Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Uranus conjunct Ascendant

Kurt Cobain: Uranus in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
Those with Uranus conjunct their Ascendant are not the types to travel the beaten path. Instead, you will readily deal with the world in a way that’s unorthodox, free-spirited, and often challenging to more conventional thinkers and doers. The particular quirks of your Uranus sign are heightened, maybe even intentionally played up to of rebel against the norm. You don’t mind being seen as weird or eccentric, in some way. In fact, you probably relish it. You see yourself as playing a role as an agent for change, sweeping into situations and figuring out how the status quo can be turned inside out. Sometimes, though, having Uranus rising might make you a real rebel without a cause. You can be refusing to conform just for the sake of refusing to conform and to be different. When everyone goes right, it’s your instant motivation to go left. You always want to preserve your independence.

With Uranus rising, this nonconformist persona you create for yourself can make you appear quite unusual. It could be because of the odd, quirky ways in which you deck yourself out, using your appearance as a way to further express your independent mind. But, you might actually look quite unusual to others, as well, and not in a negative sense. The aura you create for yourself gives off the impression that there’s just something really “different” about you that others are intrigued by. The fact that you’re probably rather detached from the attention of others only heightens their interest. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant can have a rather edgy vibe which is counterbalanced by an indiscriminate friendliness. You send out the signals that you’re down to be buddies with anyone. But, the paradoxical air of a loner can also be present in your demeanor, as if you essentially always walk alone.

This might be a feeling that haunts you if you have a 12th House Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. You not only can be plagued with deep loneliness and isolation but totally unaware of the uniqueness that makes you the vanguard that everyone admires. Fears of being seen as some sort of a freak need to be overcome for you to take full advantage of the huge gifts that this placement is. But, if you have a 1st House Uranus conjunct Ascendant, then you’re not just fully aware of your status as an iconoclast but proud of it. You have the opportunity to be someone who’s a real pioneer in your world, breaking down barriers between people and providing a bold example of free-spiritedness. Just remember that it’s necessary to play by some rules, sometimes. 


  1. cancer sun sign, scorpio rising with uranus in asc, born 06/28/1980. i have felt this strong pul to shake the norm up and i am trying to figure this all out. anyone have anything that can benefit me i am all ears

    1. I have found uranus conjunct ascendant difficult with Leo rising/taurus sun/taurus moon. Real desire to fit in and also to be accepted for who I am. Faced a lot of rejection from my conventional family and friends. You have to learn to live with that and love yourself and your own "eccentricities" more than them. Follow your own path. Make it work for you.

  2. Calculate the right time Matt! And unleash all that greatness that's within you!

  3. Wow...I'd like to read about ascendant Trine uranus. 👍😎

  4. Wait so if i have uranus conjuct my asc am i an aquarias rising?