Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jupiter conjunct Midheaven

Lady Gaga: Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Midheaven
Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven indicates that you’re not going to be one to dream on small terms. You aspire to achieve really big things, seeing the world as a limitless source of opportunities and adventures. Our Jupiter sign represents our particular way of expanding and growing, as well as the ways in which we can draw good fortune into our lives. Therefore, with Jupiter culminating, your professional journey can make you feel like you’re living out the novel The Alchemist, with its talk of good omens, the Universe helping you achieve your goals, and pursuing your Personal Legend. This bold, brilliant sense of faith in the journey can get you through the toughest of times. But, you should be wary of it making you too foolhardy and naively convinced that the world’s always on your side.

Planets on the Midheaven represent the manner in which we should go about being authority figures. With Jupiter on the Midheaven, you’re meant to act as a sagacious teacher for all those who work under or alongside you. Your responsibility is to enlighten them, using the philosophical style of your Jupiter sign to help them see the big-picture meaning in everything they do. Therefore, you can play the professional role of someone who brings a necessary amount of levity, light, and humor to any working situation. The thing is, though, to remember the responsibility that is still being given to you. It’s probably in your nature to resist this sense of duty, at times. After all, Jupiter just doesn’t want to be hemmed in. There’s too much to see and explore. But, after a certain point, you should become more of an encourager of an adventure than a seeker of them. This gives you the professional stability to more so discover in your own backyard while acting as a catalyst for other people’s adventures.

High school is usually the time when this thirst for discovery begins, as Jupiter culminating gives you the urge to break free of the restrictions and limitations you’re placed under there. But, you weren’t exactly rebellious, as you still sought out the guidance and enlightenment of your favorite teachers; the ones who seemed to really want to teach you something. You were known around campus for being bigger-than-life, as you did just about everything big. In adulthood, this remains an inherent part of your reputation. People just can’t ignore Jupiter conjunct Midheaven folks. You seem to loom larger than most people, seeking something above and beyond the ordinary and mediocre aspects of life. You have the effect on the public of a shooting star, not only because people tend to watch your journey in awe but because many in your community look to you for inspiration. Your highly philosophical and positive air has a way of reviving the once-lost dreams and hopes in others. You’re the Star that they can wish upon, even if it only means one day possessing the adventurous spirit you do.


  1. Sorry if I make the articles pop up haha
    I just have this placememt
    My Jupiter conjunct my MC
    just that my Jupiter is in Scorpio
    And also I have pluto in the 10th house too
    But it doesn't conjunct my MC
    Which is stronger the house or tbe sign when comming to talk about a planet...(Jupiter)
    Plus what would it mean to have Scorpio Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Lamb. I have the same marking as you. Jupiter conjunct Midheaven in Scorpio. I would also love to know the answer from Wayman's viewpoint.

    I resonate much with the above, but I would like to comment with my thoughts. First of all, charts should be done using the Koch house system as that takes into account your location, latitude-wise. A person born at 110 degrees West longitude in Saskatchewan Canada will not have the same house placement as a person born at 110 degrees West longitude in Texas, for example. Exact birth time is important.

    My Jupiter is half a degree from MC in the 9th house, and I have several other planets/aspects in the 9th house as well as the 10th house. To answer your question, just from my viewpoint and the energies I have felt, I feel the house is a bigger strength for Jupiter than the sign. The 9th house encompasses such a wide range of interests. And the 10th house is more about being in the spotlight, and your position in the world. The 9th house could be considered the Introvert energy and the 10th house the Extrovert energy.

    Jupiter represents expansion. This can be manifested good or bad, depending how the energy is used. A professional astrologer once told me that Jupiter conjunct midheaven is one of the best placements you can have for financial success in life. If a person considers relocating, it is best to locate to a place (using astrocartography) where your natal Jupiter conjuncts the Midheaven. Or if you are already located there, to stay at that same longitude. This same astrologer said that because Jupiter is so large, a large orb can be used for it, thus Jupiter placed anywhere from 200 miles longitude E or W of MC for a location will feel the benefits.

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  4. @ Lamb Wolf: That is really a tricky situation. Accidentally both planets are dignified for being in the 10th house, Jupiter even much more for being exactly on the angle whilst it has no essential dignity in Scorpio. Pluto is, in its turn, essentially dignified for being in Scorpio, its own sign...even though its after all a transpersonal planet and usually has less influence over natives unless is connected to an angle or very personal planet. When there are many planets in a house, we look for which one is the most dignified as it seems to have the biggest power, if none is dignified or is an equality then we usually look on who rules the cuspid of the house, in our case Jupiter. But in the case of a transit over them, the last planet has the last word to say for a certain our case Pluto if there is no other planet after it. Its all a mess there haha... but maybe you should look also at the aspects they make. If Pluto isnt involved in any serious relation with _personal_ planets (Sun,Moon, Ascendant, Mercury,Venus or Mars, but particularly the Luminaries are of utmost importance) you should consider Jupiter the dominant. So even though he has power, if he cant reflect its power anywere, will be sort of silent until he is connected by planets in transit or by other persons who come with their planets to aspect your Pluto and then you will show them particularly the force of your Pluto, otherwise it will remain somewhere in the shadows...latent...but not dead. But its an interesting situation, you better show the map somehow. :)

  5. As for MC conj Jupiter in Scorpio - i guess there is a concordance between how you want to be perceived and who are you going to become because Jupiter is the carrier of good chance (unless isnt afflicted). Sun talks about who we are esentially, Asc about how other perceive us spontaneously and MC about how WE WANT others to perceive us.Since Jupiter is there i assume we can become who we
    want to become. Naturally, stuff from Scorpio side (you know better whats more appealing, I have a friend with MC in Scorpio and works as doctor in forensic…pretty Scorpio I would say, my mom has MC in Scorpio and works as a nurse in surgery, but she had the opportunity to work in other specialisations as well, she tried, but she came back at her love: surgery…again, very expressive for a Scorpio)
    I have MC in Aries and Jupiter conj MC (but coming from the 9th). Maybe the energy isnt quite faraway from yours, but may differ a bit qualitatively (Scorpio is more focused and concentrated, doesnt waste himself, whilst Aries is like in a permanent Brownian movement haha I hate when someone moves slowly around me). So one of the stuff i resonate with is that "Is good to be feared" :)) but in the same times i have quite high morals and ethics (I can say i havent met anyone with my moral standards and i am fiery in promoting moral behavior. I have a bad habbit from making people feel guilty in order to push them (its very manipulative, i know, but i am a Scorpio basically, i cant explain a person only through one aspects since its clear that other influences work in the same time, sometimes congruently) to a better moral estate. And I often succeed, I changed a few persons, essentially. And I am happy, I don’t feel guilty for having been manipulative since I used it for a good purpose. :))))
    But again, i like the idea to be feared... just that I will never use my power to harm someone, but I will never let people know that.
    I assume a Scorpio will be somewhere around - Scorpio values power, and with the MC there will be very happy in the position where he can deal with power, but more likely from behind the stage (as Scorpio doesnt enjoy being too public). Jupiter will most likely bring them to that position but if Jupiter is well aspected, you will end up like me - moral ties will keep you away from the unorthodox manner of using it. But if Jupiter is afflicted, isnt that you will not get to have that power (bcs Jupiter naturally provides with luck) but maybe will cause you some troubles. An afflicted Jupiter can be corruptible though… or this is my personal insight.