Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant

Kate Hudson: Jupiter in Cancer conjunct Ascendant
Go big or go home should be the motto for Jupiter rising people. This placement gives you a desire to really expand your horizons, pursuing the grand yearnings of your Jupiter sign throughout your life’s journey. This planet’s archetypal energy is an adventurer as well as a gambler. So, Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant can add a wildly risk-taking element to even some of the more conservative Jupiter signs. You instantly greet life with an attitude that’s eager to let the chips fall however they may. The problem occurs when circumstances don’t turn out in a positive way, causing more than a few messes in your life because of the risks you take. But, whatever. Carpe diem, right? Jupiter rising people are driven to see life as one big experience to learn from. So, while you might not be the best at taking responsibility for your failures, you’ll certainly see the lesson in them, allowing you to really bounce back.

The larger-than-life energy of Jupiter is bound to affect your appearance, with this placement, in one way or another. It’s not exactly in the way that Sun conjunct Ascendant is larger-than-life. They’re more colorful and dramatic, while you’re more outsized and uncontainable. You have the aura of a free spirit who will absolutely not be hemmed in. This can influence your mannerisms, as you can seem like you’re constantly itching to break free, maybe out of your very clothes. You’re too much of an adventurer to stop and worry about clothes too much, anyway. So, there will be a definite messiness or carelessness to your appearance. Why spend so much time brushing your hair when the wind’s going to be in it, anyway? You’re not one to hold back, especially on indulgent things like eating, so it’d be best to watch your intake. Jupiter conjunct Ascendant has a funny knack for being a human balloon, gaining bunches of weight yet, with that same resilience of spirit, losing it just as suddenly.

When Jupiter is in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, there can be very powerful dreams of exploring the world that simply remain dreams that have yet to manifest. You’re like a passionate explorer stuck in a cubicle. It takes some self-awareness for you to develop the ability to be conscious of your yearnings, which can eventually lead you on a transcendent journey. If your Jupiter is in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant, then you’re most likely already on that lifelong journey. In fact, you might be so enthusiastic about exploring the world that it’s difficult for you to stop and take stock of the life you’ve got now. Your restlessness can turn into wanderlust but can also lead you to some really inspiring discoveries.


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  3. I've got Jupiter in Aries conjunct Ascendant (in Aries). What is the particularity of this placement?
    I often have characteristic excesses.

  4. I have it in Aries too and I was moving more then 34 apartments in my life since I was born , I love going on adventures and also I feel like I'm really big (I'm not that big although)
    And I like to help others makes me feel amazing