Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Venus conjunct Ascendant

Angelina Jolie: Venus in Cancer conjunct Ascendant
Lucky you, having Venus conjunct the Ascendant. Venus, after all, is the lover planet; governing our romances and how attractive we are to other people. Because of this, let’s just say that it’s usually not too difficult for Venus rising people to get a date on a Saturday night. It doesn’t even necessarily have to do with the way you look. You just exude attractiveness, taking the most appealing, likable qualities of your Venus and instantly putting them out there. And if you do happen to be conventionally attractive, on a physical level, as well, then look out. You’ll be beating them away with a stick. Since Venus rules the Law of Attraction, it shows how we allow things and people to just come into our lives. The downside of having this placement is that you might be too lazy and passive in this regard, depending on your Venus sign. There might be a tendency to be too self-indulgent, as well as rely on your looks and seductive wiles to get what you want instead of, you know, actually working for it.

Still, there’s something inherently sweet about Venus rising that others just can’t deny. Even if your Venus is in a sign that’s feistier or has more of an edge, those qualities still have a way of making many people like you and admire you. Venus conjunct Ascendant has an aura that suggests that they are a valuable possession, a veritable catch that you’d better get your hands on. You’ll probably be the type to groom yourself to the hilt, relying on the particular form of beauty that your Venus sign likes to stress. You always want to have an appearance that’s presentable and you usually present a highly pleasing package. But, you also might care way too much what people think in this regard. It’s important for you to learn how to gain inner worth and not value through other’s eyes. It’s important for us all but a particularly emphasized lesson for you. It will naturally attract even more your way.

With Venus in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, you might easily allow other people to put you on some pedestal. A dependency on this false worship develops, mostly because you have no solid awareness of your true attractiveness. On a deeper level than most, you can be haunted by a feeling of just not being desirable enough when most other people around you will remind you that you’re plain crazy. Venus in the 1st House conjunct Ascendant can have the opposite effect as an intense vanity can develop, to the point of believing yourself to be the fairest one of them all. But, your persona is dependent on being likable so you won’t be one to brag about your perceived beauty. Instead, you’ll take the time to refine and beautify everything and everyone around you, as well.


  1. I have venus in aries the 12th house conjuct ascendant. Although venus in Aries is brash and impulsive, I feel more mellowed down than most venus in Aries. Also I am guilty of people putting me on a pedestal.

  2. I have Venus (in the 12th) and Pluto (in the 1st) conjunct my Libra ascendant. I also have Mars and Uranus in the 1st house. So I'm a Libra/Venus/Pluto Rising with a Scorpio Sun/Mercury/Lilith. I don't know whether to think that's awesome or that I'm fucked :P

    1. Libra rising and Venus close by I would have guessed would make you very attractive and charming.

  3. Ugh Wayman you did it again! How do you know exactly who I am? Sad that my Venus is indeed a tad on the 12th house side, and just as you say, despite constant flattery and admiration, I never feel good enough and am actually openly incredibly insecure and self conscious, especially with regards to my appearance. No i'm not crazy, I just was the ugly duckling growing up!

  4. Me too, I have Venus in 12th conjunct ascendant in cancer. I always feel like I must look like a monster to others sometimes, but people tell me constantly that I'm beautiful ...it's hard to believe them and part of me wants to be beautiful and pleasing to others and part of me knows it's pointless and superficial :)