Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturn conjunct Ascendant

Usher: Saturn in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
A noticeable attitude of responsibility and maturity characterizes those with Saturn conjunct their Ascendant. With this position, even Saturn in one of the frivolous Air signs is brought down-to-earth and encouraged to get down to business. You’re constantly aware of your responsibilities and put a lot of energy into fulfilling them. It might be quite difficult for Saturn rising individuals to relax because of this attitude, which can easily transform into hard-driving, workaholic behavior, if you’re not careful. But, the good thing is that this allows you to achieve an enormous amount throughout your life, even if it might take you a while to get there. You have a perspective that earnest hard work is much more valuable than overnight success. Therefore, you instantly project your Saturn sign’s qualities with patience and perseverance, willing to meet and endure challenges to get where you want.

There’s a definite seriousness about you, whether it’s overwhelming or covert in your demeanor. Many with Saturn rising defy the fun-free stick in the mud archetype. Saturn is certainly not humorless. Saturn can actually be wickedly funny, but it’s more of a straight-faced, satirical wit than obvious goofiness. Your poker face comes in handy when it comes to joke-telling, though it might be so good that some take you too seriously. Even when Saturn conjunct the Ascendant is lighter and more relaxed, there’s still an underlying gravity to the way you carry yourself. Your maturity is striking in youth, often making you appear to be much older than your actual age. But, then again, you might also appear to be much younger than your years, as well. Saturn is an ageless planet. So, the good news is that you’ll probably age like a fine wine. You can not only be very sophisticated but come off as particularly businesslike, with a purposeful, cut-to-the-chase vibe to your manner.

This purposefulness is why deep feelings of having achieved little to nothing can plague those with Saturn in the 12th House conjunct the Ascendant. You’re the only one who doesn’t realize just how hard you work and how your most mediocre efforts are better than many people’s best. When you can step back and honestly assess everything you’ve accomplished, without beating yourself up, then you wield your authority in a more constructive way. The same kind of perfectionism can be present in those with Saturn in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant. But, this often plays out in a more conscious manner, placing you (or allowing you to place yourself) in some high-responsibility, high-pressure situations. The good thing is that you have the kind of stoicism to handle your authority, which is good because many people will become dependent on you, which is a burden you’ll love to bear. 


  1. Completely, totally, accurate. It's as if you stuck your head into my heart, soul and mind and just freaking read me like a book. Where have you been all my life? I think I love you.

  2. What about Saturn square the ascendant?? I can't find much info on that aspect