Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mars conjunct Ascendant

Michael Phelps: Mars in Cancer conjunct Ascendant
Mars rising individuals are the types to put their desires right out there on the table. Mars is the planet of drive and assertion, so having this planet conjunct the Ascendant means that you’re not going to be one to beat around the bush, in this regard. There are folks with Mars conjunct Ascendant who might seem more retiring, even passive, on the surface, probably due to having Mars in Earth or Water. But, make no mistake. They will still assert the desire of their Mars sign strongly, just not with the same obvious aggression as the others. It’s not difficult for you to pursue and receive the things that your Mars sign wants. You have a persona that’s about taking action, in this manner. When everyone’s hesitating, you’re already in motion. Just don’t run other people over in your pursuit of your desires. You can be blinded by your Mars’ desire nature, not realizing or not caring about the havoc you cause.

Having Mars conjunct the Ascendant gives you an appearance that suggests this ability for clear-eyed determination. Your expression might often be willful or focused, particularly if you have Mars in a Fixed sign. If that’s the case, then everyone should just kindly step to the left and get of your way. Your physicality suggests strength or solidity, even if you’re not exactly imposing or large in your actual size. You might just be a lot stronger than you look. Regular exercise tends to emphasize this physicality, sometimes to a startling degree. Both the men and women with this placement can develop rippling muscles just about everywhere. More than most, hitting the gym on a routine basis will definitely do your body good. Exercise tends to be the best outlet for all of your energy. If not, you’ll most likely channel it into sex. Mars is the planet that rules our sex drive and, with Mars rising, you’ll probably cultivate an air that communicates that you’re down for it anytime and anywhere.

Mars in the 12th House conjunct Ascendant can make it more difficult for you to own your aggressive actions, even when they are constantly emerging through your demeanor. You might see yourself as a perfectly reasonable person while everyone else gets fed up with your intense passive-aggressiveness. When you learn how to own and tap into your aggression better, you’ll be able to channel this energy from the very depths. Mars in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant often is a closer fit to the above description. You’ll endeavor to put it all out there but you should be wary of shoving the desires of your Mars sign down other people’s throats. It can take you some time to realize a bit less is more but, when you do, you develop the persona of the ultimate strategic competitor. 


  1. How do things differ with the sextile or trine?

  2. I have mars in 12th conjunct asc. I am sometimes passive aggressive. My mercury square mars, just makes me aggressive, usually verbally.

  3. I have mars in 12th conjunct asc. I am sometimes passive aggressive. My mercury square mars, just makes me aggressive, usually verbally.