Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mercury-Mars Aspects: The Motor Mouth

If you have Mercury conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine your Mars sign, then you’ve probably got quite a motor mouth on you. The reason being that Mercury is the planet that rules how we think and communicate, while Mars symbolizes how we take action and assert ourselves. So, talking is a way of truly asserting yourself, much more than most. The typical Mercury-Mars person speaks in a way that makes others sit straight up and take notice. There are some with these aspects who might be quieter and more retiring, but they’re not going to genuinely enjoy playing this role. In fact, these people usually have some unresolved issues around communicating or asserting themselves that they need to work out. A healthy, confident Mercury-Mars person is just not going to be able to play that whole soft-spoken act for very long.

Mars is a masculine planet. It’s passionate, forceful, and gets directly to the heart of the matter. This is why, as a Mercury-Mars person, you probably aren’t too delicate in speech, which is something that might get you into trouble, at times. People can be taken back by the utter directness and force of your words. Mars is all about a mission. Hooked up with Mercury, the mission becomes to express thoughts and opinions. So, with this aspect, you have a take-no-prisoners approach to your conversations. You probably don’t hold back and in our society, that’s so conditioned toward niceties and manners, this can be rather startling to some people. Some might find it refreshing but others might find themselves offended by what they deem your lack of tact or civility.

Those kinds of reactions can make a Mercury-Mars person crawl into their shell, so to speak. This is especially because you usually don’t mean to offend people and can be just as surprised by their responses to you. So, you might go through a phase where you end up just biting your tongue, not wanting to piss people off or be misunderstood. However, you’ll regret living this way. Whenever our Mars energy is repressed, we become depressed. Mars is our sense of purpose, it’s what gives us drive. So, not expressing your Mars sign and aspects will make you feel deeply unhappy and empty. Not speaking your mind freely and boldly, therefore, is just depressing to you. It can get to the point where it makes you either distinctly unsociable or painfully awkward and self-conscious in social situations, as you’re either too afraid to “go there” or you’re so disconnected from this desire that you don’t see the point of socializing anymore.

But, we must give our Mars full expression (as well as our Mercury, obviously). Fully acting on our Mars is what gives us courage, passion, and the feeling like we can conquer the world. So, as a Mercury-Mars individual, you’re meant to communicate with vigor and unpretentious candor. This is really how you find your courage in life. So many people are so afraid to speak their mind but you’re in the position to develop an admirable fearlessness in regards to simply “telling it like it is.” Everyone else in the room will be hemming and hawing, beating around the bush about what they really think, and you can amazingly sweep right in and just call that spade a spade. You’re a fast talker, as well, who knows how to tell the most animated stories. You really get into it, allowing the people around you to be riveted and entertained. You'd make a dynamic public speaker. You’re most likely a firecracker: fascinating, feisty, anything but dull.

You’re even more admirable in the fact that, as this level of expression, you don’t back down from what you believe or think. Mars is independent and does its own thing. So, you’re the kind of person to truly think (Mercury) for yourself (Mars). Not only are you fiercely independent-minded but you’re capable of acting as a shining example for others to be the same. This is the mode of operating that gets your juices flowing and makes you feel alive. In fact, many people with this position fully enjoy being the one person who thinks differently than everyone else. You don’t flinch in the face of a certain amount of mental opposition from others. It’s only an opportunity to show them that you’ve got your own mind and that they can’t control the way that you think. You can come up with wonderfully original ideas, insights, and observations because of this. You’re not scared to mentally go out on a limb. 

Your Mercury sign is fired-up by its aspect to Mars. If you happen to have the conjunction, square, or opposition, then there’s a particularly intense charge to the way your brain operates. There’s just no stopping it. Your internal monologue could rival the characters in a Shakespeare play. Thoughts are constantly bouncing around in your head and you have a knack for following these intellectual currents wherever they take you. This, after all, is where a great deal of your drive comes from. Mercury-Mars has the potential to be a true intellectual, just so long as you develop the patience for those studies. But, you really get off on absorbing information. Anything that challenges your intellect is bound to be an avid hobby. Reading and writing are obvious choices, but you can also really love things like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and the most random trivia (usually in a specialized area).

Yet, because your thoughts are so infused with passion, you can end up burning people with words if you’re not careful. Some Mercury-Mars people, especially those with the conjunction, can appear to be angry when they’re not or can make people angry when they were just joking around or stating their opinions. Having Mercury in aspect to Mars can give you a confrontational edge. If you don’t openly express this, then you can just obsessively have inner dialogues with the person that you haven’t found the courage to stand up to yet. People with these aspects are often either one or the other: terrified of confrontation or so unflinching toward confrontation that it might intimidate others. The latter are total masters at telling people off, with a remarkable ability to put someone in their place, shutting them down completely. The other person won’t even be able to defend themselves against such an aggressive verbal smack-down. Most men with this aspect, in particular, can effectively fight back and defend themselves solely through words, not needing to lift a finger to firmly deal with that obnoxious guy in the bar.

The key thing to watch for, however, with a Mercury-Mars aspect is being the kind of person to pick these verbal fights on a regular basis. You might do this to test the person you’re with, to dominate or bully them, or simply out of sheer boredom. This is the dark side of this aspect that needs to be controlled. If not, you can display a certain brutality in conversations that can border on verbal abuse. When angry, you’re apt to hit the offender with a devastating insult, sometimes without even intending to. Mercury-Mars people can verbalize their thoughts so readily and powerfully that they end up saying something cruel and hurtful before they realize it. You might also have to watch for a distinct tendency to ride roughshod over people in conversations. Most people with these aspects don’t have patience for those who they feel can’t keep up with them intellectually and verbally. So, you might grab the reins of the discourse and not let go, either not allowing the other person to get a word in edgewise or discarding the importance of what they have to say. Learning the art of truly listening may be your challenge.

Still, Mercury-Mars folks do need someone who can hold their own in a conversation. You’re invigorated by those who you feel are as lively, passionate, and candid as you are. You don’t have much tolerance for talking to dull, bland people, as well as people who talks in circles or sugarcoat things. Your driving motivation is to simply communicate but you much prefer to do so with people who are just as straight-up and exciting as you are. But, it’s your straight-up, exciting quality that people find so refreshing. Your sense of humor is a reflection of your bluntness, as it tends to be bawdy and bold. It takes some balls for you to say many of the funny things you do. As a result, you can be unintentionally hilarious, at times, as the sheer honesty of your speech gets more laughs than you set out to gain. Most Mercury-Mars people have especially foul mouths and not just in the sense of you frequently accentuating your vocabulary with colorful curse words. Your wit dwells in a rather vulgar place, where you can cut through the decorum and just say whatever is on your mind. In fact, you might be a serial over-sharer because of this. There are some who might find this crass or uncalled for. But, you probably don’t care about them.

At the end of the day, you’ve got a ferocious intelligence that people should not underestimate. Mars is an expression of our masculine side. So, men and women with these aspects can assert their masculinity by not only letting everyone know that they’ve got a brain but by not holding back their intelligence, due to fear that it might be intimidating or threatening to others. Some females, in particular, with Mercury-Mars aspects might have to frequently remind themselves of this, due to cultural conditioning that tells them to dumb themselves down, in some way. The healthiest, strongest expression of a Mercury-Mars is something who refuses to dilute the expression of their intelligence, even if they get called snobbish or nerdy for it. This is quite an act of social courage in and of itself, as our society’s fear of intelligent people goes all the way back to grade school. If you’re a Mercury-Mars person and were called a nerd growing up, it might be more difficult for you to fully own and express this part of yourself, without fear. But, doing so will allow you to find a true source of inner strength and confidence.

With this placement, intelligence is a big dynamic in the bedroom, as well, as Mars represents how we have sex. So, you’re driven wild with passion by someone who’s definitely got a brain in there and who knows how to connect with yours. The ideal sexual partner for Mercury-Mars is not only someone with a sharp, original mind but someone who’s amazingly witty, as well. This is apt to rile you up in bed way more than that conventionally attractive person with the so-called perfect body. It’s a cliché but people you find really funny and interesting are much sexier to you in the long run, significantly more than the next person. You’re probably the kind of sexual partner who’s very flexible and up for anything as well as one who loves all of the mental foreplay leading up to it as much as the actual act. You’ll be especially hooked on someone who can nail the fine art of talking during sex. It’s like the icing on the cake for you. As sex is never far from your highly active mind, you’re probably quite skilled at this yourself.

Mercury conjunct Mars: With the conjunction, you’re probably the ballsiest talker of the bunch. Your say-anything style packs a powerful punch, either making you a controversial presence or an endearingly blunt personality. Even if you polish yourself up some, with maturity and self-awareness, you’re still not going to be an overly refined communicator. You don’t want to censor yourself too much and, at the end of the day, you shouldn’t. Your mind is as quick as a fox’s and you have a knack for “getting it” almost instantly, often two steps ahead of the others.

Mercury square or opposite Mars: Having the square and the opposition means that you have the hardest time toning down whatever’s coming out of your mouth. In fact, the more people try and get you to soften your tone, the more aggressive and offensive you might become. But, this can be a chipped-shoulder attitude of them being against you when you don’t realize you’re the one picking the fight. Finding a balance between being honest and being rude is what makes you more palatable, allowing others to truly understand your passion and directness.

Mercury sextile or trine Mars: The sextile or the trine gives you the ability to learn the fine balance between candor and rudeness more easily than those with the conjunction, square, or opposition. You are more aware of how your words are affecting others and have better control over your speech. But, you are always going to be honest and you still display that lack of patience for social fakery and pretense. You’re just able to charm others with your brash tongue, for the most part, but you might skate by on this too often and expect to always get away with it. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Venus-Pluto Aspects: The Love Spell

Having your Venus sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile or trine Pluto gives you the ability to cast a really powerful kind of love spell on others. We all know that love spells can go any which way. They can bind two people’s affections together in ways that are movingly romantic and passionate or dangerously unbalanced and obsessive. Pluto tends to manifest in extremes, so with this planet in aspect to Venus, your planet of romance, love affairs tend to swing from one end of the emotional spectrum to the next. You’ll often find yourself on the receiving end of some obsessively intense attractions but you’re certainly prone to experiencing all-consuming feelings of attraction toward the object of your desire. 

From "The Craft" (1996 film)

This is probably the trickiest Pluto aspect to be expressed during childhood, as this is a time when we really don’t understand affairs of the heart. In fact, acknowledging romantic feelings is unthinkable to most children. But, as a Venus-Pluto individual, you were quite different in this regard. You found yourself making eyes at whoever you thought was cute on the playground, maybe right from the start. Venus-Pluto children tend to express their cuteness in ways that can be almost seductive. You didn’t see anything wrong with this but many parents get uneasy when seeing hints of sexuality in their children when they’re still little. We’re sexual beings right from the start, which could’ve been something that you innocently expressed. But, you might’ve been shamed for this, if you grew up in a household where your parents didn’t know how to handle your premature wiles. If your parents did, however, then a totally natural ease in your sensuality developed, as well as the power that came with it.

Those with Venus-Pluto aspects can also get some extreme responses from people while growing up regarding their attractiveness. A lot of adolescents with this aspect blossom very early, almost radically hitting puberty, and can receive overwhelming attention not only from their peers but also from adults, which may or may not be appropriate, depending on the response. Other people with a Venus-Pluto aspect got the other end of the spectrum growing up. You might have grown up feeling relentlessly judged by other people for your looks, maybe even by a particular adult in your life. Venus rules self-worth so there can be an obsessive, painful inner feeling of not being good enough in your formative years. As a Venus-Pluto person, though, you might have just been particularly affected by the culture’s ideas of attractiveness. It may become an obsession that you feel the need to constantly live up to. So, from as early as adolescence, your relationship to your personal attractiveness is either to wield it like a powerful weapon or to shun and deny it, feeling a deep sense of shame or loathing around it.

The dark side of Pluto is resorting to acts of manipulation and control to ensure a sense of security. When Pluto touches a personal planet, this is a tendency that must be taken note of and eventually conquered altogether, if healthy expression of this planet is to be achieved. With Venus in aspect to Pluto, the acts of manipulation and control can be particularly sexual or amorous in nature. You might use your sexual power to get what you want in ways that are underhanded or ruthless. In personal relationships, sex can be used as leverage to ensure that your partner responds to you the way you want. This keeps you feeling like you’ve maintained the upper hand in the situation. In this lower octave, you want the other person hooked to you and you’ll want to possess them, in a way: mind, body, and soul. An enormous amount of insecurity is driving this, of course, because if you were really certain of your self-worth, you wouldn’t have to resort to such ploys.

Another expression of Venus-Pluto’s dark side is getting involved in the most dysfunctional of relationships. This particularly applies to the conjunction, square, or opposition, but even those with the sextile or trine can fall into these patterns all too easily. There can be an urge to meet the volatile side of life through a partner. It’s typical for Venus-Pluto folks to equate love with pain and to go through life being compulsively attracted to those dangerous love affairs that are just no good for them. On the more dramatic end, these romances can involve physical and/or emotional abuse and rampant infidelities, to the point where outsiders simply shake their head helplessly and wonder why you’re still with this person. Venus-Pluto is more vulnerable to these kinds of relationships than most. The toxicity may be more subtle, however. You might just constantly be drawn to partners who are highly manipulative, emotionally cold or unavailable, and/or always turning the relationship into a battle for power, to the point where things get vicious. Yet another manifestation of these tragic romances include a partner who suddenly dies, much too soon, leaving you feeling abandoned. All of these experiences only serve to confirm your belief that you don’t deserve happiness and that no one really cares, which is, of course, false.

The key to all Pluto aspects to inner planets is flipping these sorts of scripts. For Venus-Pluto people, it’s changing that unconscious script and telling yourself that you do deserve happiness in love. It’s telling yourself that you are truly of value, without constantly having to build up that untouchable, invincible exterior that you use to shield your heart from partners. This is inevitably the kind of thing that derails your romantic relationships. Pluto urges us to dig deep so Venus-Pluto people must do so and figure out why they keep drawing these relationships to themselves and why they tolerate it so much. The catalyst for this process is usually a love affair which was so dysfunctional and possibly even traumatic that you see it as a wake-up call. After some serious introspection, involving undergoing the process of really owning your self-worth and inner power, the transformation begins.

At this point, having a Venus-Pluto aspect makes you radiate a kind of attractiveness that is deeply internal as well as wildly attractive to many. On this higher octave, you know that true beauty and joy come from your inner life, first and foremost. Sure, we all have to learn this lesson, on some level. But, learning it gives you a sense of inner peace that allows you to let go of the obsessive preoccupation with the value that other people assign to you. That comes from within and no one can take that away from you. Neither can anyone unravel the value system that you’ll build for yourself, once you really take responsibility for that part of your life. The values of a positive Venus-Pluto individual are unshakable and self-sustaining. This value system usually builds in response to one of those toxic relationships. After putting yourself through that Hell, you’re just not going to tolerate any nonsense from anyone again. Your partners will have to measure up to this code or you can easily do without them.

You’ll have your fair share to choose from, though. Most people with a Venus-Pluto aspect are irresistibly sexy. It’s as if your sex appeal is this magnetizing force that people can’t resist. It doesn’t really matter what you physically look like. Pluto is about mystery and the inner elements that psychologically drive people. Hooked up to your planet of personal attractiveness, this means that your sexual appeal is often quite enigmatic in its source. There’s just something intangible about you that people find intoxicating. And that’s not just potential romantic partners, as Venus also influences our good friendships, as well, and how we conduct those. You have the kind of raw magnetism that draws people to you, as well as an intensity that keeps them sticking around. You like to make deep bonds with people and, even if your Venus is in a more lighthearted sign, you’re not one to enjoy shallow relationships of any sort. You’re quite selective about these relationships, maybe more than people realize. You will quietly assess all of the nuances of a person before you decide to really let them into your personal sphere.

Since Pluto rules the life-death-rebirth cycles, each relationship can feel like that, to you, whenever it ends. It’s as if the old ways of living you adhered to are being eliminated right along with the person that you’re no longer in a relationship with. These endings are usually a very important step for Venus-Pluto, as you just instinctively know when it’s time to cut ties with someone. That is, so long as you’re in a healthy place and not clinging to the relationship obsessively, even if it’s not good for you. However, the thing is that you might be so prone to attracting emotionally unstable people into your life that they have a hard time accepting it’s over. Venus-Pluto folks are prime targets for stalkers and most have had to deal with at least one, often in the form of an ex-partner or a rejected admirer, at some point in their lives. Clearly, making sure you’re with someone who’s more stable than that is the way to avoid this route. You’re innately attracted to people with a particularly intense energy. But, just make sure their intensity manifests in relatively positive and healthy ways.

When you develop into a person who values more inward attractiveness than outward, you won’t care much how you look. It’s not worth investing that much energy into to you. Pluto cuts right through the pretense and reveals things for how they are, so Venus-Pluto folks are more prone than others to not do themselves up all that much and simply say, “This is the real me, so take it or leave it. There’s no in-between.” That is, when you’re comfortable enough in your skin to say that. If you’re not, then the opposite effect can happen and an unhealthy obsession with your looks can be a way of shielding the real self that you find unacceptable. Women with Venus-Pluto aspects might have an especially hard time doing away with all of these trappings. They either wear too much make-up and all the rest of it or strip themselves down in a very raw, bare, little to no make-up style. Many of these women actually look much more attractive without all of that and when they realize this, they feel more empowered.

Finding empowerment through sex is the path to true satisfaction for people with Venus-Pluto aspects. If you have one of these aspects and just don’t consider yourself all that sexy, then you’re not properly owning that sexuality of yours. When you can cast off any conditioned guilt or shame around it, then a big transformation occurs. The potential for true sexual healing is immense for Venus-Pluto people, and Moon-Pluto people as well, as an inner tranquility emerges once you can tap into this side of yourself without self-consciousness or inhibition. This will inevitably give you the ability to help partners confront and do away with any inhibiting feelings they experience regarding their sexual pleasures. It’s just another way that you keep your affairs spicy and serve as a powerfully healing, insightful force in your lover’s life.

This is often an aspect that indicates relationships that involve the confronting of latent homosexual or bisexual attractions. It’s, of course, not always the case. But, if this is your sexual preference and such fears exist in someone that you’re attracted to (and who’s attracted to you, however secretly), you have the innate ability to help them confront the deeper truth of their sexuality. That is, so long as they don’t resist that whole process. In fact, many Venus-Pluto folks can draw intense feelings of attraction out of people of every orientation that may sometimes be more amorous and admiring than sexual (like a very strong man-crush), serving as examples that those binary labels of attraction are much more complex than that. On the flip side, you might draw someone into your life that helps dig up some repressed feelings for the other sex. Some men with this aspect can have an especially hard time with this, when they identify as straight, resisting letting go of or modifying the identity they held on to for so long. But, Venus-Pluto aspects serve to release those taboos, in one way or another, and bring about change.

Venus conjunct Pluto: Having the conjunction means that you can endlessly complicate your love affairs. There might be secrets in that unfathomable heart of yours that even you can’t fully decipher. For better or worse, you’ll definitely leave a mark on your lovers. Many people with the conjunction can become serial daters, leaving a string of hot and heavy romances in their wake. But, when you find stability and security within yourself, you won’t waste time devouring partners. Instead, you’ll mate for life, seeking the one who you can deeply merge with.

Venus square or opposite Pluto: The square and the opposition often invite the most drama into their romances, usually because they don’t know that the source of that drama is them. Your unconscious motive is to either attract unsuitable, even poisonous partners into your life, confirming your victim role, or to utterly drive your partners crazy, allowing you to point the finger. When you can take responsibility for this, then you have the ability to be a truly memorable lover. You will enjoy relationships with depth and won’t settle for anything less than that.

Venus sextile or trine Pluto: With the sextile or the trine, the immense Mojo of these two combined planets is often used most easily and naturally. You have an intuitive awareness of how you’re affecting people and just how to wrap them around your little finger. But, it might be all too easy to resort to manipulative measures in this regard, as well. You can be as much of a lover as you are a fighter, which is the attractive thing about you. You’re very passionate in pleasing, attractive ways and don’t hesitate to push back and assert your power when needed. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sun conjunct Midheaven

With your Sun sign conjunct the Midheaven, your greatest aspiration in life is, simply, to be Somebody. Sure, it’s what almost everyone wants. But, this motivation fuels you on a much deeper level than most. The Sun is the most elevated planet in your chart, suggesting its overriding importance in your life path. The Sun represents individuality and the discovery of personal power. So, your journey to the top heavily involves these themes, meaning that you’ll usually find out who you are through your personal ambitions and profession of choice. You are building toward establishing a solid sense of self in the world and the sign that the Sun is in will show you just how to do so. You’re capable of becoming a true force to be reckoned with, just so long as you believe in yourself. 

Gwen Stefani: Sun in Libra conjunct Midheaven
As the Midheaven indicates a role of responsibility and authority that we’ll take on in the outside world, your identity is innately infused with being the boss. You are the authority, as far as you’re concerned, and will find yourself and/or place yourself, time and time again, in important leadership positions. People with the Sun conjunct Midheaven are tasked, however, to use these positions of leadership in order to positively influence, inspire, and encourage other people. You are meant to shine brightly as a powerful, courageous example in the world. You must not see your success and recognition as means of getting all the glory. This is a self-centered expression of this planet. You should already be secure in the fact that you’ll shine. Instead, use your high visibility to provide others with the courage and the inspiration to be fully authentic individuals and pursue their heart’s desires. 

In high school, folks with the Sun culminating are usually very popular. You had an undeniable presence around the school, unable to help standing out. In fact, you dominated your peers in some way, either by being the leader of various clubs or teams or being appropriately crowned King or Queen of Homecoming or Prom. Most of your loyal subjects just basked in your brilliant glory. This is a status that you carried with you once you became an adult and got out into the real world. Sun conjunct Midheaven people just have a way of dramatically making themselves known in their community. It’s not to say that you’re a show-off necessarily. But, your force of personality always makes an impression. You’re also known as a totally unpretentious individual. The Sun represents our true self and this means that, when it comes to you, what the public sees is what they get. There is no persona to speak of. Your Sun sign traits boldly shine through and become an innate part of your reputation. This gives you a natural air of authenticity as well as the confidence to deal with the public on your own terms.

Moon conjunct Midheaven

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Moon in Aquarius conjunct Midheaven

When the Moon sign is conjunct the Midheaven, there’s a powerful aspiration to find emotional fulfillment through the professional life. This means that your career must be chosen in ways that satisfy the needs of your particular Moon sign. If not, then you’ll be so deeply unsatisfied you’ll barely be able to function in it. You’ll know you’re in the right field when you’re able to do it and find success at it on a totally intuitive level. However, this requires the trusting of your gut, as well. With the Moon being your most elevated planet, your instinct (which is represented by the Moon) is your most valuable professional asset. You’ll often find yourself making career choices that you can’t fully explain or being guided by certain hunches that later prove to be dead-on.

The authoritative role that people with the Moon culminating are here to take is that of caregiver. In some capacity or another, you must use the nurturing attributes of your Moon sign in your professional field. This can involve being in a career where nurturing is a part of the job description or just providing this warmth and compassion to those who work with or for you. In a world that can sometimes be rather cold, your responsibility, with the Moon conjunct Midheaven, is to give people a safe, caring place to land. You will be able to use this placement maturely when you can overcome your own emotional issues and meet your own emotional needs, instead of demanding that the world does for you. As the Moon represents our emotions, it’s important for your inner life to be stable and secure or else it’ll damage your professional life. On the other hand, this can also indicate that you have the innate ability to handle a less stable, more changeable career, such as the creative fields. This position often indicates that your career will be an outlet for your emotions, either through expression in creative work or some kind of sublimation.

Having the Moon conjunct Midheaven means you often felt under the radar, in some way, in high school. While you weren’t the most noticed student, you still had a subtle, powerful influence over your peers, due to your innate way of making them feel cared for and understood. You made more of a mark on people back then than you realize, just on a more emotional level. This dynamic carries over into your worldly status as an adult. You have the power to really sway the feelings of the people in your community, often without even trying that hard. Moon culminating individuals win the hearts of many through the vulnerability and accessibility they exude. As long as you relax and go with the flow of public life, without defensiveness or fear, you’ll display a refreshingly unguarded quality to the world. The Moon’s expression is instinctive, not thought out. Therefore, there’s something completely natural and uncalculated about your public image, as you project your Moon sign traits with such ease that people feel like they really know you. This air of immediate intimacy can obviously go a long way in making you very popular. Since you operate so much on instinct in public, you'll also be known as a bit of a "lunatic", but often in a good way.

Mercury conjunct Midheaven

Having Mercury conjunct the Midheaven means that your overriding ambition in life is to learn and communicate. You yearn to engage in a professional journey that fully stimulates you on a mental level. It doesn’t matter much what you’re making or what you’re doing. If the career you’ve chosen is duller than dust, you just won’t be motivated or fulfilled whatsoever. Mercury rules our comprehensive and observational skills, as well as how we speak and, to a certain extent, our intelligence. Therefore, Mercury culminating means that you have the ability to be the ultimate in brainstorming in your professional life, coming up with an endless array of ideas and using the communicative powers of your Mercury sign to sway everyone toward following them. 

Robin Williams: Mercury in Leo conjunct Midheaven

This is ultimately the role of authority that Mercury conjunct Midheaven folks are meant to take on in their careers. It’s your responsibility to be the person who everyone looks to for ideas. You have the wonderful ability to stimulate your co-workers or employees, stirring them out of their disengaged ruts or allowing them to see things from a fresh new angle. You might often even take it upon yourself to act as the teacher in your public life, if you’re not already a teacher by actual profession. The thing to be wary of is possibly leading those who you’re responsible for astray. Mercury is a trickster, capable of startling duality. With this placement, you can mess with people’s heads in your professional sphere, if not careful. You may easily shift course for another bright idea, leaving confused followers in your wake, or might stir things up with acts of gossip, deceit, or mischief. It’s important to remain honest and centered, only using the duality of Mercury to broaden the range of what you’re capable of achieving.

You were capable of taking on a number of roles in high school, in true Mercury conjunct Midheaven fashion. You could’ve been involved in every extracurricular activity under the sun, doing absolutely whatever captured your fleeting whim of the moment. It’s likely that you really got around socially and had a slick knack for insinuating yourself into any circle that you wanted to, through sheer people skills. As you grew up, this is an approach that translated into your place out in the real world. Many people with this placement have a reputation for being true chatterboxes, with the ability to talk about anything with anyone you come across. You readily engage with people in your public life with lively conversation and wit. Those in your community will widely associate the verbal style and sense of humor of your Mercury sign with you. Even if you’re not known as much of a talker, your intelligence will still shine through. You’ll project an image that tells the world that there’s definitely a brain in there.

Venus conjunct Midheaven

Jack Nicholson: Venus in Aries conjunct Midheaven
Venus conjunct the Midheaven indicates that you have a deep-seated yearning to be loved by the world. Therefore, the way you wish to conquer the world is by making it love you. This makes your journey toward your highest ambitions and goals of the kinder, gentler variety. Our Venus sign represents what makes us attractive to others, as well as the manner in which we attract love and affection into our lives. So, with this planet as your most elevated, you’re going to achieve great things in life with a big pot of honey, not vinegar. You will totally charm your way toward success, in the manner that your Venus sign appeals to others, and might even find success through love affairs. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you’re not sliding by solely on charm.

Our authoritative role in our professional life is dictated by our Midheaven. Therefore, those with Venus conjunct the Midheaven usually make highly likable, agreeable authority figures. You can be the boss that everyone loves and who more than a few in the workplace are harboring a crush on. With Venus culminating, you just can’t help but be an attractive presence in your professional sphere. But, this placement gives you a responsibility to emit these good vibes and ensure that everyone gets along. You want to spread peace and happiness throughout your career field. Just be sure that you’re not being too passive or accommodating just to keep everyone content, as this can happen when you take this title as peacemaker a bit too far. There needs to be balance in this sense, of course. You can, instead, use Venus to effectively mediate disputes and put a smile on others’ faces, as well as engage in a career that involves giving beauty to the world in some form, such as the arts or the fashion industry.

In high school, it’s typically difficult for the peers of a Venus conjunct Midheaven individual to dislike them. You could’ve been friends with everyone or, at the very least, made virtually no enemies during your time there. You were probably one of the biggest candidates for pretty superlatives like Best Dressed or Most Attractive. And there’s also the subject of dating which, in most cases with this position, was an overwhelming drive in your social life. You were seen as a major catch by most of your peers and things haven’t changed much in adulthood. With Venus culminating, you develop a worldly status as someone who’s particularly desirable, no matter what you may look like physically. You project the most attractive qualities of your Venus sign for the world to see, giving you an image as sweet as it is sexy. Your love life can be the talk of the town, but mostly because so many are eager to know if they’ve got a shot or not. You’ll probably enjoy all ofthe admiration but also handle it with supreme grace. 

Mars conjunct Midheaven

With your Mars sign in conjunction with the Midheaven, your ideal professional path is one of meeting numerous challenges and overcoming them. There’s an intense ambitiousness in your nature, as you’re constantly striving to conquer some new goal. This can obviously go a long way in allowing you to achieve great things. Mars is the planet of drive, the competitive spirit, and getting things done. Therefore, you’re probably not someone to trifle with, when it comes to your career aspirations and goals. You can become a real force of nature, using your Mars sign’s way of accomplishing things to get what you really want in life. The thing to watch for, however, is a certain selfishness or ruthlessness in that pursuit. Keep your competitive spirit friendly and learn how to lose, sometimes.

Beyonce Knowles: Mars in Leo conjunct Midheaven
Mars culminating will make you an authority figure who could certainly be described as a pusher, but often in positive ways. You’re intent on making sure that everyone in the workplace is bringing their A-game and will serve as a glorious example of this. Few people will work harder than you, once you’ve determined your objective and laid out your battle plan. The danger that Mars conjunct Midheaven people can fall into is that they may become bosses who are just a bit too aggressive or overbearing. You may be so driven to push others that you end up pushing them over the edge, falling over right along with them. Winning and achieving may become so important that it blots out the importance of everything else. If you learn how to balance this trait by easing up sometimes, then you can become a truly inspiring authority figure. You’ll need to think of yourself as a coach, showing a bit of necessary understanding when others fall short and then encouraging them to get back out there in the game.

That highly competitive spirit is usually something that makes itself known as early as high school. Mars conjunct Midheaven students are the ones who are fully intent to win, in some arena. It can be sports, predictably, but it can also be academics or extracurricular activities. Whatever the case, there was some sphere where you were known for truly owning the competition. In adulthood, your ability to run circles around just about everyone in the workplace is something that you’re probably renowned for. You’ll happily collect one Employee of the Month title after the next and will be known as someone who’s a certified achiever. The particular assertiveness of your Mars sign will be closely associated with your public image. Mars also represents the sex drive and this part of your life also has a way of becoming public knowledge. Maybe it’s because your fans are just so curious and eager to know about your skills that a lot of gossip gets around. But, you can also be totally upfront about your bedroom self in public. It’s just another form of getting what you want and you tend to make no bones about your sex life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jupiter conjunct Midheaven

Lady Gaga: Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Midheaven
Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven indicates that you’re not going to be one to dream on small terms. You aspire to achieve really big things, seeing the world as a limitless source of opportunities and adventures. Our Jupiter sign represents our particular way of expanding and growing, as well as the ways in which we can draw good fortune into our lives. Therefore, with Jupiter culminating, your professional journey can make you feel like you’re living out the novel The Alchemist, with its talk of good omens, the Universe helping you achieve your goals, and pursuing your Personal Legend. This bold, brilliant sense of faith in the journey can get you through the toughest of times. But, you should be wary of it making you too foolhardy and naively convinced that the world’s always on your side.

Planets on the Midheaven represent the manner in which we should go about being authority figures. With Jupiter on the Midheaven, you’re meant to act as a sagacious teacher for all those who work under or alongside you. Your responsibility is to enlighten them, using the philosophical style of your Jupiter sign to help them see the big-picture meaning in everything they do. Therefore, you can play the professional role of someone who brings a necessary amount of levity, light, and humor to any working situation. The thing is, though, to remember the responsibility that is still being given to you. It’s probably in your nature to resist this sense of duty, at times. After all, Jupiter just doesn’t want to be hemmed in. There’s too much to see and explore. But, after a certain point, you should become more of an encourager of an adventure than a seeker of them. This gives you the professional stability to more so discover in your own backyard while acting as a catalyst for other people’s adventures.

High school is usually the time when this thirst for discovery begins, as Jupiter culminating gives you the urge to break free of the restrictions and limitations you’re placed under there. But, you weren’t exactly rebellious, as you still sought out the guidance and enlightenment of your favorite teachers; the ones who seemed to really want to teach you something. You were known around campus for being bigger-than-life, as you did just about everything big. In adulthood, this remains an inherent part of your reputation. People just can’t ignore Jupiter conjunct Midheaven folks. You seem to loom larger than most people, seeking something above and beyond the ordinary and mediocre aspects of life. You have the effect on the public of a shooting star, not only because people tend to watch your journey in awe but because many in your community look to you for inspiration. Your highly philosophical and positive air has a way of reviving the once-lost dreams and hopes in others. You’re the Star that they can wish upon, even if it only means one day possessing the adventurous spirit you do.