Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mars conjunct Midheaven

With your Mars sign in conjunction with the Midheaven, your ideal professional path is one of meeting numerous challenges and overcoming them. There’s an intense ambitiousness in your nature, as you’re constantly striving to conquer some new goal. This can obviously go a long way in allowing you to achieve great things. Mars is the planet of drive, the competitive spirit, and getting things done. Therefore, you’re probably not someone to trifle with, when it comes to your career aspirations and goals. You can become a real force of nature, using your Mars sign’s way of accomplishing things to get what you really want in life. The thing to watch for, however, is a certain selfishness or ruthlessness in that pursuit. Keep your competitive spirit friendly and learn how to lose, sometimes.

Beyonce Knowles: Mars in Leo conjunct Midheaven
Mars culminating will make you an authority figure who could certainly be described as a pusher, but often in positive ways. You’re intent on making sure that everyone in the workplace is bringing their A-game and will serve as a glorious example of this. Few people will work harder than you, once you’ve determined your objective and laid out your battle plan. The danger that Mars conjunct Midheaven people can fall into is that they may become bosses who are just a bit too aggressive or overbearing. You may be so driven to push others that you end up pushing them over the edge, falling over right along with them. Winning and achieving may become so important that it blots out the importance of everything else. If you learn how to balance this trait by easing up sometimes, then you can become a truly inspiring authority figure. You’ll need to think of yourself as a coach, showing a bit of necessary understanding when others fall short and then encouraging them to get back out there in the game.

That highly competitive spirit is usually something that makes itself known as early as high school. Mars conjunct Midheaven students are the ones who are fully intent to win, in some arena. It can be sports, predictably, but it can also be academics or extracurricular activities. Whatever the case, there was some sphere where you were known for truly owning the competition. In adulthood, your ability to run circles around just about everyone in the workplace is something that you’re probably renowned for. You’ll happily collect one Employee of the Month title after the next and will be known as someone who’s a certified achiever. The particular assertiveness of your Mars sign will be closely associated with your public image. Mars also represents the sex drive and this part of your life also has a way of becoming public knowledge. Maybe it’s because your fans are just so curious and eager to know about your skills that a lot of gossip gets around. But, you can also be totally upfront about your bedroom self in public. It’s just another form of getting what you want and you tend to make no bones about your sex life.

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