This frees your energy up to be much more constructive and positive. And a positive Plutonian is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Since Mars is the planet of drive, this is even more so the case. If you have this aspect, then you are capable of an extraordinarily keen focus, whilst out on the battlefield of life. You can approach situations, especially competitive ones or ones where you have to prove yourself, with the shrewd eye and two-steps-ahead skill of a chess player. Mars-Pluto people tend to be awesome to behold whenever they’re absorbed in something that they’re passionate about and intent to come on top in while doing, whether it’s a profession or a hobby. You become completely absorbed in it, using your deepest inner resources to conquer the task at hand. In this mode, people will be awestruck by your power and your ability to totally own whatever it is that you’re doing.

At an evolved level, having a Mars-Pluto aspect means that you’ll be a person who believes in exercising complete agency over your life. You can run into those with this aspect who are obsessive complainers and so on. They’re just not recognizing and owning the great power within them, then. They’re victimizing themselves and a positive Mars-Pluto individual is not interested in playing the victim game, whatsoever. In fact, they might harbor a vicious dislike toward people who do, not being able to tolerate them for long and probably going as far to cutting themselves off from them, refusing to associate with them. As a positive Mars-Pluto person, you’ll only want to associate with people who want to be empowered and encourage your own empowerment. Once you really find your calling and inspiration in life, you can give those around you the most invigorating, inspiring pep talks ever. But, you won’t waste your breath on self-victimizers. If that’s their choice, then you let them be. You believe that we all make our own choices in life and, at your best, you have a ferocious intent on doing so.

But, even as an evolved Mars-Pluto individual, you still won’t be unaware of your dark side. You just have a conscious ability to decide what to do with all of that energy. Again, we all make our own choices. You realize that you don’t always have to act on all of your desires. Still, that doesn’t mean that you’ll repress them and lock them away in that dark closet in your subconscious. You’ll remain aware of them, possibly keeping them as your little secret. Plutonians are often called secretive. But, sometimes, this is just behavior that’s part of healthy personal growth for a Pluto person. Some secrets need to be kept, more so for the listener’s good than the confessor’s. You know that if you went around expressing your anger all the time, and all of the vicious thoughts that come with it, you’d probably drive a lot of people away. This is why it’s good for Mars-Pluto people to have an outlet for their devastating temper, like sports or competitive activities or anything where you can vent a lot of aggressive energy. Find healthy ways to let it all out. But, you do, sometimes, need to just let it out to the person who’s pissing you off. If you can learn to do this right away, it’ll prevent the potential drawn-out build-up and explosion.

An exploration of the darker side is often prevalent in the bedroom activities of Mars-Pluto, as well. But, this shouldn’t be seen as something that’s seedy or “nasty.” It’s simply your way of getting in touch with those greater depths of desire. Evolved Plutonians are sex-positive people who are unattached from society’s puritanical norms. You’re a person who isn’t likely to judge your sexual partners for whatever proclivities or fantasies they might have. In fact, you often find yourself being intrigued by and pursuing people who you sense, with your razor-sharp radar, have some sort of insatiable sexual appetite. At least they’ll be able to keep up. Anyone who’s a lightweight in the intimate department is bound to get eaten alive by you. Your style can be overwhelming but that smoldering passion of yours is truly irresistible to your love interests. As highly sexed as you are, you definitely aren’t going to be satisfied with a string of flings. You desire a soul-mate who you can make totally ecstatic love to.

The way you pursue said soul-mate can be outright predatory. It can scare some and turn on others. Once that primal antenna of yours goes off, signaling that someone you’re attracted to is interested, then all bets are off. You completely throw yourself into the chase but in a manner that’s very subtle. He or she won’t know that you’re quietly stalking them until they find themselves feeling some strange magnetic pull toward you. You work your mojo in a way that blindsides your person of interest. Some Mars-Pluto people can find themselves, however, becoming obsessed with someone who doesn’t want them. Unrequited attractions can become an unconscious hook, fueling your intense desire to eventually get what you want. If that’s so, you must learn to let go of this. Invest your tremendous energy in someone who fully returns your interest. At the end of the day, you want someone who’s just as fully invested in this thing. People with half-assed approaches to relationships need not apply.

Mars conjunct Pluto: The Plutonian edge to your personality might be the hardest, out of this group, to express moderately, as it’s such a deep-seated part of your nature. You often don’t realize just how obsessive-compulsive you can be in your pursuits. You might go through a distinct phase in life not knowing your strength. But, once you uncover this knowledge and use your strength constructively, you transform into a very powerful person. You have a formidable way of swaying the energy in a room and marshaling everyone to work toward a common goal.

Mars square or opposite Pluto: If you have the square or the opposition, you have more of a tendency to disown your Plutonian stuff and project it onto other people or the world. You’re more likely to be the type to not claim your rage and rarely ever lose it. But, the intense ferocity inside of you is downright shocking to even you, at times. You can walk the path of self-annihilation, often via your repression, or you can learn how to allow your power full expression. This results in a night-and-day transformation of your approach to life.

Mars sextile or trine Pluto: With the sextile or trine, it’s probably easiest for you to have a balanced grasp of your own power, when it comes to achieving your goals and getting what you want in life. But, the ease that comes with these aspects can easily allow you to lapse into self-indulgence, as well. Maybe you find it so effortless to influence people, in order to achieve your goals, that you manipulate them like pawns on a chess board. It’s important for you to gain awareness of when you’re a bit too power-hungry and learn to let go of some of your desires. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sun conjunct Ascendant

Alexander Skarsgard: Sun in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
It’s quite common for many people to not come off like their Sun sign. That is, except for you. Having this placement means that your Sun sign’s energy is doubled, maybe even tripled (so long as the Sun and Rising sign are in the same sign), and then projected out into the world with great confidence. At least, with a show of great confidence, for you might be shaking in your boots much more often than you let on. People with their Sun rising pride themselves on an appearance of self-confidence. In fact, your pride might be a bit too great in this regard. It’s a task for you to learn that you don’t always have to be in charge of things or on top of things. Even if your Sun is in a more retiring sign, you still have a way of dominating your environment. You’re a natural-born leader, which is awesome. Just remember that there are times to lead and times when it’s wiser to fall back a bit more. Then, you can instill the proper amount of confidence in your loyal subjects (or employees or friends or relatives...).

There’s a powerful light and warmth that emanate from you, as if you were the actual Sun itself. Combine this quality with your air of mighty self-assurance and you get a tremendous presence that people can’t help but respond to. With Sun conjunct the Ascendant, you cultivate this air of being a superstar, maybe even bigger than life. Your facial expressions tend to be quite animated and colorful. You can dramatize the energy of your Sun sign, at times, with your high expressiveness. But, most are entertained by you, as well. You like to carry yourself as if you’re exciting and make exciting things happen. Such energy is quite irresistible. If little to none of the above applies to you, then it’s a huge sign that you’re not owning that Sun sign energy at all. It’s a sad sight to see a Sun conjunct Ascendant individual not in touch with that inner power. They’re like a light that’s totally gone out.

If the Sun is in the 12th House conjunct Ascendant, you might be more apt to try and hide your light under a bushel, unaware of the fact that many more people than you realize pick up on the force of personality you try and hide. Let that side of yourself out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the utter freedom you discover within yourself. If the Sun is in the 1st conjunct Ascendant, however, just about everything above should apply. In fact, it might apply a little too much. Again, remember that you’re not a traveling showman or show-woman. Don’t ever stop totally being yourself. But, it wouldn’t kill you to learn how to turn it down a notch or so, sometimes.

Moon conjunct Ascendant

Madonna: Moon in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
The Moon sign tends to be a private energy that people conceal from most, except their close loved ones. That is, unless the Moon is angular. If you happen to have the Moon conjunct the Ascendant, then this is a side of yourself that’s instantly projected, to a point where it feels out of your control. Our Moon sign is something we do have little to no control over, anyway, as it rules our emotions and gut-responses. Therefore, your behavior is often very swayed by your moods and feelings. Moon rising folks are highly instinctive creatures, readily acting on the motivations and impulses of their Moon sign, with little to no forethought. It’s needless to say that this can get you into some trouble, possibly even getting you branded unstable or irrational. But, this placement can also be a great source of power for you. It’s wonderful to be able to act on your gut in the manner that you do. If you can learn to be more conscious while still going with the flow of your intuition, that Moon of yours will serve you extremely well.

Those with Moon conjunct Ascendant have an appearance that’s totally fluid and changeable. Women with this placement regularly curse their menstrual cycle, as those monthly fluctuations tend to affect their physical state and look more dramatically than other females. Both sexes will have a way of altering their appearance based on their moods. You’ll go through certain phases in your look, changing your hair or style totally based on impulse and on a more regular basis than most. With the Moon rising, your emotions will dominate your demeanor. Your reactions are written all over your face, whether you want them to be or not, and the eyes are very expressive and soulful. You can be a very complicated, moody person and people might find themselves walking on eggshells, not knowing what emotional state they’re in for. But, the tenderness and vulnerability of your Moon sign is heightened as well, with you strongly projecting either a need to nurture or be nurtured, often alternating between both.

If your 12th House Moon conjuncts the Ascendant, there is often more of a desire to hide your feelings and vulnerabilities, even if you have the paradoxical knack for wearing your heart on your sleeve. Your behavior can be extremely unconscious, with you not even being aware of the patterns you’re getting yourself into. When you learn to “wake up”, then you can channel your emotional power as a nurturer to all in your environment. Moon in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant will be more of a bleeding heart. There’s a quality to your persona that’s so emotionally unfiltered and up-front that it might be startling, especially if your Moon is in a more intense sign. But, the fact that you’re so honest about how you feel is something that many people will be able to appreciate.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant

Paul Newman: Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Ascendant
Communication is symbolized by the planet of Mercury. So, having Mercury conjunct the Ascendant gives you a persona that is often like a talk show host or a public speaker or a teacher. You get the idea. This placement can often bring even the more reserved Mercury sign placements out of their shell, pushing their energy forward with a desire to talk, talk, talk. In fact, this desire might be so powerful that you find yourself overwhelming others. It might be hard for people to keep up with a Mercury rising individual. You’re like the modern-day version of the actual god Mercury, zipping back and forth, as quickly as the wind, to deliver one message after the next. It’s wise to seek some grounding in these behavior patterns of yours and not spread yourself too thin. You’re the type to instantly seek stimulation and if your Mercury gets bored, you’re pretty quick to move on to the next thing.

The aura that you have around yourself might be quite chaotic, especially if Mercury is in a Fire or Air sign. You like to cultivate an air of being constantly exciting and interesting. There might never be a dull moment around you but be wary of just plain exhausting people, as well. Mercury conjunct Ascendant folks usually have an appearance that fits their restless, curious manner. Your facial expressions are highly inquisitive, as if you’re just dying to know more, and you give off the impression of always having something to say, even when you try your best to shut up. There’s always that little twinkle in your eye. Mercury also signifies a certain duality, so this might play a big role in your appearance, as well. Many people with this placement have an androgynous look. The guys are often more metrosexual and the girls more tomboyish. But, the same girls can easily switch to very feminine and the same men to very masculine. You might also be able to rock casual and professional with equal aplomb.

Diffusing your interests and activities can be a hard pattern for you to recognize if your Mercury is in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant. Though this behavior will play a powerful role in your life, it might take some serious stepping back for you to realize exactly what you’re doing. The up-side of this placement is that it blends the communicative and intuitive abilities to the point of virtual psychic powers. Those with Mercury in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant will more easily own up to being scatterbrained or chatterboxes. But, it’s this quality that becomes your greatest strength, in the end, if you use it constructively. You develop a persona for yourself that’s a salesperson of the first order, able to chat anyone up and persuade them to come around to your side of thinking. 

Venus conjunct Ascendant

Angelina Jolie: Venus in Cancer conjunct Ascendant
Lucky you, having Venus conjunct the Ascendant. Venus, after all, is the lover planet; governing our romances and how attractive we are to other people. Because of this, let’s just say that it’s usually not too difficult for Venus rising people to get a date on a Saturday night. It doesn’t even necessarily have to do with the way you look. You just exude attractiveness, taking the most appealing, likable qualities of your Venus and instantly putting them out there. And if you do happen to be conventionally attractive, on a physical level, as well, then look out. You’ll be beating them away with a stick. Since Venus rules the Law of Attraction, it shows how we allow things and people to just come into our lives. The downside of having this placement is that you might be too lazy and passive in this regard, depending on your Venus sign. There might be a tendency to be too self-indulgent, as well as rely on your looks and seductive wiles to get what you want instead of, you know, actually working for it.

Still, there’s something inherently sweet about Venus rising that others just can’t deny. Even if your Venus is in a sign that’s feistier or has more of an edge, those qualities still have a way of making many people like you and admire you. Venus conjunct Ascendant has an aura that suggests that they are a valuable possession, a veritable catch that you’d better get your hands on. You’ll probably be the type to groom yourself to the hilt, relying on the particular form of beauty that your Venus sign likes to stress. You always want to have an appearance that’s presentable and you usually present a highly pleasing package. But, you also might care way too much what people think in this regard. It’s important for you to learn how to gain inner worth and not value through other’s eyes. It’s important for us all but a particularly emphasized lesson for you. It will naturally attract even more your way.

With Venus in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, you might easily allow other people to put you on some pedestal. A dependency on this false worship develops, mostly because you have no solid awareness of your true attractiveness. On a deeper level than most, you can be haunted by a feeling of just not being desirable enough when most other people around you will remind you that you’re plain crazy. Venus in the 1st House conjunct Ascendant can have the opposite effect as an intense vanity can develop, to the point of believing yourself to be the fairest one of them all. But, your persona is dependent on being likable so you won’t be one to brag about your perceived beauty. Instead, you’ll take the time to refine and beautify everything and everyone around you, as well.

Mars conjunct Ascendant

Michael Phelps: Mars in Cancer conjunct Ascendant
Mars rising individuals are the types to put their desires right out there on the table. Mars is the planet of drive and assertion, so having this planet conjunct the Ascendant means that you’re not going to be one to beat around the bush, in this regard. There are folks with Mars conjunct Ascendant who might seem more retiring, even passive, on the surface, probably due to having Mars in Earth or Water. But, make no mistake. They will still assert the desire of their Mars sign strongly, just not with the same obvious aggression as the others. It’s not difficult for you to pursue and receive the things that your Mars sign wants. You have a persona that’s about taking action, in this manner. When everyone’s hesitating, you’re already in motion. Just don’t run other people over in your pursuit of your desires. You can be blinded by your Mars’ desire nature, not realizing or not caring about the havoc you cause.

Having Mars conjunct the Ascendant gives you an appearance that suggests this ability for clear-eyed determination. Your expression might often be willful or focused, particularly if you have Mars in a Fixed sign. If that’s the case, then everyone should just kindly step to the left and get of your way. Your physicality suggests strength or solidity, even if you’re not exactly imposing or large in your actual size. You might just be a lot stronger than you look. Regular exercise tends to emphasize this physicality, sometimes to a startling degree. Both the men and women with this placement can develop rippling muscles just about everywhere. More than most, hitting the gym on a routine basis will definitely do your body good. Exercise tends to be the best outlet for all of your energy. If not, you’ll most likely channel it into sex. Mars is the planet that rules our sex drive and, with Mars rising, you’ll probably cultivate an air that communicates that you’re down for it anytime and anywhere.

Mars in the 12th House conjunct Ascendant can make it more difficult for you to own your aggressive actions, even when they are constantly emerging through your demeanor. You might see yourself as a perfectly reasonable person while everyone else gets fed up with your intense passive-aggressiveness. When you learn how to own and tap into your aggression better, you’ll be able to channel this energy from the very depths. Mars in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant often is a closer fit to the above description. You’ll endeavor to put it all out there but you should be wary of shoving the desires of your Mars sign down other people’s throats. It can take you some time to realize a bit less is more but, when you do, you develop the persona of the ultimate strategic competitor. 

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant

Kate Hudson: Jupiter in Cancer conjunct Ascendant
Go big or go home should be the motto for Jupiter rising people. This placement gives you a desire to really expand your horizons, pursuing the grand yearnings of your Jupiter sign throughout your life’s journey. This planet’s archetypal energy is an adventurer as well as a gambler. So, Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant can add a wildly risk-taking element to even some of the more conservative Jupiter signs. You instantly greet life with an attitude that’s eager to let the chips fall however they may. The problem occurs when circumstances don’t turn out in a positive way, causing more than a few messes in your life because of the risks you take. But, whatever. Carpe diem, right? Jupiter rising people are driven to see life as one big experience to learn from. So, while you might not be the best at taking responsibility for your failures, you’ll certainly see the lesson in them, allowing you to really bounce back.

The larger-than-life energy of Jupiter is bound to affect your appearance, with this placement, in one way or another. It’s not exactly in the way that Sun conjunct Ascendant is larger-than-life. They’re more colorful and dramatic, while you’re more outsized and uncontainable. You have the aura of a free spirit who will absolutely not be hemmed in. This can influence your mannerisms, as you can seem like you’re constantly itching to break free, maybe out of your very clothes. You’re too much of an adventurer to stop and worry about clothes too much, anyway. So, there will be a definite messiness or carelessness to your appearance. Why spend so much time brushing your hair when the wind’s going to be in it, anyway? You’re not one to hold back, especially on indulgent things like eating, so it’d be best to watch your intake. Jupiter conjunct Ascendant has a funny knack for being a human balloon, gaining bunches of weight yet, with that same resilience of spirit, losing it just as suddenly.

When Jupiter is in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, there can be very powerful dreams of exploring the world that simply remain dreams that have yet to manifest. You’re like a passionate explorer stuck in a cubicle. It takes some self-awareness for you to develop the ability to be conscious of your yearnings, which can eventually lead you on a transcendent journey. If your Jupiter is in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant, then you’re most likely already on that lifelong journey. In fact, you might be so enthusiastic about exploring the world that it’s difficult for you to stop and take stock of the life you’ve got now. Your restlessness can turn into wanderlust but can also lead you to some really inspiring discoveries.

Saturn conjunct Ascendant

Usher: Saturn in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
A noticeable attitude of responsibility and maturity characterizes those with Saturn conjunct their Ascendant. With this position, even Saturn in one of the frivolous Air signs is brought down-to-earth and encouraged to get down to business. You’re constantly aware of your responsibilities and put a lot of energy into fulfilling them. It might be quite difficult for Saturn rising individuals to relax because of this attitude, which can easily transform into hard-driving, workaholic behavior, if you’re not careful. But, the good thing is that this allows you to achieve an enormous amount throughout your life, even if it might take you a while to get there. You have a perspective that earnest hard work is much more valuable than overnight success. Therefore, you instantly project your Saturn sign’s qualities with patience and perseverance, willing to meet and endure challenges to get where you want.

There’s a definite seriousness about you, whether it’s overwhelming or covert in your demeanor. Many with Saturn rising defy the fun-free stick in the mud archetype. Saturn is certainly not humorless. Saturn can actually be wickedly funny, but it’s more of a straight-faced, satirical wit than obvious goofiness. Your poker face comes in handy when it comes to joke-telling, though it might be so good that some take you too seriously. Even when Saturn conjunct the Ascendant is lighter and more relaxed, there’s still an underlying gravity to the way you carry yourself. Your maturity is striking in youth, often making you appear to be much older than your actual age. But, then again, you might also appear to be much younger than your years, as well. Saturn is an ageless planet. So, the good news is that you’ll probably age like a fine wine. You can not only be very sophisticated but come off as particularly businesslike, with a purposeful, cut-to-the-chase vibe to your manner.

This purposefulness is why deep feelings of having achieved little to nothing can plague those with Saturn in the 12th House conjunct the Ascendant. You’re the only one who doesn’t realize just how hard you work and how your most mediocre efforts are better than many people’s best. When you can step back and honestly assess everything you’ve accomplished, without beating yourself up, then you wield your authority in a more constructive way. The same kind of perfectionism can be present in those with Saturn in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant. But, this often plays out in a more conscious manner, placing you (or allowing you to place yourself) in some high-responsibility, high-pressure situations. The good thing is that you have the kind of stoicism to handle your authority, which is good because many people will become dependent on you, which is a burden you’ll love to bear. 

Uranus conjunct Ascendant

Kurt Cobain: Uranus in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
Those with Uranus conjunct their Ascendant are not the types to travel the beaten path. Instead, you will readily deal with the world in a way that’s unorthodox, free-spirited, and often challenging to more conventional thinkers and doers. The particular quirks of your Uranus sign are heightened, maybe even intentionally played up to of rebel against the norm. You don’t mind being seen as weird or eccentric, in some way. In fact, you probably relish it. You see yourself as playing a role as an agent for change, sweeping into situations and figuring out how the status quo can be turned inside out. Sometimes, though, having Uranus rising might make you a real rebel without a cause. You can be refusing to conform just for the sake of refusing to conform and to be different. When everyone goes right, it’s your instant motivation to go left. You always want to preserve your independence.

With Uranus rising, this nonconformist persona you create for yourself can make you appear quite unusual. It could be because of the odd, quirky ways in which you deck yourself out, using your appearance as a way to further express your independent mind. But, you might actually look quite unusual to others, as well, and not in a negative sense. The aura you create for yourself gives off the impression that there’s just something really “different” about you that others are intrigued by. The fact that you’re probably rather detached from the attention of others only heightens their interest. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant can have a rather edgy vibe which is counterbalanced by an indiscriminate friendliness. You send out the signals that you’re down to be buddies with anyone. But, the paradoxical air of a loner can also be present in your demeanor, as if you essentially always walk alone.

This might be a feeling that haunts you if you have a 12th House Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. You not only can be plagued with deep loneliness and isolation but totally unaware of the uniqueness that makes you the vanguard that everyone admires. Fears of being seen as some sort of a freak need to be overcome for you to take full advantage of the huge gifts that this placement is. But, if you have a 1st House Uranus conjunct Ascendant, then you’re not just fully aware of your status as an iconoclast but proud of it. You have the opportunity to be someone who’s a real pioneer in your world, breaking down barriers between people and providing a bold example of free-spiritedness. Just remember that it’s necessary to play by some rules, sometimes. 

Neptune conjunct Ascendant

Bjork: Neptune in Scorpio conjunct Ascendant
Neptune is a planet that transcends, blurs boundaries, and gets lost in imagination. So, with Neptune rising, you’re bound to not be the type of person who can be easily labeled or pinned down by ordinary life. Neptune is a generational planet, shared by countless people born within the span of several years. Therefore, it makes sense that, with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant, you project the vibe of being a hundred different people in one, more so than the average person. This total fluidity can not only be confusing for others but for yourself as well, especially if you waste time trying to project the traits that are expected of you at any given moment. You can go through an endless range of personas, like an actor trying on various roles, until you finally realize that you’re the only one who can create yourself. That’s when you’ll really find transcendence and spiritual freedom, allowing yourself to take on any role that you want to. Neptune rising eventually realizes the innate wisdom that we're all just playing a character, giving you the range to be any character you want.

People with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant are the closest things to human chameleons one can get. You look like a very different person from one picture to the next and are probably told constantly that you look like someone that somebody knows, even though you probably don’t. Or do you? Your deep ability to access such a wide range of personalities and facets actually make you appear to be another person. You’re like a walking, talking mirror, allowing others to see whatever image they want to see in you. It often confuses you but you go with it. You give off an exotic, otherworldly impression, like you’re not really from this earth. The truth is that you often feel this way. You’re probably highly artistic and spiritual, giving you a value system of compassion, anti-materialism, and non-judgment that doesn’t really gel with most of the world’s. You just seem like you’re on your own plane. Your eyes have a dreamy, hypnotic quality. In fact, you often seem like you just took a nap or are in need of one.

When you have Neptune in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, it can be difficult for you to own up to your incredibly empathetic and creative nature. You were probably so disappointed with the world at one point in your life that you unconsciously took on its attitudes, believing yourself to be lacking in compassion or creatively uninspired when you’re the total opposite. Once you finally free the inner artist and spiritualist within, you’ll be so profoundly inspired that you’ll never want to go back in that little box you were in again. Having Neptune in the 1st conjunct the Ascendant doesn’t give you any container to speak of to break out from, however. All of that energy is flowing outward into your environment, in a way that feels outside of your control. The lesson is learning how to flow with it without getting too lost in it and especially without letting others dictate how it all should flow.

Pluto conjunct Ascendant

Benedict Cumberbatch: Pluto in Libra conjunct Ascendant
With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, you’re a real powerhouse and it’s something that you make instantly known. You won’t announce this power in a way that’s too loud or obvious. Instead, it’s something that just emanates from you in waves. As Pluto is another generational planet, your ability to immediately tap into the collective environment is similar to Neptune rising. But, you dig to a darker level, sharply perceiving and intuiting all of the secrets and hidden desires of those around you in an effortless way. And you might not be above using them to your advantage which, of course, is a misuse of your gift. It’s also the kind of thing that people can sense and that can make them back away slowly from you. Pluto rising folks need to learn to harness their enormous power for constructive means. You have a high awareness, often through hard experience, of life’s depths and need to use for that good.

It doesn’t matter what your actual size is. Pluto conjunct the Ascendant makes you a formidable presence that can instantly make people bow down in respect or feel strangely nervous or fearful all of a sudden. Whether it’s intense admiration or repulsion, people can’t help but respond powerfully to your really intense aura. You have the air of someone with concealed knowledge or information. People might find your gaze, in particular, quite unnerving, which seems to be searching them like a laser-beam. There’s something enigmatic about you that affects your appearance. Whether male or female, you’re like the Mona Lisa, whose features seem to give not much of anything away of what’s really going on. People might find you simply hard to grasp or understand. You’re not hard to pin down or label like Neptune rising. You’re more so inscrutable, often keeping your true essence under wraps. Pluto also rules radical transformation, so you can dramatically change your look on a regular basis as a form of rebirth.

Though the will-to-power is very strong with this placement, if your Pluto in the 12th House is conjunct the Ascendant, then you can be deeply unaware of your power and how to use it properly. You can find yourself squandering this immense energy through constantly victimizing yourself, acting as if your worst enemy is out there in the world when it’s really looking right at you in the mirror. When you finally learn how to tap into your power, you can achieve extraordinary things, manifesting exactly what you want. Pluto in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant, on the other hand, is more apt to veer off on unhealthy power trips because of an overuse or poor use of their personal power. It’s your task to learn detach your ego from your desire for power, instead making your quests about the empowerment of others. At this point, your iron will and obsessive focus become tools for healing others’ lives and bringing good to the world, instead of destruction and chaos. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sun in Libra People: The Mediators - Part One

Something odd happened to me when I intended on writing the Libra Sun article that would continue the monthly Sun sign article tradition on this blog. As you probably know, those with the Sun in Libra were born from about September 23 to October 22. And so, it’s currently their time in the spotlight. But, something in me froze up when I sat down to right the article. I later realized that it wasn’t just a case of writer’s block. I came to realize that I’m not a big fan of Libra and don’t understand as much about this sign as I should. For the previous Leo Sun and Virgo Sun articles, I had more material to draw from. Both signs are well-represented in my own birth chart and I’ve had plenty relationships with those influenced by both signs. But, Libra is a sign that’s tended to leave me cold. Not only do I rarely mingle with the Scales folk, but the encounters I have had are usually perplexing and unsatisfying.

(Edit: Upon some further introspection, I remembered that I have my Sun sign in the 7th House, which is Libra's house. And it's not exactly a placement I've had an easy time understanding throughout my lifetime. People with a planet in a certain house tend to have similar traits as those with the same planet in the sign that the house rules. So, maybe, my Libra experiences have been unsatisfying for a reason. But, that's for another article...)

However, I will be fair, which is essentially what this Sun sign is driven by. I can’t write articles about all twelve Sun signs and play favorites, as my subjective Leo Sun is apt to do. I think the best way to understand someone is to totally put yourself in their shoes. So, to understand Libra, I need to be as impartial as they’re fond of being. And it’s as necessary for me as well as for you to deconstruct the stereotypes of Libra Suns (just like I do with every sign in this series): that they’re phony, superficial flakes who can never make up their minds about anything and who leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake with their flightiness. I’m interested in finding more of a shade of grey in this department, as I will do with all of the signs. Sun sign astrology not only spreads one-note stereotypes of Sun signs (which are made up of a diverse collection of complex people who just happen to be similar in certain ways), but it can hinder a person’s self-accepting connection to their Sun sign.
Susan Sarandon: Libra Sun/Capricorn Moon
Every sign is a reaction to what the previous sign has stood for. Before Libra, we’re confronted with the fault-finding, discerning eye of Virgo. The negative excesses of Virgo lie in allowing a healthy knack for discernment turn into a relentlessly judgmental attitude that sees everything and everyone as not good enough (including itself). Well, Libra corrects this flaw. Libra can be quite critical and analytical itself, but it’s about finding a sense of balance within this criticism. It’s about seeing both the good and the bad and finding a happy compromise in-between. If any Libra Sun is reading this and found themselves offended at my opening paragraph, then they’ll surely be pleased to know that I’ll be spending the rest of the article pointing out the more attractive qualities of Libra and how they can be appreciated. After all, this is only fair and this is how this sign loves to operate.

Because of this, those with their Sun in Libra are often people who are inveterate charmers. (Note, I use the word “often”; we’ll mull on that more later) They know how to make individuals look good and feel good. If someone that they care about is down on themselves, this is usually the kind of person who knows how to turn that self-deprecation around and allow you to see your positive qualities. They make some of the best cheerleaders for others because of this. The Sun is reported to be in its “fall” in Libra, which is an archaic and judgmental way of labeling placements, in my book. Essentially, this just means that the self-oriented purpose and focus of the Sun – which is secured in Leo (dignified) and heightened in Aries (exalted) – is turned on its ear when the Sun is in Libra. It’s not about “me” to them, so much as it’s about “us”.

This is what allows them to be the people-persons that they have the great potential to be. Look at the various Sun in Libra celebrities who it seems like no one in their industry ever has a bad word to say about: undeniable heartthrob Hugh Jackman, perennial class clown Will Smith, the ever-classy Kate Winslet, endearing everyman Matt Damon. All of these actors have such a highly likable quality to them, which translates into their on-screen presence. As an audience, you’d be willing to watch them read the dictionary for two hours. They just have an appeal and charisma that hooks you in and wins you over, regardless of what their character is doing. And for Libra folks, they know that this is the true source of their personal power. Since they place so much of their conscious attention on other people, they have a much better understanding of how to influence people than most of us.

But, it would be a mistake to label Libra Suns as being across-the-board likable, in conventional ways. For every male or female America’s Sweetheart of this sign, you get a Libra who defies that sweetness in rather startling ways. Reading those kinds of profiles, it would be difficult to believe that foul-mouthed rapper Eminem – whose notoriety as a rapper has been defined by the sheer controversy of his music – and the famously blunt Simon Cowell were born under this sign. However, they certainly were. How do you explain this?

Well, Libra’s astrological mascot is the Scales. And this gives a curiously contrary attitude to Sun in Libra people. They are not about asserting themselves in regards to their personal identities. They are about asserting themselves in regards to adding balance to their social environment. Whenever there’s an excess of one kind of energy, Libras will provide the opposite, in order to bring balance.

Bruno Mars: Libra Sun/Leo Moon
When placed in an environment where people are too aggressive and rude, then Libra will be the picture of breezy, easygoing refinement. However, when people aren’t being assertive enough, the stereotypes of this sign can be damned as Libra is capable of bluntly getting their point across, especially if there are more brutally honest influences in their chart. After all, wasn’t Simon’s acidic candor on “American Idol” always the counterpoint to Paula’s placating niceness? They’ll never be as willing to access the nitty-gritty as neighboring sign Scorpio (unless, of course, they have Scorpio planets, which many Libra Suns do). That’s just too much raw, deep truth for such a logical, lighthearted sign as Libra. Still, this sign isn’t as sugarcoating as many make them out to be, especially if they feel like the truth is needed.

This penchant for weighing out situations stems from their relationship with their paternal figure, which could’ve been the parent of either sex. It’s whoever was responsible for developing their identity in yang-driven ways throughout their upbringing. But, it represents more of the relationship with the paternal figure and not the actual parent themselves. They might not have been Libra-like, but this relationship constantly instilled within the Libra child a yearning to bring balance and moderation to situations that developed their Sun sign energy. The parent required them to display a certain thoughtfulness, possibly because they were so thoughtless in their actions that the Libra Sun child had to be the considerate one. They grew up feeling like they always needed to bring a homeostasis to their interactions with this parental figure, in one way or another.

In many ways, there’s a lack of a strong personal identity that the Libra child feels around this parent. It’s the inverse of the Leo son or daughter, who often develops a strong self-directedness and “I’ll show them” sense of their own identity because of the perceived lack of approval of their paternal figure. But, with the Libra offspring, this parent is usually so approving and directing that the child feels quite lost without them. They don’t know how to function without this parent’s input, which prevents them from having strongly individual opinions. A Libra Sun can be quite opinionated but their opinions are almost always a reaction to what someone else thinks. It’s a reflection of someone else, which becomes a running-theme throughout these individuals’ lives.

This is what can lead the Libra to constantly feel like their Scales are going up and down, up and down. This is what can prevent them from resolutely deciding on things because they are constantly waiting to hear the opposite thing and respond to that. As a result, you’re often faced with the indecisive Libra of lore. Some people with this Sun sign are more openly indecisive than others. While they might not flake out on you about lunch or suddenly change their mind about their romantic partner, there’s still something strikingly undecided and ambiguous about them. This is probably the core trait of all Libras. They’re never too much of one thing or the other. Neutrality is what drives them, as too much bias equals imbalance; a no-no in their world, of course. The trick is, throughout their life, how to learn how to be open to all opinions and possibilities while still maintaining a solid personal core.