Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sun conjunct Ascendant

Alexander Skarsgard: Sun in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
It’s quite common for many people to not come off like their Sun sign. That is, except for you. Having this placement means that your Sun sign’s energy is doubled, maybe even tripled (so long as the Sun and Rising sign are in the same sign), and then projected out into the world with great confidence. At least, with a show of great confidence, for you might be shaking in your boots much more often than you let on. People with their Sun rising pride themselves on an appearance of self-confidence. In fact, your pride might be a bit too great in this regard. It’s a task for you to learn that you don’t always have to be in charge of things or on top of things. Even if your Sun is in a more retiring sign, you still have a way of dominating your environment. You’re a natural-born leader, which is awesome. Just remember that there are times to lead and times when it’s wiser to fall back a bit more. Then, you can instill the proper amount of confidence in your loyal subjects (or employees or friends or relatives...).

There’s a powerful light and warmth that emanate from you, as if you were the actual Sun itself. Combine this quality with your air of mighty self-assurance and you get a tremendous presence that people can’t help but respond to. With Sun conjunct the Ascendant, you cultivate this air of being a superstar, maybe even bigger than life. Your facial expressions tend to be quite animated and colorful. You can dramatize the energy of your Sun sign, at times, with your high expressiveness. But, most are entertained by you, as well. You like to carry yourself as if you’re exciting and make exciting things happen. Such energy is quite irresistible. If little to none of the above applies to you, then it’s a huge sign that you’re not owning that Sun sign energy at all. It’s a sad sight to see a Sun conjunct Ascendant individual not in touch with that inner power. They’re like a light that’s totally gone out.

If the Sun is in the 12th House conjunct Ascendant, you might be more apt to try and hide your light under a bushel, unaware of the fact that many more people than you realize pick up on the force of personality you try and hide. Let that side of yourself out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the utter freedom you discover within yourself. If the Sun is in the 1st conjunct Ascendant, however, just about everything above should apply. In fact, it might apply a little too much. Again, remember that you’re not a traveling showman or show-woman. Don’t ever stop totally being yourself. But, it wouldn’t kill you to learn how to turn it down a notch or so, sometimes.


  1. If you've had that energy before but it disappeared, does it mean that I've lost connection with my inner sun sign power?

    1. You just got to express yourself more often even if you don't want. Being authentic is key.

  2. I have this placement with sun conjunct ascendant in capricorn in the 1st house.