Friday, October 3, 2014

Sun in Libra People: The Mediators - Part One

Something odd happened to me when I intended on writing the Libra Sun article that would continue the monthly Sun sign article tradition on this blog. As you probably know, those with the Sun in Libra were born from about September 23 to October 22. And so, it’s currently their time in the spotlight. But, something in me froze up when I sat down to right the article. I later realized that it wasn’t just a case of writer’s block. I came to realize that I’m not a big fan of Libra and don’t understand as much about this sign as I should. For the previous Leo Sun and Virgo Sun articles, I had more material to draw from. Both signs are well-represented in my own birth chart and I’ve had plenty relationships with those influenced by both signs. But, Libra is a sign that’s tended to leave me cold. Not only do I rarely mingle with the Scales folk, but the encounters I have had are usually perplexing and unsatisfying.

(Edit: Upon some further introspection, I remembered that I have my Sun sign in the 7th House, which is Libra's house. And it's not exactly a placement I've had an easy time understanding throughout my lifetime. People with a planet in a certain house tend to have similar traits as those with the same planet in the sign that the house rules. So, maybe, my Libra experiences have been unsatisfying for a reason. But, that's for another article...)

However, I will be fair, which is essentially what this Sun sign is driven by. I can’t write articles about all twelve Sun signs and play favorites, as my subjective Leo Sun is apt to do. I think the best way to understand someone is to totally put yourself in their shoes. So, to understand Libra, I need to be as impartial as they’re fond of being. And it’s as necessary for me as well as for you to deconstruct the stereotypes of Libra Suns (just like I do with every sign in this series): that they’re phony, superficial flakes who can never make up their minds about anything and who leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake with their flightiness. I’m interested in finding more of a shade of grey in this department, as I will do with all of the signs. Sun sign astrology not only spreads one-note stereotypes of Sun signs (which are made up of a diverse collection of complex people who just happen to be similar in certain ways), but it can hinder a person’s self-accepting connection to their Sun sign.
Susan Sarandon: Libra Sun/Capricorn Moon
Every sign is a reaction to what the previous sign has stood for. Before Libra, we’re confronted with the fault-finding, discerning eye of Virgo. The negative excesses of Virgo lie in allowing a healthy knack for discernment turn into a relentlessly judgmental attitude that sees everything and everyone as not good enough (including itself). Well, Libra corrects this flaw. Libra can be quite critical and analytical itself, but it’s about finding a sense of balance within this criticism. It’s about seeing both the good and the bad and finding a happy compromise in-between. If any Libra Sun is reading this and found themselves offended at my opening paragraph, then they’ll surely be pleased to know that I’ll be spending the rest of the article pointing out the more attractive qualities of Libra and how they can be appreciated. After all, this is only fair and this is how this sign loves to operate.

Because of this, those with their Sun in Libra are often people who are inveterate charmers. (Note, I use the word “often”; we’ll mull on that more later) They know how to make individuals look good and feel good. If someone that they care about is down on themselves, this is usually the kind of person who knows how to turn that self-deprecation around and allow you to see your positive qualities. They make some of the best cheerleaders for others because of this. The Sun is reported to be in its “fall” in Libra, which is an archaic and judgmental way of labeling placements, in my book. Essentially, this just means that the self-oriented purpose and focus of the Sun – which is secured in Leo (dignified) and heightened in Aries (exalted) – is turned on its ear when the Sun is in Libra. It’s not about “me” to them, so much as it’s about “us”.

This is what allows them to be the people-persons that they have the great potential to be. Look at the various Sun in Libra celebrities who it seems like no one in their industry ever has a bad word to say about: undeniable heartthrob Hugh Jackman, perennial class clown Will Smith, the ever-classy Kate Winslet, endearing everyman Matt Damon. All of these actors have such a highly likable quality to them, which translates into their on-screen presence. As an audience, you’d be willing to watch them read the dictionary for two hours. They just have an appeal and charisma that hooks you in and wins you over, regardless of what their character is doing. And for Libra folks, they know that this is the true source of their personal power. Since they place so much of their conscious attention on other people, they have a much better understanding of how to influence people than most of us.

But, it would be a mistake to label Libra Suns as being across-the-board likable, in conventional ways. For every male or female America’s Sweetheart of this sign, you get a Libra who defies that sweetness in rather startling ways. Reading those kinds of profiles, it would be difficult to believe that foul-mouthed rapper Eminem – whose notoriety as a rapper has been defined by the sheer controversy of his music – and the famously blunt Simon Cowell were born under this sign. However, they certainly were. How do you explain this?

Well, Libra’s astrological mascot is the Scales. And this gives a curiously contrary attitude to Sun in Libra people. They are not about asserting themselves in regards to their personal identities. They are about asserting themselves in regards to adding balance to their social environment. Whenever there’s an excess of one kind of energy, Libras will provide the opposite, in order to bring balance.

Bruno Mars: Libra Sun/Leo Moon
When placed in an environment where people are too aggressive and rude, then Libra will be the picture of breezy, easygoing refinement. However, when people aren’t being assertive enough, the stereotypes of this sign can be damned as Libra is capable of bluntly getting their point across, especially if there are more brutally honest influences in their chart. After all, wasn’t Simon’s acidic candor on “American Idol” always the counterpoint to Paula’s placating niceness? They’ll never be as willing to access the nitty-gritty as neighboring sign Scorpio (unless, of course, they have Scorpio planets, which many Libra Suns do). That’s just too much raw, deep truth for such a logical, lighthearted sign as Libra. Still, this sign isn’t as sugarcoating as many make them out to be, especially if they feel like the truth is needed.

This penchant for weighing out situations stems from their relationship with their paternal figure, which could’ve been the parent of either sex. It’s whoever was responsible for developing their identity in yang-driven ways throughout their upbringing. But, it represents more of the relationship with the paternal figure and not the actual parent themselves. They might not have been Libra-like, but this relationship constantly instilled within the Libra child a yearning to bring balance and moderation to situations that developed their Sun sign energy. The parent required them to display a certain thoughtfulness, possibly because they were so thoughtless in their actions that the Libra Sun child had to be the considerate one. They grew up feeling like they always needed to bring a homeostasis to their interactions with this parental figure, in one way or another.

In many ways, there’s a lack of a strong personal identity that the Libra child feels around this parent. It’s the inverse of the Leo son or daughter, who often develops a strong self-directedness and “I’ll show them” sense of their own identity because of the perceived lack of approval of their paternal figure. But, with the Libra offspring, this parent is usually so approving and directing that the child feels quite lost without them. They don’t know how to function without this parent’s input, which prevents them from having strongly individual opinions. A Libra Sun can be quite opinionated but their opinions are almost always a reaction to what someone else thinks. It’s a reflection of someone else, which becomes a running-theme throughout these individuals’ lives.

This is what can lead the Libra to constantly feel like their Scales are going up and down, up and down. This is what can prevent them from resolutely deciding on things because they are constantly waiting to hear the opposite thing and respond to that. As a result, you’re often faced with the indecisive Libra of lore. Some people with this Sun sign are more openly indecisive than others. While they might not flake out on you about lunch or suddenly change their mind about their romantic partner, there’s still something strikingly undecided and ambiguous about them. This is probably the core trait of all Libras. They’re never too much of one thing or the other. Neutrality is what drives them, as too much bias equals imbalance; a no-no in their world, of course. The trick is, throughout their life, how to learn how to be open to all opinions and possibilities while still maintaining a solid personal core.


  1. This was one of the most uninspirational text I´ve read about Libra Sun. Yes for sure Libra are the scales and yes they will always have problems making a decision even small ones. Just because they are so afraid making a mistake and wanting to do the absolute best choice that will be absolute best for them self and the other part. They often include other people when they making choices. Thinking a lot of what other people will think and how it will effect other people. Not like the king Leo Sun who are warm genourous,childlike who wants to have fun and doen´t consider other people so much. The Libra want harmony and Venus is the ruler. Venus is love. I think most Libras are romantics and always thinking of Love,Relationsships. Company to be together with other people. A Libra isn´´t happy alone. Leos ruler is the Sun and the Sun is warm shine and have a need to shine and to be the most seen, appreciated.Libra has a need of love, harmony,justice. They often loves music and everything that is beautiful. Art. They crave beautiful suroundings and homes that are beautiful and harmonius. They are often quite psycic which can do that they know and understand how other people think and don´t want to give problem to other people. At the same time they are cardinal sign and often leaders and they will fight for justice and all values that they believe in very forcefully if they are convinced that they are right. And specially if they know they are right. If they have read a text from the book of law what is right.
    Libras problem is often that they consider so many things and so many realites as they know that everybody is different and they can listen and totaly understand two different people who has a fight and who thinks totally opposite. It´s not that the Libra is Indecisive it´s just they understand both people. And what shall they say if they understand both. Who is right. Both because person A is right about his thoughts. And person B is right about his Libra understands both. This make a quite intelligent person the Libra Sun. But they don´t like quarells,unharmonius sounds, unharmonius surroundings, unharmonius people. The Libra Suns are quite Sunny and cheerful people who loves to be happy and to make other people happy. Yes this was my analysis for now.
    All the best. All signs have positives and negatives
    . But you must understand them.

  2. I'm a Libra, close to the Scorpio cusp. I am argumentative, opinionated, and have one of the strongest personal visions and 'sense of purpose' of anyone I have encountered. I even had my own self-made music career at 15, and then I got a chronic illness which left me speaking in a whisper, and sang lead through my whisper. All my life, people have called me a prodigy, a visionary, and a leader. My faults lie in being TOO focused on my own life path even at the expense of relationships, TOO unwilling to listen to other points of view.
    I do relate to leaving a trail of heartbreak behind (I used to be known as a CONQUERER though, never 'flightly' ). I know what I want and whether I want it rare or well done, and nothing will stop my single minded focus.
    I love beauty and all things beautiful. Even my friends are beautiful. In that, I can see some of the 'superficial' traits, though I'm much more 'vain' than I am indecisive.

    For these reasons I didn't see the merit in astrology for a long time, though I did study it for a while. I am still trying to sort this out. Fwiw, I have my Mars in Sag so maybe that makes a difference.