Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jupiter conjunct Midheaven

Lady Gaga: Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Midheaven
Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven indicates that you’re not going to be one to dream on small terms. You aspire to achieve really big things, seeing the world as a limitless source of opportunities and adventures. Our Jupiter sign represents our particular way of expanding and growing, as well as the ways in which we can draw good fortune into our lives. Therefore, with Jupiter culminating, your professional journey can make you feel like you’re living out the novel The Alchemist, with its talk of good omens, the Universe helping you achieve your goals, and pursuing your Personal Legend. This bold, brilliant sense of faith in the journey can get you through the toughest of times. But, you should be wary of it making you too foolhardy and naively convinced that the world’s always on your side.

Planets on the Midheaven represent the manner in which we should go about being authority figures. With Jupiter on the Midheaven, you’re meant to act as a sagacious teacher for all those who work under or alongside you. Your responsibility is to enlighten them, using the philosophical style of your Jupiter sign to help them see the big-picture meaning in everything they do. Therefore, you can play the professional role of someone who brings a necessary amount of levity, light, and humor to any working situation. The thing is, though, to remember the responsibility that is still being given to you. It’s probably in your nature to resist this sense of duty, at times. After all, Jupiter just doesn’t want to be hemmed in. There’s too much to see and explore. But, after a certain point, you should become more of an encourager of an adventure than a seeker of them. This gives you the professional stability to more so discover in your own backyard while acting as a catalyst for other people’s adventures.

High school is usually the time when this thirst for discovery begins, as Jupiter culminating gives you the urge to break free of the restrictions and limitations you’re placed under there. But, you weren’t exactly rebellious, as you still sought out the guidance and enlightenment of your favorite teachers; the ones who seemed to really want to teach you something. You were known around campus for being bigger-than-life, as you did just about everything big. In adulthood, this remains an inherent part of your reputation. People just can’t ignore Jupiter conjunct Midheaven folks. You seem to loom larger than most people, seeking something above and beyond the ordinary and mediocre aspects of life. You have the effect on the public of a shooting star, not only because people tend to watch your journey in awe but because many in your community look to you for inspiration. Your highly philosophical and positive air has a way of reviving the once-lost dreams and hopes in others. You’re the Star that they can wish upon, even if it only means one day possessing the adventurous spirit you do.

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  1. Sorry if I make the articles pop up haha
    I just have this placememt
    My Jupiter conjunct my MC
    just that my Jupiter is in Scorpio
    And also I have pluto in the 10th house too
    But it doesn't conjunct my MC
    Which is stronger the house or tbe sign when comming to talk about a planet...(Jupiter)
    Plus what would it mean to have Scorpio Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven?
    Thanks in advance